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  1. dips = femininity?

    question for other tgirls— so, like, disregarding sexual- or kink- components to abdl life, do diapers make you feel somehow closer to being feminine? i'm trying to more deeply sort out my feelings about why i'm as into this kink as i am and i've found that part of it is some sense of feeling more girly or feminine when i'm padded up. for some reason it really helps in times when i'm feeling most dysphoric to, just, idk, be padded. idk if its bc it's bulkiness draws my attention more towards what few curves i have around my waist and hips and thighs or if its bc it completely covers and almost erases the presence of my genitals in a way that tucking can't or what but something about being in a diaper just makes me feel a lot better about my body and identity. does that resonate with anyone else? thoughts?
  2. hi hello

    beep boop hi i'm new to this site—i'm ryn (or kathryn) i'm somewhere between ab and dl but not necessarily strictly on either end of that binary. maybe adult kid/brat is the best label? anyway. that is all.