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Found 20 results

  1. Hello all, I have posted here a few times before then took a break when the rps I started died out. I am back again hoping to find some people who would want to use roleplay to create some fun diaper based roleplays. I am really into size play (shrinking/growing) where my character finds his or herself diapered. I know its a long shot but would anyone be willing to try to do a rp like that? I have loads of ideas that I am just drying to try. So if that interests you even a little bit send me a message and lets talk about some diaper roleplays. Thanks, Giantessman.
  2. Hello my name is Belle. I am 26 years old. I love to write, read and Roleplay. My favorite show is once Upon a time. Rumple, Mr. Gold is my comfort character, I am a huge fan of Robert carlyle. I am a sweet yet shy woman who has a lot of health problems. I am kind of new to this ABDL thing I haven't been part of the community for very long and am still learning things about this world. I am mostly looking for a long term roleplay partner who will accept me and Belle for who we are. I am very literate detailed and descriptive. I love alot of detail when it comes to care. I am usually pretty active unless I don't feel well, I am literate to semi-lit, I am also detailed and descriptive. I joined this server to make friends and find a long term roleplay partner! My dms are always open! I am on mountain standard time AZ. I am a night owl so I am most active during the night and early-mid afternoon. No smut please. Dms are always open! If I'm not here you can contact me on discord at Belle Rose Gold#6482 twitter at Bookworm409
  3. I have been here a while now and have had some hit and miss roleplays. One of my favorites has been the My Baby Husband Thread with @Nappy_Queen. She has since not been on the site and I have been roleplay less for a long while. In the past I have been looking for story based roleplays with shrinking and growing. I am still looking for that but I am also interested in regular diaper and abdl roleplays. I would hope that I will hear from some people regarding possible roleplays. I am more of sub than a dom but I might consider being in charge, but I will not guarantee it. Hope to hear from you, Gman
  4. marxthebaby

    RP Ideas

    Hihi! Been gone a while. Sorry to anybody who rped w/ me before I left, I got super swamped w/ work and other responsibilities(moving house, finding another job, etc). I’m usually Little but I don’t mind doing Daddy rps too as long as we both get to be CGs. I usually do advanced/at least one paragraph RP, personally(or at least more than a sentence or two). I find sexual stuff very uncomfy in this kinda thing(just found that out p recently) so..yeah, I’d rather not do that. Sorry. My Likes/stuff I usually like while RPing as a “Little”/baby: -Humiliation(being made to talk cutely in public or just in general, being changed/checked in a public place, etc) -Babytalk & lots of cooing -Sissification -Being restrained gently/in cushy restraints so baby doesn’t go anywhere or do anything too complicated I’m usually very much into scenarios where my character is unwillingly padded by a co-worker or subordinate or someone who’s younger than them, but if you’d rather not do that, I can always compromise. Being diapered at work/by a co-worker in an office setting and having to submit to daily checks/diaper-changes in said co-worker’s office is just a nice idea imo, bonus points if my character is yours’ boss and yet he’s been forced into diapers like a big baby(idk, the juxtaposition of wearing a suit over a nice, cozy didi is nice, especially if the slacks are pulled down to expose that diaper~). I’m also ok with doing more than one RP so we both get babied(like..I do one where I’m babied and I baby your character in another RP). Thanks for reading this super long post :3 and please comment or message me if you want to RP.
  5. I’m looking for an rp partner willing to play as both a little and big interchangeably with me! In other words: A switch. We would swap roles for each story we do. I could even be the dom/big first as long as we agree to play another one afterwards that involves me as the sub/little. As for plots, I’m thinking anything involving wetting, messing, hypnosis, fantasy elements, and/or forced regression. But above all I like to focus on humiliation! I am open to hearing out your ideas! So if any babies/switches/caregivers are interested please dm me or reply to this message!
  6. Hello, I am looking for someone to work with me on making ABDL stories. Almost like a story based roleplay. Where I work with someone to build a story almost like cowriting things. I have had lots of experience making stories, but like it when I have someone else to help me work the characters and story to prevent writer's block. I have many ideas and am open to most things. If you are remotely interested in this please reach out. The worse thing that can happen is we part ways. Please comment here or send me a message. I look forward to hearing from you . I have examples of some of my work on request. Gman.
  7. Hello I have an idea for a roleplay, I am looking for someone to play the caregiver. Just to make it clear this is not a sexual roleplay. I play Tilly she is 21 and has just arrived in town. This is Tilly - She is a bit odd. She likes to read, paint and play chess. She also sometimes wears the rabbit mask when she wants to be "hide" behind something. She tends to speak whatever wonderfully weird thought that pops into her head. She is very immature for her age. She does have a very bad wetting problem. She wears pull ups and most of the time can get to the potty when she goes number 2 but never number 1. She has arrived in town with a mission, to find her birth father/mother/sibling/other family member. That's you. PM me if you are interested.
  8. Eraserhead had gone through enough already without his students being so reckless. One of his students had foolishly charged into battle even after he warned them of the danger, and had nearly gotten themselves hurt. This could not be allowed; it was illogical to let his student leap into danger and disobey direct orders, even if they were only trying to help. At the end of the day, he called in the student who had done this; Uraraka. He had never needed to punish one of his students before, and the principal allowed teachers to discipline students as they saw fit, so this would be a new experience for both of them. Eraserhead-or Aizawa-sensei, to his students-had procured a few supplies to punish such unruly children. They were hidden from prying eyes, locked in the closet at the back of the room; it was just a shame he had to use them right now. Now all he had to do was wait for Uraraka to enter the classroom, to begin her punishment.
  9. Idea: My character is a professor at a local, prestigious college and he is often late to his own class, barely takes care of himself, always dresses sloppily, etc. Eventually, someone(either an exasperated student who feels they are not getting their money's worth or a fellow professor who believes he must be punished) takes matters into his own hands and starts treating him like the baby he is.
  10. I'm looking for a roleplay partner/ caretaker. I'd like something platonic and online. I have telegram and discord if that makes communication easier. We can discuss boundaries and what we each expect.
  11. Looking for more people to rp with. I have a few ideas but I'm always open to your ideas and suggestions! !! The only thing I will not do is be the care taker or have any sexual themes.
  12. I'm looking for someone to rp with me. My character being a teenage boy forced to be a baby girl. I would like to rp on skype but email or anywhere else is fine too
  13. Chris is a 15 year old boy he was shy and very nervous around others (will post more when others join)
  14. Looking for anyone interested in an rp with a baby girl and Daddy, with either a theme of mental regression or forced babying. Also, I prefer roleplyers who are willing to add detail and type more then three lines at the most. pm or message me if interested, or just reply to this thread.
  15. I'm looking for people to RP with join in when evs if it's still going just as me to join in OK
  16. Hi! I'm new to the site since I just turnt 18. I'm a sweet little from South America. You can call me Lou,my little
  17. Hi, I'd like to role-play with a daddy or mommy. Please message here if you are interested.
  18. If you have kik skype or like skyrim then this rp is for you
  19. Lizzie is around 18 years old. She's average height, and a little chubby, but everyone thinks it's cute. Everyone thinks
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