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Found 5 results

  1. Note this is just the introduction. I've written more but I only got to type out this today Intro: The odd thing about me is that even though I have secrets, I am still important. They always say, “Everyone has some skeletons in their closet.” And I suppose my skeleton is my my fetish. It doesn’t affect how I work, go to school, etc, it is simply a fetish that I do when I have some “private time” alone. Which is rare. For most, it is a secret that no one would even think I had. Only a few people know, and some probably don’t even remember or tend to forget. My mom knows, and she doesn’t care or judge me. My dad found out, but he doesn’t take it seriously and he’s forgotten about it since I haven’t worn recently. It’s unnoticeable to most, and that’s the best part. Two of my friends know about it, but not because I told them and I have really no idea how they found out. Supposedly my first friend found out by the other friend, though I had never told them previously anything about my fetish. The first one I told a white lie and said, “I don’t do it anymore…” But it wasn’t a complete lie because I hadn’t done it in a while. I wasn’t able to indulge and be me, an AB/DL, a diaper lover. Yes, that is what I am. I started off as a diaper lover, but ended up enjoying the baby stuff, pampers, baby clothes (I had a couple of things, but now just have a couple again, ended up replacing my baby dress for a nightie). Of course, the only person that “takes care of me” is me. And I know for those who may read this and are not AB/DL people, I have to clarify because some that don’t know what an adult baby diaper lover is, they are someone who wants to dress or act like a baby or wear diapers and baby clothes, depending on the person. AB/DL are not pedophiles, or attracted to children. Even on Ab/dl websites that is usually listed as a disclaimer so if you happen to stumble upon one of these sites, you know the difference. I’ve been told I look young, but not like a child. I’m a typical abdl, for the most part-the ones you see on TV are extreme versions of the fetish, who most likely did it to become famous. A few celebrities have explored the Ab/dl fetish (most likely the same reason that the extreme Ab/dls that appear on TV). It’s kind of sad, because it gives most of the people in the fetish a bad name. Not crazy. I identify as a Little Girl/Adult baby. I doubt there’s a “Kinsey Scale” for ABDL, and while it can include other fetishes such as spanking, s and m, etc, I do not use any of that. I have this fetish, but it’s not really sexual for me. It’s….sensual and feels right. Like I feel like I belong when I do it. Hard to explain. I’m telling a story-based mostly on some dreams and some thoughts.
  2. Help mee

    Please someone help me with rules for my little girl
  3. From the album Stuffs

    I'm a little wet and need a change.
  4. Hello all! My name is Kristina & I am brand new to the ABDL community by nothing less than a twist of fate! My whole life I have suffered from anxiety so bad it has prevented me from leading a somewhat "normal" life, & I've always felt that my anxiety was rooted from wanting to stay little and not wanting to grow up. As such, I have always been attracted to things meant for children and babies such as stuffed animals, toys, coloring, pacifiers & baby bottles. Other than my collecting of stuffies I have NEVER indulged in any of these other desires or even told anyone about it. I didn't even know adult babies existed. But it was always a nagging at the back of my brain. I started dating my boyfriend 3 1/2 years ago and we have been living together on our own for about 4 months now. He is your typical guy. Loves video games, sports, music. He works a hard 3 jobs, and though he of course knew about my anxiety problems, I never shared with him my fascination for baby and child things. About 2 weeks ago, I had suspected some suspicious activity from him. One night, I looked at his phone to find messages between him and another person. And to my intense shock and surprise, videos and pictures of him .. in DIAPERS! I was completely taken by surprise. My boyfriend is just not someone who would do that (or so I thought). For a little while, I was so hurt but I came to realize I was not upset about the diapers, only the deception & the sadness that he wasn't comfortable enough with me to trust me not to reject him for his fetish. And then the lightbulb went on and I was so RELIEVED! I realized that a crazy twist in fate had matched me to someone who could accept the one thing I've been fighting to suppress my entire life! I immediately told him everything and he encouraged me to start wearing diapers, and indulging in all the ABDL things that I've always wanted to. We are so incredibly strong as a couple now and this has really brought us so close together! My boyfriend is more of DL than an AB, but he fully supports my AB life. He changes me, makes me bottles, and I've honestly never been happier in my life! I'm still very new to this and learning as I go. But I just wanted to share my story of how I got here with others.
  5. Open RP

    I'm just going to be lazy about this. I would like to roleplay but due to the lack of my activity on this site, I'm going to try to get one going on kik or skype. If interested, both of my usernames are rograinbowdash. Hope to hear from a few "adults" Thanks!