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Found 4 results

  1. Petaluma Police Department NEWS RELEASE PRESS RELEASE For Immediate Release Friday, January 7, 2017 Issued By: Sergeant R Cox, Petaluma PD Report Number: 17-0000099 Occurred Date: January 6, 2017 Occurred Time: 10:17 pm Location: 450 Hayes Lane, Petaluma, Oaks Medical Facility Suspect(s): T Simone, 50 years of age, Petaluma Transient Crimes: 459 PC, Burglary (two counts) 148(a)(1) PC, Resisting Arrest 1203.2 PC, Violation of Probation Incident Summary On the listed date and time, the Petaluma Police Department responded to a report of a burglary in progress at the Oaks Medical Facility. The reporting party observed a subject lurking around the interior of the facility. Officers arrived and located a broken window that had been broken by the suspect to gain access. Additional officers responded to the facility and a perimeter was established around it to insure that the suspect did not escape. The suspect, T. Simone, attempted to flee out a back window. Officers chased Simone on foot and were eventually able to get him into custody. Simone was found to be in possession of adult diapers, and children’s diapers, all of which belong to the facility. Simone admitted to officers that he broke into the facility and stole the diapers because he has a fetish for diapers. Simone was arrested and booked at the Sonoma County Jail on no bail.
  2. My secret fetish(open)

    Lizzie is around 18 years old. She's average height, and a little chubby, but everyone thinks it's cute. Everyone thinks she's cute. She has poofy curls that she likes to put in pigtails or wears out, and her skin is a little lighter than caramel, meaning her mom is white and her dad is black. But she doesn't act it. Both her parents are smart and she grew up in a great environment. But her parents are away most of the time, but this time they are gone for a year. They trust her enough and love her, and so they leave her alone. Today she was going to try something new. She had ordered online around a week before they left a popular diaper brand that she had seen other girls wear on porn websites. They looked really thick and really cute, and decided to order plastic panties as well. Even enema, just to get into it. She he heard her doorbell ring and raced to answer. The mailman had already left and she was standing right in front of her big package. She he smiled and rushed it up to her room. She unpacked everything and began stripping her panties off. She unfolded a white and thick diaper and payed down. She pushed it up under her and folded it over her privates. She took the tapes and sealed it over. It was snug and fit, and really turned her on, she rubbed it a while, and decided she would wait for the plastic panties. She didn't put anything up and shoved her skirt back over her diaper. It barely covered, but no one would be over, anyways. Oh no. She heard the door open and close. She forgot she was having her best friend over!
  3. Mystical 5

    From the album Mystical

    [color=#ffd700][b]Girl in a diaper and bra playing the organ[/b][/color]
  4. Mystical 4

    From the album Mystical

    [color=#0000cd][b]Girl in a diaper sitting on organ keys[/b][/color]