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Found 13 results

  1. Hello everyone, I have been looking to make stories on here for a while, but I am not sure what to write. So I am posting here to see if the community has any suggestions and or requests for stories. Also if anyone wants to work with me on writing stories to have them reach out. You can see some of my writing examples in the role play section specifically My Baby Husband with @Nappy_Queen. Please feel free to reach out to me if you want to talk about anything and I look forward to your suggestions. You can find My Baby Husband here and I am working on the first chapter of it: Thanks, Giantessman.
  2. I'm hoping to get a roleplay partner i can work well with, they need to use literate style, be able to contribute ideas to the roleplay and hopefully be a switch or a dom, i can dom but that's only going to happen if it's worth my time, please message me on discord, my username is Maowl#2824, if you wish to take up my offer or have any questions
  3. Hi. [A small disclaimer] I'm an experienced hobbyist writer however I work a demanding professional job. I.e. I can quality posts as part of this RP but you might not get them everyday subject to time constraints. INSPIRATION:- I'm a fan of the manga / anime franchise 'Ghost in the Shell', amidst other cyberpunk media but the Oshii film always stands apart for me, not just because its superlatively animated for its time but the for the scene at the end. For anyone who isn't aware of the story the basic summary is that protagonist, a female cyborg cop who is investigating the case of a rouge 'sentient AI' eventually agrees to it's proposal to allow it to integrate with her mind. Her cyborg body is destroy after this merging but her brain is salvaged and ends up in the artificial body of a child. In the film this is a visual metaphor for the new life her union with the AI has created. As an ABDL I can't get but be fascinated by this technologically achieved physical regression. So, the above paragraph describes my interest but frankly i'm perfectly happy to be flexible in regards to what the story of this RP is. It by no means has to be a fanfic confining off from where Ghost in the Shell leaves off. Indeed I would be intrigued to hear your own ideas and thoughts. CONCEPT:- So keeping the description vague (we will discuss details), I propose this RP follows an tough female cyborg cop. Through the course of an investigation she finds her electronic brain trapped inside the body of an child. Depending on the tone this can be through benevolent means or malevolent means. I.e. it's either a procedure to save her life after injury to her adult body or its a form of torment/entrapment by the preps she's been investigating to pervert the course of justice. Trapped in a young child's body the protagonist might still try to finish her investigation whilst combating the challenges of her new body. These would include being generally treated as / mistaken for, a child by those un-privy to her situation. I also imagine her electronic brain would have difficulty integrating with a body it wasn't designed for resultant in decreased motor functionality and incontinence. Roles: I would like to play the protagonist and I'm looking for someone to fill the dominant role as either a care giving figure or an antagonist. This comes back to the situation which lands the protagonist in a child's body being either benevolent or malevolent. The dominant role could be a sympathetic nurse who agrees to help the protagonist whilst exercising a duty of care over her. Otherwise it could be her antagonist, the individual she was investigating having trapped her in a child's body rendering her effectively harmless. Thanks for reading. If you are interested let me know your thoughts.
  4. Hi I'm very new all this, but my boyfriend is a diaper lover and has just introduced me to the basics. He
  5. May quietly knocks on the door of her boss. Being the secretary of the head boss of the company, it was her duty to make sure she is ok. Recently her boss had a miscarriage and has not taken it well, their spouse has left them alone and childless, May thought that she would pop in to hand a coffee to her boss and brighten their day.
  6. Looking for more people to rp with. I have a few ideas but I'm always open to your ideas and suggestions! !! The only thing I will not do is be the care taker or have any sexual themes.
  7. Does anyone want to do role playing
  8. Lizzie is around 18 years old. She's average height, and a little chubby, but everyone thinks it's cute. Everyone thinks
  9. I'm looking for a daddy to role play a with. The punishments I like are spankings (dp is my fav), enemas, rt, suppositories, corner time/time out, early bedtime, messy diapers, silent spankings,
  10. Kayla and Jay had just finished an amazing 6 month anversiery dinner in downtown Chicago and were on their way back to to Kayla's apartment to spend the night. However throughout dinner Kayla kept zoning in an out. I had no idea what was wrong with her. The Uber finally pulls up at her apartment and they go up stairs to continue the night. Jay opens up a nice bottle of champenge to celebrate and pours Kayla a glass. Kayla was slow to start drinking the champenge; even though usually it was her favorite drink. "What's wrong Kayla?"
  11. Hi, Are there any online mummies on here that want a online baby boy cause I am looking for an online mum and seeing that I posted this in the wrong thread so I thought that I start it as a new one. So I'm looking for a mum to start up and share a roll play with, the mum must include in the story things like playing, nappy changing, taking me out for walks in a pram and breast feeding me, but the nappies she puts on me in has to be disposable,
  12. If you go to a site like https://www.tumblr.com/ you will see so many AB "Daddy's Girls" these days. I guess they have given the wake up call to other females with daddy issues or women that desire a little extra TLC that it's okay. Wouldn't most heterosexual females agree they seek the idea of being taken care of by a big strong man in their life? It doesn't mean it's a clone or even a replacement of their real bio father. Rather a different meaning for the same word. So, does anyone care to help by adding their thoughts to what I started? If you go to a site like https://www.tumblr.com/ you will see so many AB "Daddy's Girls" these days. I guess they have given the wake up call to other females with daddy issues or women that desire a little extra TLC that it's okay. Wouldn't most heterosexual females agree they seek the idea of being taken care of by a big strong man in their life? It doesn't mean it's a clone or even a replacement of their real bio father. Rather a different meaning for the same word. In the past, almost any ex I trusted with my diaper desires usually took to idea and loved to play the "Daddy's Girl" role initially. And I enjoyed helping to fulfill the “Daddy” role with them and for them. I’d care for them as a little girl would want and need to be taken care of. And it all gave me a sense of purpose. From a Guys perspective, it was good for me since it helped me feel more like a Man. Even if it was changing her wet Huggie’s or bottle feeding her. It was just a different way to show her my love I felt for her. Being mostly a DL, I was just "Daddy" wearing a diaper. It was all about them. But it worked for me as well. When it became sexual, it was two consenting adults either in a role/age play. Or sometimes we’d play it straight. To me, it was never about a Father having sex with his Child. It never really crossed my mind that way. But, eventually some of my ex's took the term too literal. And they began to feel shame and disgust for their behavior. Especially if they shared what was meant to be private with a friend or family member. And I used to be the blame for what they did. They usually purged the role, the idea and me out of their life in their new found disgust. It was an empty feeling to say the least. In my 20's, I sometimes would go through the same feelings of shame and end up purging the diapers, and other AB/DL things. Now, I know how to embrace and even be somewhat proud of being a lifelong DL. I hope any Girl that has joined us here feels first off this is a safe place for you. Most Guys here are decent. But if you feel you are being harassed by anyone, check in with a Moderator if needed. Also, understand this... It's okay, natural and sometimes necessary to want to be little again. So if you have a consenting and understanding Man (or Woman) in your life. Calling them "Daddy" doesn't mean you’re perverted. Most of us aren’t thinking of the real one. It's just a name. If you are uncomfortable with the name think up a new one. Sometimes, I want to be cared for, but I cannot call anyone "Mommy". And I haven't tried Daddy, yet. I like having a Babysitter, or a care taker. Like the one I remember from my real childhood. Sometimes you may want to add in a childhood memory. For some it's not a good idea. I have good and bad memories. Or sometimes, I like to even be a little Girl with pigtails and lots of PINK
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