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  1. "Come here baby girl." He picks her up and walks to the counter and leaves more money on the counter to pay for the outfits that he was holding. "Thank you, keep the change." He told the clerk. "Let's take you home and get you cleaned up." He smells the air and it smells like a very big mess. He was wondering how such a tiny cute girl poop so much. However, he liked knowing that she wore diapers and messed it.
  2. "I'm coming in." He looks down and sees her squatting and the smell hits. "Little princess is messing right in front of me at store, your naughty." Jermey watches as she finishes. He grabs some wipes to clean up. The mess that leaked out of the sides. "Princess we can't change you here. We will need to go to the car or home. Bend over so I can wipe you."
  3. Jay started to blush because he felt Victoria then reach under he blanket and feel the padding of his diaper. He was really enjoying it and relaxing. All of a sudden he feels the warmth starting to grow in his diaper. He freaks out but let's it continue. "Omg, he says" he looks at Victoria.
  4. After about half way through the movie and three beers Jay is feeling pretty good. But sadly he needs to pee. But first he wants to feel the thickness of Victoria diaper. So he reaches through the blanket and am feels the softness. "Is this ok? I really like the padding on this one."
  5. "Sounds good," jay puts on the movie and grabs two more beers so they won't have to get up during the movie. "So you want to cuddle, like we always do??"
  6. "Well thanks for the beer. I know it's kinda bulky but the waddle suits you. But when you sit isn't it so soft? Also let's watch a movie under the blanket. I want to watch something cute and fun. Pick something for us to watch."
  7. "Kk, stay here and I'll pass you the pink ones." As he was walking he also saw a pacifier in the children's section if was pink and said princess on it. He grabs it and throws it in his shopping bag. "Here you go, also peak your head out I need to tell you something. She peaks her head out "I know your double diapered but did you wet pampered princess?"
  8. "Well, if your offering. I'll have a beer too." While Victoria is grabbing the beers. Jay asks "how are you liking your pink diaper? You look pretty cute in it."
  9. "Wow, you look so cute and sexy at the same time. Well, let's buy it. I don't think it's noticeable. Anything else you want to try on? There some cute overalls over there. Would you try those on for me?"
  10. "Omg, you look amazing and super sexy. Come here pampered princess. I want to see it closer."
  11. "Wow, Victoria you look so cute but also very attractive. Well I'm thirsty, do you want a drink? Maybe a glass of wine or a beer?"
  12. Jermey is having an amazing time at the mall. He is waiting outside the dressing room. He had picked out a high waisted skirt and white crop too. He knew some of the diaper may show with the skirt. "You ready to come out."