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Found 19 results

  1. Cody couldn't believe the humilating position he found himself in. After finding out his college roommate Vincent wears and uses diapers. He told all his classmates. Unfortunately the next morning he found himself strapped down to the his bed naked and standing next to his bed was his college roommate in just a thick diaper. Vincent told him how Cody humiliated him and everybody was calling him diaper boy. Also had girls slap his padded ass or pull back his pants waistband to give him a diaper check. He told Cody how much he loved diapers but it was supposed to be a secret. Now that it was out Cody's roommate decided it's time for some revenge. So he told Cody that now it's time teach him a lesson and that now they will becoming much more closer then just roommates. Vincent was now going to be Cody's master. Cody saw Vincent holding something his hands and then saw it was a chastity cage. Cody's roommate laughed then slowly started to attach the device to Cody's member. Vincent said from now on Cody will do what he says if he ever wants to make cummies ever again but unfortunately Vincent wasn't done with Cody just yet. He climbed on top of Cody then planted his diaper butt right infront of Cody's face. Cody then heard rumbling but it wasn't coming from his tummy. It was Vincent's tummy. Cody knew what his roommate was about to do. Vincent looked back at Cody and smiled then said "I made sure to have a big nice breakfast today. Some taco bell breakfast! Now your going to get a front row seat and get to take a nice whiff of my stinky butt". Cody begged for Vincent not too but it was too late. He heard a huge loud fart echo from Vincent's diaper then heard a big slush of mess enter the diaper. Vincent's diaper butt expanded getting closer and touching Cody's face. Then Vincent lifted up and said "smell the roses" then plopped hid stinky butt on Cody's face! Cody smelled the terrible odor coming from his roommates diaper. After smelling his roommates diaper. Vincent got up and then said "I got a special treat for you. Well two I should say so let's start with a nice warm enema. You better hold it in too. No going or il put my filthy dirty diaper around that head". Vincent grabbed Cody's legs and lifted them up and exposing his butthole. Vincent smiled "Here let me help lube it up" Vincent then tounges Cody's butthole making Cody squirm and get hard. Cody's hard dick strains against the cage and starts to precum like crazy from the rim job. "Daww looks like somebody loves their butt getting attention. If you love that you'll enjoy my toys but we can do that later time for your treat. Bottoms up" Vincent laughs sticking the enema inside Cody and then releasing all into Cody's tight ass. Cody could feel it filling up. He couldn't believe how real this was. He was a Dom not no sissy sub boy. Vincent then took out the enema and then could see Cody squirming. "Now now you better hold it in. Be a good boy for me. You can release it all out once we get your fresh diaper on" his roommate chuckled. Cody eyes widened and begged Vincent not to put a fresh diaper on him. Vincent smiled "hmmm ok fine I won't put you in a fresh diaper then if you say so". Cody felt relieved. Vincent then took off his messy filthy diaper and Cody almost gagged from how bad it smelled but then Cody noticed Vincent lowering the dirty diaper on the bed. And lifting Cody's legs in the air. In Cody's horror he saw Vincent place the monster filthy diaper underneath his butt. Cody then yells "Wait I don't want to wear yours! You said you wernt going to diaper me! Please don't do this!" Vincent then laughed "Well from your words exactly you said you didn't want to wear a fresh diaper. So im giving you what you want. Putting you in a "DIRTY" diaper haha". Vincent then lowered Cody's butt into his messy diaper. Then tapped Cody up. He then untied Cody and them lifted him up and planted Cody on his knee and bounced him just like a baby. So diaper slut how do you like my dirty diaper. Cody didn't say anything he was too grossed out from what was happening but something felt good. He couldn't help but moan. Something about the filthy dirty diaper felt so good. He couldn't explain why. He tried to not enjoy it but his dick strained and precummed more. He just started moaning more and more. "My my somebody really loves my dirty diaper. This is new. I was not expecting you to enjoy this so much. Btw Cody turn around and smile for the camera" Cody turned around and saw a friend of Vincent holding a camera aiming at him and his dirty pampers. Cody tried to cover his face but it was too late. Vincent laughed "Now lets see we got footage of you enjoy my poopy diaper and expressing it on camera. So here's the deal Cody! Your going to be my sissy diaper slut from now on. Every day after class I will diaper you up in a diaper or if your lucky my dirty diaper. And we will have lots of diaper play! If you don't do what I say then the whole school will see this video of you enjoy my dirty diaper! So do we have a deal?" Cody couldn't believe his roommate blackmailed him but he couldn't exact say no. So he agreed to the conditions of his new life to save his dignity. Unfortunately Cody felt a stranger sensation. He forgot about the enema that was given to him and held his tummy. Vincent noticed then said "oh perfect timing looks like you ready to add your own mess to your diaper. Well let's get you to the couch and get the camera set up. One video isn't enough. Got to have a backup just incase. But before that let me just quickly draw on the back of your diaper" After Vincent drew on Cody's diaper, he took him to the couch then Vincent put on his pup hood. And place Cody over his lap. Then the camera started recording and perfectly on time. Cody started to fill his already filthy diaper with his own stinky poo. The diaper surprisingly held it all. Then Vincent started to rub Cody's diaper butt squishing all the poo that was mixed against his butt. The mess started to move towards the front. And Cody started to moan from the rubbing. The camera captured it all even the drawing on Cody's diaper butt that said "diaper loading" with a bar half colored in with a 79% written under the bar. Cody couldn't believe that this was his new life now! He better be lucky that Vincent doesn't start making him wear diapers to class.
  2. "Do I really have to, mom?" whined Lila. "Well I'm not going to force it if you really don't want to," replied Lila's mom, "but it'll make this trip a lot less stressful for the both of us." Lila frowned and fiddled with the hem of her dress as she pondered what her decision should be. Every summer, Lila would go on a trip with her family. And every year, before they left, Lila would be put in some... protection. This year, however, the girl was putting up a bit of a resistance. Lila had always been put in pullups whenever the family went on a vacation together. This was the result of an incident long ago - Lila once had an accident when the family went on a trip to Germany, when she was seven. They were at a packed museum and the line to the toilet was too long for the young girl to hold it. From then on, her parents decided to keep Lila in her night-time pullups for the rest of the trip - just in case - to spare themselves the stress and hassle of having to find a toilet. From that trip onwards, it became a tradition for Lila to be in pullups whenever they went on a vacation. At that time, Lila didn't mind having to wear the pullups. After all, she still wore them to bed at night, and wearing them during the day was not much different. But she was now thirteen! And to her dismay, she was told that she'd be wearing tape diapers this time, instead of the pullups that she wore in the past. Lila had eventually outgrown the pullups that she used to wear, and they were precariously close to leaking the last time she'd worn them on a trip - so her mom had decided to switch to diapers this year. Lila was obviously hesitant to wear full-on diapers, especially at her age, but after recalling the incident when she was seven, she ultimately decided to go with the diapers, just to be safe. "Fine..." she muttered begrudgingly. "But I swear this will be the last time I'm doing this, ever!" "Good girl." praised Mom. "Now lie down and let's get this diaper on." Obeying Mom's instructions, Lila sheepishly took off her skirt and underwear, and laid on the bed. "Bottoms up please." requested Mom, as she unfolded a diaper and placed it under her daughter's bum. After a light sprinkling of powder, she taped the diaper in place and adjusted the leak guards. "And we're done!" said Mom. "Now get ready, we're leaving in fifteen minutes." *** The ride to the airport was uneventful. After getting their baggage checked-in, the family still had time to spare before boarding, so they found a couple of benches to wait. Lila was glad that she could finally rest her legs, but she found herself needing to pee. "Mom," she called out discreetly, mindful that they were in a crowded airport "I gotta pee." "It's okay to use your diaper honey, it'll hold up fine." replied mom. Right, Lila thought to herself. I'm in actual diapers now. I can't take these off so I guess Mom just wants me to use it whenever I need to. As a young child, Lila didn't mind peeing in her pullups, especially when there was no other option nearby. However, this was different - she was in a diaper, not a pullup; the toilet was a short distance away; and perhaps most importantly, she was older now. But Mom would not be happy to have to throw away a clean diaper only to put on a new one shortly after, and she has seemingly given Lila the approval to just use her diaper, so she put her concerns aside and focused her attention on her aching bladder. Squirming slightly, Lila tried to release her bladder. It was difficult to do so deliberately - especially with so many people around her - but slowly she was able to squeeze out a small trickle, which gradually grew into a steady flow. Eventually she was done, and she heaved a sigh of relaxation. As discreet as Lila was, Mom had taken notice of her squirming and figured out what was happening. "Are you wet?" she asked her daughter. Lila gave a small embarrassed nod in response. "Do you need a change right now, or do you think you can hold off for a while?" asked Mom. Squeezing her thighs close together, Lila thought that the warm feeling of a wet diaper was actually quite pleasant. She could tell that had peed quite a bit into the diaper, but these diapers were a lot bulkier than her old pullups and they felt like they could definitely hold a lot more. And her legs were tired from all the walking; changing now would mean having to walk even more to find a toilet. "I'm good, Mom." said Lila as she reclined into her seat, slightly thankful that she chose to wear a diaper.
  3. Although I have found a lot of joy and comfort in my love for diapers, I have also been thinking about the fact that I truly have nobody in my life that I feel safe enough to share this knowledge with. I have seen posts from other members who have significant others who either know, or share in your love of diapers. Also a few who have let close friends know. I am certainly not ashamed because at the end of the day it all comes down to how I feel about myself. Am interested though how others feel about people in their life knowing about their diaper love ?
  4. Bill walked happily down the side walk. He loved walking this way home- the woods lining his path on the left, and across the street, the big, beautiful houses, all of which reminded him of home. He had to get off the bus a few stops early to do it, but it was worth it. He glanced at his watch, 5:30- later then usual, but that shouldn't be a problem.There was a rustling in the forest beside him. He stopped and glanced into it, but couldn't make anything out.He kept walking. Somehow, though he had walked this path a thousand times, that small sound made him nervous.There was another. He stopped and looked again, and so nothing.Suddenly a shaped popped out of the forest. Bill gasped as it flew toward him.It landed a few feet in front of him, turned right, and bounded down the street. Bill sighed as the small white rabbit went along, barely noticing him. He knew he should stop reading horror novels on the bus.He stopped and turned to see the massive stone and wood house he called him. He smiled, it always made him feel good to get back. The tree out front, the long grass yard, the stone pathway up it- after a hard days work, filled with stress and anxiety, nothing made him feel better.He walked up the path and unlocked the door. He want inside. The inside of the house was large and spacious. It was built open concept, and where he stood he could see the living room, kitchen and dining room, as well as the giant windows that opened onto a creek and the woods behind the house. To his right was a twisted wooden stairwell that ran to the second floor, then doubled back to the third, smaller one above."You're late," a deep but feminine voice said from inside the house."Hi honey! I told you I had a meeting, remember?" He began walking up the stairs toward the voice, which was coming from their bedroom."I don't remember you saying that!""I did!""Are you hiding something from me Bill? Are you lying to me again?" her voice got angrier."Samantha, no, I promise you." He knew why she was upset, he had told her he'd be home at four that morning, and only sent the email later. If he hadn't, it would have been the third time that week he got home later then he said he would. She worked closer to home and got back earlier, and sometimes got annoyed if he was late."So if I check my emails now, there will be one saying you have a meeting, and I can contact your boss and he'll say the same?" she said."Yes, do it."A few moments passed as she checked. "Oh, ok, fair enough," she finally said.He finished the walk up the stairs and entered the bedroom where she was lying down, under the plaid, king sized blankets. Tall, with long brown hair and dark skin, she was beautiful. He walked up and kissed her. He noticed the open book and half drunk glass of water on the nightstand beside her. "Taking a nap sweetie?""Mhmm," she said. "I got tiered of waiting for you and fell asleep."He kissed her again, working his way down her head and her neck. He put a hand under the blankets. He stopped."Sweetie, what is so wet?"Her eyes went wide and she gasped. "What? It couldn't...""The bed feels wet!" He thew back the covers to reveal a wet spot."Oh," she laughed. "I spilled some water before I fell asleep, see?"Bill looked at it again. The spot was small, and clearly water. "Oh, ok."She sat up. "You know, you've been so stressed lately, always working hard and coming home late, I wanted to do something to help you relax.""Oh?" he said.SHe smiled. "Yes, I wanted to try something new. You might have issues at first, but I think you'll enjoy it.""What is it?" he asked, smiling.She taped him on the forehead. "You wait here and see."She walked over to their clsoet door, which she opened slowly. She reached in and took out what looked like a folded, white cloth.Bill's throat caught. "Honey, whats that?"She smiled. "Oh, you can't tell?""What is it!" he said, staring at the rectangular white object.She let it unfold, revealing a white towel. "Its a hand towel! I learned a new type of massage. First I need to soak this in warm water, want to try it?""Oh, that sounds wonderful! Thank you sweetie!"...A few hours later they were sitting in the kitchen eating supper. Bill's plate was piled high with hot, spicy chunks of beef and vegetables."This is very good honey," he said. "What is it?""Its a new spicy beef vindiloo recipe I found. I made it specifically for you," she smiled, a mischievous twink going in her eye. "I hope you enjoy it."Bill put his fork down. "Wha... what do you mean?" His stomach began turning.She shrugged. "Oh, I know you like spicy food, and Jessy told me they ordered some of this to work last week and you really enjoyed it, so I figured I'd try it." Jessy was a friend from Bill's work they both knew.He smiled. "Oh I remember that! Yes, I did like it, and I love this now. Thanks Sam!" His stomach was now grumbling. "It is turning my stomach though, give me a minute.""Ok sweetie!" she said.Bill walked over to the bathroom. He turned the knob.He gasped. The knob wouldn't turn.He tried again. His stomach was getting worse, and he was getting desperate. "Sam! Why won't the bathroom door open?" He called."We got the knobs replaced, remember? You have to turn it the other way.""Oh, right," he laughed. He opened the door and went inside.A few minutes later he returned to the table and sat down. Samantha had cleared the plates and set out bowls of ice cream and bananas for dessert.He stopped and thought for a moment. "Honey, why were there a stack of diapers and pacifiers in the bathroom? And why was there a leash and beside it?""Oh, we were going to babysit and dogsit for my sister next week, remember? For what other possible reason would we have them?""Oh, right. And I can't think of any other reasons to have diapers, pacifiers and a leash and collar either." He legitimately couldn't, and neither could she."What, what day is it?"
  5. Hi, I'm a diaper lover who can get really dirty. Give me an email I would love to exchange videos and chat about my naughtiness. Hope to make some diaper friends that I can open up too about everything.
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