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Found 5 results

  1. Hello everyone on DD! My name is Becca and I'm an avid little baby girl! Been reading/browsing always lurking Dailydiapers since I was in my teens. Crazy how time can fly by like that.. I've been wearing diapers on and off through most of my life for fun, usually in a few day to a week stint. Always had those little inner desires and daydreams of being a cute little for another, and moving towards wearing 24/7 forever. Daydreams and fantasy aside the 24/7 desire is something that's never left since I was a kiddo. Still wonder if in my early childhood something happened because I turned out to be the goofball girl. Well this goofball girl decided to start wearing diapers to bed in March 2020 last year, and it's been a full year and a half now of bedwetting. My little journey into bedwetting started with drinking two big glasses of water before bed and waking up constantly to practice letting go.. It took lots of practice and patience, and now I can fully say I'm a bedwetter again! I no longer have to drink anything heavily, and wake up soaked.. Something I don't regret at all, even when I visit family or friends. Just pack a diaper in my go bag and keep a few in my car for emergencies.. For me something inside felt satisfied, I could be myself and enjoy this unique but weird new quirk. Work has been fully remote since the start of the pandemic, and now with my job fully transitioned to permanent work from home my desire to be 24/7 feels like the best time to actually start and see how it goes. Will my body slowly start to change just like it did with the bedwetting? Or will it be impossible for me to actually lose more control during the day? Only one real way to find out but I'm super excited about it.. Yeah weird goofball girl thing.. I now have a closet full of diapers, a stash bigger than I've ever bought before. And while I have not yet tossed out my big girl underwear, they have been put far back in the closet not to see daylight again.. I started wearing 24/7 on Sept 9th and its nearly been a full week of wearing 24/7! Fun and cute little space feelings aside, its actually hard to just relax and let go as easily as I imagined. And peeing while standing feels super weird, same with trying to walk.. I really wonder how long it will take to get used to it and just relax more down there.. Being a bedwetter actually helps me I feel, as I don't hold anything at night and my body doesn't try to fight me at night time Anyway thanks for reading! I wanted to say Hello, and start a forums thread where I can share my journey for the years to come. Hello new friends!
  2. As per my other stories, I just wanted to ensure that all knew what awaited them in this story. Due to the nature of this particular story, there are honestly not a lot of off-putting topics to most. It's definitely more tame, but I know it doesn't hurt to add this section before readers continue. Please note the following will be in this story: Depiction of Native Americans Usage of religion and references to God Physical age regression Non-consenting adult being regressed and then babied Some mild language Violence and gore directed toward others As I stated previously, this will like be one of my more tame stories and I know most won't care about these, but I just want readers to be aware. For those of you reading on, please enjoy, Waters of Change!
  3. December 4, 2019 -40c As you might guess from today's temperature reading, I live somewhere cold. Like, really cold. It's almost unbearable for most of the year here. This wouldn't be so bad if being inside didn't feel so much like being in prison. There aren't a lot of people here, and none of them are as exciting as my Katya. She would be mine, if she knew me. Well, probably not, as much as I wish it wasn't so. Let me explain. There's a lot I want to pour out on some pages. Reading was one of my only escapes, though it gets tiring to reread the same old books. Until we get the internet in a couple of years, the next best option is to write. The date for it keeps getting revised back, it was originally slated for 2017 when I was in my last year of high school. I wish I didn't have to live here. I really wish I could go somewhere else but I'm stuck. Katya wouldn't miss me, I wouldn't miss her either if I had the whole world. I'm sick of living with my parents. On account of the cold, it's tough getting running water out here. We have to thaw snow most of the year in order to get water for our kettles and sponges. It looks like a lot of work. We don't have an indoor bathroom. Only a tub that we fill with hot water freshly heated over the woodstove, and an outhouse which is bone-chilling to use at the moment. I hate to admit it in writing, but I don't usually go out there anymore. It's a shame even to confess this to a piece of paper, but I usually wear diapers now. It wasn't always like this. Sometimes I feel guilty about it but other times I give in to their easy comfort and convenience. I know mom works hard repairing clothes and boots for people around town, works extra to afford dry diapers for me. It's not that I don't need them, I still use them almost every night without waking. But sometimes in the morning I change into another one and lie around. It looks like there are so many of them anyway, they're neatly placed in stacks around two feet high by the foot of my bed. Some days, I wear them all day rather than go outside in the cold. It sounds cushy that I can pee away in these, but I don't know. This paper is taunting me, it's saying I should just get up and go rather than be lazy. It's not that simple but maybe the page has a point. I was born with legs that are crooked, it makes it hard to walk. I can do it fine, but only slowly. What I did to deserve this fate I do not know, but I felt the pain of it from early on. Feeling different and unable can really wither the heart. I wish people were more accepting here. I also wish I wasn't such a runt. December 13, 2019 I was out walking earlier, and I saw Katya with a man. They were smiling, and so were the long trails of breath behind them, curling about slowly in the sunlit chilly air. The pain's almost too much to bear. I don't know what to do. I guess I can only accept it. I forgot to take a reading from the thermometer outside the kitchen window this morning. It's -29c now. January 21, 2020 -56c It's so bleak outside with the snow. Despite that I feel pretty good today. There's something comforting about knowing you're safe in your home when it's deadly cold out. I found a huge pile of candles in the attic, and have a few lit. I can see the reflection of their lights in the gloss of my window. It's been over minus 50 for a week now. I haven't been outside in a while. It's times like these that it's nice to still be in diapers. I have been trying to count my blessings. I recently got a few books in the mail, it feels like Christmas. One of them is a long autobiography about time spent in a prison camp. Another is a book of poems written by an American woman. Another still is about, well I don't really know what. It looks like a textbook. I tried to get stuff that was on sale so I could buy more at once. June 28, 2020 The flowers are really nice this time of year. We have these tiny looking ones that shoot out of the tundra between the rocks. Their orange petals and yellow centres are breathtaking. It's hard to believe there are so many of them, all as beautiful and unique as the next. August 4, 2020 Been outside so much lately that my skin's gone pretty brown. I have been trying to help out around the house where I can. It's been my pleasure. "Follow your heart and allow yourself to grieve." It was a line in the poem book I read over the winter. I like it. We have the internet. It's not as great as I thought it would be before. Maybe I don't need it now. November 12, 2022 I recently got the hang of chopping wood for the hungry woodstove. It's a lot of fun. Still don't always go to the outhouse. It's well-fed enough, and happiest when no one's hanging around inside it. November 12, 2023 Thought I'd grab out this old journal and jot something down, but I don't really have anything I want to say. January 21, 2026 My sister's expecting a son soon. We've been busy getting ready for the new arrival at the family home. She wants to name him after me. December 8, 2029 Not much has changed in this old room of mine. Just a few more shelves with books now. It's so nice here in the winter months when the sky stays dark. So much easier to stargaze this way. I saw three comets tonight after I put out the candles and sat by the window. I could feel the cold radiating off of it from sitting so close. It was nice enough that I wanted to light a candle quick and pen it down, to share it with my future self. Not much has changed, no. I'm even wearing the same brand of diapers I wore a decade ago. They still make them, and they're gentle on my skin. I wonder if I should save up for a telescope. Been looking at the stars a lot lately. Maybe I'll write more, too.
  4. Hello all! ^^ I would like to take the time and tell you a little about myself. I am a 34 y/o healthy, continent male (no history of bladder/bowel issues) that has had an interest in diapers from a very early age. I was around 7 years old when I “borrowed” a plastic backed Pampers diaper from my 2 year old cousin’s diaper bag. The babysitter was my aunt; who is the coolest person ever and knows about my “interests” in diapers. I unfolded it and put it in my underwear. I walked around in it and heard the crinkle and wished I could wear diapers all the time as well instead of my “big boy” undies. Of course, there is a whole lot more to my story but this is a very brief summary to keep from boring you all. I’ve had 24/7 stretches (for up to 6 months) in the past but had to stop due to financial/personal reasons when I was in college. Now, here I am at 34 years old and still wanting to be back in diapers for good. The desire isn’t going away and I’m tired of fighting it. It’s what makes me whole so that’s just the way it is and is going to be for now on. Over the years, my desire to become diaper dependent has not waned in the slightest and no matter how many times I place it on the back burner - they’ve always been there. So I’ve decided to go through with this. I also have a girlfriend, who I love with all my heart who completely supports me in becoming diaper dependent and she actually prefers me in them! I call her “mommy” most of the time which she loves. Having said all of this, she was vaguely familiar with the AB/DL community before we started dating ~7 mo ago. She supports me and loves me for who I am. This is very hard to come by especially since there’s no clear cut answer as to why someone would have the desire to become incontinent and how much our community is misunderstood. I have slight AB tendencies, but I’m not an exhibitionist or advertise the fact I wear diapers out in public. That’s not for me and please DO NOT post anything about ‘showing your diaper off’ etc. I have a very respectful job and conduct myself in a very professional manner dealing with well over 50 clients on average per day in a clinical setting. The bottom line: I value discretion and privacy to maintain my dignity. If (inevitably) my diaper rides up the back exposing it a bit, then 99% of people will assume it's a medical condition and mind their own business. The other 1% can ....well you get the point. **I have a onesie so I will wear it often at work** Reading the other forum posts has given me a lot of insight and motivation to push forward in my journey to diaper dependence. For now, I am only untraining my bladder, so I will try to retain my bowel control. From what I’ve read, some people have experienced a decline in their bowel control during their bladder untraining adventures. This makes perfect sense considering the nerves that are responsible for both bladder and bowel control are interlinked. ie; if you weaken one neural pathway, then there is a natural weakening/desensitization of the other. I will, of course document and report any changes in both my bladder and bowel control. Another thing of note is masturbation. I’m abstaining from it due to risk of exercising the muscles by accident. I have also fallen victim to the feeling you get after you’ve “done the deed” and don’t want to put another diaper on. It’s just not worth it and the fact that it increases DHT in men is more than enough to keep me from doing it. I have a full head of hair and plan to keep it! ^^ I will keep my diaper area shaved clean at all times for obvious reasons. My Current Continence Level A brief note about my current continence level. I am currently completely continent in both bladder and bowels. I wake up completely dry every night, but I love wetting my diaper prior to bed and sleeping in it overnight and waking up pretending I soaked it in my sleep. Eventually, I hope this will happen for real! ^^ If there is any advantage I have coming into this journey, I would have to say that from years of wearing diapers often and the 24/7 stretches in the past - that I notice once I have a diaper on, that I can wet anywhere at anytime with very minimal effort or thought at the slightest urge. Along with many other people and I’m no exception, the hardest position for me to initiate wetting is in a position when my urethra is kinked - esp while driving. It’s weird because in the past, I had “good” days and “bad” days. If I was fluid-loaded, I clenched up and/or it was hard to start peeing. If I sipped fluids throughout the day (3 big gulps of water in 10-15 min intervals) along with practicing the “reverse kegel” of keeping the bladder muscles relaxed as much as possible; then I’ll go immediately without issue. I’ve noticed if I’ve worn 24/7 for a brief period of time (like 1-2 days) and haven't exercised control of my bladder muscles - that I get frequent urges throughout the day (about every 30 min - 1 hr) and will continue for 4-5 days afterwards. This is good news in my book because it means that the muscles are weakening faster than they can gain strength back. ^^ IMO, these constant urges that come about of being out of diapers after a 24/7 shift is enough to motivate me to put a diaper back on. No having to rush to the restroom and interrupt my day at work (medical setting). My current stock of diapers are 2 cases of the Abena M4’s Plastic Backed and one case of the Tena Active Fit Maxi (great discreet daytime diaper!). I plan to keep at least an extra case on hand at all times for those instances when I slack off in ordering diapers, which is few and far between but it happens. To sum all this up: -I’m always diapered 24/7 from this point onward -Keep the bladder muscles relaxed and practice reverse kegeling after I wet -Stay well hydrated throughout the day to practice uncontrolled wetting and 16 oz of water before bed -Keeping bed adequately protected with quality mattress protector and trust my diapers -Listen to hypnosis recording; preferably before bed (this is optional and to help my subconscious adjust) -Expect WEEKLY UPDATES from here on out documenting any changes I experience in my continence, unless I come up with something to mention or ask about that pertains to my personal situation. So that’s it for my gameplan. If anyone has any questions, suggestions, or anything you feel I left out; please feel free to ask them here! I will try my best to answer in a timely manner as I work full time and life just gets in the way. Thank you very much for reading my post and here’s to a new life of being padded 24/7! ^^
  5. One of the new popular trends I've seen roaming around is the trend of keeping what's know as a Bullet Journal. A Bullet Journal is basically a notebook transformed into whatever you want it to be. It's designed around using shapes and bullet points for everything. Calendar pages, note pages, journals, etc. I personally have a few, one for budget tracking, and one for work purposes, but I digress. Recently with all the posts rolling around about New Year's Resolutions, I decided to stick with something I've been planning on doing for a long time: Wear diapers 24/7 (but not become dependent). So I started to make a small journal with tracking my wet/dry/messy days, as well as if I make a full 12 or 24 hours of diaper wearing, and some other notes and observations. The Calendar page doesn't look as good as I hoped, so I thought I'd share one of the journal pages. Would you start something like this? Do you think it would keep your diaper wants/needs on track, or anything at all on track? Remember, the idea is that you can plan anything essentially on sheets of notebook paper.
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