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Found 12 results

  1. I believe I started another thread on this, I couldn’t find it. I’m starting a new one as I would say I’m actively training for complete diaper dependency (probably already diaper dependent, but never actually trained). I figured I should add to the collective knowledge of this lifestyle. 💚🖍🧸🛁⏱🏔 Backstory: I’m male, mid 40s, average build, business owner, former entertainer, canadian, active life style, in a committed ABDL aware relationship (yes, she interacts 🥰), grew up ABDL with minor minor fecal incontinence incontinence issues growing up. That’s the quick version, . I’ve been a member of this site since the long ago times. I’ll start this journey around my late 20s when I found out I had IBS. At the time my IBS issues were minor and didn’t require a diaper and a pad would be enough for the issues. Didnt have any urinary issues. Life happened, I was a performer for a while and my drug of choice was Ketamine, be careful kids. Who knew these things would result in my need for diapers. The journey started about 11 years ago in my early 30s. I would go through periods of wear diapers 24/7. Sometimes it was for a couple of days, a week, or weeks. This went on for a few years, then one morning, while living in a cabin I had to poop, really bad, I ran down the stairs and soiled my self fully. While cleaning up I contemplated why not just wear diapers all the time. I even have a post around 2013 talking about my conflict. This would remain for a few more years. About 7years ago, I had reached a place where my fecal incontinence had reached an uncomfortable level and I went back into diapees 24/7. FTR, I’m not a purest and have worn underwear from time to time… until recently. A couple of years ago I stop caring about using a potty, I just started using my diapee to pee in when nature called. Sometimes I would hold it if I knew I could change or something. I wasn’t actively training to be diaper dependent, it was more that I just didn’t care to go through the effort of removing my diaper. Which has brought us to the present. Where I am at. In the last year it’s been noted on my chart that i have urge incontinence, both fecal and urinary. I’ve been prescribed diapers. I’ve recently had test on my urinary system and have been told nothing found, however, I am not emptying my bladder completely and it’s causing issues. The doctor also believes because of my ketamine usage I have cause urinary incontinence issues, that can’t be resolved. I’ve also been told I’m not drinking enough water. What’s really funny is my doctor has prescribed tamsulosin to help me empty my bladder, the side effect it’s having is it’s causing me to have stress incontinence, as it cause muscles relaxation in the prostate. As such, I figure, why bother holding it!? I was having urge issues so now I’m just letting go when the urge is there. So I have started this thread to document my experience. As I was already kinda training, but now I’m actively training to be diaper dependent. I’ve been on that medication for the last 5 days and am curious where I end up a year down the road. I’m also scheduled for pelvic physio in early December, I’m noticed I have issues relaxing that muscle and well be guided through various technics to relax the pelvic muscles. Thank you for reading, Munkey
  2. I need advice. I feel really guilty about considering going 24/7. I've been diagnosed with IBS and do actually have times where I need to get to a bathroom quick, but I've only have like 5 accidents in a year and a half. I have a doctor's note saying that I require diapers, but lately I've felt more guilty than ever that maybe I'm just being dramatic or letting my abdl side persuade me. Paddeding up seems to help, particularly by lowering stress and symptoms and I've regretted not padding up for awhile now especially at work, but haven't had any accidents (but a few close calls). My question is if it's justified just to go 24/7? I don't need diapers all the time, but I'm having a harder time predicting when it would help so maybe I should just do it all the time instead. I also have a loving girlfriend how supports either decision 100%. Any ideas?
  3. This journey starts at a young age and I’m writing this down in hopes of mentally understanding something about my life. I appreciate any and all feedback. This is a long post. I’m 43, unmarried, single, no kids. Why does this matter you ask? Well, about 40ish years ago the desire to wear a diaper came. I recall being in preschool, daycare, or Sunday school. I saw a box of pampers and wanted to wear one. I had a horrible first 5 years of my life. I also recall having stinky issues, I would poop myself. I can’t tell you the frequency from 5-7, however, it would be every few months. I’d have some kind of incident, which still happens to this day and more often. But, I never wore diapers growing up. I’d have some kind of major accident 1-2 times a year with minor poop leakage. I discovered my AB side sometime preteen but never did I think I was incontinent or would wear diapers 24/7. It stayed this way until I was about 27 when I learned I have IBS. I would start slowly dipping my toe in the waters over the next 8 years until 35 when I would start wearing 24/7 for weeks at a time, however, still pretty much using a toilet and rarely messing. I would go periods where I only wore diapers, as I didn’t have issues peeing, I could hold it all afternoon, unless I kept drinking liquids. I also notice things back there were just… more comfortable, the diapers caught the leakage and made my day more enjoyable. From 35 to 37, I would go months, then stop, I also would sometimes pee out of convenience, but I wasn’t training by any means and still Maintained the same control as I had. 37-39 I started reading about other people just going about life diapers all the time. I also noticed, no one knew I was ever diapered. From 39 on I was pretty much in diapers all the time. However, I started going in my diapers WAY more, like, if I have to make a stinky, plop, it was out, had to go peeing? Why hold it? The instant urge to go started increasing. At 41, I was pretty much all in, but I’m still believing I’m continent. However, if I had an urge to pee, I had maybe 30-60 minutes before some kind of leak happened. If I have to poop, well there will be skid marks, I can’t stop myself, sometimes I’ll cough or something when trying to not poop and I can’t, I’ll poop my diaper. Around this same time, I start reading about people retraining. So I’m like huh, I don’t continue to train, I keep my diapers… I just kind of stop caring. At 3rd quarter of 41st year in this planet I get a car. I notice, I can’t make it to a rest stop, don’t care, go about life. If I’m with friends I try to make it to a toilet but I’m noticing sometimes the urge to go hits me with in 10-15 minutes. Like if I have to pee and don’t, something is leaking out 15-20 minutes. I still don’t care. This happens to continue all through age 42. Except, for the last 6 months of my 42 year I had a UTI, so frequency of peeing is about every 60-90 minutes is hydrated. I dealt with my UTI In December. What I noticed from sept - dec of 2023 is I have 5-10 minutes to pee in a toilet. If I try to hold, I squirt out. During that time I’ve been depressed and literally didn’t care, I’ve just been going, try holding noticed that issue. My birthday is end of dec. I’ve turned 43. Currently… I’ve been talking with random people who have chosen this life style. I also have tried testing my continence, diapered or not, I leak, so I’m diapered or padded all the time now. I tried holding various times in January however, my ability to hold sucks, so no bothering anymore. When it comes to making a stinky, I will be mindful of others, unless beyond my control. Alone, I don’t care, that’s what my diaper is for. As for actively training, I dunno what it’s classified as to how I’m going an about my 24/7 journey. I do know that I’m making no effort to prevent what is going on. I also don’t quite believe I’m incontinent, open to opinions of others on that one. Now due to the UTI and changes in my urine continence, I am seeing a doctor about what’s going on. However, I’m not interested in any treatment unless something serious is found and needs to be addressed. With all that on the table, I dunno when I’ll be updating, but I will be updating this and look forward to sharing my journey with others.
  4. I don’t post much, but thank you to those that do. I’ve been mentally stuck and am looking for some community insight. Earlier this year I started wearing diapers 24/7 to manage my IBS and stop accidents in my pants. I’ve always had minor issues with IBS all my life but never wore diapers to manage it, however, life changes as you age. I did wear diapers for pleasure, but at 42 the reason for my diaper usage has changed. It’s been about 7 months since I’ve started wearing it has been more mentally reassuring knowing that should I need my diaper, I’m covered. ? While I make jokes, it’s to cover the fact that a part of me wishes that it was just for pleasure, anyway, it is what it is. The reason for the post is the last couple of months, when I need to pee, I’ve been using my diaper as it’s often easier, more convenient, my diaper doesn’t stretch out for sliding it down, I don’t have to run off and find a toilet when I’m out, and I could. Plus I wear the megamax as it’s fit is awesome and is super comfy and contains any kind of mess extremely well. However, for some strange reason I fell like I’m doing something wrong, like I feel some shame when I’ve used my diaper voluntarily as opposed to when it’s not voluntarily. When it’s comes to wetting, I’m not actively training to be diaper dependent, my IBS has done that for me already. Like the other day, in the grocery store, I had to go and some leaked out. I just went about my shopping as I was almost done and left and went home. While I was feeling a little embarrassed, it wasn’t much and would have been worse if I wasn’t protected and that’s why I wear diapers. So, mentally, it wasn’t that big of a deal. I guess my question is; does anyone else who wears for medical need that also has control use their diapers voluntarily? Or do you try to make it to the toilet? Bonus question, am I just overthinking this? Thank you for your input!☺️
  5. Hey there! I'm Thorn (he/him). New member, long time writer and self-published author of queer fiction. I've been looking for somewhere to post some DL stories, and then I found you folks! So I thought I'd share a little something I've been working on lately. It's a work-in-progress with quite a bit written already, so I'll be posting new chapters frequently. I'd love some feedback and I'm not afraid of constructive criticism, so bring it on! lol Summary: Caiden is an eighteen-year-old trans boy about to graduate from high school. He's been a bedwetter all his life, but when he develops Irritable Bowel Syndrome, with explosive diarrhoea as a symptom, he starts wearing his bedtime diapers in the daytime. When his best friend Victor discovers his secret, Caiden is sure he won't want to be friends anymore, but that isn't what happens at all . . . CW: This story contains messing, light BDSM, Dom/sub dynamics, coarse language, and sexual situations between consenting individuals over eighteen. I looked and couldn't find any rules that prohibit any of these things, but if there are some, please let me know and I will edit accordingly. ———————— Chapter 1. ‘Caiden!’ He turned his head as he heard his name and saw Victor running up to him. ‘Hey. Where were you earlier? You missed English.’ Caiden tried his best not to blush. ‘Yeah. Sorry. I . . . wasn’t feeling well.’ He looked down and mumbled, ‘Stomach upset.’ Victor frowned, now caught up and walking alongside him. ‘Again? Didn’t that happen last week too?’ Caiden nodded. ‘Yeah. In Math.’ His friend made a face. ‘Sorry, dude. Was it something you ate?’ Caiden shrugged. ‘Maybe. It’s hard to tell. Mom thinks it might be some IBS shit or something . . . Anyway. Let’s change the subject, you don’t wanna hear about my bowel movements.’ Victor laughed. ‘Maybe I do?’ Caiden stopped, looking at him with an eyebrow raised, and Victor laughed again. ‘Nah, bro, just kidding.’ Caiden laughed as well and they resumed their walk, but then he was quiet, mostly just listening as Victor talked about what they’d gone over in English that afternoon. They parted ways at their usual spot and exchanged fistbumps. Then Caiden set off home. Truth was, he had barely made it to the bathroom in time today. In fact, he hadn’t, a little bit had come out in his shorts before he managed to get them off. He carried a spare pair of underwear in his gym bag that was stashed in his locker, thankfully, so he’d been able to change, but it was still embarrassing. When he got home, no one else was there yet. His parents were both at work and his younger twin brothers still at school. He went to the bathroom, getting his soiled shorts out of a plastic bag in his backpack and rinsing them in the bathtub before throwing them in the laundry basket. Entering his room, he pondered. He knelt next to the bed and pulled out the drawer underneath, where he kept his nighttime diapers. Caiden had been wetting the bed all his life. It was like his body had never quite pulled off that whole subconsciously holding your bladder thing. He’d had a few close calls in the daytime as well, though he hadn’t wet himself when awake since he was in grade school. Now he was eighteen, nearly finished with high school. His stomach troubles had started about half a year ago. Until today, he’d managed to make it to the toilet every time, but this minor accident had made up his mind about something he’d been considering for a while; whether he should wear his diapers in the daytime as well. A couple of weeks ago he’d woken up with a stomach ache and, in his sleepy, groggy state, had let it all out in his diaper instead of rushing to the toilet. Once he woke up properly, he felt ashamed. He’d gone to the bathroom, changed himself, and gotten rid of the evidence. If they found out, his mom would worry, his brothers would tease him, and his step-dad would be a dick about it as usual, like he was about everything else. He’d sworn to himself never to do it in his diaper again, but since then it had begun to occur to him that it might not be so bad to have a safety net of sorts. So if he didn’t make it in time, he’d have an easy fix. It could have come in handy today. The diapers he slept in were designed for heavy urine incontinence, though they worked for bowel incontinence as well. And anyway, it wasn’t like he’d be properly pooping in them, they’d just be there for safety. Caiden undressed, leaving just his chest binder on. Then he took a diaper from the drawer and put it on. He pulled his shorts and his jeans back on and looked in the mirror. The jeans were loose, like most of his clothes, and he inspected himself thoroughly. There was no real noticeable bulge. Caiden had been blessed with slim hips and a small behind. The padding made no noticeable difference. He moved around a bit, listening for any noise. There wasn’t much. A slight occasional crinkle, his waistband sliding against the diaper, but nothing anyone would notice. He stared at his reflection and laughed at himself a little. Was he really going to wear a diaper to school tomorrow? His stomach rumbled. ‘Fuck, not this again,’ he muttered. He made to go to the bathroom, but then the thought occurred to him that he might want to test the diaper, see if it could hold a potential accident. He reached to undo his jeans, take off both them and his shorts so they wouldn’t risk getting messy . . . but there was no time. Caiden farted loudly, and then the poop rushed out of him and into his diaper. It was soft and squishy, not exactly liquid diarrhoea, but far from solid. Then it stopped, though he knew there was more, and, figuring that he might as well get it all out, he squatted down and pushed, groaning with the strain. A more solid clump was blocking the rest of it from coming out, and it took a moment to press it out. When it was over, he was trembling and panting. He stood up, making a face at the feeling of his full diaper. He inspected himself in the full length mirror. There was now a considerable bulge, but his jeans looked fine, and he took them off. His shorts were fine too, though he didn’t want to gamble on the diaper holding this kind of load for long, and so he got a fresh one out of the drawer and went to the bathroom to clean up and change. Standing in the shower, he felt suddenly horny. He reached down, rubbing himself. He thought of Victor. Then he wondered what Victor would think if he knew that Caiden wore diapers now. The thought made him blush. Somehow, the thought of Victor knowing turned him on more, and he rubbed himself yet more vigorously, until he came with shaking thighs. By the time Caiden was finished in the bathroom, his mother had come home. ‘Oh!’ she said, as he came out of the bathroom. ‘There you are, Kayla.’ ‘Mom, it’s Caiden,’ he said, somewhat exasperated. ‘I’m sorry. Caiden.’ She sighed. ‘I’m sorry, it just takes a little getting used to, is all.’ ‘Yeah. It’s okay. Just . . . try?’ ‘I am. I promise. I haven’t referred to you as my daughter in months.’ She smiled. ‘How was school?’ ‘It was okay.’ Caiden hesitated. ‘Mom?’ ‘Mhm?’ ‘I . . . I had another stomach upset today and . . . I kind of had an accident. Just . . . just a little one!’ he hurried to say. ‘I just . . . almost didn’t make it. To the bathroom.’ His face felt hot. ‘Aww, I’m sorry, baby!’ Caiden’s mother hugged him. ‘You okay?’ ‘Yeah. Fine. But . . .’ He licked his lips. ‘I think I should . . . start wearing the . . . you know. In the daytime as well. Like, to school. Just . . . just as a precaution. Until we can figure out what’s wrong with my stomach, you know?’ His mother nodded. ‘Hm, yeah . . . That might actually be a good idea. If you’re having a hard time making it to the bathroom on time. It would be just awful if you pooped your pants in class, wouldn’t it?’ Caiden snorted. ‘“Just awful” doesn’t begin to cover it, Mom. It would be the end of my life.’ ‘All right. I’ll make sure we keep stocked up, all right, baby?’ ‘Yeah. Thanks, Mom.’ Caiden bit his lip. ‘Hey . . . do you think you could maybe not mention this to Brendan and Ryker? Or to Sam? I . . . I’d rather they not know. It’s embarrassing enough wearing diapers at night.’ ‘Of course, sweetie.’ She hugged him. ‘I won’t tell a soul.’
  6. Hi, my name is Scott and I have been struggling partial incontinence (have some, but weak control over bladder/bowels). But the lack of control isn't what bothers me, it's the pain I get from attempting to hold it even for a short period of time. I've seen 3 different urologists and will be seeing a GI doctor soon, one of those only tried one medication on me before he decided he wanted to jump straight to the interstim, I respectfully declined as I have heard some bad things about that and I feel uneasy about invasive surgery. My second urologist tried 4 different meds on me only to write me a prescription for the first med I started on to begin with. So now the one I currently see recommended I go to an GI doctor as a problem with the GI tract can cause problems with your urinary tract. But anyways I'll cut to the chase, I was wondering if I wear 24/7 to become fully incon, would that condition be less painful as you couldn't feel the urge to go? I imagine it wouldn't take that long to lose the little control I have left as I already have shaky control to begin with. Anyhow, thanks for any advice I may get.
  7. First off I am a DL, I do have old man dribbles as I call them, neck back issues etc, But I have IBS according to my Dr thats whats causing my constant diarrhea I have sealed wit Acid reflux all the above for over 20 yrs, hemorrhoid surgeries, But I would like to know if there are others here that are dealing with IBS and constipation? it only has gotten worse adding pain meds over the last few yrs. My only so far solution has been daily enemas and I have really uncomfortable insides if I don't do them. I can't go #2 normal. My dr was trying to get me on a med but ins won't pay for it and as with name brands $400 a month. I have done enema once a day 3-4 yrs and the past 6 mos two a day. Makes it real inconvenient to travel around my enema schedule. Most of the IBS meds out there are for diarrhea. I am just mainly looking for input if anyone has had this and found a solution at this point because of my stomach, I can't eat salads etc, I tried on a lot of occasions adding fiber etc, fiber works the opposite on me. I tried last yr to increase fiber salads and as the dr put it let things come out natural I ended up in the hospital plugged up completely, and
  8. When you think you have to fart but your body decides to release.... *le sigh*
  9. Does anyone else find it a huge pain when you are so tired that you can barely stand up and you plop down on your bed only to realize you haven't changed for the night. Now I have to make sure I have cleaned up and put a fresh diaper on before bed. I am sorry but this is another part of my incontinence that really gets me down. I just needed to vent. Thanks for reading. Peace, C P.S. The thing I find worse is getting all cleaned up and ready for bed and yup, time for another clean and change. That happened tonight.
  10. I'm going 24/7 and using my diapers for everything and 24/7 will be expensive, especially when just starting out. I need to know some recommendations for a brand or cycle of brands that I can rely on. I only plan to change 3-4 times in a 24 hr period, preferably 3, but no more than 4 under normal circumstances. It could be a brand that can hold up well on its own for day and night time without a booster, or a brand that hold up well for day time on its own, but I don't mind using a booster for night time. I could also have a set day time diapers, and a night time diaper. I may get emergency cloth diaper but I'm mainly sticking to disposables for their convenience for my partial fecal incontinence due to my IBS. Another word of advice I'd like is maybe some cheap sources to buy diapers from in bulk as well as other supplies, like wipes, powder, etc. Maybe some efficiency questions like baby vs adult wipes. Any suggestions?
  11. As the title says I might already be incontinent to a degree. I am sure I am incontinent to enough of a degree where it would be more convenient to go with diapers 24/7 than without. I have something called Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) that seems to match the symptoms I experience. Usually bipolar bowels being constipated one moment then becoming too loose and urgent to hold comfortably the next. I have not yet seen a doctor about it yet but I am confident this what I have. My self diagnoses usually turn out to be right. I'm sure I could fix the constipation with a simple diet change but the looseness will likely still remain. that said, It's more convenient for me to just wear diapers and soil myself and get cleaned up my fiance/caregiver than struggle to hold it uncomfortably to reach a toilet or run to a toilet and get a shart or two off before I reach it. I remain convinced that diapers are my best bathroom option. Despite all of this, I want to wear 24/7 and achieve some degree of full incontinence on both ends anyway due to Body Integrity Identity Disorder (BIID) so in a funnily ironic way, this development only ends up helping me in the long run. Funny how things seem to fall into place like that.
  12. Hello all; I'm a 28 year old, otherwise healthy male, and have been a DL for as long as I can remember, which is why I'm a member here. I'd like to take a sec to say this is a great and *wonderfully supportive communiuty, so I wanted to ask a bunch of questions as I'm sure others have experienced what I'm going through. I'm having some problems with IBS, which is a new-ish development for me. Over the past decade or so, I have had night time "poop attacks" as call them where I'm horribly crampy and pooping diarrhea like mad for upwards of an hour or two, generally in the wee hours of the morning. I had previously thought it was from eating something bad, since my (college) diet wasn't the best. I had brushed the once-a-month attacks off as poor diet. These were mostly limited to night time, however several occurrences did take place during day time. I have been out of school and in my professional career for a few years now, if it matters. Diet has been a lot better since then. It wasn't until a few months ago when I had a severe case of food toxicity poisoning that my symptoms went into overdrive. When I got sick, I had the worst gas, diarrhea, and cramp pain I've ever felt in my life. It was the most unbearable and unpleasant thing I've ever gone through. During the illness, I had almost no bowel control and had a few accidents. Fortunately, since I already have diapers in the house, and my SO was also poisoned and occupying the only toilet in the house, my fiancee suggested I protect myself at least. Now, whenever I have a flare-up, I'm always diapered to make sure I don't have a messing accident. I don't want to ruin any clothes or household stuff. I guess it's peace of mind as well as functional need, at this point. I have flare-ups during the day time now, which i never had before. The flare ups can last from my experiences, 1 to 3 days in length with varying degrees of symptoms. This has been ongoing for about 2 months now and I've finally mustered the courage to get myself checked out. I will be scheduling a meeting with a doctor to investigate the sudden change in my habits. I have heard, from reading, that IBS can be brought on post infection, IBS -PI I guess it's called, which has some halfway decent (50%) recovery rates. Being that I have had issues before hand, however, I am worried that symptoms might persist. Right now, I experience cramps, occasional nausea if I have bad cramps, bloating, excessive gas, diarrhea, constipation, and occasional fecal incontinence from sudden uncontrollable urges, or the leaking of diarrhea. I also feel like I have a constant need to defecate. I can sit on the toilet for half an hour with no results and still feel like I need to go so bad... but no relief. This can go on for a few hours to a few days, where I feel like I absolutely need protection, so I'm in a diaper the whole time. Mostly I experience a flip-flop between pretty severe diarrhea and constipation. I can literally feel my bowels spasming. In addition to the IBS symptoms I do feel an increased need to urinate frequently. Since I'm diapered, this is not a huge issue but I seem to have some urgency in urination. During my flare-ups I have a tendency to stay as relaxed as possible, which may be contributing to the urges. I have since overhauled my diet to things that are recommended for those with IBS. I eat much healthier now (out of sheer necessity, and try to be as cautions as possible about what I eat. I have also noticed that high levels of stress cause my symptoms to go into super-overdrive. We lost a pregnancy this past Thursday (my fiancee miscarried at 8 weeks) and the stress from taking care of the household while she is on prescribed bedrest, along with the associated stress has been a nightmare. This was the last straw, and I'm out to seek professional help. Stress is a huge trigger for me. I'm on day 4 with symptoms right now. (Please, I'm not mining for sympathy here, we're all in good shape, just filling you in). So I wanted to take a few moments to ask others who are suffering through this: How did you talk to your doctor about it? What questions should I be asking and how is a good way to begin a conversation? This is pretty embarrassing for me and I might have trouble discussing it with a stranger. What tests should I expect to go through, and how bad are they? Not really sure what to expect here, however I do hear (shudder) that colonoscopies are pretty routine as one of the tests. I'm quite nervous and scared of that in itself. Has anyone with IBS experienced any urinary urgency or incontinence? Is this common? When I'm feeling fine, I have no trouble retaining feces or urine, but when I'm in the middle of a flare up, I have to pee a lot, usually in small amounts. I've been relying on my diaper to help me there. I have a feeling it's associated with being crampy. Anyone else get that? During my discussion with my doctor, I would like to tell them that I am wearing protection and that it does provide me peace of mind regarding accidents. I haven't had a ton, but they have happened. How likely is it that I can get a doctor's note (or prescription) for diapers if I can justify needing them? Is there an easy/delicate way to approach this? Would a doctor be willing to do something like that if asked? I'm not about to try to abuse my health insurance (diapers are not covered anyway), or get a note simply just to be able to wear out of being a DL, but a note or script would be for work in case my employer happens to notice and/or question my needs. I would be worried about being found out at work and not being able to furnish "medical advice" to wear protection. It's more of a "cross the t's" situation if I find that I need to wear at work out of necessity. I have not discussed needing to wear protection with my boss, however she does know what I am going through and understands my current situation since one of her daughters also has severe IBS. Lastly, quick question for others with children. I have a daughter who is 18 mos old and is still in diapers herself. We are beginning potty training for her and hopefully she'll be potty trained soon. I want to know how others have talked with their kids about the difference between kids needing diapers and adults needing diapers due to illness. How do you talk to your child (if and/or when) they find out about needing to wear protection? I don't want to seem hypocritical or contradicting and have no plans to tell my child unless the time is right and they need to know or accidentally find out. What do other parents out there do in this situation? There isn't much advice out there from my reading. I really appreciate any answers and advice that anyone can give. I know it's a huge pile of questions, and I'm not expecting one person to answer them all, but perhaps others can give some insight as how to handle this in a discreet, dignified, and easy manner. Having to deal with intermittent fecal incontinence is not fun it's impacting my life since I don't want to leave the house, let alone move out of discomfort. Thanks for listening guys/gals, hope someone out there has some good suggestions for discussing this with others. I don't get here often but will be making an effort to check this post frequently and will do my best to respond.
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