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Found 5 results

  1. Ok, so my history I guess first..I am 50 currently. I was not somewhat reliably dry until a month before my 9th birthday. At that time it was cloth diapers and plastic pants if my grandma was over, my mom used pampers in the purple box, on me until then. I have never been out of diapers my entire life. I was born with a congenital spine and my nerves didn’t run through the spine the same as most people. My day control was lost when I was Sophomore in college at Ohio State. My mom actually would drive up from Cincinnati and bring me a case of Attends at a time. My mom or grandma, did diaper me for the night until the summer before I left for college. I was then taught how to get them on correctly. I was also placed in room with another bedwetter, it was an actual question on the application. Anyways, so I had a back surgery in 2016, it went bad spinal fluid leak for a month they went back in and fixed the 9 tears. Woke up and started having seizures, never had one in my life. In 2020 I had gotten Saddle Anesthesia and wasn’t concerned really as my feet had been numb for years. I love my Motorcycles!, I had a 3 day ride the next day and my surgeon said it is an emergency surgery. I told her it had been like that for 3 weeks, she said I could tear my spinal cord and have no mobility. I told her if that is the case I am riding in the hare scramble ride. I got back Monday morning and that afternoon had surgery. When she got in there she said it was much worse than she could have imagined, even with having MRI’s done. That surgery happened end of February 2020, right before they shut down surgeries. Three weeks later I got COVID really bad, at that time the Dr at hospital didn’t know what to do. I was the 2nd person in our county to get it, anyways if it weren’t for my inhalers, I would’ve been in hospital for sure at least 8 weeks. My wife had symptoms for literally 3 hours..I then developed foot drop, in July of 2021. Another emergency surgery, woke up could not move my left leg at all. My surgeon also told me at that time, she needed to do a major back surgery and I would remain in hospital for a week before she could do it.. Had to do a 5 level fusion and my left leg didn’t move still, could barely move my big toe. I was also diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis, my surgeon found lesions on my spine. Anyways was in hospital rehab for over a month and they got me walking with walker and of course using a wheelchair as well. I have zero sensation of when I need to go or even when I am wetting, I do have bowel issues, usually if my belly feels full, I better get on the potty. While I was in the hospital, I couldn’t change, bathe myself due to left leg and the tingling and numbness in left hand. It was at this time being 49 years old I started having, AB/DL feelings. My nightly aide would come in at 11, change me and then return every 2-3 hours. She would take me down to a special tub at times for a bath, one day she brought in a rubber duck and tossed it in the tub and said play with this while I get you clean. I don’t know why but I did play with that rubber duck the entire bath.. When she was done she left the rubber duck on side wall of where the large tub was, I said that people would know, she laughed and said you’re not an adult baby?? I said what is that? She explained it to me and she then questioned well you brought your own diapers which were Megamax and better dry diapers, my wife ordered all of them. It was after many wet beds my wife brought my diapers from home up. I looked up AB/DL after the bath and I, became somewhat intrigued. When she came in to change me before leaving, I told her I read about the AB/DL stuff and she asked, what I thought about it? I said you know, maybe if someone changed my diapers my whole life possibly, I could understood how people become an Adult Baby. She then confided in me that her ex husband was one, but he expected her to treat him as a baby all the time. She said they couldn’t have sex without it being part of it, staying in his diapers breastfeeding or wanting his mommy to give him a pacifier. I told her I actually was a thumb sucker until like 14 years old, but I would wake up doing it and never did it while awake and purposely. My mom actually got some like pepper tasting stuff that she would like coat my thumb with it. I stopped sucking my thumb though. She said now that her ex was long gone, she missed parts of it like bathing and changing Diapers. Now I must say I have a very very small penis which I am very self conscious about. She actually brought it up and said you know it is kind of funny and If this is to much, she said honestly you are the smallest she has ever seen. She said I think that is what made me start having these maternal feelings for you. I told her I don’t think that I could or would be an adult baby. She chuckled as she was cleaning me up and said, hmm as small as it is, it feels like you are hard. I told her I didn’t have feeling down there. She said OMG that is so sad, and she said on more than one occasion. Well over the next week she started doing some of the stuff she had. She brought in a onesie with Superman logo on it a two pack of pacifiers she admitted to buying them along with a tee pee, pee pee or something, she said she didn’t want me peeing on her like I did a nurse after surgery. She said I hope you need a change, I want to see if it will cover it as these are made for baby boys. It did unfortunately fit, I was humiliated beyond belief. She said it is a very Handy thing to have, she asked does your wife change you? I said well when I cannot do it myself and need help. She said she would show it to her when my wife comes after work. She actually told me that while in the 9 hour surgery, that it was delayed by almost an hour because an adult catheter wasn’t working and they had to find a way to get a pediatric size… I said you are lying, she went into the bathroom and said usually adult males use a 14-16 French and they had to find me an 8 French and they had a time getting it in, with the Dr. Worrying about my prostate being irritated or something? Well onto what this was supposed to be about, I have mobility issues and Fine motor skills with hands. I truly cannot untape a MegaMax diaper. My wife of course orders a lot at a time and it was like 15 cases of them delivered every 6 months. I keep forgetting to call and just get the Better Dry or Just the Northshore Supreme. I have an aide that comes daily 2xs a day to help me, change my diapers, showers me 3xs a week and helps me get dressed and OT and PT come once a week usually. I am staying at my moms house, we are having renovations done a zero entry shower like 6’x5’ and a tub like for old people, with the door on it with Jets like a hot tub. Well it has been almost 2.5 months! At least another two weeks to go. We also moved the laundry to old bathroom, laundry room is now my bathroom and we totally re did the kitchen. So now the uncomfortable part. My aide quit, she was so awesome when she gave me a bath, I still had the rubber ducky from the hospital, the onesie the tee pee, pee pee or whatever it is called. She had seen the pacifiers in the drawer and had even asked, if I wanted to use one. She was from the Philippines, well she quit a week ago Monday. I had been trying to change my diaper the first morning, just getting it untaped. I hear a knock on my door it is my Mom and she said: why don’t I help you? I can change you in the morning and then come and change you around lunch time. I was so embarrassed, I didn’t know what to say, I was soaked. I was leaking onto my bed pad even with plastic pants on. I finally relented and said ok, I need help, she got the wipes, powder and a diaper with a booster pad. She said I should probably use the extra absorbency. She untaped me and stared at my tiny penis, she just looked and then got the wipes and was cleaning me up. Mom then was wiping my privates and she said please tell me that you are not hard. I told her I don’t know if I was hard because I don’t feel it. She said well you definitely are and she saw the tee pee thing and said reached for it and went to cover me and I started peeing. This time it was on myself and all the way up to my chest. It just kept going and going and I am trying to stop the stream with my hands. My mom finally just put a diaper over my penis. Mom then began the whole process of cleaning me up again. She had me on my side to clean my bottom. I got on my back again and she said it is still hard, not sure why it was and then it happened she looked down and she said oh lord, and there was cum leaking out of my penis! I was utterly embarrassed as you can imagine, she was as well and she started cleaning it up and then apologized. Mom said your diaper leaked through your plastic pants, you then peed all over yourself and then I made you have an orgasm…. I told her again I don’t feel anything, whether I am wetting or if anyone would even have sex and then she laughed and said well, I don’t see how that could be possible. I said what? She said honey, it really is the smallest one I have ever seen and she said, I think we should go to a Urologist to find out why it is so small and why you came. I can’t believe how much pee can come out of little ________. She said you seriously wet for at least a minute or longer! It has to be like a half gallon and this dirty diaper must weigh 5 lbs. Mom then said she is calling the agency and begging for someone else to be able to come out. She said I don’t mind changing your diapers, help with bathing and helping you dress. She said the issue where you had an orgasm, is what is hard to be ok with happening. Well this morning, I woke up soaked again. My mom knocked and asked do I need help? I said yes please. she said don’t be embarrassed or mad. I was super embarrassed, as my mom hired a nurse that lived across the street and she was aware of everything. The nurse Katie took down my plastic pants and was amazed at the weight of the diaper. She began cleaning me up and I began wetting heavily all over myself again. Katie actually laughed and let me pee all over myself and then was staring at my penis. My mother was pretty upset, she let me pee all over myself. Katie said that it will be an issue if I continue to pee like that and then be sexually excited. I told her that I was not actually sexually excited, I apologized and asked if truly I didn’t feel it. I assured her it was not a sexual feeling. For all week Katie changed, bathed and helped me dress. Each day I was still peeing all over, or I had an orgasm it seemed occurred. My Mom does change me in between Katie’s visiting. My mom yesterday finally said, I am just going to say it, when I was diapering you the summer before college, your penis was 5xs the size of it is now…. She said with all my health issues, she said it embarrasses her that people are changing you and seeing it. I said, I have no dignity left and I can’t use it, then why do I care anymore. Mom truly didn’t believe me I couldn’t feel it. While changing me, she was actually using her finger and thumb and jerking me off. I couldn’t feel it, so I acted like I didn’t see it. Apparently I then ejaculated right after she stopped doing it and was using baby wipes cleaning my area down there. She said I don’t know if you felt what I was doing and please don’t judge me if you did. You orgasmed though so I think you do feel it and get off on me your mother changing your diapers and stuff. She said your penis is always hard even though it is like 2”. I truly do not have any feeling down there. I am just really humiliated and hurt that she thinks what she does.
  2. Here's your frosty! Peyeew did you just mess yourself? Maybe you should work here it looks like your a pro at making soft serve haha?.
  3. Alex struggled helplessly in his binds. Stuck in a diaper and dress, gagged with an oversized pacifier, and with a bright red ribbon wrapped around, he could do nothing but wait. He supposed that was what he was a Christmas present for someone. The only question was for whom. It was a question that had haunted him since the day he arrived at the training institute. Like everyone, he knew there was someone paying for him. Like most, he had no idea who they were, when he
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