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  1. Madeline frantically fluffed pillows, dusted cabinets, and cleaned the mirrors and windows in her guest room as she noticed the clock getting ever closer to the time when her new house mate would arrive. When the room was finally up to her standards, she let out a soft sigh of relief and went to put dinner in the oven. From what she knew, this girl was nineteen, and she was having to be transported from her home in Colorado all the way to Madeline's pretty cottage in Ottowa. The journey could not have been easy, and she figured that everybody could use a good meal to talk over. Then, she heard her little girl's footsteps as she waddled out from her room, having awakened from her nap. "Hello, Amelia!" She cooed and lifted her up. "Are you ready to meet our new friend? She should be here any minute!" Amelia smiled brightly and nodded eagerly. While Madeline was quite chill and soft spoken, Amelia was a bundle of energy. That's why, it was no surprise when she squealed and jumped out of Madeline's arms to go open the door when the bell rang. Madeline chased after her and shook her head, chuckling. She took her little hand, and then opened the door. "Hello there." She said softly, offering the girl a hand to shake. "My name is Madeline Williams, welcome to our home." She said and gave her a gentle smile. She hadn't really taken a good look at the girl yet, as Amelia was already running to grab at her leg and look up at her and excitedly cheer "Guest! Guest! Guest!"
  2. Hello my name is Belle. I am 26 years old. I love to write, read and Roleplay. My favorite show is once Upon a time. Rumple, Mr. Gold is my comfort character, I am a huge fan of Robert carlyle. I am a sweet yet shy woman who has a lot of health problems. I am kind of new to this ABDL thing I haven't been part of the community for very long and am still learning things about this world. I am mostly looking for a long term roleplay partner who will accept me and Belle for who we are. I am very literate detailed and descriptive. I love alot of detail when it comes to care. I am usually pretty active unless I don't feel well, I am literate to semi-lit, I am also detailed and descriptive. I joined this server to make friends and find a long term roleplay partner! My dms are always open! I am on mountain standard time AZ. I am a night owl so I am most active during the night and early-mid afternoon. No smut please. Dms are always open! If I'm not here you can contact me on discord at Belle Rose Gold#6482 twitter at Bookworm409
  3. This story starts the second story arc about Nikki and Sarah (which is the one I'm still working on). It starts in the spring of 2019; a little over three years after the previous story. There will be more tags added as the second and third part of the story is posted, but I don't want to give you spoilers. Like the other stories about Nikki and Sarah, it probably helps to have read the previous ones (although it's not strictly necessary), so I've added the relevant links to the Nikki-and-Sarah-verse index thread ------------------------------------------------ Mary Sue Sophie giggled. The deep, red plush of the carpet tickled her bare skin as she crawled down the hotel hallway behind Natalie. She had to admit that it was hard not to be distracted by Natalie's butt, clad in tight, black latex pants, swaying hypnotically only inches away from her face. The surface was so polished that Sophie could see her own funhouse reflection. Suddenly she felt a tug on her collar. Apparently she had lost focus and slowed down and Natalie had pulled the leash slung over her shoulder to urge her along. They reached the railing of the mezzanine overlooking the crowded lobby and Sophie knelt by Natalie's side. "I still can't believe this is legal," she said, looking at all the people below. Natalie didn't answer. She only bent down to adjust Sophie's outfit. Although calling it an outfit was rather generous. It was really more of a collection of narrow leather straps. "Mistress?" Sophie said quietly. "Yes sweetie?" "May I please go to the bathroom?" "Of course," Natalie said with a smile, "but be quick. You don't want to be late for your spanking down there." She nodded towards the lobby below where somebody was setting up some furniture that would never be seen in an IKEA catalogue. Sophie got to her feet and got a playful little swat across her butt before she hurried off towards the bathrooms. It didn't take her long to find them, but by the time she reached a stall she was close to bursting. Undoing the necessary buckles and sitting down, Sophie relaxed and let go. "I'm curious about one thing." Nikki put the tablet down on the kitchen table. "What?" Sarah looked up from the soup she was stirring. "Well, I've read enough of your stories that it's obvious that Sophie and Natalie are you and me." Nikki got up and walked over to the stove to stand next to Sarah. Sarah said nothing, but stirred the soup more intently. "So why isn't she wearing proper underwear?" Nikki gave Sarah's butt a squeeze through her sweat pants, making her jump. "And for that matter, why aren't you?" Sarah blushed a little. She and Nikki had been living together for more than three years, and Nikki had known how she liked wearing diapers for almost four. But Sarah was still embarrassed when Nikki talked about her diapers like they were the most normal thing in the world. "I mean, you are wearing the other half of the outfit." Nikki hooked a finger through the metal ring of the collar encircling Sarah's neck. Sarah swallowed. Their ground rules had been simple. Whenever she wore her diapers, she would also wear her collar. And whenever she wore her collar, Nikki was in charge. Of course, Sarah had quickly spotted a loophole. The rule said that she had to wear her collar if she wore diapers. It didn't say that she had to wear diapers whenever she wore her collar. Besides, Nikki was bossy even when she wasn't wearing her collar. But they both kept that part of their relationship private. Mostly. Sarah lowered her eyes demurely. "I like wearing it. It reminds me that my mommynatrix loves me." Nikki arched an eyebrow in the way that made Sarah melt. "Aaaaand?" she asked. "What do you mean Ma'am?" Sarah stopped stirring the soup. "You sure you're not fishing for some extra playtime? The grown-up kind?" "Maybe," Sarah admitted with a mischievous smile. "Is it working?" "Maybe." Nikki gave Sarah a quick peck on the cheek before letting go of her collar. "But not before dinner." Sarah returned her attention to the soup while Nikki set the table. Fifteen minutes later, inbetween spoonfuls of soup, Nikki brought the subject up again. "About your story," she said. "What about it?" Sarah reached for another roll and bit into it with an explosion of crumbs. "Is that something you'd, I don't know, maybe want to try?" Nikki asked hesitantly. "What? Public spankings? No thanks." Sarah shook her head, but stopped eating and looked at Nikki, waiting for the other shoe to drop. "No." Nikki paused. "I meant... You know how they say 'write what you know', right?" "Yeah?" "Have you ever been to one of those conventions?" Sarah gave a short, dismissive chuckle. "Riiiiiight." Nikki took a deep breath. "Would you want to?" Sarah sighed. "Nikki, I don't mind too much when you make me wear my diapers when we go out, but then they're hidden and only you and me know about them. There's no way in hell I'm going to have them on display for a bunch of strangers." "That's not really how it works," Nikki mumbled. "How would you... Oh my god! You've been to one, haven't you?" Nikki blushed in a very un-dominatrixy way. "When?" Sarah demanded. "Five years ago. A couple of months after we broke up." Nikki reached for a piece of bread and suddenly found her soup really interesting. There was a scraping sound as Sarah moved her chair next to Nikki's. "So what was it like then?" Sarah slid closer and nudged Nikki with her shoulder. "Teeeelllll meeeeeee." "Cut it out." "But I wanna knoooooow," Sarah said in her best whiny-kid voice. She knew she was pushing it, but she just couldn't help herself. Nikki sighed and rolled her eyes. "Was it full of cute little girls you could boss around?" "I said 'cut it out'." "And they just went crazy when you wiggled your butt in those tight leather pants of yours," Sarah continued. Nikki turned to look at Sarah, raising an eyebrow. "Is this really the way you want to do this?" she asked. "Uh-huh." Sarah grinned and nodded. Nikki hooked a finger through the steel ring on Sarah's collar and pulled her so close that their noses almost touched. "You," Nikki said sternly, "are being a very annoying, little girl. No more kisses and playtime for you." "Aaaww" "It's your own fault," Nikki pointed out and let go of Sarah's collar. Sarah pouted and moved her chair back to where it had been before. A few minutes later they had both finished eating. Sarah began clearing the table. She put the bowls in the sink before wiping off the table. "I just had an idea," Sarah said. She left the cloth on the table and knelt down next to Nikki's chair. "Yes?" "For Halloween this year, how about we dress up as characters from Beauty and the Beast? I could be the feather duster. I bet I'd look good in a French maid's outfit, don't you think?" Sarah rested her arms on Nikki's lap and looked up at her pleadingly. "And you'd look great in that outfit Lumiere has. You could even do your French accent. And maybe we could convince Mike and Amina to let us dress up their terrier as the beast. That'd just be adorable." "I..." Sarah rose and began singing with an exaggerated French accent. "Be ourrr guest. Be ourrr guest. Put ourrr service to ze test. Tie yourrr napkin 'rrround yourrr neck, cherrrie, and we'll prrrovide ze rrrest." She wiggled her butt from side to side in time with the song. Nikki laughed and grabbed Sarah, pulling her onto her lap. "You're such a dork," she said with a smile and leaned in and gave Sarah's nose a little kiss. Sarah made a show of checking her watch. "Six minutes and thirty-five seconds," she said, grinning broadly. "Huh?" "Oh, I just wondered if I could get you to kiss me less than ten minutes after you said 'no smoochies'." "Oh you're such a brat. You're going to regret that," Nikki said. She wasn't lying.
  4. Before I start on the story, I'd like to thank Willnotwill for his writing contest. It was just the challenge I needed to get back to writing new stories. And with that out of the way boys and girls, are you ready for a story? As with my other stories, this series has an entry on my index post. ----------------------------------- Going back to school Maggie wiped the fog from the bathroom mirror and stared at her own reflection. She sighed. Despite looking like she was in her late 20s she felt several decades older. At least things should be going back to something more normal now. The last four years had just been insane and ridiculous. The covid lockdowns had been problematic enough, but the preceding years had been weirder and more chaotic than a retconned comic book series written by a schizophrenic writer on at least three different hallucinogens. It had literally felt like history had been continuously rewriting itself. The pandemic shutdown had cost Maggie her retail job, but it had also shrunk Maggie's everyday world to a more manageable size and let her, for lack of a better word, tidy up her life. After having worked full-time for almost three years, she had decided to go back to university to finish her degree. And today was the first day of school. Maggie left the bathroom and walked down the hallway to her bedroom. "Okay. What to wear? What to wear?" she said to the empty room while looking in her closet. She had to admit that after having worn sweatpants and tank tops almost every day for the last five months, it felt strange knowing she would be wearing 'proper clothes' for the whole day and not just for an hour or two to get groceries. Maggie settled on a pair of jeans and a long-sleeved t-shirt, and quickly dressed. She grabbed her backpack and phone from the kitchen table and headed out. Jellybean, her tiny, green car, waited for her barely the legal distance from the fire hydrant right outside her door. The car had been part of a weird inheritance a few years earlier, along with a house in the middle of nowhere outside the city. During the lockdown, she had managed to sell it to someone who really wanted to socially distance and had bought her tiny apartment. But she hadn't had the heart to sell the car. "Hi there Jellybean," Maggie whispered as she leaned close to unlock the door. "Ready to go back to school?" ~~~ Maggie was early enough that she didn't have any trouble finding a parking spot. Walking across the parking lot to the lecture hall felt like stepping back in time. For a few moments, Maggie imagined that the last few years hadn't happened. Her on-again-off-again boyfriend Christopher would be somewhere just around a corner, ready to shoot the breeze or have those long, deep conversations about unimportant things like how hot the psychology professor was. But Christopher had graduated and moved halfway across the country for a job. The thought that she probably wouldn't see a single familiar face among the students, brought Maggie crashing back to the present. Maybe I should have gone to some of those get-to-know-each-other things last week. Maggie checked her class schedule. She still had almost two hours until her first lecture. I really need to get used to no longer living an hour's drive from anywhere. Maggie found a bench outside and just leaned back, letting the sun warm her. It was still early enough that the campus was fairly quiet. Being able to just bask in the sun was one of the things she missed about her old house. Sure, it had been draughty and isolated and the plumbing and power had been problematic, but tiny garden had been wonderful in the summer. And being as isolated as it had been, Maggie had felt free to walk around the house wearing whatever she wanted. And that had included diapers. Almost a decade earlier, Maggie had told her girlfriend at the time, Susan, that she liked wearing diapers when she was feeling stressed, and Susan had been OK with it. She had never felt like she needed to actually use them or anything; they had just been something she used like a kind of security blanket. It was always the padding itself that made her feel safe. Up until a few years ago, she had only used folded towels as diapers, but after going through some stuff that she still didn't like to think about, she had actually needed diapers at night. Thankfully it hadn't lasted very long, but the whole episode had proved to Maggie that she didn't mind wetting herself, provided she had a diaper she was sure wouldn't leak. She still mostly used cloth diapers, saving her disposable ones for when she was planning on using them. And she never wore either in public; only in private. Of course, having spent half a year in either official lockdown or what might as well be lockdown, she had used diapers a lot more the last months. The only other person who knew that Maggie liked to wear diapers, was her best friend, Anita. Apparently she had told her one night when they had been drinking like fishes. Maggie couldn't remember doing it, but she did remember Anita coming over to check on her when she had had a raging fever and finding her on the sofa wearing nothing but a diaper. And then, as if that hadn't been bad enough, she had wet herself by accident. It had been the most embarrassing moment in Maggie's life, even if Anita had taken it quite well. Despite Maggie's fever fantasies, Anita had made sure she had some proper food and been the perfect 'mother', short of changing Maggie's diapers. That, she had said, would have been taking things too far. Maggie sipped her water bottle and stretched her legs. The only sounds she could hear was the buzzing and the distant conversation of a small group of students smoking outside the library building. She took another sip, hoping it would help ease the worries she had about returning to school. Maggie had to resist the urge to dig out her books and start going over the subjects she had finished years ago. She had by no means been an exemplary student, but she had done the work. For the most part. What if I can't remember any of the things from before. I'm going to look like a complete idiot if they ask me a question. One worst-case scenario after another popped into Maggie's head. Her ears filled with the rolling thunder of her racing pulse. Taking a deep breath, she balled up her fists and opened them up again; over and over. You're not stupid Maggie. You know this stuff. Just take a breath. And another one. And another one... It worked; sort of. Little by little, the quiet returned. The queasy feeling in her stomach remained though. Another couple of mouthfuls of water did nothing to help it. I knew I should have eaten something for breakfast. Time moved along at a snail's pace, but eventually it was time for the first lecture. Maggie got up and followed the crowd back inside the lecture hall. The auditorium was already pretty full, but Maggie found a seat on the second row and sat down; first row was for wannabe teacher's pets. Maggie barely had time to pull out her notebook and pencils before she walked in. The hottie professor that she and Christopher had spent almost every lecture ogling and fantasising about the last year Maggie had been a student. Well, at least that's one familiar face. Maybe this won't be completely terrible. The lecture was the usual first-lecture-of-the-year kind of lecture that Maggie had heard many times before. Professor Martin outlined what she expected from her students and gave a quick summary of what she would cover in her lectures. Then she went through all the popular misconceptions about what psychology was and wasn't. With about fifteen minutes left of the lecture, Professor Martin did something new. "Now that we've covered that, it's time to go through the circus acts. Even if a lot of medical doctors think of psychology as soft science, it is a serious topic. We will not be playing around with 'Are you a psychopath' check lists or 'how to spot a bad boyfriend' articles. Anybody want to guess what else we won't be covering?" Professor Martin leaned on the little lectern she had on her desk. "Ecstasy-therapy?" someone asked, "or microdosing?" Professor Martin smiled wryly. "Sorry to disappoint you. No drugs in class." "ESP" "Psychology, not parapsychology." Professor Martin rolled her eyes. "Lobotomies," someone in the back suggested. "You're joking, right? Of course we're not going to be covering surgery." "Hypnosis!" There were a few chuckles. "OK, that's not the dumbest thing so far. Not the comic-book mind-control stuff, of course. But hypnosis can be a valid tool in psychotherapy. We're not going to cover the therapy bit here, and actually hypnotising someone if something you can learn from half a dozen different books." Professor Martin paused and glanced at the clock above the door. "But I suppose we have time for a quick demonstration. Any volunteers?" A few hands immediately shot up, mostly in the front row, followed a couple more further back. Professor Martin looked out across the room before locking eyes with Maggie. "Second row, on the end there. How about you?" Maggie knew that if she didn't play along, the other students would just keep pushing and jeering. So she decided to give in to peer pressure. She slowly rose and walked up to the front of the room. "You look familiar," Professor Martin said. "You took my class a couple of years ago, didn't you?" Maggie nodded. "Yeah." "I can't remember your name though." Professor Martin placed a chair next to her desk and turned it to face away from the rest of the room. "Um, Maggie. Maggie Gibson." "Okay Maggie. Why don't you have a seat here, and we'll get started." Maggie gingerly sat down on the chair as if she was afraid it was going to fall apart and she would fall on her arse. "So..." Professor Martin began. "Those of you who are expecting some kind of Vegas magic show are going to be disappointed. Maggie here is not going to be clucking like a chicken or anything like that. This is simply to demonstrate the process." There were a few disappointed groans, probably from the back rows. Maggie knew from experience why you would get a seat there. Professor Martin reached behind her neck and took off her necklace. She held it up so everyone could see it. "I don't have a gold pocket watch, but how many of you think this'll do the trick?" she asked. Maggie couldn't see how many raised their hands, but it had to be at least a few, because Professor Martin continued. "That's another cliché. You don't really need any fancy gadgets or sparkly jewellery to hypnotise someone. What you do need, however, is a willing participant. You can't really hypnotise someone against their will. After that it's all just a matter of helping them reach a state of deep relaxation." Professor Martin found a second chair and sat down facing Maggie's left side. "Are you ready to begin?" Maggie swallowed and nodded. "OK, I want you to close your eyes and imagine a lit candle. It can be any kind of candle but I want you to visualise the whole thing, not just the flame." "Uh-huh." "What does it look like?" "Short and thick. Dark blue." "That's good. Now I want you to keep the image on that candle in your mind as you open your eyes again. Almost like you can still see it in front of you." Maggie nodded. "Now keep your eyes on the flame. See how it flickers ever so slightly. Am I really watching the imaginary flame of a non-existing candle? This is just dumb. "Every time you breathe, the flame flickers a little, and your eyelids grow just a tiny bit heavier. Just a little bit. With every flicker." Maggie's eyelids did feel heavy, but that was just because she hadn't slept all that well the night before. "...so so heavy. You just let your eyes close. Just for a while. You can still see the candle. And with every flicker, your arms and legs feel a little heavier." "You can feel a little tingle starting in your fingertips and with every breath, it moves a little further up your arms, leaving them relaxed and heavy." Maggie was only halfway listening to Professor Martin. She was feeling like she was almost about to fall asleep and have a little nap. "Every breath making you more and more relaxed. You feel a tingle in your toes and moved up your legs, making them relaxed too. The candle is just bright enough for you to see where you are. It's somewhere you feel perfectly safe." Maggie could almost see her old living room slowly appear in her mind's eye; the overflowing bookshelves and the worn, but incredibly comfortable sofa. It all seemed almost real enough to touch. Maggie felt like yawning, but she just couldn't find the energy. Her entire skeleton felt like it was made of lead and everything was just so warm and cosy. Almost like she was wrapped in a warm cloud. Professor Martin's voice had become more of a background noise, a comforting white noise. I could take a quick nap and nobody would noti- Maggie was abruptly yanked out of her cosy fantasy by the short burst of the bell signalling the end of the lecture. She was about to get up when Professor Martin put a hand on her shoulder. "Just stay there for a moment," she said quietly. "Um, OK, but why-" Maggie started, But then she realised what had happened. She looked down at the wet spot on her crotch. It wasn't a lot, but it was still more than she would ever be able to hide. Maggie shrank down in the chair, covering her wetness as best she could with her hands. When the room was empty, Professor Martin sat back down next to Maggie. She leaned closer and put a hand on Maggie's forearm. "Don't worry," she whispered. "It's OK." Maggie felt tears of shame welling up in her eyes. "No it's not. I've pissed myself. Right in front of everybody. That's not normal Professor." "It's not the first time this has happened. But the way you were sitting, I very much doubt anybody noticed." "But I can't leave looking like this!" Maggie gestured to her wet crotch. "I'm guessing you don't exactly have a change of pants in your backpack." "No. It's not like I planned on wetting myself today," Maggie replied indignantly. "No, most people don't." Professor Martin paused for a moment. "Look, can you wait here a couple of minutes alone? I'll lock the door." "I suppose. But why, Professor?" "Rachel, please. You calling me Professor Martin in this situation feels strange." "Okay Prof- I mean, Rachel." Professor Martin up and grabbed her bag. "Could you please hand me my backpack before you leave?" "Of course." As Professor Martin, Rachel, left and locked the door behind her, Maggie put the backpack on her lap, hiding her wet jeans. Time slowed to a snail's pace as Maggie listened to the empty room behind her. The ventilation sounded much louder than before, and she could hear people passing by on the other side of the door. Maggie closed her eyes. No, stay the fuck awake. Thinking about taking a nap was what got us into this situation to begin with. She opened her eyes again. The view was quite limited since there were no windows. Maggie hugged her backpack. Her mind raced with a whole new set of worst case scenarios that felt even worse than the ones she had contemplated earlier in the day. The lock clicked loudly and Maggie almost jumped out of the chair. More than anything, she wanted to hide, but that would mean getting up, which in turn would mean showing the wet spot that had surely spread across at least part of her butt. When she saw that it was Professor Martin who ducked inside and quickly locked the door again, Maggie calmed down a little. She opened her bag and pulled out a plastic-wrapped bundle that she held out to Maggie. "Here, you can borrow these." Maggie looked inside and saw a pair of tracksuit bottoms. Professor Martin nodded to a door in the corner. "You can use the supply closet to change." Maggie put her backpack down next to the chair. "Don't look, please," she said. When Professor Martin turned away, Maggie quickly got up and walked to the supply closet. The tiny room was filled with stacks of chairs, a few tables and even an old overhead projector hidden away in a corner. Maggie stepped out of her shoes and pulled down her jeans and panties. The seat of her pants had a wet spot bigger than her entire hand. Using the sink and some paper towels, Maggie cleaned herself as best she could before stepping into the fresh pants and pulling them up. She didn't like not having any underwear on, but it wasn't like she had much choice in the matter. With her shoes back on and her jeans and panties stuffed in the plastic bag, she emerged from the supply closet. Professor Martin was leaning against the edge of her desk. She looked concerned. "How are you doing?" she asked. "How do you think? I pissed myself in front of the whole class on the first day, and now I'm standing here wearing shiny purple tracksuit pants and no underwear. So I'm just peachy." Professor Martin pushed her chair towards Maggie. "Want to talk about it? "Not really." Maggie sighed and leaned on the back of the chair. Professor Martin nodded once; slowly. She didn't say anything, instead letting her silence draw the words from Maggie. "It's just..." Maggie sighed, looking for the right words. "...I don't know. Hard; or at least harder than I expected." Professor Martin stayed silent, but the concerned look on her face helped ease the knot in Maggie's stomach. "I just didn't expect it to feel so...new. I mean, I was here for two years, but now it all feels different. Everybody feels like they're so young and I can't stop worrying about remembering stuff and I feel like I'm stupid and that I should just leave here and get a job instead and-" Maggie rambled; her words tumbling out like a verbal avalanche. She finally stopped and sat down next to Professor Martin. "Maybe it's because I had Chris back then, so I wasn't really alone." "Chris; that's the curly-haired guy you always sat with in my classes, right? The one that kept staring at my butt?" "What?!?" Maggie felt a rush of embarrassment on Chris' behalf. "Oh come on, he wasn't being very discreet about it. Professor Martin gave a short chuckle. "Is that why you picked me for this? Payback for Chris ogling you?" "Not at all." Professor Martin smiled. "I saw you having your anxiety attack outside and I figured I could kill two birds with one stone. A demonstration for the other students plus helping you relax. "Mm-yeah." Maggie sighed. "Relaxed a little too much, didn't I?" They sat silently for a little while before Professor Martin addressed the elephant in the room. "Sooo, about the...accident..." She hesitated for a moment. "You said that you hadn't planned on wetting yourself today?" "Yeah?" Maggie said cautiously, unsure where Professor Martin was headed. "Do you ever plan on wetting yourself?" Maggie wanted to deny it, to be outraged, to tell Professor Martin to fuck off and mind her own business. But she didn't. Instead, she said nothing, just looking down at the floor. Again, Professor Martin let Maggie take her time to find the right words. "Sometimes," Maggie whispered. She felt like she had said it while holding her breath. Why did I say that? I've never told anyone that I do it on purpose. Even Anita thinks it was just an accident when I was sick. And Susan; I only wore diapers for the padded feeling with her. Why did I tell her? She's going to think I'm a complete freak and then she's going to flunk me and it's all my fault. Why did I say "sometimes"? Stupid, stupid stupid! But Professor Martin didn't say anything; at least not at first. She just pulled Maggie a little closer and brushed a stray lock of hair away from her face. "It's OK," she whispered. "It's OK." "Those two words of acceptance made something give way in Maggie. She felt tears welling up in her eyes, and burying her face against Professor Martin's shoulder, she let them out. Professor Martin stroked Maggie's hair, just holding her and whispering soothingly. When Maggie finally lifted her head again, her mind no longer raced with worst-case scenarios. "Better?" Maggie sniffed. "Yeah, a little." "Good." "I feel so stupid." Maggie looked away again. Professor Martin put a hand under Maggie's chin and gently turned her head to face hers. Maggie had never noticed how incredibly brown her eyes were. A deep, rich, almost chocolate-y brown. "You're not stupid," Professor Martin stated firmly. "Lonely? Yes. Nervous? Probably. Depressed? Maybe. But stupid? No." Maggie sniffed again, hating how crying made her nose so runny. "OK, I guess." They sat silently for a while longer. "When you said that you sometimes wet yourself..." "Mm-yeah?" "I assume you take some kind of precautions. Like diapers or something?" "Mm-hmm." Maggie gave a little nod. "That's good. How many more lectures do you have today?" "One. Introductory philosophy." "Oh that one is just the lecturer rambling on and on the first couple of weeks. They're not going to notice you're not there today, so here's what we'll do. You're going to go home. Probably do some laundry. And tomorrow you're going to come to my office an hour before your first lecture." "Okaay?" "And you're going to wear your diapers." "What?!? Why?" "Because I'm going to hypnotise you again. To help you relax, so you don't have those anxiety attacks you had earlier." "But, but..." "But what? You don't want to?" Professor Martin sounded... disappointed? "No, I do," Maggie said quickly. "It's just... I've never worn them out in public. Only at home." "Ah, I see." Professor Martin nodded. "Well, I suppose you could bring it in your bag and put them on before we start. Would that be better?" "I guess. But Professor-" "Maggie, you can call me Rachel when we're alone." "Okay Rachel." It felt strange to Maggie to be on a first name basis with Professor Martin; with Rachel. "Why are you doing all this? I mean, I can't be the only student who is nervous about being here." "Honestly, I don't know. You sometimes have this deer-caught-in-the-headlights look that I find absolutely adorable. Now, back in '17 you were the same age as most of the other students, so it felt a little creepy for me to do anything, but I'm guessing these last three or four years have let you grow up a bit, so you have a better idea of what you might be getting into." "And what exactly might that be?" "One hour before each of my lectures, I'll help you with your anxiety. And in return, you act as my assistant." "You mean like a T.A.?" Maggie asked, seeing piles of paperwork in her mind. "No. More like being my regular demonstration model when I need to show the class something. Kind of like today, except you'll know about it in advance so we can... take precautions." "Okay?" Maggie said cautiously. "It still sounds like you're getting the better part of the deal." "If it helps, you can think of it as working on an extra credit project." Professor Martin paused. "Plus we kind of... hang out for two hours every week." Maggie looked at Professor Martin. Had she noticed that Chris hadn't been the only one checking her out? It was a tempting offer, but after the last argument, how could she accept without seeming like a teenager with a crush on her teacher. As if reading Maggie's thoughts, Professor Martin reached behind her back, taking Maggie's hand and sliding it down to her butt. Maggie's breath caught in her throat, but she didn't pull her hand away. "You were a lot more subtle than your friend Chris," Professor Martin said and smiled. "So it took me a lot longer to notice." Maggie looked away. She felt like she had been caught with her hand in the proverbial cookie jar. "Maggie? Look at me." Maggie turned back to meet Professor Martin's incredible brown eyes. "It's OK." There it was again; those two simple words that made Maggie feel accepted for exactly who she was. Looking into Professor Martin's; No, Rachel's eyes while hearing them was like floating in a pool of warm chocolate. "So what do you say?" Maggie nodded "OK, I have another lecture soon, so we're going to have to finish this tomorrow. And after that it'll be one hour before each lecture. Mondays and Thursdays. Maggie nodded again. "Oh, and you can return my pants tomorrow." Professor Martin nodded toward Maggie's legs. "Okay," Maggie whispered and nodded yet again. "Now off you go." Professor Martin gave Maggie one last hug. ~~~ Walking back to her car, Maggie's mind was reeling with what had just happened; her brain running over with new questions. What did Professor Martin mean when she said the deer-in-the-headlights look was adorable? Am I just being her test dummy or is there something more? And why did she put my hand on her butt? "Fuck Maggie! Stop overthinking and get moving," Maggie told herself. She shook her head to clear it before turning the key to start the car. Mid-day traffic was light so Maggie considered stopping by the pet store where Anita worked to talk to her about what had happened, but she decided not to. Underwear and proper pants first. Maggie parked Jellybean in her usual spot and hurried inside. She left her backpack by the door as she kicked off her shoes and hung up her jacket. Maggie's first stop was the bathroom. While tissues and a supply closet sink might technically get her clean, she wanted a shower. Hot water and soap to wash away the shame of having lost control. Why the hell did I agree to continue this whole thing tomorrow? And to wear diapers while doing it? Does she want me to lose control again? To wet myself. Do I want that? Maggie's mind raced with questions she couldn't answer as she stood in the shower. The hot water pounding down on her head and the white noise of the fan not helping her thought processes at all. She washed herself almost on autopilot, soaping up and rinsing off. When she stepped out of the shower she was nowhere closer to having any answers. Maggie briefly considered putting on a diaper, but then she remembered she had laundry that needed to be done. She gathered up the clothes from the floor and went through the laundry hamper for clothes similar to the urine-stained pants hidden in her backpack. Armed with loose change, detergent and her phone, Maggie headed for the laundromat down the street. ~~~ Maggie tried not to watch the dark blue and black bundle of clothes tumble around and around in the washing machine. It would almost be hypnotic if it wasn't for the occasional flash of purple tracksuit breaking up the pattern. She sat back and checked the timer. Forty more minutes. Maggie checked her phone for the seventh time. Just like the six previous times, there was no new messages or anything else interesting to distract her. She sighed and opened the messaging app, typing a quick message. She still needed to talk to Anita about her day. Need to talk. Wanna come over? Pizza? Maggie knew that the last line would almost ensure a positive response. She didn't have to wait long for an answer. ANITA: Sure. When? Eight-ish? ANITA: OK Now, what the hell do I tell her? An accident is one thing, but voluntarily showing up to risk another? Do I really want that? Maggie tried her best to push the questions away again, but half an hour later she left the laundromat with a bag full of damp clothes and even more doubts and insecurities than she'd had when she entered. Back in her apartment, Maggie busied herself with the minutiae of everyday life. She hung the wet laundry on the drying rack, made sure her backpack had the books she would need the next day, and made some lunch. Maggie was done with her sandwich and halfway through her second glass of ice tea when an oh-so-familiar thought bobbed back to the surface of her mind. What if the hypnosis has after-effects. I really don't need another accident today. Maggie gulped down the rest of her tea and went to her bedroom. She pulled a diaper from the bottom drawer of her dresser and unfolded it on the bed. Peeling off her jeans and underwear, Maggie sat down on the diaper, adjusting her position before lying back and pulling the diaper up between her legs. Despite all that had happened, Maggie still couldn't help but smile a little at the tissue-paper-like feel of the diaper. It was almost like the sensation sent a signal to her brain to calm down and let her body relax. She held the diaper in place with one hand while deftly taping it in place with the other. When she was happy with the fit, Maggie got up. She looked at her reflection in the mirror. Her diaper was peeking out from under her t-shirt. She stretched and pretended to yawn, making the t-shirt ride up, exposing more of the diaper. She had to admit that the diapers-and-t-shirt look was cute. She stuck her thumb in her mouth and wrinkled her nose at her reflection to complete the image. Maggie pushed her duvet up to the head of the bed and sat down, leaning back against the giant cushion she had created. She took a deep breath, held it for a second or two, then exhaled. It almost felt like all the tension in her body melted away; her brain finally shutting up, letting her just be. Why can't life be this simple? Maggie wasn't sure how long she lay on the bed just looking up at nothing in particular, but when her bladder began filling up, the knowledge that she was wearing her diapers easily overrode her toilet training. The slow trickle tickled its way down between her legs, eventually pooling under Maggie's butt. Maggie let out a quiet sigh and reached down to rest her hand on her diapered crotch, feeling the warm trail through the white plastic cover. She let her middle and ring finger slide back and forth over the smooth plastic. Occasionally, her skin would catch against the plastic, dragging the now softened inside of the diaper along her sensitive skin. Maggie didn't even realise that she had let out another trickle of pee. Once the diaper was wet, it was almost as if her bladder decided that it wasn't even going to try to hold back. The warm spot grew a little, prompting Maggie to rub just a little more vigorously. Another little trickle; a warm velvet hand touching Maggie in the most tantalising way. And another one. It was all a vicious circle. An exquisite, delicious vicious circle. When she reached the peak a dam burst as Maggie flooded her diaper. She surfed the wave for as long as she could before flopping back, out of breath. She kept playing with herself, more to just wind down than for any other reason. The only thing that was really missing was someone holding her. Anita would let Maggie snuggle up with her, but it would never go any further than that; and Maggie wanted more. She sighed and looked up at the ceiling. By the time Maggie realised how late it was, her diaper had cooled and was beginning to itch. She rolled over on her stomach and crawled backwards off the bed. The diaper sagged heavily and Maggie wiggled her hips to adjust it. The heavy bulk between her legs made her waddle as she made her way to the bathroom to clean up. Damn! I feel like a fuckin' penguin. After her shower, Maggie quickly got dressed and headed out to pick up the pizza. Forty-five minutes later she returned with a still reasonably hot pizza, drinks and a complimentary salad that she knew would never be eaten. And as if summoned by magic, Anita showed up a few minutes later. The two girls didn't waste time and were soon stuffing their faces with cheese and ham-covered crust. "Not that I have anything against free pizza," Anita said around a mouthful, "but you said you needed to talk to me about something?" "Mm-hmm." Maggie kept chewing until she could no longer use it as an excuse to stay silent, then swallowed. "So, in psych class today..." Little by little, Anita dragged most of the story out of her. Maggie left out her thoughts about maybe wanting another accident; she figured Anita didn't really need to know that. When she was done Anita just stared at her. "So what do you think I should do?" Maggie nodded to the last piece of pizza with a raised eyebrow. "I think you should take the last piece," Anita said, "'cause I'm stuffed." "I meant about Professor Martin." Maggie grabbed the last slice. "Oh, you're going to say yes. I mean, it's obvious that you want to." "It is?" "Ooh yeah." Anita smiled smugly. "The professor you've had the hots for for years thinks you're cute and wants you to 'help out' in class? And you have to have two hour-long , one-on-one meetings with her? Yeah, you were always going to say yes." "I guess," Maggie mumbled, focusing on the half-eaten slice of pizza she was holding. "It just feels weird." "Weird?" "I pissed myself. That's not exactly the best first date." Maggie stuffed the last of the pizza into her mouth and chewed. "I don't think her picking you to demo something in class counts as a date Maggie." "Yeah, but still-" "Maggie," Anita interrupted, "I'm not going to order you to do it-" "Well, I'm not your boyfriend." "Yeah, but I still think you need to take a risk and go for it. You've been miserable since Chris moved. I honestly think you need someone in your life, and if this Professor Martin could be that person, I think it'd be good for you." Maggie sighed. "I guess you're right." "Of course I'm right. I'm always right. Just ask Max." "I think he'd agree to anything you say when you have him naked and tied up." "Probably, but that doesn't change the facts." "Yeah. Maggie sighed again. She wasn't quite sure if she had lost an argument or if she had just been told when she already knew. The next hour or so was spent bullshitting about unimportant things before Anita had to go home. Maggie would have preferred she stay longer, but Anita had reminded her that she needed to get going an hour earlier than her class schedule said if she wanted to make it to her meeting with Professor Martin. ~~~ The next morning, Maggie walked across the mostly empty campus. Just like the day before, she felt jittery and nervous. The three large cups of coffee she had had in lieu of breakfast probably contributed to the feeling, but this was an altogether different kind of nervousness. It almost felt like she was sneaking around, doing something illegal. Maggie looked around to see if anybody was watching her as she turned right towards the faculty building. God, this is so stupid. The stairs up to the third floor felt longer and steeper than they should be. The diaper hidden in her backpack felt like it weighed half a ton. Maggie's steps echoed in the empty corridor as she made her way to Professor Martin's office. She held her breath and knocked. "Come on in." Maggie cautiously opened the door and looked inside. She had expected... she wasn't sure exactly what she had expected. Something obsessively tidy; all glass and chrome and minimalist. But Professor Martin's office was the polar opposite. There were overflowing bookcases, a desk with barely any room and two full wastepaper baskets side by side next to it. It reminded Maggie of her old living room. Professor Martin looked up from behind a stack of books. "Don't just stand there. Come inside." Maggie stepped through the door and closed it behind her. She looked around for somewhere to sit down. Professor Martin walked around her desk and lifted a stack of papers off a small couch and motioned for Maggie to sit. "Why don't you have a seat?" Maggie sat down, putting her backpack on the floor between her feet. "Sooo," she began, "now what do we do?" Professor Martin pulled her chair around the desk and sat down facing Maggie. "You seem nervous Maggie." "I had a lot of coffee, so I'm a little jumpy." "Yes, but I don't think it's just the coffee, is it." Maggie looked up at Professor Martin's beautiful eyes. It almost felt like she could drown in them. "No," she whispered. "Then what is it?" Maggie hesitated. "This feels like it's wrong." She swallowed. "I mean, you're a professor and I'm a student. There's rules about that." "Yes Maggie. And if you were one of my students, I wouldn't be doing this. But you passed my class before you left, so why are you auditing?" Maggie looked down. "It's stupid," she mumbled. "That's OK. You can tell me anyway." Professor Martin put a single finger under Maggie's chin and lifted it, looking into her eyes. "I promise I won't laugh." "It's... It's like I told you yesterday. I just wanted something familiar, something from before. Chris isn't here any more, and I liked your class a lot more than the other ones." "Just my class?" Professor Martin raised an eyebrow suggestibly, making Maggie blush. "I said it was stupid," Maggie whispered. Professor Martin took Maggie's hand and held it in hers. "First of all, it's not stupid. It makes sense, in a way. We all want what's familiar. That's why we have things like comfort food, and security blankets." "Mm-hmm?" "And second, as long as you're not actually taking any of my classes, I'm pretty sure there aren't any rules that would apply to us." "Okay," Maggie said, feeling a little more at ease. "Maggie, if you don't want to do this, that's okay. We can go back to being just Maggie and Professor Martin, like we were before the lecture yesterday. Or we can try moving on to being Maggie and sometimes-Rachel. If you want that." Maggie nodded slowly. "Yeah, that'd be nice," she whispered. Professor Martin let Maggie digest her admission. "So what happens now?" Maggie said after a while. "Well, I'm going to hypnotise you again, like yesterday. Except this time we'll have time to implant a couple post-hypnotic suggestions. Nothing big; just little tricks you can use to help yourself relax when you're feeling overwhelmed. Does that sound okay?" "So you're not going to make me wet myself whenever I see you tug your earlobe or something." Professor Martin laughed. "No darling, remember hypnosis can't make you do something you don't want to do, so unless you want to wet yoursel... Oooh." "Yeah. Oooh." "Well, I figure we'll keep it simple and limit ourselves to two. One to help you calm down and manage your anxiety, and one to make it quicker and easier for me to hypnotise you again. Anything that happens beyond that will be one hundred percent your own choice." "So, are you, you know, prepared?" Professor Martin nodded towards Maggie's lap. Maggie blushed again. "Uh, no. It's..." She patted her backpack. "Ah. You should probably put them on so we don't have a repeat of what happened yesterday." "Yeah, I guess." Maggie lifted the backpack onto her lap. "Do you mind?" She looked towards the door. "Oh, of course." Professor Martin got up and walked to the door. "I'll be right outside. You just let me know when you're ready." As soon as the door closed, Maggie opened her backpack. The plastic cover of the diaper was so glaringly white it almost seemed to give off light. She pulled it out and made sure there weren't any tears in the plastic before unfolding it on the couch. With a swiftness born from practice, Maggie pulled her jeans and boxer briefs down and sat down on the diaper, pulling it up between her legs and taping it in place. Then she pulled the underwear and pants back up. The whole affair had taken less than two minutes. Maggie went to the door and opened it, finding Professor Martin waiting outside. "That was quick," she commented. "Yeah," Maggie said awkwardly. "It's not so hard once you've done it a few times." "Good to know." Professor Martin sat down in her chair and looked at Maggie. "I thought they'd be thicker," she said. "I can't even tell you're wearing diapers." "They're my thinnest ones." Maggie sat back down on the couch. "Ready?" Maggie took a deep breath and nodded. "We'll start just like yesterday.. I want you to close your eyes and imagine a candle..." It didn't take long before Maggie was lying slumped back on the couch feeling as if her entire skeleton was made of lead while Professor Martin's voice was leading her to her safe place; her old living room. "Okay Maggie, you're in your safe place. Can you describe it to me?" "My old living room," Maggie said dreamily. "Lots of books. Kinda like your office. But the sofa's bigger." "I'm going to put my hand on your cheek now. Whenever we're in my office and I put my hand on your cheek and say 'you can call me Rachel', you can answer 'yes Rachel' and then you'll go right to your safe place just like now. Do you understand?" "Yes," Maggie whispered. Professor Martin reached out and stroked Maggie's cheek. "You can call me Rachel." "Yes Rachel," Maggie answered. Professor Martin stroked her cheek again. "You can call me Rachel." "Yes Rachel." She stroked the cheek a third time. "You can call me Rachel." "Yes Rachel." "That's a good girl. Now do you remember my office?" "Yes." "I want you to know that when you're in my office you're safe. Safe to be honest. Safe to be yourself. It'll be just like in your safe place. Do you understand. "Yesss," Maggie said slowly. "Good, good. Now let's see if we can go a little deeper and set up something for that anxiety of yours." Maggie couldn't remember what happened next as Rachel's voice once again became sort of a white noise in the background of her mind, lulling her to sleep. She woke up feeling like she had had the best nap ever. And sitting there, right in front of her, looking at her with those incredible brown eyes was Professor Martin. Or was it Rachel? Maggie felt unsure for a moment, but quickly decided it didn't matter." "Ah, The sleeping beauty awakens," she said and smiled. "How are you feeling?" "So relaxed. I haven't felt this good in ages." "That's wonderful. Any, you know... accidents?" "Nope. Still dry. Wanna see?" Maggie reached for the buttons on her jeans. "Whoa whoa whoa! What are you doing?" "Uh, showing you I'm still dry." "That's okay Maggie. I believe you." Rachel silently rubbed her chin for a little while. "Maggie? Your old living room, your safe place, it was fairly remote?" Maggie chuckled. "You could say that. The nearest neighbour was like a five or six minute walk down the road." "I see. So did you usually wear your, you know..." "My diapers?" "Yes, your diapers. Did you usually wear them openly there?" "Yeah. I mean, it's not like there would be people just dropping by randomly. It was in the middle of nowhere." "And let me guess, my office feels kind of the same way." "Uh-huh." "Even though it's in the middle of a university campus." "Yea...oh shit!" "It'sokayit'sokayit'sokay." Professor Martin spoke so quickly that Maggie almost couldn't understand what she said. Why did I do that? I almost fucking diaperflashed her. I screwed up everything. Stupid stupid stupid! Maggie grabbed her backpack, desperate for something, anything, to hide behind. She felt tears of shame welling up in her eyes. Then she felt someone sitting down next to her on the couch and a hand stroking her hair." "Don't cry," Professor Martin said softly. "It's not your fault." Maggie sniffed. "How is it not my fault? I'm the one who nearly pulled my own pants down in front of you." "I forgot to take context into consideration when I hypnotised you. I told you to think of my office being just like your old living room." "So how come it doesn't feel like that now?" "Reality tends to overrule our imagination. But I can fix it, if you'll let me." Professor Martin took Maggie's backpack and put it back on the floor. Then she reached out to stroke Maggie's cheek. "You can call me Rachel." Maggie felt her limbs grow heavier as her muscles relaxed. "Yes Rachel." The reply came almost without having to think about it. She let Rachel guide her limp body down until she was lying with her head in Rachel's lap, looking up at those incredible eyes. "Maggie?" "Yes." "Do you remember my office?" "Yes." "I want you to remember that it's a safe place. It's still a place where you can be honest and be yourself and not feel shame, but you will also remember it's not your old living room. Can you remember that?" "Yes." "Good. Now I'm going to count to three and when I reach three, you're going to wake up and you're going to remember what we just talked about. One, two, three." Maggie blinked a couple of times as she looked up at Rachel. "This isn't a halfway bad view to wake up to," she said and smiled. Rachel moved to let Maggie sit up. "Please don't." She stopped. "I just wanna stay like this for a little while. Just for a minute. Please?" "Of course." Lying there with her head in Rachel's lap, Maggie felt so calm that she was tempted to just let go, but she resisted the urge. After a little while, Rachel helped her sit up before moving back to her chair. "Just one last thing before you leave." "That doesn't sound ominous at all." "It's just... with what happens when you get really relaxed, I don't know if that might happen if you have one of your anxiety attacks." "Are you saying..." "I don't know, but I think you should keep your diapers on just in case." "Seriously?" Maggie rolled her eyes. "Having to worry about anybody noticing them-" "Nobody is going to notice. I didn't notice and I knew you had them on. You'll be fine. And besides, better safe than sorry. Don't you agree?" "OK, I guess." "That's my good girl." Rachel leaned over and kissed Maggie's forehead, filling her head with butterflies that quickly migrated to her stomach. Helping Maggie to her feet, she led her to the door. "I'll see you on Thursday then." Maggie wandered slowly down the hallway, her mind swirling with thoughts. One of them louder than any other. I'm her good girl.
  5. Time for another one-shot story while I try to figure out which story to continue working on. (Yes, I have more than one story competing for space in my head.) This one was written for a contest where, if I remember correctly, the theme was "The first time". ---------------------------- Normal "I still don't see why we couldn't just take a plane?" Tamsin looked out of the window at the melting snow and slushy puddles covering the endless flat fields. "I mean, we could be sitting on a balcony, having drinks in the warm evening breeze. Instead, we're driving through flat, boring, featureless, snowy, boring fields." "You said boring twice." Stefan sipped his coffee and put his travel mug back in the cup-holder on the inside of the door. "I know. That's how boring they are. And the perfectly straight roads as well? Everything's looked the same for hours now. It's like we haven't moved at all. Are you sure we're not going in circles?" "God Tammy, sometimes you really sound like a five-year-old. 'Are we there yet? Are we there yet?'" "Yeah, well, who goes on a cross-country road trip in February?" "Come on. We've been stuck inside for two years. It'll be good to just see new faces. Besides, you've seen the videos of people going apeshit on planes." "Statistically speaking, those morons are rare. And we would see plenty of new faces in New Orleans. Especially if we had several extra days that we didn't have to spend driving there all the way from Mississauga. I think you just like to drive." "Remind me again, how does scissors beat rock? Are they some kind of unbreakable super-scissors?" Tamsin grunted and turned to look out the window again. "And you call me childish." Another minute or so passed, then Stefan put a hand on Tamsin's knee and slowly slid it up her thigh. "It's only two days babe," he said conciliatorily . "We'll still have plenty of time before the Mardi Gras parades." He tugged Tamsin's t-shirt out of the waistband of her pants and slipped his hand under it. "Are you that eager to flash your boobs for beads?" Tamsin smacked Stefan's wrist. "Eyes on the road Tit Boy." "Ooh, that's definitely my new superhero name." Tamsin gave an exasperated sigh and rolled her eyes. She reached for the GPS and pinched the map to zoom out. The map stayed the same. A single, perfectly straight road. She checked the directions. The next item on the list was a left turn in 62 miles. "Please tell me you're not planning on driving through the night." Stefan shook his head. "Nah. I pulled an all-nighter last night so I'm already dead tired. I figure the next motel we see, we'll stop for the night. That sound OK with you?" "Yeah," Tamsin said, somewhat mollified at the prospect of any change from the non-changing scenery outside the window. She wanted to lie down. She wanted a bathroom that didn't look like a crime scene or had a hubcap hanging from the key. And most of all, she wanted decent wifi or mobile coverage so she could watch a movie or two. She pulled out her phone and opened the map, zooming out and scrolling south. "Looks like there's a small town coming up in fifteen miles or so. Normal." "Of course it's normal. America isn't some kind of post-apocalyptical wasteland. There are little towns everywhere." "No, I meant it's called Normal. Normal, Indiana." "That's a bit redundant. Isn't Indiana like... the blandest of the states. I think I read somewhere that there are places that have legally banned hot sauce." "Can you imagine their Mardi Gras parades?" Tamsin grinned. "I'm trying not to." A little later, they passed the green sign marking the Normal city limits and Tamsin chuckled. "What's so funny?" Stefan asked as he slowed down to the posted speed limit. "Somebody had spraypainted 'Ab' in front of the name on the sign." "Abnormal? That sounds like a more fun place." Tamsin sighed. "Yeah." ~~~ After another couple of minutes a flickering sign appeared from behind a couple of trees. If it hadn't been for the dusk, they probably wouldn't even have noticed it. "Motel!" Tamsin exclaimed. "I see it," Stefan said and slowed down. He turned smoothly in to the parking lot in front of the motel. Tamsin opened the door, shivering as the cold wind hit her. She grabbed her jacket from the back seat and quickly put it on. Then she stretched, working out the kinks in her back. "You wanna get us a room while I get the bags out of the car?" Stefan was still sitting in the driver's seat with the door open. "Sure." Tamsin grabbed her little overnight backpack and headed for the front desk, weaving between the slushy puddles. There was nobody behind the counter in the reception, but the little bell that jingled cheerfully as Tamsin entered prompted somebody in the back room to call out. "Just a moment..." A girl that couldn't possibly be more than sixteen emerged only seconds later. She was dressed like a stereotypical goth girl, which clashed with her cheerful expression and the big, pink, playboy-style bunny ears on her hair band. "Yeah?" the girl asked. "We'd like a room. One night." The girl jiggled the mouse next to the computer and typed in a password. "Okay? Double bed or two singles?" "Two singles." The girl nodded and tapped another couple of keys. "That'll be fifty dollars. Would you like the extra hospitality package?" "What's that?" "We pick up breakfast for you from the diner down the road and bring it to your room at the time of your choosing. Well, between seven and ten that is. Plus there's some complimentary snacks and soft drinks. No alcohol though. We're not allowed to give that away. It's only twenty extra bucks." Tamsin thought about it for a few moments. It would be nice to actually have breakfast in bed before going back on the road. "Sure," she said. The girl started looking through a stack of papers, pulling out a laminated menu and handing it to Tamsin. "Great, you just figure out which breakfasts you want and I'll handle the rest." She returned her attention to the computer. "Name?" "Um, Tamsin Haze," Tamsin said absent-mindedly as she studied the menu. "OK." The girl typed some more. "I'm Isabel by the way. I'm going to need a credit card for the safety deposit." Tamsin looked up. "Are you even old enough to be handling this sort of thing?" she asked, a little hesitant about handing over her credit card to a kid. Isabel gave an exasperated sigh. "For crying out loud. Why does everybody think I'm just a kid? I'm twenty-two for god's sake." Tamsin stared back. Disbelief obvious on her face. "What?!? Wanna see my license or something?" "Nonononono." Tamsin held up her hands. "I believe you." "Good, 'cause it's really annoying. It's not my fault I have a babyface." She took a breath to calm herself down. Tamsin found her credit card and handed it to Isabel. She entered whatever details she needed into the computer and handed the card back to Tamsin. "OK, breakfast. Anything tickle your fancy?" Tamsin looked back at the menu. "I think maybe just the scrambled eggs and sausages." "Good choice. They're delicious. And your boyfriend?" "Stefan's a sucker for oatmeal. With bacon." "Interesting combination. And when did you want it?" "Eight, I guess. We want to get started early tomorrow." Isabel nodded and wrote it all down on a post-it note. Then she stuck it to the side of the screen. "You're in room number 10. That's up the stairs and all the way at the end." She handed Tamsin a key. "And if there's anything else, just dial 9 on the phone." "Thanks." Tamsin grabbed her backpack and went outside where she found Stefan having a cigarette. "I thought you said you quit." "I have," he said defensively. "Mostly. But sometimes I still need one." Tamsin sighed. "You're just a big bundle of bad habits, aren't you?" "And that's why you love me." "Come on. They put us in number 10. Upstairs." Tamsin picked up one of the bags and headed for the stairs. Stefan stubbed out the cigarette and followed her. The room was pretty much the same as any other motel room Tamsin had ever seen. There were two beds on one side of the room, and on the opposite side was a small table with a couple of chairs and a low dresser with a small TV on top. There was a door at the back of the room that Tamsin assumed was the bathroom. She put the bag down. "I'm going to take a shower. If you find the mini-fridge, the snacks and drinks are free." "Free? Really?" "Well, they're 'complimentary'. Oh, and they're bringing us breakfast tomorrow morning." "Seriously? Niiiiice." Stefan grabbed the TV remote, sat down on the bed and began flipping through the channels. The bathroom was larger than Tamsin expected and remarkably clean. She quickly undressed and used the toilet before hopping in the shower. After a day stuck in the car, the cascade of hot water felt glorious. Tamsin could almost feel the stress melt away. She just stood there, letting the water pound against her skull, listening to the white noise it caused. Eventually she was brought out of her reverie by Stefan knocking on the bathroom door. "Hey, leave a little hot water for me." Tamsin turned off the water and grabbed one of the big towels on the shelf next to the shower. They were softer and fluffier than she expected. She quickly dried her short hair before wrapping it around herself. "All done," she announced as she opened the door. Stefan rushed past her and closed the door. She heard the toilet lid hit the cistern, followed by a groan and a disgustingly loud, wet farting sound. I guess showering wasn't the most important thing for him either. "You okay baby?" she asked the closed door. "Gas station hot dog." Tamsin found some clean underwear in her bag and put it on before stepping into a pair of sweatpants and pulling a t-shirt over her head. The TV flashed some kind of news programme intro, so Tamsin turned up the volume and sat down on the edge of the bed to see if anything important had happened while they were on the road. The news weren't exactly new, so Tamsin turned off the TV after a couple of minutes. She lay back on the bed and stared at the ceiling. It was just as boring and uniform as the fields they had driven through the last couple of hours. "Stefan? I'm gonna go see if I can find something a little healthier than those little motel bags of mixed nuts. Do you want anything?" The groan that came from the bathroom told Tamsin all she needed to know. "I'll see if I can find you some Imodium or something, all right?" "Thanks." Tamsin changed out of sweatpants and put on some jeans before grabbing her jacket, phone and car keys. She pulled the zipper all the way up to ward off the cold wind as she walked down the stairs to the front desk. ~~~ Isabel was still sitting behind the front desk playing something on her phone when Tamsin came through the door. She tapped the screen and looked up at her. "Is there something wrong with the room?" she asked. Tamsin shook her head. "Nah; the room is fine. I was just wondering if there's a drugstore or something that's still open anywhere nearby. The only one I could find on Google maps looks like it closed three years ago." "Yeah. For some reason they don't update things here. Don't know why." Isabel thought for a moment. "There's one maybe a mile or so down the road." She looked at the clock on the wall. "I don't think they close for another hour or so." "Thanks." Tamsin turned to leave, then turned back again. "One more thing: What's with the 'Ab-normal'?" "What do you mean?" "On the sign at the city limits. Somebody put an 'Ab' in front of the name." "Ooooh, that. It's a long story." "Oh?" "Yeah. Back in '18 we had a bunch of religious whackos who managed to get themselves elected to the city council. Things got kind of... let's just say 'uptight', for a while. But it's better now." "Sooo, not such a long story after all." Isabel shrugged. "I guess not." "By the way, the liquor store on Google maps. Is that still open?" "The Hughes one? Yeah. Just don't let them trick you into trying their micro-brewed rye beer. It tastes like fermented socks." "Thanks for the warning," Tamsin said and walked outside again. The cold wind felt like it was blowing up the bottom of her jacket and she shivered as she zig-zagged between slushy puddles on her way to the car. Once inside, she started the engine and turned up the heat. The warm bloom of the seat warmers made Tamsin smile. It had always been one of her favourite things about cars in general. She couldn't understand why manufacturers didn't make seat-back heaters as well. Or armchairs with built-in seat warmers. After all, you should be allowed to have a nice warm chair in your living room and not just in your car. She tilted her head back and closed her eyes, just enjoying the hot air and the warm seat for a few moments. Then she slowly drove out of the parking lot and down the road. ~~~ The drive to the drugstore struck Tamsin as a little strange. The streets were eerily empty. She had heard that a lot of smaller towns had had problems with young people leaving for the bigger cities, but driving through Normal was like being in a post-apocalyptic film; except there was less garbage and debris. And fewer mutant zombies. At least she hoped there weren't any. "Well, my trusty Pip-boy," Tamsin said to no-one in particular. "Any deathclaws around? Super-mutants? Fascists in power-armour?" She glanced at the GPS which didn't show any flashing red dots indicating danger. "I guess not." Almost every second building Tamsin passed had 'for sale' or 'closed' signs in the windows, so when she saw the cheerily lit windows of the drugstore the contrast was rather jarring. Tamsin pulled over and parked at the curb. She sat still for a few moments, steeling herself before opening the door and getting out. There was Christmas music playing on the speakers inside the almost empty drugstore. A lady that looked like she was pushing a hundred was wandering aimlessly up and down one of the aisles, and sitting behind the cash register was a middle-aged man that was so fat he was literally lemon-shaped. He was wearing a Christmas sweater the size of a tent and had a shock of white hair that would have made Einstein proud. When he noticed Tamsin he put down the comic book he was reading and smiled broadly. "Can I help you?" he asked in a comically squeaky voice that seemed so out of place that Tamsin almost began giggling. He almost sounded like he'd been breathing helium. "Yeah, where's the Imodium?" Tamsin looked around. "Over there, in the corner." The man pointed. Tamsin found the pills and went back to the register. She couldn't see any snacks that looked particularly tempting, but she grabbed a couple of granola bars from a display on the counter. "Anything else?" the man squeaked. Tamsin was tempted to ask if he had any helium, but decided to be nice, and shook her head. "No. That's all. Unless you have any postcards with the town name on or something like that." "Sorry, no." Tamsin shrugged. Then she looked up at the loudspeaker playing Jingle Bells. "You must really like Christmas," she remarked casually. "Yeah I guess. It's not actually Christmas though. It's the waiting for Christmas. I just love the feeling of something wonderful being just barely out of reach." "Hmm. Holiday-edging," Tamsin muttered to herself and nodded. "Huh? What was that?" the man asked. "Oh nothing. Just thinking out loud. Bad habit." Tamsin paid and turned to leave. "Merry not-yet-Christmas." The man chuckled and nodded. "I guess that's one way of saying it." Tamsin's next stop was the liquor store where she looked around their measly selection before ending up buying a bottle of Bacardi and a couple of cans of Coke. Booze in hand, Tamsin headed back to the car. The temperature was plummeting and wind was picking up. The jacket was not helping much. It was meant for a different Ana; Louisi, not Indi. Tamsin turned the heaters up to max the moment she was in the car and sat there shivering as the air slowly warmed up and her butt was thawed out. She was used to the winters being cold, but this wind was chilling her to the bone. ~~~ When Tamsin pulled in to the parking lot of the motel, she saw Isabel waving at her from the front office. She parked as close as she could and hurried inside. "Damn! Is it always this cold?" Tamsin said as she closed the door and tried to find the warm air from the heater. "More or less. Anyway, we forgot to restock the fridge in your room." Isabel held out a plastic bag. "I figured I shouldn't just go up there, just in case. I've walked in on enough people doing stuff in... well, elsewhere. I don't need it here." "Okay." Tamsin tried to sound nonchalant. She put the rum and Coke and her other supplies in the bag without looking inside. "Thanks." Tamsin paused for a moment before opening the door. "By the way, where is that empty fridge." Isabel chuckled. "They did kind of hide it, didn't they. It's in the night stand between the beds." "Thanks." "All part of the service," Isabel said cheerily. "Have a good night." ~~~ Tamsin jogged up the stairs to the room. When she opened the door, she was met by a blast of warm air. Stefan was sitting crosslegged on the bed, wrapped in the duvet and watching TV. "Feeling better?" Tamsin put the plastic bag down on the bed and began removing its contents. There were some small bags of mixed nuts, crisps and candy, a couple of bottles of water and a four or five cans of various soft drinks. Tamsin found a can of ginger ale and handed it to Stefan who grimaced when he saw what it was. "I think I read somewhere that ginger helps against an upset stomach." "Yeah, but it tastes like a wet mop." "Oh stop being such a baby and take your medicine." Tamsin handed him the Imodium. Stefan popped one of the pills in his mouth and washed it down with some water. "At least they're not suppositories." "Um, they were." Stefan's eyes widened. "Hah! I got you!" "No you didn't," Stefan protested. "Oh yes I did. I got you." Tamsin grinned and took a sip of water. She kicked off her shoes and sat down on the bed. "Do you have any room under there?" she tugged at the duvet. Stefan lifted the edge. Just then, there was a hollow, gurgling sound. Stefan jumped off the bed and sprinted to the bathroom. "Do you want a drink? I'm making Cuba Libres. Without the lime, I'm afraid." "Why not," came the weak reply through the door. "It's not like my stomach can get any worse." There was a groan and a farting sound. Tamsin tried to not hear it. If Stefan was going to keep making those sounds, she was going to need those drinks. ~~~ A couple of hours, and about two thirds of the bottle of rum later, Tamsin was lying on the bed staring at the ceiling. The flickering lights from the motel sign and weird patterns as it filtered through the crack between the curtains. Stefan was lying on his stomach, yet still managing to snore. "How come you're drunker than me?" Tamsin slurred. "I drank..." she studied the bottle, "waaaay more than you." Tamsin waited for Stefan to respond. When he didn't, she continued. "Tha'ss 'cause you're a fuckin' lightweight." She nodded to the empty room for emphasis. "And I," she paused as she laboured to sit up, nearly rolling off the bed in the process, "I have a liver of steel." Sitting up made Tamsin feel a rapidly growing pressure on her bladder. "Don' go 'nywhere," she mumbled to Stefan and rose. She walked unsteadily to the bathroom. The plastic seat felt ice cold against Tamsin's thighs and she shivered. She wondered why they didn't have seat warmers for toilet seats, like they did for car seats. When she bent down to pull up her sweatpants, Tamsin almost fell over. Although that was because the floor was no longer level and seemed to be moving ever so slowly. After several attempts to tie the drawstring, she gave up and let the pants fall to the floor again. Then she carefully stepped out of them. She didn't need them anyway. The bed was nice and warm. Tamsin stumbled back to bed and crawled onto it. The duvet was still warm, so she wrapped herself in it and closed her eyes. It really was a very comfy bed and she didn't want to leave it. She looked over at the TV. The sound was off, but it was showing what looked like a mother reading bedtime stories to a toddler. Tamsin yawned. She gave the bottle of rum another look. "D'you mind if I have some more?" Tamsin whispered. Again, Stefan's only reply was a soft snore. "Tha's what I thought." Tamsin looked around for her glass, but couldn't see it, so she just fumbled the cap off and took a healthy swig. When the subsequent coughing fit ended, she wheezed: "OK, no drinking rum neat." She took a mouthful of Coke and added a sip of rum before swallowing. "Ahh. Much better," she concluded. The ad on the TV was over and they continued some old, black-and-white horror movie featuring what looked like a vampire in a flimsy nightgown. Tamsin wanted to turn it off, but couldn't be bothered to look for the remote. She was just so sleepy. And the pillow was so soft. And everything was just warm and fuzzy. She had another mouth-mixed drink. ~~~ Tamsin was woken by an icy draught. She opened her eyes. Everything was still pleasantly fuzzy. The TV was showing middle-of-the-night infomercials. Tamsin turned over to see where the draught was coming from. The door was open and the vampire from the horror movie was standing in the open doorway. Mist was rolling in around her legs to cover the floor. She sort of floated forward across the room, the door closing silently behind her. When she came closer, Tamsin realised it wasn't a B-movie bloodsucker, but Isabel from the front desk. Tamsin tried to sit up, but she was all tangled up in the duvet. "Wha-" "Shh," Isabel said and pressed a finger to Tamsin's lips. "It's all right. You called me." "I did?" Tamsin couldn't remember doing that. "Yeah." Isabel brushed Tamsin's hair out of her eyes. "You didn't make a lot of sense, but you said you wanted a cuddle and a story." "A story?" "Mm-hmm." "And a cuddle?" "Mm-hmm." Isabel nodded. "Why'd I do tha'?" Tamsin asked. Isabel sat down next to her. She seemed a lot larger now than when she had been sitting behind the front desk. "I don't know. You sounded pretty drunk." Tamsin giggled. "I think I'm still pretty drunk." "I think so too." Tamsin wriggled closer to Isabel. "You're so nice and soft," she mumbled. "Aww, thank you. And you're an adorable little baby." "And is mommy going to tell her baby a story?" "Of course she is. But first we have to make sure that little Baby Tammy is ready for bedtime, don't we?" "Yeah, okay." "That's a good girl." Isabel stroked Tamsin's hair. "Did you brush your teeth?" she asked. "Mm-hmm," Tamsin lied. "And did you go pee-pee?" Tamsin smiled at the absurdity of the situation. "Yeah." "And you put on your jammies?" "Uh-huh." "Really? I don't think so. Let's see." Isabel peeled the duvet off Tamsin, exposing her t-shirt and panties. "Big-girl panties?" Isabel ran a hand over the thin silky fabric struggling not to creep up Tamsin's butt crack. "Big girls don't need bedtime stories." "Aww." Tamsin pouted. "Maybe mommy's little girl should stop playing dress-up and get into her little-girl jammies?" "And then story-time?" "Yes Tammy." Tamsin rolled over on her back while Isabel knelt next to her legs. Then she wriggled her hips to slide the panties off. Isabel helped get them all the way down her legs. Then Isabel grabbed Tamsin's legs and lifted them onto her shoulder, lifting her hips off the mattress. There was a crinkling sound and Tamsin tried to see what Isabel was doing, but her legs were in the way. Isabel slid Tamsin's legs off her shoulder, lowering her butt again. Instead of feeling the soft cotton sheets against her butt, there was something that felt a little like stiff tissue paper. Isabel spread Tamsin's legs and pulled something up between them. That's when she realised what it was. "A diaper?" Tamsin began wiggling to get away from the papery touch of the diaper against her crotch. "Shh," Isabel said. She put a hand on Tamsin's hip. "It's OK. I know how little girls have accidents sometimes." "But...but..." Tamsin was struggling to form the right words. "And we wouldn't want to ruin the nice hotel bed, now would we?" "But-" "Would we?" Isabel asked and pressed down on Tamsin's hip. "No," Tamsin admitted meekly. "Good. Now lie still so you don't wake him up." Isabel nodded towards Stefan who was still sleeping soundly only feet away. "This is so weird," Tamsin whispered. Isabel taped the diaper in place. "It's not weird. A lot of little girls have accidents," she said reassuringly, patting the smooth plastic. "There. Much better. Don't you agree?" "I guess," Tamsin said, running her hand over the diaper. It felt strange to be wearing something this thick. She couldn't even feel her hand through it. Isabel sat down at the head of the bed and spread the duvet out across her lap. "OK Tammy. Snuggle up." Tamsin crawled onto Isabel's lap and allowed herself to be wrapped up in the duvet. Isabel wrapped her arms around her and held her close. "You ready for your story?" Isabel asked. "Yeah." Tamsin almost felt like she should be sucking her thumb, but both her arms were trapped in her tightly wrapped cocoon. Everything just felt so perfect and warm and soft and fuzzy. "Once upon a time," Isabel began," there was a little town. Waaaaay out in the middle of nowhere. The people living in the town were good people. Most of them were, anyway. They tried let people do what they wanted and not make a big fuss about things. But then, one day, some very mean men decided that they wanted to run the little town. And they wanted to decide what everybody else was allowed to do and say and think." "Tha's no' very nice," Tamsin mumbled from inside the duvet. "No it wasn't," Isabel agreed. "The meanies tricked a lot of the people in the town into letting them be in charge. At first they weren't so bad. Sure, they said some mean things, but most people didn't take them very seriously. But then they made a rule that said that nobody was allowed to do things differently from them. And if somebody broke that rule, they were sent to a special house-" "Like a prison?" Tamsin interrupted. "No, not exactly a prison. More like a special hospital. Anyway, at first there were only a few people that were sent away. But every now and then, the meanies would make a new rule, and a few more people were sent away. And then a few more. And a few more." "Oh no," Tamsin whispered. Isabel brushed Tamsin's hair away from her forehead. "Don't worry. It gets better." "Promise?" "I promise. So, this special hospital. The doctors there weren't very nice either, but with every new rule, there were more and more people there. And one day, in the middle of winter, maybe a week before Christmas, the people in the hospital realised something. There were so many of them in there that there were more of them than there were people left outside. There was a big fight, and they locked the mean doctors and the other meanies who had been running the town in the special hospital. And then they went back to their homes in the town and lived their lives without those big meanies bossing them around and telling them how to live their own lives." "And they lived happily ever after?" Tamsin asked and yawned. "Yeah, they did. And they all promised each other not to let the meanies make the rules again." Tamsin began wriggling, trying to get out of the duvet wrapped around her. "What is it Tammy?" Isabel asked. "Tell mommy what's the matter." "I... I have to go to the bathroom." Isabel looked around at the empty cans and water bottles. "I'm not surprised. You've drunk a lot." She picked up the almost empty bottle of rum. "And not just little-girl drinks either." "Yeah. I'm drunk," Tamsin said, almost sounding proud of it. "Well, you just let it go. Mommy will change you afterwards." "Whaddaya mean?" Tamsin was having a little trouble processing what Isabel said. "There's no need to get up. You just go ahead and pee your diaper. Mommy will change it later." "Are you serious?" Tamsin tried to sit up, but failed. "Of course sweetie. Why else did you think you're wearing diapers?" "But... You said they were in case of accidents." "Yes and don't you think little baby Tammy is about to have an accident?" "I'm not a baby," Tamsin protested. "Sure you are. You're my little, diapered baby girl." Isabel pulled Tamsin up so she was sitting on her lap rather than lying on it. The movement and new position increased the pressure on Tamsin's bladder and she gasped as a spurt of urine escaped her. "What is it?" "I... I peed," Tamsin said and looked away in embarrassment. "It's OK," Isabel reassured her and slowly ran her fingers through Tamsin's hair. "Just let it all out. Mommy's here." "I can't," Tamsin said and shook her head. But that little leak had only been the first pebble in the avalanche. Within seconds the pressure was unbearable again, and another spurt escaped, only to be immediately absorbed by the diaper. "This is so gross," Tamsin complained. "Shh-shh-shh. It's perfectly normal, and mommy doesn't think any less of her precious baby. Just let it all out." Isabel began to slowly rock Tamsin back and forth. The third little leak turned out to be not so little. "I didn't know your lap had a seat warmer." Tamsin giggled. "So it's not so gross any more?" "It's like a big, wet glove. But kind of nice." Tamsin snuggled closer to Isabel. Then she closed her eyes and let out one last little trickle. "I did it again," Tamsin whispered mischievously. "That's a good girl," Isabel said and kissed Tamsin's forehead. "You just get some sleep. Mommy's here for you." "Tha's good, 'cause I think I'm sleepy." Tamsin's eyelids just felt so heavy. And the duvet was so warm and comfy. And Isabel smelled so good. ~~~ The morning light streaming in through the window combined with a pounding headache woke Tamsin up. She peered out from under her duvet and instantly regretted it after a faceful of sunshine. Gradually, the rest of her brain came online. She had to pee. Badly. Not a problem. That's why I have a diap- Tamsin suddenly realised she was not wearing a diaper. In fact, she was only wearing a t-shirt. Her bladder pressure overrode her headache and she rolled out of bed and ran to the bathroom. As she sat there, feeling sorry for herself, she bent down to pick up the sweat pants and panties that were lying in a heap on the floor. "No more rum on an empty stomach," Tamsin said to herself. "The fun dreams aren't worth the headache." Ten minutes and a shower later, Tamsin emerged from the bathroom to get her toothbrush and the ibuprofen from her bags. Stefan was still face-down on the bed. Tamsin nudged him awake "Five more minutes mom," Stefan mumbled and buried his head under the pillow. "Come on Stefan, time to get up." "It's that late already?" Stefan sat up and yawned. "God, that's the best night's sleep I've had in ages. When Tamsin re-emerged from the bathroom with her hair dried and the fuzz removed from her teeth, she found Stefan sitting on the edge of the bed, balancing a tray on his lap and eating oatmeal from a takeout container. "Breakfast?" "Mm-hmm. The girl at the front desk just dropped it off." He bit into a piece of bacon. "Oh that's good bacon." Tamsin checked out the other container. Thankfully the scrambled eggs and fried sausages were the perfect combination of bland and greasy to make Tamsin feel better. "Sorry I passed out so early, but I was just completely beat last night." Stefan pointed to the empty cans and bottles. "Looks like you have a bit to drink." "Yeah." Tamsin took another mouthful. "Hung over." "Sleep well?" Stefan held out a strip of bacon. "You just have to try this bacon?" Tamsin shook her head. "I'm good. I think I passed out in the middle of some cheesy, old horror movie." Tamsin stopped eating for a moment. "I had the weirdest dream." "Oh?" Stefan tried to look cool and just raise an eyebrow, but he just looked like he was having a stroke. "I don't wanna talk about it." "Oooo. That good, huh?" Stefan grinned suggestively. "No. That weird." "Fine, fine." Stefan held up his hands. They finished the rest of the breakfast and Tamsin packed their bags while Stefan took a shower. "So we'll be there by tonight then?" Tamsin asked through the bathroom door. "If everything goes according to plan, yeah." "Good. I want a warm balcony, spicy food and drinks with little paper umbrellas in them." "That's the plan," Stefan assured her as he turned off the shower. Tamsin checked the map on her phone. According to Google maps, they should be in New Orleans around half past ten. Knowing Stefan's driving, they could probably knock an hour off that estimate; or add two hours if he got caught speeding. Ten minutes later they were ready to leave. Tamsin pulled the zipper of her jacket all the way up to her chin as they opened the door. "What about the trays?" Stefan asked as he picked up the bags. "I don't know. I guess I can drop them off along with the key." Tamsin grabbed the breakfast trays before locking the door behind them. Tamsin headed for the front desk while Stefan went to load their bags into the car. She found Isabel half asleep in her chair and cleared her throat to wake her up. "Oh hi," she said and stretched. "I must have dozed off. Was the breakfast OK." "It was great. Thanks for bringing it up." Tamsin put the trays on the counter along with the key. "So, do I need to sign anything?" Isabel shook her head. "Nah. You prepaid, so unless you've broken anything or something like that, you're good." Isabel took the trays and put them on the desk behind her. "So, where to next?" "New Orleans." "Oh, that sounds like a fun trip." Tamsin nodded. "That's the plan." "I hear they have like an Anne Rice tour or something. I'd love to check that out one day." Isabel shrugged. "Anyway, if you come through here again on the way back, feel free to drop by again." "With a breakfast option like this, we just might," Tamsin said and turned to leave. "And maybe mommy will help you eat your breakfast in the morning." "What?!?" Tamsin whirled around. "Huh?" Isabel looked up from the computer. "Did you say something?" "Me? No." Isabel shook her head. "Okay," Tamsin said hesitantly and turned to leave again. She went back out into the cold and headed for the car As she got in, Stefan was just finishing entering the address of their hotel in New Orleans in the GPS. He started the engine and grinned. "Warm breezes, umbrella drinks and Mardi Gras, here we come!" he called out. As they left the parking lot, Tamsin saw Isabel watching them. She could have sworn there was just the faintest hint of a mischievous smile on her lips. She reached over and turned on the seat warmer. The bloom of warmth under her butt made her smile too.
  6. Back to Basics Tara looked at herself in the mirror and blushed. She obviously hadn't known she was a lesbian her first time through kindergarten, but despite being the most stereotypical colors, it still looked like something she would have worn back then. Poofy blouse in red plaid, denim ruffle skirt, she even had red plaid hair bows in her pigtails and rainbow light up sneakers. Movement in the corner of the mirror caught her eyes, "Rocking the look, kiddo," her mom said as she stepped into the room, "all you'd need to make it authentic is a pullup." Her shocked exclamation of "Mother!" Caused the older woman to grin sheepishly, "sorry honey, forgot that whole… situation." The situation is question being the forceful return of her old bedwetting problem last year as the stresses of being a Senior got to her, but that was not the cause of her outburst. Her mother was one hundred percent correct, and she had been unable to stop herself from grabbing one of the butterfly covered nighttime garments when they had stared at her when she went into the closet for the purple, unicorn covered backpack she had chosen to use this year. She had been an energetic, social, and most of all playful five year old, so even though she had been daytime trained, her nighttime training stalling until she was twelve, her mother had made the wise choice to keep her in pullups until just before first grade. It wasn't a daily thing, naptime didn't count, but two to three days a week was average, and since they were pullups she could change them herself like a big girl without anyone knowing. Looking back she knew she wasn't the only one, roughly a third of her class had taken their backpack into the bathroom with them from time to time. Now you might be wondering why a nineteen year old woman a few months past her last day of school was dressing up like it was her very first, and for that we have to go back a few years. Five years ago the district had finished its new, modern kindergarten, leaving the old one that had been in use for decades empty with no prospective buyers, when a group of stressed former seniors taking a gap year hit on an idea. Pooling their money, they rented the building from the district to do a second kindergarten, citing a review of basics they might not have touched on in over a decade, seeing how far they had come, as well as give them a year to relax in a way that wasn't the expensive foreign trips that were so popular with their fellows. Surprisingly, or maybe not so much since they were making money on a building they had no current use for, the district ate it up, and had offered it every year since, with thirty students taking them up on it this year. As an added bonus this year, three of the alumni of the first year were returning to act as their teachers, offering a reduced price to the previous years that had hired retired teachers or older siblings to do the same. "Gods kiddo, this brings back some memories," her mom said with tears in her eyes. Tara's mother had been single when she had started kindergarten, losing her father to another woman, but that had turned out alright in the end as she had found a woman of her own in Tara's kindergarten teacher, or re-found as the case was, they had known each other when they were younger, and had dated, before breaking it off and losing contact for ten years for what they both agreed were stupid reason, or what her mother now referred to as 'the biggest damn mistake of my life, with only one good consequence' when the grief hit her too hard. Losing her to breast cancer three years ago had been devastating, and was one of the reasons Tara had been planning on signing up for this since she was seventeen, and also why she wore a pink ribbon pin on each of her hair bows. "Your Mami would have loved to see you like this again." Tara had no words, tears welling up in her own eyes as she pulled her mom into a hug until they both calmed a little. Forcing a smile onto her face as she pulled away Tara's mom asked, "speaking of paramour's, is Susan going too?" Tara's blush was answer enough, but her stuttered "we're not technically dating yet," sealed the deal. Tara and Susan had met the first day of kindergarten and quickly became inseparable best friends, and Tara had harbored a secret crush on her for years, but was always worried about losing what they already had. She had finally decided to admit she wanted to try being more than best friends at the start of senior year, but the academic rigors of both studious girls had left them little time to explore each other, and the little time they did get they felt that very little had changed. Their parents had assured them that was normal, they had practically been dating for years so of course it would feel the same. The fact that three times in the last month they had ended a hangout breathless on one of their beds wearing what it would be generous to call an outfit between them, well, Tara was hoping this would be the week they would acknowledge each other as Girlfriends. Tara's mom just smirked, "you got fake married in sixth grade, I already consider that girl my daughter in law." Tara's blush deepened. It had been for a school play, it had also been when she first figured out her crush and she may have spent the entire ride home telling her mothers how beautiful Susan had looked. "Alright kiddo, enough chatter and reminiscing, let's get you off to your first day of kindergarten," the last word punctuated by a butt swat that left her mother frozen for a second. "You were right, it's more authentic," she smirked through her, by this point glowing, blush and her mother could only laugh. —- Susan looked stunning, Tara thought as she opened the passenger side door and the other girl ran over. She had gone for a mix of adult and childish, with black leggings, a blue skirt, a Dora shirt, and one pink and one blue sneaker, though the shirt was a crop top, or maybe an actual kids shirt the tiny girl had squeezed into, the skirt was as short as socially acceptable, and the leggings were practically painted on, highlighting her amazing ass. Her backpack was Dora as well, and it wasn't just to appear childish. Susan had become a genuine fan of the young adventurer as another way to connect with Tara after Mami had begun teaching her her native language. The school had eventually deemed it unfair for the two to take Spanish and they were put into French classes that they still breezed through due to the shared Latin root, which they had then decided to learn as well. Susan had suggested they go for something not Latin based next, and they had hit on the idea of using the second kindergarten to begin to learn German, even talking to the teachers and having their activity sheets translated, they would have to break the immersion a bit and check each others work though, as none of the teachers wrote or spoke german. Tara's mother leaned over the passenger seat as the two embraced and said "now despite how cute you both look, you're not kids anymore so I'm not setting a curfew, but remember tomorrow is a school day so don't stay out too late." Susan's Friday and Saturday night shifts as a hostess and bartender at a local restaurant and Tara's similar hours at the cinema meant that Mondays were the nights they went out and did something together, having reservations at 5 at Susan's work followed by a movie at 7 as both of their coworkers wanted to see how cute they looked today. School didn't start until 9, so as long as they were both home and in bed by midnight they figured they could get up at six with minimal fuss. According to their schedules the three teachers were Mr. and Mrs. Harris, and Miss Smith. A husband and wife and the wife's twin sister. Today was a big 'meet' and greet, sure they had almost all known each other for over a decade but it was all part of the experience. Their rousing round of Name, favorite color, favorite animal ran a bit long when Jessie, who was planning on being a zookeeper, couldn't decide on her favorite animal, and kept giving facts about all her choices. She hadn't known she was a little girl the first time around, had been incredibly excited about her new name, and was making up for lost time with enthusiasm. The two of them speaking in German had slowed things down as well as the others questioned them on it, but when they explained three others expressed interest in joining in. Next it was a game of flag tag that had to be called for time when only the former captains of the girls soccer team and boys tennis team had remained, dancing around each other for almost five minutes after getting everyone else out. This came as a surprise to no one as they had been doing that since tenth grade. Back inside for lunch, a few PB&J's she shared with Susan, followed by storytime. It was in storytime that things got rather interesting rather quickly. Tara was rather fond of skirts, and one of the ways she had been trying to introduce more sexiness into their relationship was occasional panty flashes when she felt she could get away with it. In fact the panties she had put on this morning had been specifically chosen to flash Susan, panties she had unthinkingly replaced with pullups, pullups she had forgotten she was wearing as she had become used to the feeling after wearing them nightly for most of a year. So when she smirked at Susan, who was sitting sideways next to her so they could share the translated book, and spread her legs, the other girl's growing grin morphed quickly to a look of shock. Oh, right, shit. Susan shifted closer to her, pretending to get a better look at the spelling of a word and hissed "are you wearing a pullup?!" Tara's hands were sweaty and and shaking, her cheeks heating up in a blush, but she took stock of the facts. Susan looked shocked, but she wasn't yelling, she didn't look angry or afraid, looks she had thankfully rarely seen from the shorter girl, and almost never aimed at her, in fact she almost looked curious. Thinking over the schedule she hit on a way for them to talk privately, "cuddle with me at naptime? I can explain then." She whispered. "Already planning on it." Was the last thing said during Story time. Laying down on mats next to each other Susan quickly scooched them together, had they been paying attention they would have noticed three other couples following their example, as it was Susan lay her head on Tara's breasts and whispered "are you comfortable telling me?" She was giving her an out, and Tara loved her even more for it, but if they just dozed off their was a non-zero chance she would actually end up using the garment unknowingly, she was starting to feel the urge after the juice boxes with lunch, and that would be even harder to explain. "No, you should know. You know how I have been avoiding having sleepovers?" "Yah, I missed them. Alot. I love waking up like this, but I figured you were worried that it would make us both feel like we should have sex, and you didn't want to rush into that. To clarify I do want sex, but I don't want to rush you if you don't yet, though do prepare for some seduction." "No, I totally want sex too, but last year got so stressful and, well, remember how I wet the bed until we were twelve?" Susan caught on immediately, "Oh babe, I'm so sorry. I want you to know though, I am just as fine with you needing, is the right word protection now? Anyway, I am just as accepting of your sleepover needs as I was then. I want girlfriend cuddles and I don't care if you wake up wet from them, though I would prefer to get you wet in other ways." Tara's brain had frozen halfway through, "I'm your girlfriend?" "Babe, we've been dating for months, finally. Most of our class thinks we're the longest term couple of our grade. How did you not know?" "It's just, we haven't really said it." "Yah, we have lived in the same town for nineteen years, not very many new people to introduce you to like 'and this is my girlfriend, Tara' and sitcoms have just ruined 'hey girlfriend' for me." "Hey girlfriend." "OK, it's actually super fucking cute when you say it and I'm sorry I didn't make it clearer earlier ya doof. Now kiss me and let's actually get some relaxation time in. You're wearing protection for naptime in case you do doze off and forgot in your haste to flash me, which you do regularly, despite not realizing we were dating. I get it." Tara happily complied before saying "I actually still just call them pullups, even though that's not the brand, and no, that's not why I'm wearing them, though now you mention it I really should have thought of that." Susan's head had perked back up, "I, umm, I saw them in my closet this morning while getting dressed, and I remembered that I did wear pullups to kindergarten. Little me had a bit of a play or potty priority problem." "Little you was fucking awesome and I will hear nothing bad about her. And I can totally see it, I seem to remember you would sometimes wet yourself when you got too into what we were doing until we were, like, nine." "The last time I purposely wet myself to keep doing something with you we were thirteen." "Thirteen?! How did I not notice!" "I pulled my skirt back and was wearing black leggings. We were sitting on the ground so I just let go in the grass." "You have a very vivid memory of this occasion." "Remember when I had you practice all the couples scenes for the grade seven play at the playground with me over and over?" "The play I didn't even get to be in because I got the flu that week?" "Remember the kiss at the end?" "The kiss I didn't get because I was sick with the damn flu?" Tara suppressed a snort in her girlfriends hair. "You got a lot during that practice session, I wet myself so we could have more. And your backup was terrible at your lines, and a boy yuck, and only got a small peck on the side of the mouth. Besides, mom reminded me we got married the year before. She already considers you her daughter in law." "Yah, but that play ended before the 'you may now kiss the bride' and the others were the last ones I got until this past year." Susan was quiet for a bit, "If it makes you feel better, you might remember I wore diapers until after new years during kindergarten, then switched to pullups until April. Well, after the first day, I was in panties for that." "I vaguely remember that, but if you were in panties before kindergarten why did you switch back to diapers?" Susan blushed, "I was having so much fun with you. I had to go before pickup but you wanted to play outside for a bit, and then we waited for our moms tuckered out under that big tree and I just stopped holding it. Your mom came first so you didn't see it, but the back of my overalls were wrecked." "Can't blame you, don't think I made it to the potty once that first week. Your mom got mad?" "Pretty mad, yah. I very rarely had accidents and I flat admitted I did it to keep playing with you. Kayla was still in diapers, so she put me in one as punishment. Probably expected me to beg her to take it off next time I had to use the bathroom, but I figured if mommy was putting me in diapers she wanted me to use them, so I did until she told me she wouldn't be buying any more because Kayla was progressing in her potty training, and I would have to get back to it too once they were all gone." "That's hilarious. I can totally see your mom getting so flustered when you didn't realize it was a punishment, but unwilling to go back on it until it had gone on too long." "Yah, your Mami would wake me up a little early from nap time for a change and that would usually last me until I got home unless I pooped later, but I really didn't try to be secretive about it at all." "You pooped your diaper too?" "I just told you I used them until she told me I couldn't. And are you saying you didn't poop your pullup on occasion? You just said you didn't make it to the potty once that first week." "OK, Yah, but no more than twice a month after that. Maybe we should get you some diapers so you can be more authentic." Tara admitted before tickling her girlfriends sides lightly. Susan squirmed a little before returning fire and saying, "you want authentic, I dare you to wet yours." With all the tickling, giggling, and whispering they were doing a teacher would have probably stepped in long before in actual kindergarten, in fact Tara remembered her Mami doing so a few times when they did that back then, but they weren't actual children. Mr and Mrs Harris had all but admitted they were going off to have sex in the teachers lounge, and Miss Smith had said she needed a smoke and some quote 'real ass food', so as long as they were discreet the various couples in the room could get up to what they wanted. Tara considered the proposal for a minute, before whispering, "you really want authentic?" Susan hmm'd an affirmative into her chest. Why did going through with this sound so hot. "Ok, I'm going to wet myself, once I do neither of us are going to make it to the toilet for a week. We will stop by that medical supply store on Maple on our way out today and get you diapers, and I am going to need a lot more pullups, probably grab some diapers for nighttime as well, because that's what I wore back then. I'm pretty sure my work uniform can hide a pullup, and I'm sitting ninety percent of the time anyway, and yours is a dress and apron so your diaper should be pretty well hidden. Does that sound ok?" Susan gave some thought to it for a minute, "I don't know why, but this is the hottest fucking thing I have ever imagined. I don't think there is any way I can hide that I am wearing diapers from my family for a week though, especially if I am using them. That and I will have to pee at least once before we leave." "Stay with me for the week. We can say we are celebrating making our relationship official, your mom doesn't want your little sisters walking in on us when we get too handsy making out, she for sure won't want that to happen when we have sex, and I sorta want to make like bunnies this week now that I know we can. My mom already found out I wore today for authenticity, we can tell her we are doing that together if she finds you out, and she has already told me if I ever need some privacy with you to put a sock on my doorknob. I have a diaper genie in my closet for my pullups, it should hold both of our diapers just fine. As for having to pee," Tara smirked, "I believe I was just talking about the virtues of black leggings. We can go color outside under the old tree, you did want to be authentic. Susan let out an aroused little squeal, "OK, apparently this is something I am really into. You're sure you want to do this? Because if we do, I'm probably going to want to do it again some time." "Yah, seems like I'm into it too so this is definitely not going to be a one time thing. Ok," Tara sighed slightly and Susan wondered why until she continued, "OK, I'm peeing." Now that she knew, Susan could hear the slight hissing for about a minute. "I'm pretty sure it held it all, don't know how fast I pee when I'm asleep so I was worried for a second. Can you feel my ass quick?" "I will feel your ass any time you want." "To check for leaks, not just to grope me." "I can multitask. Oh wow that is so warm. And squishy. Eeee, fuck that may be my new favorite feeling. Ok, not feeling any wetness under you or on your thighs, think you're safe." The two young women spent the rest of naptime getting their breathing back under control, as it was almost at the level it had been during their last makeout when they had ended with one tank top sans bra, and two bikini bottoms between them. After being 'woken up' by a decidedly disheveled Mrs. Harris Tara took the opportunity to change her pullup in the bathroom, before they went out to color beneath the old oak tree by the parking lot. After about fifteen minutes of peacefully coloring and chatting Susan crossed her legs, made sure her skirt was flared out behind her, and moved her coloring book to her knee, before continuing where they left off quizzing each other on verbs, but deciding to be cheeky with it. "Peeing" "What you're doing right now." "Yah, but what's it in German? "Ich pinkle." "No, that's if you're peeing." Tara leaned in closer and whispered "Ich. Pinkle." She kissed Susan's neck, "Und Du pinkelst." Her chin, "Wir pinkeln." Nipped at her earlobe, drawing out a low moan from the shorter girl. "I'm going to need you to stop, or immediately finger me against this tree." Tara leaned back and smirked at her, "Stop peeing? But I'm not done yet." "Fuck me." "I think that's Fick mich, but I'm not sure. Most of our research materials are for…" Thoroughly through with her girlfriends shenanigans Susan roughly pulled her onto her own lap and into a searing kiss, pressing the girls sodden pullup against her own soaked crotch hard enough she leaked a little, though they were a bit busy to notice. They made out for another five minutes before pulling themselves away breathless and red faced and stared into each others eyes, both wide with arousal. After getting their breathing under control a bit, mixed with a few more pecks, Tara reached down to Susan's crotch and rubbed it quickly, drawing out a whimper, "uh oh. Looks like someone had an accident in her pants. Maybe we should get you some diapers, you clearly aren't potty trained." "Am so," Susan shot back, "it's just so fun playing with you I didn't want to go in to the potty. I did it on purpose, so it wasn't an accident, so I'm still totally potty trained." She couldn't stop herself from breaking into giggles at the end and pulling Tara in for another kiss. "Besides," she returned the crotch grab, "you piddled your pullup, so you're one to talk about potty training." "I'm just mature enough to know I will have trouble stopping playing for the stupid potty and came prepared." Tara laughed as well, "Gods this week is going to be fun." "Yah it will, babe." Susan nudged Tara off her lap and swatted her ass. "Come on potty pants, let's go do goodbyes and get me appropriately attired, I'll need to swing by my place to change into a longer skirt too, the shorter one was just so you could stare at my ass anyway. Did you bring a second change?" "No, and you chose this outfit specifically to get laid tonight, didn't you." "Oh hell yes, I was prepared to get increasingly sexy over the entire week until you could no longer resist jumping me. I did warn you to prepare for seduction." Tara sputtered, "What! You know how shy and oblivious I am, what if I just forced myself to look and not touch?" "Honestly if you made it until Friday night I would have accepted you weren't ready for sex yet, masturbated furiously to my many, many sexy pictures of you, and told you we could wait as long as you needed, but you would need to accept that, after particularly hot makeout sessions like last week, I would need to get myself off afterwards. And honestly, apparently I don't know how oblivious you are because when I planned this I thought you knew we had been dating for months. So, to be perfectly clear on what we know today, you are my romantic girlfriend who I very much want to have sex with as soon as, and as much as, possible, I find you pissing yourself in panties, a pullup, or a diaper to be unbelievably hot, honestly thinking on it I would be straight out disappointed if you pulled your pants down or panties to the side to pee if you were desperate, don't know how it's different, feel free to use the toilet whenever you want I just don't want to be watching, I really enjoy pissing my own pants, etcetera as well, especially with you watching, and from what I can tell from imagining it I should feel the same way as all of the above about pooping ourselves. Am I perfectly clear?" Tara nodded, and Susan pulled her into another kiss, "Good, now we will swing by your place so you can change, then mine so I can do the same, then on to Maple Street Medical, it"s about two now, so we should be fine to get there by three, even if we are shopping for an hour we will be able to make our reservations. Now, real quick before we go inside," Susan did a slow little twirl, "can you tell I pissed my pants at all?" Tara looked very carefully and, after confirming there were no visible clues and someone would need to physically feel her pants to tell they were wet, they made their goodbyes and headed out to Susan's car, an old, but well taken care of station wagon. "Do you think you will need to pee again before we get to your place?" Susan asked, grabbing a towel left over from their beach trip a few weeks ago for herself to sit on from the cargo area and holding up a second. "Probably not, but give it to me just in case." Tara agreed, catching the tossed item and laying it under her. —- "Mom, I'm home!" Tara called out, slidding her shoes off and shutting the door behind them. "Hey kiddo, how was your first day of school? Oh, hi Susan, same to you." Her mother said, as she walked in from the kitchen. "It was super fun, we played games and colored and napped aaaand, Susan is officially my girlfriend can she stay the week to celebrate please?" Tara's mom chuckled, "of course she can, though if she's staying the week you may want to let her know…" "Oh, I already told her about my bedwetting. During naptime." "Naptime, should have thought of that. If you wet then you should probably wear every day you go to class, at least you'll get the more accurate experience." "I did wet, but," Tara took a deep breath and steeled herself for disapproval, "it was for the other reason I used to." "It was my fault, I dared her to." Susan interjected. "And I went along with it because it would be just like old times. I wanted to." Tara overruled, before looking back at her mom. "I want the whole kindergarten experience. I tried it, and had so much fun, and please don't be mad." "Oh kiddo, I'm not mad, just surprised. I honestly shouldn't be, the whole point is to recreate the kindergarten experience, no reason you shouldn't take that as far as you can." She pulled her daughter into a hug, "If it makes you happy, I don't mind. You wearing pullups to school is a good idea anyway even just for naptime, speaking of," she patted her butt, "you're soaked, we should have thought to pack you a change." "I did," Tara responded, blushing, "I just wet again when I didn't want to stop coloring with Susan." Tara's mom snorted, "right, whole experience, should have thought of that. Well, you need to make sure to pack enough changes in that case. If I remember correctly I always sent you with three, one for naptime, one for any 'accidents', and a spare just in case. You're going to want to stock up." "We're going to Maple Street Medical after I grab my bag for the week," Susan chimed in, a blush rising on her cheeks as she decided to come clean as well, "I'm joining her on the whole experience thing this week, but I need something a bit bigger than what they have in the supermarket." "I'm glad you two can share this," Tara's mom said before smirking, "I'm not changing either of your diapers though, did enough of that the first time around. You can change each other." "Wait," Tara turned to her girlfriend, "Mom changed your diapers too?" "Yah, silly. We started having sleepovers on Halloween, I was still in diapers for another couple months." Susan leaned her head on Tara's shoulder, "I'm looking forward to the Klein hat trick tonight, think it'll be my favorite of the three." She kissed her girlfriends cheek, then swatted her butt. "Go get changed, we gotta get rolling." A quick stop at Susan's later to pack her bags and tell her family she would be staying the week, and they were soon standing outside Maple Street Medical Supplies. "Last chance to back out." Tara said. "No way in hell. Remember, the story is they are for my granny." Was Susan's reply. They browsed the store for a while before coming to the incontinence isle. Grabbing a pack of the shelf, Susan looked at it a second. "Kinda wish I could still fit in baby diapers, these don't look bad but I sort of want something a bit cuter." Tara came up beside her holding a pack of her own, "Yah, but I guess adults who need these wouldn't really want something cute, they're looking for something more discreet and practical." "You're right, ok fourteen to a pack, I remember I went through three or four a day, so two pack should get me through the week. One should see you through nighttime with some to spare, so I can borrow from you in an emergency. You find your pullups?" "They don't seem to sell regular bedwetting pullups here, just plain medical ones that look so much worse. We'll have to swing by the supermarket for them." "OK, let's ring these out so I can get into a diaper. I'll change in the cargo area if you keep watch." With that the girls turned and headed to the registers, until Susan stopped dead, "Shit." She hissed. "Wait to do that in your diaper." Tara joked. "No, it's Mrs. Harris. She works here. Fuck, she probably saw the pullup taking out the garbage and now two of her students are buying diapers? No way she will buy the granny line." "OK, we blame naptime and my bedwetting." "I'm not throwing you under the bus!" "It would have been true!" "Hi ladies. Can I help you with anything?" Mrs. Harris asked as she approached them. "Hi Mrs. Harris," they both said before descending into a jumbled "we're looking for things for my granny.""I've been having some problems while I sleep and naptime…" "Oook, yah, you two need help." The girls worried expressions deepened, "shit, no, not like that." She looked around before hiking her apron to the side a bit and lifting up her shirt showing a crinkly white waistband just rising above her pants. "I'm on your side." She looked over at the registers and shouted, "Hey Mark, I'm going to help some customers for a bit." Oh joy, there was Mr. Harris too. She led them off into the store, "now, first lesson, you don't need to tell the workers squat about why you are buying something. Never volunteer that information, it is none of our business. Lesson two, if you feel you need an alibi at least agree on one." "We did agree on one." Susan mumbled. Tara grabbed her hand placatingly, "I'm sorry, we panicked when we saw you. You probably took out the garbage with my pullup in it and now two of your students are buying diapers? I figured you wouldn't buy the granny line. I really have been having that problem while sleeping." "Kid, no one ever buys the granny line, but it's not our job to care. For the pullup, there were two diapers each from me and Mark, and I'm pretty sure Clara needed a change at some point too, but she was wearing a Hypertough so maybe not. I wasn't on the lookout for used diapers in a trash I already knew contained them." "If you don't care, then why not let us just cash out and pretend we don't know each other?" Susan asked. "Said it isn't my job to care, not that I don't, and you two gave off panicked shoplifter vibes when you saw me, we don't need one of the other staff confronting you over that misunderstanding. You two are obviously still pretty new to this and could use some pointers. First pointer, those are not the diapers you're looking for. Firstly they are a super shit brand that will leak faster than a pullup, we only stock them because some of the customers expect them because they are a big brand name. Secondly," with this she pushed aside a curtain with a giant blue rubber duck of all things on it, "welcome to The Nursery." The girls looked on in wonder at what was concealed behind that simple curtain. Shelves of diaper packs that would not have looked out of place in the kids isle, sized up kids cloths, bottles, pacifiers, even a huge crib in one corner. The whole room smelled like baby powder, and they wondered how it didn't penitrate to the rest of the store. "Ok, what's your usual ageplay age outside the classroom?" At their blank looks she tried again, "OK, Little newer than that I guess, how long have the two of you been into ABDL?" Still nothing until Tara raised her hand. "Umm, what's ABDL?" "Wow, total newbies, don't get them often, usually they do at least some internet research before coming in. ABDL stands for Adult Baby, Diaper Lover. It's a kink where you like to pretend you're a different age and or wear diapers. It's why we came up with the second kindergarten idea in the first place, the seven of us in the first year were all a secret ABDL hangout group. If you don't mind me asking, how did you come to be buying yourselves diapers without already finding out about it?" A ten minute explaination later and Mrs. Harris was up to speed on their plans, but Susan had one final thing to add. "Umm, and I sort of am really starting to need to pee, and we agreed to no making it to the toilet, so…" "Oh, yah, no problem." Mrs. Harris said casually, "The floor in here is tile if you just want to go in your pants, or you can grab one of the diaper samples you like and put it on, I can help you if you're not quite sure how." Shocked that the older woman would so nonchalantly suggest wetting her pants Susan almost did, but she had been holding this specifically to go into her first diaper in years, so she looked around the room quickly before settling on a diaper with teddy bears on the waistline and sheepishly asking for help putting it on. About a minute after they had gone into the backroom Tara was browsing the shelves when a shout came from the curtain as it was thrown open, "Hey Mrs. Harris! Our order come… oh, hi Tara." Turning in horror Tara saw the two former sports captains arm in arm in front of the curtain as it fluttered closed again. "Hey, Stacy, Kyle, umm, good to see you?" Tara squeaked. "No need to be shy," Stacy laughed, twirling her earrings, before sliding her loose athletic shorts off revealing a thick diaper with castles and unicorns on the waistband. "We're ABDLs too. Hey, is Mrs. Harris around?" "Yah, she's just in the back helping…" "Holy shit babe, you can hardly tell I peed at all," Susan said without looking as she walked into the room, skirt and leggings in her hand and poking at the diaper around her waist. "Another customer." Tara finished lamely, so much for protecting her girlfriends secret at least. "Oh yah, Tinklebelles are decently tanky with hardly any swelling. Best discreet ABDL brand out there right now. I'm in a Princess one, and Kyle likes the Teddies like you." Stacy piped in immediately causing Susan to look up in shock. "Umm, hi guys." "Stacy, don't scare off the newbies, they just found out about it today." Mrs. Harris said as she followed Susan out, "Here for your pickup I presume?" "Yup, Kyle can you get those out to the car? I'm going to have some girl chat with our new initiates over here. Don't worry, I'm not going to scare them off Mrs. Harris, just some advice from a peer. Or pee-er as the case may be." She giggled at her own joke. "Ok, tip one," she looked down at Susan's feet for some reason, "If you are going to use the old black leggings trick, make sure you wear black socks too." The young couple looked down and to their horror found the top of Susan's white socks had indeed yellowed a bit. "Easy mistake to make, it's why I only buy black socks, helpful for that and the rare times my diaper leaks. Speaking of leaking," she turned to Tara who felt a blush creeping up her face as she felt the smallest trickle of warmth running down her leg and nodded. "What are you in?" Tara shyly showed her her pullup, "Wow, brave. I leak every time I try those." "My mom got them for me when I started wetting the bed again last year. They work fine for that, and I wet two earlier without problem." "No babe, your second one leaked a bit, I felt it on your towel when I put them in the wash at home." Susan chimed in. "That's probably because you crushed our crotches together while I was still peeing!" "Kinky, but that's the thing with those, they are designed for bedwetting. When you are laying down your pee can flow towards the back or front and soak in more, helps that most bedwetters leak slowly from what I've heard, which reduces the risk of overloading the absorption rate. Not that I'd know, I've been wearing regularly for about five years now after getting super sick early freshman year and having a hard time making it to the bathroom, and I still can't wet in my sleep" "But, I wore pullups to kindergarten. If we are going for authentic I should only be in diapers at night!" Tara cried out, saddened by this news, but Stacy had a solution. "Ooh, authenticity play? That is rad. My usual ageplay age is around two, but I might just have to join you in that, I was in pullups too. As for your potty pantsing problem I have a product p-p-p dangit, suggestion." "Proposal." Kyle piped in from the register. "Thanks honey. For your potty pantsing problem I have a product PROPOSAL. Tinklebelles just released a line of ABDL pullups, almost as tanky as their diapers from what I've read online." She looked over her shoulder, "Hey, honey? Add a few bags of Tinklebelles Pixie Pants please. Did you wear any padding to kindie?" "Am I part of this conversation or am I checking us out, dear?" "Both, we need to know if we should get you some too." "No. I was fully potty trained by kindergarten." "Aww, dang." "I'm sorry I wasn't a late bloomer like you three." "I wasn't a late bloomer, I would just rather keep playing than use the potty." Tara raised her hand sheepishly at that and Stacy turned back to her, "question?" "No, I was just the exact same way." "Oh, rad. Potty rebel sisters!" Stacy raised her hand for a high five, which Tara confusedly returned. "What about you, Sue?" "This one corrupted me when we met the first day. She probably forgot other kids would have to go use the potty and kept us playing the entire time. Just before pickup we were sitting out at the tree and I just let go. I was stupid enough to tell my mom it wasn't an accident and she tried to punish me by putting me in my little sisters diapers. It wasn't a punishment to me, and I wore them until we ran out when she started potty training." Stacy's mouth was open in shock, before she threw her arms up and excitedly exclaimed "Radder! Geeze that is a huge fantasy in the ABDL community. So, you two are recreating how you met? That is so romantic. So is kindergartener your usual ageplay age?" "Umm, we're not entirely sure what that even is yet, but if I'm translating it right, probably? Kindergarten was a huge time for us, it's when we met and how I got my Mami, sorry, my stepmom to clarify, Mami is Spanish for mom." Tara said hesitantly "Spanish? Wait, your dad married Miss Vasquez?" "My dad is a deadbeat who left us for another woman when I was two. Then left her for a younger woman, etc about five times last I heard. He is in prison for failing to pay child support. My mom married Miss Vasquez. They were high school sweethearts, who drifted apart for a few years. I wound up in her class, yada yada yada, it was pretty much a kid reunites parents movie." "Wow, that is amazing! How is…" Kyle had stepped over and clamped a hand around her mouth, using the other to point at the pins on her hairbands questioning, having noticed the slight wetness on her cheeks. "Yah, sophomore year, when I got over my grief enough to think straight I knew I had to do second kindergarten, she was a big supporter of the idea. The year it started was the last year she was teaching before she got sick, and she said she missed the old space, but was glad it was being put to good use." Susan pulled her into a hug, "Mi Vida, I'm leaking." "Don't care babe, you needed this. Besides, it's kinda hot." Tara snorted into the shorter girl's hair. "OK, happy thoughts, you two are recreating your kindergarten experience because it's when you started dating among other reasons." Tara laughed, which was probably part of the point, "we did not start dating in kindergarten." "You didn't know what you were doing was dating in kindergarten you mean." "We didn't start dating until last year, this goof still wasn't sure we officially were until today." Sue chimed in. The other three in the room looked at them with blank, shocked looks. "You're joking, right?" Stacy asked. "No." They chorused hesitantly. "You realize the entire grade was sure that wedding in sixth grade was real?" "I went to that show to see how the younger theater kids were coming up and I thought it looked authentic. Plus, I know enough Spanish to recognize you just called her 'My Life,' pet names like that are not first day things." Mrs. Harris piped up from the back. "That's what that means? You have been calling her that for literally as long as I can remember. You have been calling Susan what I'm guessing pretty much means 'the love of my life' since grade school, and you expect us to believe you just realized you're dating today?" Stacy exclaimed. The girls chuckled nervously, "Mami slipped up and called Mom it a few times while they were still being secret about it because I was in her class. Mom panicked when I asked her what it meant and said 'Best Friend', that made Mami panic when I called Susan it the next day, but she couldn't exactly correct me without revealing their relationship." "You did not go until today not knowing what it really meant though." Tara was bright red by this point, "I knew what the words meant by seven, and the meaning by thirteen, but I had been calling her it for so long by that point. And it's not like I was lying, it was true, I was just way too stupid and worried it might mess up our friendship. Other kids were getting together and breaking up in a matter of days around then, and it terrified me to think we might do the same." "Never would have happened, babe, but I get it. We have each other now, and that's what matters." Susan said softly, before kissing her cheek. "You know, Tom, the guy who played the priest, is going into priest school right now, he could probably make it retroactively official in a few years." Kyle added. "He's going to have to get in contact with my Abuela then. She wants us to have our Mayan ceremony the same day. It's stupid, we should have been dating for years, but at least we are now. What are you doing?" This last was just to Stacy who had squatted slightly and had a look of mild concentration. "Pooping." Was her casual response, and now that they knew what to look for her diaper was tenting out a bit in the back, she was peeing as well obviously as the front was getting slightly darker and saggier. "Well, you've clearly been in love for years. Why not decide you've been dating all along? That's what we did, finally talked about our feelings for each other last Christmas, looked back at the last few years and how we had been acting, and decided we had been dating since the end of Sophomore year." "We can do that?!" Susan asked, eyes lighting up like it was Christmas, before turning to Tara. "Babe, I promised myself I would never tell you, but you need to know how much this would mean to me. You know how everyone thinks we've been dating for years?" Tara nodded, a bit confused, "I thought we were too, until you asked if we could give dating a try in November. I thought, somewhere along the way, we just naturally went from best friends to dating. I want you to really think about this, think if it is something you want too, but I have felt like we have been dating for years, I've been in love with you for years, and now I know we can have been, and my vote is a big yes." "Ok," Tara caved to her look, blushing, "we can do that. But when should we say we started? And if you say kindergarten Stacy Warner I will hurt you." "Well, Kyle and I went through a checklist of sorts. We could go down that, see when you average on relationship milestones." Tara groaned, already seeing where this was leading, "OK, first big dating type thing is, unsurprisingly, dates. When did you first do something for just the two of you, maybe with a chaperone. They looked at each other, Susan smirked, while Tara looked resigned. "Kindergarten." They chorused, before Tara elaborated, "we would sometimes start sleepovers by heading to see the newest kids movie together at the theater with whatever parent was the host that night." "Yah, should have seen that coming. Ok, we know when Tara first gave you a pet name, but Susan, first pet name and when?" Susan actually blushed this time. "First day of kindergarten, when my mom asked if I had an accident, I said I did it to keep playing with a princess, even my mom was calling her my princess by first grade." "HOW THE F- nevermind, forget that, ok. Hopefully this was later, first kiss." "Ha, Seventh grade!" Tara said triumphantly. "Yah, babe, and we were so pent up you wet yourself just so we could keep doing it." "No! Not only so we could keep doing it! Also so we could keep rehearsing the lines and keep hanging out… ok, mostly to keep doing it." "That's actually really romantic. Ok, just thought of this one, didn't really apply to us, when did you each realize you liked girls?" The two looked at each other, "I don't think it was ever off the table honestly. We grew up around my mothers, so we always knew girls could like girls. I didn't realize I exclusively like girls until sex ed started around fifth." Tara responded, while Susan also piped up that she was Bi, but pretty much all the rest was the same. "Wait," Tara said, "I know we're in the middle of something, but I always forget you're Bi. Should I get a strap on, would you like that?" Susan's eyes glazed over and she did her best bobble head impression. "Do not rush off to go buy a strap on! Dang horny fuckers. Leads well into, when did you first have sex though? Also, if you can wait 'till tomorrow I have some recommendations. " Tara blushed, "We haven't. I was afraid to tell her my bedwetting was back, and I tend to nod off a bit when we cuddle." "Explains why you're so horny a bit. When you met each other's family is obvious, held hands and cuddled, guessing probably around the same, ok last question, when did you each figure out you liked the other romantically?" "Sixth grade, the play." Tara responded, "I saw her in that wedding dress costume walking towards me and thought 'I want that to be real some day.' Spent the whole ride home telling my moms how beautiful you are." "It, it took you that long to figure out?" Susan questioned, sounding a little distressed. "Oh, Mi Vida," she kissed her softly, "It was all still there much earlier, but all that just felt like a natural extension of our friendship at the time. You know how oblivious I am. When did you figure it out?" "Well, my mom wanted to head off sex ed, so she gave me the start of The Talk in fourth. How I'd notice some changes, yada yada yada, but also that I may start having some new feelings for some people, but none of them were new. They were all things I already felt around you. Wanting to be around you all the time, hold hands, cuddle, even kiss you, thinking you're beautiful, blushing when you catch my eye…" Tara cut her off by pulling her into a passionate kiss. "Oh my god, so romantic!" Stacy squealed. "Shouldn't you go change?" Tara huffed in mock annoyance. "Meh, I'll change in a bit. I don't mind being poopy and Tinklebelles have great odor protection." She responded, "and the verdict is in," she made trumpeting noises, "You guys started dating… whenever the heck you feel like saying you did, you're all over the place honestly. A lot of the more basic romantic groundwork was very early days, but most of the physical and acknowledgment stuff was more recent, which, duh. If I had to suggest a point that wouldn't get me slapped, I would say either shortly before or during that play in sixth grade as it is a good reference point." The young couple looked at each other before turning back and nodding. "Congrats on seven years then, now let's make sure you guys have all your supplies." "Supplies? We don't just need diapers?" "Oh wow, you want a rash on your second day? That would totally ruin things for you. You at least need baby powder or diaper cream. I prefer both, and there are some great scents here. I would suggest cornstarch over talcum, but that's personal preference. Did you plan on pooping too? Some people aren't into it." At their nods she continued, "then you'll definitely want wipes. You can't go wrong with a changing mat either, much more comfortable than just laying on the floor. Small garbage bags for disposal in places without their own trash, or even just an open trash, no need to just leave your diap laying there. Your backpacks are decent enough diaper bags for school, but you will want something for after and weekends if you plan on being full time for a bit. I prefer a three chamber model, one for diapers and changing supplies, one for the occasional carry out used diaper, you really want those in separate sections, and one for all the usual miscellaneous stuff you might find yourself needing sort of like a purse, and a change of pants just in case, you never know when you'll leak. This might seem like a lot, but for ABDL friendly events it is awesome. Speaking of purses, make sure the one you use can hold a change and a small thing of powder or cream, you don't want to be caught without one when you suddenly need it. How long are you planning on going for?" When they responded that they planned to try for a week she pouted, "aww, that's no fun. Can I try and convince you to go at least two? My little guy is turning two, so next Sunday we are having a big party with all our baby friends, but only babies are invited!" At their clear confusion Kyle clarified, "I'm turning twenty on Thursday. My usual ageplay age is three or four, but it is some kind of tradition to refer to ABDL's as being their decade as their age when their birthday comes around, so I am turning two. On Thursday we are having my regular adult birthday party, but Sunday we are having an ABDL party with the other ABDL's going to kindergarten with us, and a few from out of town, at our new apartment. You two are invited, but it's diapered butts only." The girls looked at each other and Susan grimaced. "It sounds super fun, but I don't think I could swing staying at your place for two weeks. Mom might think we're U-Hauling it at that point. If I go home wearing diapers I will have to come out to them about it. You can keep wearing Babe, but I don't know if I'm ready for that. I can change into one for the party at your place though. Are we the only ones in class that weren't secretly ABDL already?" "Yah, that'll work. Coming out to your parents is hard, I was delirious on meds when I told my dad how good diapers felt and how much I wanted to stay in them, and was so embarrassed when he told me what I said when I was more lucid. Luckily he was super understanding and I got to wear a few times a month, before going full time at home once I got my first job and could afford them myself. Kyle still hasn't told his, it wasn't until we got our own place from a guy my dad knows last week that he started wearing with any regularity. And no, there aren't that many of us in class, you two make eight, not counting the teachers. According to Mrs. Harris, besides their year which was a hundred percent, usually about a third of the class ends up a part of the ABDL community by the end. Wanting to go back to kindergarten is a little, well, little anyway, so we are more common. So, a weeks worth of diapers, and when you decide you know where to get more. I would suggest grabbing different brands each bag to see what you like, unfortunately Pixie Pants are the only really viable ABDL pullup so far, so Tara you are out on that, but I would say grab something Sue doesn't for your night diaper so you guys can swap and compare. Night diapers should also be a bulkier one, you want to wear it until you get into your morning shower, so it should be able to take a few hits depending on your morning routine and how soon before bed you put it on. Lastly, your ducks." Again the two newbies were completely lost, "ducks are our symbol locally. ABDL's have a few symbols, but a lot can mean other things or just be an aesthetic like a safety pin. Locally a while back someone came up with the idea of marking people and places that were ABDL or ABDL friendly with red or blue rubber ducks. On a person a red duck means they are a supporter and a blue duck means they are an ABDL." On examination the girls realized the other three in the room did indeed have blue ducks on them. Stacy had a blue duck on the ends of both her earrings, Kyle had one on a pin on his ballcap, and Mrs. Harris had one pinned to her apron, with a white duck next to it. "On places or events the rule is 'if it's red, keep it in your head' this is usually more public and family friendly places, it means they usually have a few accommodations for ABDL's like adult rated changing tables or adult diapers for sale, and you usually won't be looked at too weird for having a stuffy or something on you. You can usually be less subtle about pottying your pants, but don't be full on obvious or say you are. 'If it's blue, you be you' that blue duck on the curtain indicates that this is a safe place to toss my pants off and hang around in a diaper, tell you that I'm pooping it, and generally just be as little as I want." "The third Thursday of every month at the Cinema is marked with a blue duck on the calendar, I always wondered what it meant," Tara chimed in. "Oh yah, it's tons of fun, we watch kids movies all night and drink giant sodas so we can pee our pants. You should totally come this month." "Tara laughed, "you're just trying to keep me in diapers indefinitely aren't you?" "Heck yah, they are way better than panties. Anywho, you two should get a duck or two to mark you out for others in the know." Tara eventually settled on earrings like Stacy had, while Susan got one that clipped to the side of her glasses, grabbing a few red ones for their parents as well, and then Susan asked, "What about Mrs. Harris's white duck?" "That marks her as a universal changer. If you don't want to or don't know how to change yourself look for the white duck and they will change you, no fuss. A white duck on a baby changing station means it is rated for adult weights as well, which is super helpful. You may have noticed it today in the bathroom at school." Mrs. Harris gave an impressed whistle as they walked up to the register, "Dang kid, you really upsold them, I haven't heard a spiel like that in ages. You wouldn't happen to be looking for a job, would you?" Stacy laughed a bit bitterly, "I wish, The Smoothie Station just laid off all of us who are going back to, quote, 'non-essential classes' meaning me, Jessie, and a bunch of college kids got suddenly fired last week." "Looks like I need a new place to get smoothies, and wish granted, come on back here and learn the register. I will add these two to your commissions once we get you into the system. We have been looking for some folks to just man The Nursery for a couple weeks now, it gets more popular with each year that passes. It is miles past the regular incontinence section, and by sales volume it is past everything but the pharmacy, and wraps and braces." "Wait, you're serious? Shouldn't you talk to your manager or an owner or something?" Mrs. Harris almost collapsed laughing, "Kid, my family owns this shop, I've been an owner since I graduated. Now come on back and learn the system." "I seriously get to work in a Blue Duck room all the time!?" Stacey squealed in happiness and hugged her new boss. Mrs. Harris laughed, "yes, but it won't be all fun and games. This is a fun place to work, but it will still be work. Do you think you'll be comfortable being a white duck as well? It's not required, but it will raise your pay a bit and is a helpful service for people to be able to get here." The girl bounced back to the ducks section and decisively grabbed a white one. "Anyone need a change? Besides me of course." Mrs. Harris laughed, "Let's get these two checked out, then you can change me." A few minutes late the girls purses were a bit lighter and everything was packed in two discreet brown boxes. Tara had already changed into one of her new pullups while Susan was paying, and was marveling at the feeling of ever so slightly more padding. Susan had been told her diaper could take at least two more wettings, three if she didn't mind sagging below her still rather short skirt a bit, though they suggested leaving her leggings off if she wanted that as they may squeeze the diaper and make it leak sooner, they were rather tight. Kyle had smirked and said he could go five or six times before it leaked, and Stacy had swatted him, stating that boys were cheaters because they could adjust where the stream hit, but added that girls could get similar results if they strategically lay on their back and front, and as they got more used to wearing they would be able to let go in smaller amounts, going from the 'ok I have to pee' floods to 'I guess I could pee a bit' trickles that would absorb easier and have less chance of overwhelming the leg guards. Mrs. Harris and Stacy had used their needed changes to show the girls how to change a diaper properly as they had said they were interested in being the ones to change each other, instead of changing themselves, and now Stacy was in a professional looking apron with her new white duck proudly displayed, though she had still chosen to forgo pants over her fresh padding. She had decided to stay and begin her training, as the other couple hadn't really had any plans for the evening. Now sitting in Susan's car the girls took a minute to process everything they had learned and done in what they had thought would be a quick trip to the shop. "You know," Susan said, looking at the clock, "When I said we would be fine, even if we were shopping for an hour, I was joking." Tara laughed, "your work is only ten minutes away though, and we still have forty. Want to park in the back of the supermarket's lot and make out for twenty?" Susan agreed that sounded like an incredible plan, glad for the wide back seat she usually had little use for. With no makeup to fix the girls were easily able to cover the more obvious signs of their amorous activities, though the lack did make it much harder to hide their flushed cheeks. Monsieur Crevette was a French restaurant though, which meant it approved of amorous activities. They were led to a candlelit table for two off in a corner by the owner's daughter, a young woman a few years older than them who had taken Susan under her wing, who smirked at their obvious blushes and tightly clasped hands. "You kids look adorable. Going for the full kindergarten look I see." The girls shyly nodded, informing her it had been where they had first met and they had decided to revel in that. "Awww, wish I could have gone. It started a few years after I graduated though. Those guys had a good idea." With Susan having worked there for three years now they were quick to decide their meals, Susan ordering a hearty duck stew she had taken a liking to many years ago when she first started, with sparkling grape juice as she still had to drive tonight, while Tara went with the roast duck in a cranberry sauce and the suggested white wine pairing. Ducks seemed to be a theme for the night, and it was a common meat in many delicious French dishes. As they sat and chatted, the rest of the staff and a few regulars came up to coo over their outfits and story. About three quarters of the way through the meal Tara began to squirm slightly, and by the time they were walking to Susan's car with the near half a cake that had been foisted on them she obviously had to pee, and Susan wondered why she hadn't while they had been seated, she had, shortly after finishing her first glass of juice. The other girls low moan as she let go as soon as they were seated in the car was hot as hell though. "I didn't know it would be that hard to pee surrounded by people. I was able to do it easily at naptime." She complained. "I didn't have trouble with it, but it's a more familiar place to me." She tickled her girlfriend's sides, "though with how often you've pissed yourself in the past I'm surprised you had any trouble at all." "You'd think. I don't know, maybe I was just a bit worried subconsciously after leaking twice in my normal ones?" She poked the damp garment under her skirt, "this one doesn't even feel all that wet though." "Let me feel," Susan snaked her hand up her girlfriend's skirt, delighting in the low moan that drew from the other girl. "Yup, think we should both make it through the movie just fine." "Or we could skip the movie? I haven't had you in my bed in almost a year. It misses you, and there is a brand new activity we can do on it." Susan burst out laughing, "That is the corniest thing I have ever heard. As much as I love the idea, we made reservations and I don't want to make your coworkers mad at me, especially if we are going to go see what next Thursday is all about. Besides, the buildup is half the fun." "The buildup has been building up for most of our lives." Tara pouted, "If it builds up much more it'll be in danger of falling on something. That made more sense in my head, I mean we may not make it back to the house, and I have broken up enough amorous couples in the back row to know I would get teased mercilessly if someone caught us." "Two hours, babe." Susan kissed her quickly, "can you hold on for me for two more hours?" Tara groaned before nodding reluctantly. Peterson's Picture Palace is only a short drive from Monsieur Crevette's, so they got there with a little time to spare. They were immediately pulled into the back by Tara's coworkers, who gushed over how cute they looked, and the owner quietly told them their new accessories really suited them, while flashing the blue duck on his watch band and putting their cake in the staff fridge. The girls had initially planned on seeing a romantic comedy, but after some light teasing that perhaps the newest animated kids movie would be more their style, they decided to go with that. There are only three other families this late, but they manage to keep their hands to themselves, mostly, and walk out having had more fun than expected. The anticipation is heavy in the air as they pull into Tara's driveway, Susan putting their cake into the fridge, while Tara brings their diapers and supplies up to her room.
  7. This is the last of the Nikki & Sarah stories in the first story arc which took place in 2015. If this is your first Nikki & Sarah story, you might want to read the previous ones first. Here's a list: Nikki & Sarah - Index thread ------------------------------------------------ New beginnings The plane came to a halt and the seat belt light went out. Everywhere around Nikki people started to get up to get their bags. She resisted the urge to do the same, telling herself that she might as well sit and wait rather than stand. She was so far from the exit that it would still be several minutes before she could get out. Nikki's thoughts were interrupted as the man in a suit and tie that had been sitting in the window seat next to hers, tried to get past her to the already packed aisle. She pushed back in her seat to let him pass and muttered a few choice expletives. "What?" he asked and turned, giving Nikki an extremely close look at his tie. "Oh nothing," she answered diplomatically. The man had been rude and annoying the entire flight and Nikki really didn't feel like an argument. She just wanted to get off the plane, get home to her bed and sleep for a day. Spending Christmas with her family had seemed like a good idea at first. The fact that they told her she couldn't bring Sarah was infuriating, but not unexpected. Nikki's parents were still refusing to accept the fact that she was a lesbian, calling it awful and sinful and wrong. Nikki had managed to hold her tongue up until the Christmas day dinner when her mother had tried to set her up with "a really nice, young man" who had proved to be not only just as bigoted than her parents, but also more than a little racist. She had exploded, yelled at more or less everybody, leaving them shocked at the table as she stormed out. She had spent the remaining two days of her stay crashing on her older brother Michael's couch before flying back home. The aisle was becoming less crowded as the people in business class had made their way off the plane. That meant that filthy peasant class was next. After another minute or two, Nikki got up and pulled her bag out of the overhead compartment. She gave her seat a quick check and realised she had forgotten her book in the seat pocket. She grabbed it and tucked it under her arm before following the slow crowd towards the exit. As soon as she was off the plane and had a little room, she set her bag down, placed the book inside and put on her jacket. Then she headed for the luggage carousel. At least I don't have to wait for ages for my bag to arrive. Nikki leaned against a pillar and rubbed her sore neck while she watched the conveyor belt filled with suitcases and bags of all shapes and sizes; none of them hers. Finally Nikki's high-visibility, fluorescent yellow bag slid down the chute and onto the belt. She grabbed it and began to make her way through the crowd towards the exit, one of the wheels on her bag squeaking softly. She felt a bit of justified schadenfreude when she passed her seat neighbour, still impatiently waiting for his luggage. Nikki walked through the doors to the arrival hall and let the buzz of hundreds of conversations wash over her. Being in a crowd like this felt good. She could be just another face passing by, not having to defend every decision she'd ever made. Not having to- "Nikki!" ...not having to care about what her par- "Nikki!" Nikki was pulled from her thoughts. She looked in the direction of the voice and saw Sarah, standing in the crowd holding a sign with "Nikki" and lots of red hearts. She changed course and walked right into a hug that felt better than anything she had felt for a week. "Thanks sweetie," Nikki mumbled into Sarah's neck. She closed her eyes and inhaled the almost cinnamon-like scent that was uniquely Sarah's. Sarah just held Nikki and slowly stroked her back. "You sounded like you needed a hug on the phone," she finally said. "I did." Nikki reluctantly let go of Sarah and the sign that had been crumpled between their bodies fell to the floor. She grabbed the bag again and let Sarah steer her towards the exit closest to the parking garage outside. "So, what's the deal with the sign?" Nikki asked, dropping the crumpled paper in a trash can. "Afraid I wouldn't recognise you? I haven't been gone that long you know." Sarah smiled sheepishly. "I just wanted to do like in those stupid, romantic movies." "Aww." Nikki slipped an arm around Sarah's waist and pulled her closer. They reached Sarah's car and loaded Nikki's bag in the trunk. When they were both in the car, Sarah leaned in close and pulled down the scarf and turtleneck to reveal her collar underneath. She fidgeted theatrically. "And I even wore my funderwear for you," she said coyly. "Your what?" "My funderwear. My diapers." "My god, you're such a dork." Nikki smiled and took Sarah's hand. She held it to her cheek and gave the palm a kiss. "It's not that I don't appreciate you trying to cheer me up. I really do. But right now, I really don't feel like playing." "Oh," Sarah said quietly. "I'm sorry." "Nononono, don't be. I really do love it that you wanted to cheer me up, it's just that I've had a shitty few days and I just don't want to think about it." "It was that bad?" Nikki nodded. "Mmm-hmm." "Well, in that case I know just the thing," Sarah said and started the engine. *** An hour later they stumbled through the door to Sarah's apartment, balancing Nikki's big, yellow bag, a plastic bag from the grocery store down the street and a large pizza box in far too few hands. Sarah kicked off her shoes after pushing the door closed with her butt. "Why don't you go take a shower to get rid of the airplane sweat and I'll get things ready here," she said. Nikki shrugged off her jacket and headed for the bathroom. A hot shower, pizza and TV. Just what the doctor ordered. Nikki stood in the shower with her forehead against the wall and let the warm water cascade down her neck and back. As her muscles slowly began to relax, she realised just how tense she had been, and also how much she smelled of old cigarette smoke. That's the last time I sleep on Michael's couch. She spat and reached for the shampoo. Fifteen minutes later Nikki emerged from the steam-filled bathroom wrapped in Sarah's far too big, terrycloth bathrobe and still trying to get the towel to stay on her head. Hearing the TV, she padded towards the living room, ignoring the damp footprints her bare feet were making on the hallway floor. On the sofa, Sarah had wrapped herself in their big, fuzzy blanket. "Feel better?" she asked. "Mm-hm." Nikki gave up on the towel and just let it hang on her head like a giant hood. "Good. Now get over here." Sarah lifted the blanket to reveal that she was only wearing her diapers and a t-shirt. "You know," Nikki said as she crossed the room and sat down next to Sarah. "That's quite a bossy thing to say for somebody wearing diapers and a collar." "Oh shush. You don't have to be all dominatrixy just because I want to snuggle. You said you didn't feel like playing and I respect that." "And the diapers? I mean, it's not that you don't look cute in them, but if we're not playing..." Sarah leaned closer and whispered in Nikki's ear. "Sometimes I wear them just because I want it for myself. Even if you're not there." "And this is one of those times?" Nikki allowed Sarah to wrap the blanket around her to enclose them both in a warm and fuzzy cocoon. "Wellllll, I was already wearing them," Sarah said. "And it seemed like a waste to take them off while they're still dry." "Always the economical one, aren't you," Nikki stroked Sarah's forearms. "Sure, we can call it that." Sarah wrapped her arms around Nikki and pulled her closer, one hand 'accidentally' slipping inside the robe. "So, are you ready for a little girlfriend therapy?" "Mm-hm." There was a small gust of cool air as Sarah slipped an arm out from under the blanket. She reached down over the arm rest on the sofa and brought back a bottle of Sprite with a straw. After a few fumbled attempts, Sarah managed to hit Nikki's mouth and she sucked hungrily. "Now," Sarah wiggled the remote control in front of Nikki. "Nightmare Before Christmas or Gremlins?" "Honestly? As long as I get to stay like this, I don't care." Nikki tilted her head back and gave Sarah a quick, lemon-flavoured kiss. The next hour and a half consisted mostly of pizza, drinks and cheesy one-liners. At some point, Nikki wriggled out of the robe and snuggled closer to Sarah, pushing her t-shirt up as far as it would go. She marvelled at how relaxing that skin-on-skin sensation was. At one point she had to push away one of Sarah's wandering hands and awkwardly reach around her to give her butt a playful little smack. When the movie was over and the pizza had been devoured, the Sarah addressed the elephant in the room. "Want to talk about it?" "Not really," Nikki replied. She snuggled closer in an attempt to distract Sarah. "OK," Sarah said, "but you know that you'll just end up being cranky and irritable for weeks." Nikki sighed. "It's just my parents. They just can't accept that I'm not straight. You know, 'it's just a phase' and 'you just haven't met the right boy yet'. They even tried to set me up with this mouthbreather of a guy during the Christmas dinner." Sarah grimaced. "But don't they-" "I just wish they'd understand how happy I am right now, with you." "Aww." Sarah kissed Nikki's forehead. "So they really don't like me then?" "Well..." Nikki grinned. "It's not really you that they don't like, but the fact you don't have a penis." "Maybe your mother's just worried she's not going to be a grandmother." Nikki snorted. "Paul has that handled. He already has two little rugrats. And knowing Michael, he might have a kid or two that even he doesn't know about yet." "Then I guess it wouldn't help to tell her that you do have somebody whose diapers need changing on a semi-regular basis." Nikki stared at Sarah and began to laugh. "You're right," she finally managed. "That probably wouldn't help. You'd just be the horrible deviant who corrupted her baby girl." "Oh reeeeeaaaally?" Sarah wiggled her eyebrows. "I guess inviting them here next year is out of the question then." "Yeah." Nikki sighed and leaned back against Sarah. They sat there, in a comfortable silence, Sarah slowly stroking Nikki's hair. Then suddenly, Nikki felt Sarah's diaper, resting against her hip, grow warm against her skin. "Did you just-" "Uh-huh." "You're getting really casual about using your diapers." Maybe a little too casual. "Yeah, that Halloween party sort of helped me get over the whole thing about wearing them in public. I mean, as long as I take some precautions, nobody's going to notice them anyway." Nikki slid a hand down to rest on the warm plastic. "And you like that?" she whispered. Sarah nodded. For a while they just lay there on the sofa, not moving, not talking, just being. Eventually Nikki broke the spell. "Do you need to get changed?" she asked. Sarah shook her head. "It can wait." Nikki sighed happily as Sarah resumed stroking her hair. "It's weird," Sarah said. "Sometimes I actually have to remind myself I'm not wearing them." "Oh?" "Yeah. Mostly when I'm at home though." "So you've had an accident or two?" "No. But it's been close a couple of times. Especially at night." Something shifted inside Nikki's mind. "And have you been... taking precautions?" "Nah, I wake up in time. I just have to remind myself when I wake up that I'm not wearing my diapers." "I think it'd be a good idea to take precautions..." Nikki turned over so she was facing Sarah. "...from now on." "That's not necessary. I alw-" Sarah protested. Nikki pressed a finger to her lips, silencing her. "What made you think you had any choice in the matter?" she purred. "Now I say that I think it'd be a good idea to take precautions, and you say?" Sarah smiled and swallowed. "Yes Ma'am," she whispered. *** Nikki woke up as the sun peeked in through her window. She could feel the weight of Sarah's head resting on her shoulder and her arm across her stomach. Nikki squinted against the light and saw that Sarah had her legs more or less wrapped around one of hers. The big, puffy plastic pants hiding the equally big towel diaper rested firmly against her thigh. It trapped so much heat that it was hard for Nikki to feel if Sarah had wet herself. I really hate doing this. Yesterday was so great and I really, really don't want to go to work today. Nikki started to gently stroke Sarah's hair to wake her up. It didn't take too long before she stirred and opened her eyes. "Mmm-mornin'," Sarah mumbled and rubbed her eyes. "Morning sweetie," Nikki answered and kissed her forehead. "Sleep well?" "Had the weirdest dream." Sarah let her hand wander from Nikki's stomach and up towards her breasts. "Good-weird or bad-weird?" "You were in it, and you were wearing this really shiny, rubber catsuit and..." Sarah paused as she realised what she was saying. "Not that I want that," she quickly amended. "Of course not. That's why you kept saying 'no fingerprints' in your sleep. Makes perfect sense" Nikki smiled when she saw the blush on Sarah's face. I love it when she does that. She reached down to squeeze Sarah's diapered butt-cheek. "Sounds like you have a few more kinks than just your diapers." "Maybe. But I don't hear you complaining when I have to tell you about them," Sarah said defensively. "Well, I get to dress in all sorts of naughty outfits when I'm being all mistressy," Nikki answered with mock indignation. "It's kinda part of the deal." "I liiiiiike that deal." Sarah gave Nikki's left breast a kiss. Aaaaaaaarrrrrggggghhhhhh!!! "I like that deal too sweetie. Unfortunately, this mistress has work to go to." "Aww. Can't we just stay here? Just a little?" "No. I have to make up for these last days off." "That's not fair. They were sucky days off. They shouldn't count," Sarah complained. "Except yesterday. Yesterday was nice." "Yes it was sweetie, but I really have to get ready for work." Sarah sighed deeply. "OK. I'll make you some breakfast before you go. You have time for that, right?" "That depends." Nikki grinned and gave Sarah's butt another squeeze. "Does my little girl need changing first?" Sarah blew a raspberry in response. Nikki extricated her leg and got out of bed, tip-toeing naked out the door and towards the bathroom. Ten minutes and a really quick shower later, Nikki stood in front of Sarah's big wardrobe trying to find a reasonably-casual-Tuesday-between-Christmas-and-New-year outfit from the limited number of clothes she kept at Sarah's place. After rejecting two tops and a skirt she hadn't worn in a at least half a year anyway, Nikki settled on a white men's shirt and charcoal slacks. After she got dressed, she looked at herself in the mirror. It's a little butch, but I can pull it off. The smell of toast and coffee drew Nikki to the kitchen, but when she entered she was a little surprised to see what Sarah was wearing: Fluffy bunny slippers, the big diapers and nothing else. "Oooh, you look niiiiiice," Sarah said when she saw Nikki. "Um, er, thanks," Nikki finally managed, a little thrown by Sarah's outfit, or rather lack thereof. She certainly seems to be getting more and more comfortable with wearing those. Sarah handed Nikki a steaming mug of coffee before fishing two pieces of toast out of the toaster. She put them next to two others on a plate on the table and absent-mindedly brushed the crumbs from her fingers. Nikki sat down by the table while Sarah got butter, jam and some cheese from the fridge. Then she sat down across the table from Nikki. "So..." Sarah started while spreading butter on a piece of toast. Do you think it'll be a busy day today?" "Uh, maybe. I have a little bit of catching up to do," Nikki said. Sarah's bare chest and the diaper Nikki knew was hidden by the table combined with the casual way she was just eating breakfast by the sunlight coming in through the blinds was just so distracting. Get it together Nikki. You sound like a moron. Sarah took a bite of the toast and chewed. She licked a bit of jam from her lips before taking a sip of coffee. "I know you've had a shitty couple of days, but are you going to be all right?" "Yeah. It's just..." Nikki gestured towards Sarah, waving her hands up and down. "Ah, don't worry about it. It's not like anybody's going to see it. I mean with the blinds like this you'd have to be on the roof of the building across the street to be able to see in and-" Sarah looked out the window and jumped, pushing her chair back. "Shit! There's somebody up there." "What?!? Where?" Nikki looked all over the top of the building, but couldn't see anybody. Then she saw the grin on Sarah's face. "Hah! I had you," she said. "I definitely had you." "Oh, you're a bad, bad girl. You're going to regret that." Nikki sat back down again and Sarah pulled her chair back to the table. "Maybe, but it was soooo worth it." Sarah took another bite of toast. "Seriously though, how busy are the next couple of days going to be for you?" "Why do you ask?" Nikki stared into her mug, trying to figure out if she had time for a second cup. "I wanted to do something special for you for New Year's Eve, and it's going to take a little time to get everything ready." "And?" "And I was thinking maybe we could stay at your place until then." "Of course sweetie. But remember I have paper-thin walls and nosy neighbours so we're going to have to pretend to be really vanilla." "Or be really quiet." "Yeah." Nikki laughed. "Or that." *** Nikki sighed and leaned back in her chair, looking at the number of messages in her email inbox and the piles of paper on her desk. 'A little bit of catching up' my arse. This is more like running a fucking marathon against Paula Radcliffe. The Christmas weekend had turned out to be a perfect storm. While Nikki had been away, a supplier had filed for bankruptcy, a power outage had wiped out almost a whole day's work and one of Nikki's team members had been forced to take some unpaid vacation time, or possibly he was fired. Rumour had it that he'd attacked the therapist during one of the anger management classes the HR department had made him attend. Nikki wasn't sure if she believed it, but had to admit that it didn't sound entirely implausible. Regardless of whether the rumours were true or not, the net result had been a giant pile of work for Nikki. She had had to call Sarah to let her know that she was going to have to pull some serious overtime to get caught up and that she probably wouldn't have the time nor the energy for any fun the next couple of days. Nikki admitted that she had taken the news better than expected. She took a bite of the stale vending machine sandwich that was pretending to be her lunch and glared at the pile of paper. She had been fighting it for three hours and she had barely made a dent. Just as she was about to dive back in, her phone made a happy little chirp. Sarah: About what time do you think you'll be home. I'm planning dinner. Nikki: Dont know. Late probly. Ill just grab somethng on the way. Sarah: Oh no. These next couple of days I'm taking care of you. Prepare to be pampered? Nikki: Thats my line sweetie 😉 Sarah: 😛 The next couple of days had been brutal. Nikki was quite certain that if it hadn't been for Sarah taking care of her, she would have been a complete mess. Especially after her mother had called her to let her know she had forgotten some things when she left. For some reason or other her mother had started criticising Nikki and her 'lifestyle' and had gone into full rant-mode so Nikki couldn't even get in a word edgewise. Sarah had seen she was getting more and more upset so she had motioned for her to hand over the phone. When Nikki had given it to her, she had promptly hung up, cutting off Nikki's mother mid-sentence. When she inevitably called back, Sarah had answered the phone and said what she wished she could have said herself. Listen you shrill shrew. If you're so blinkered by your own personal hangups that you can't see that you're hurting your daughter, then you ought to be ashamed of yourself. We are together. She makes me happy and I'm pretty sure it's mutual. Nikki is not your little girl any more. She is a grown woman and she's allowed to make her own decisions and if you can't handle that you can take a running start and jump off the big fuck-you-pier. Then she had just hung up, walked over to Nikki and hugged her. Nikki had just buried her face in Sarah's sweater, hating herself for crying. Sarah had just held her, slowly stroking her hair and her back and letting her get it all out of her system. Afterwards, she had felt completely spent, but in a good way. *** By lunchtime new year's eve, Nikki was was finally approaching something that resembled being up to date. It had taken a minor miracle to find a firm that could handle supplies temporarily until a more permanent contract could be set up but she had managed that. A date with one of Nikki's co-workers had been negotiated down to a bottle of twelve-year-old whisky for the creepy IT-guy who had spent the better part of an afternoon digging around the system to recover most of the lost data. And last, but not least, everybody on her team had pitched in to handle the extra workload caused by being one man short. Nikki looked over the remaining work before standing up. Feeling like a general addressing the troops, she cleared her throat. "OK guys, I'm sure you all have places you'd rather be than here, so I'll be brief." There was a murmur of assent. "What we've managed these last couple of days is nothing short of a miracle. Another hour or two and we should be done and we can all enjoy a long weekend off. I know I will." When Nikki returned to her desk, she saw there was a message on her phone from Sarah to call her when she had the time. She gave the remaining work another quick glance before finding some privacy to return the call. "Hi sweetie," Nikki said when Sarah answered. "What's up?" "Oh, nothing much. I'm just putting some finishing touches on a few things. I was just wondering when you think you'll be done today." "I don't know. Three hours, maybe a little more." "So, four-ish?" "I guess. Why? You have something planned?" "Oh yeah. When you get home, I want you to put on your most mistressy clothes before coming over tonight?" "Sounds like you've planned something big." "Wellllll..." Sarah hesitated ever so slightly. "I just wanted to make sure we get the year started the right way... Ma'am." Nikki could almost hear Sarah's grin as she added that final word. "And you want to be a good little girl, don't you?" Nikki couldn't help arching an eyebrow even though there was no way for Sarah to see it. "Maybe not that good. You may have to be a little strict if I'm naughty." Nikki laughed. "Don't you know just what to say." "I do my best. Will you call me when you leave your place so I can get everything ready?" "Of course sweetie." Thank you, Ma'am." Sarah made kissing noises before hanging up, leaving Nikki with a smile that really seemed to confuse her team when she came back. *** Almost four hours later, Nikki walked through her front door. The apartment was deathly silent. There wasn't even any noise from her neighbours. They must have gone to celebrate with someone else. Or started drinking really early. Nikki took off her shoes and coat and headed into the living room. She flipped through five or six CDs before finding one that caught her fancy. Seconds later David Bowie's Ashes to Ashes filled the room and Nikki sang along while she half walked, half danced to the bathroom. The hot water hammered down on Nikki's skull, almost, but not quite, drowning out the music. Nikki just stood there, feeling herself go from work mode to a far more relaxed weekend mode. Three days off Nikki. This is going to be glorious. It took Nikki quite a while before she felt ready to turn off the water and let the cold air outside the shower hit her. She quickly dried herself and went to the bedroom. Finding 'the most mistressy' clothes proved to be a bit of a challenge. It wasn't as if Nikki had an abundance to choose from, but with the right attitude, anything could work. OK, underwear: Something small, black and silky. It didn't take Nikki long to fit something that would fit the bill. The tight, black, leather pants were also pretty much a no-brainer since they were clearly Sarah's favourites. At least until I end up wearing something even shinier and smoother. Nikki paused for a moment trying to imagine Sarah's reaction to the latex pants she kept hinting to. Her head would probably explode. The top proved trickier to pick out. There was a crisp, white blouse that would contrast nicely with the black leather. Nope. Too similar to what I wear to work. Next she considered a charcoal turtleneck sweater. Yeah, like I want to look like one of those Steve Jobs wannabes in an Apple store. Her hand brushed against a joke t-shirt with a corset print on that Sarah had bought for her. Yeah, riiiiiiiiiiiight. Nikki was just about to tear out her hair when she spotted something something that made her think. She pulled out the dark red top she had worn the day Sarah first wore a diaper for her, almost a year earlier. Yes! If this doesn't set the mood, I don't know what will. She put it on and checked herself out in the mirror, trying to give herself a stern look. After packing some clothes and hers and Sarah's favourite toys in an overnight bag, Nikki let the final seconds of Ziggy Stardust play out before switching off the stereo and calling Sarah. "Hey there sweetie," she said when Sarah picked up. "I just thought I'd let you know I'm on my way out the door now." "Great. By the way, would you mind swinging by a hardware store or something to pick up some duct tape on the way? "Oooh, planning something naughty?" Nikki grinned at the thought of Sarah all wrapped up in tape; squirming and completely helpless. Sarah laughed. "Not really. Sorry. I just need to fix something." "OK. I should be there in half an hour's time." "You almost sound disappointed. You were hoping I'd be wearing a couple of little patches of tape and nothing more, weren't you." "I will neither confirm nor deny," Nikki said facetiously. "Not even a little hint? Some inspiration for a story maybe?" "Nope." "Aaaww. What if I promise to be a good girl and obey all my beloved mistress' commands?" "Oh you're going to do that anyway my little pet," Nikki purred. "Now you behave yourself until I get there. OK? No-" "No playing with myself. I know," Sarah interrupted, her voice dripping with mock exasperation. "Also, no interrupting. Good little girls know when to keep quiet." "Yes Ma'am," Sarah said meekly. "I'm sorry. I'll be good." "That's better. Now, see you in a little bit." Nikki was sure she could hear a giggle on the other end of the line as she hung up. Maybe I should chastise her for that too. Nikki opened the CD-player, took the David Bowie CD and put it back in its cover before dropping it into her bag. Aaaaand some good music to start the new year with: Check. *** Nikki checked her watch as she fumbled one-handed with her keys. Fifty-two minutes. If I ever end up behind a little, old lady who starts arguing with the one cashier working about the price of plastic bags and how they were cheaper before. And then buying them along with a reciprocating saw and insisting on paying for them with change she digs out of her handbag. If that ever happens again, I'm going to lose it. She opened the door and was met with a warm breath of air that smelled like chocolate cake. "Sarah, It's me," she called. "Be right there." Sarah's voice came from down the hall. Nikki put her shoes on the rack next to the door and hung her coat on of the hooks. She was just about to head down the hallway to put her bag in the bedroom when Sarah came out of the bathroom. She was wearing light grey sweatpants and a black t-shirt. "Oh wow!" she said when she saw Nikki's outfit. "You look..." she paused, clearly trying to find the right word. "Incredible." Sarah wrapped her arms around Nikki and gave her a big hug. "I'll put the bag away when I get dressed," she said. Then she took Nikki's hands in hers and walked backwards, gently pulling Nikki towards the living room. What Nikki saw when she walked through the door made her speechless. All the furniture had been pushed up against the walls and in the middle of the room was a big tent made of what looked like several sheets. And there were candles everywhere. A small, safety-minded voice in the back of Nikki's head told her that most of them had to be electric, otherwise they'd be a serious fire-hazard. "I wanted to do this on the roof, but it's just too cold. We're practically only a couple of degrees up from the heat death of the universe." Sarah led Nikki to the giant pile of cushions and duvets in the tent and helped her sit down. "You just relax and I'll get dressed too. Oh, where's the duct tape?" "In my coat pocket," Nikki said absent-mindedly. She was still taking everything in. The tent had been set up so they had a view out of the living room windows. There was a small table with cakes and coffee mugs next to the pile Nikki was sitting in the middle of and under the windows, between two small electric radiators was the TV. The screen showed a burning fireplace. Nikki leaned back and looked up at the ceiling and the how the flickering, golden lights created dancing patterns that were almost hypnotic. She was so absorbed that she almost missed the sound of bare feet against the hallway floor. The sound was muted when Sarah stepped from the hallway and onto the living room carpet. When she came around the tent so Nikki could see her, however, she was still surprised at what she saw. Sarah was wearing an enormous diaper and nothing else. Hanging from the collar around her neck was the chain leash they had bought almost a year earlier. She knelt next to the pillows and lowered her gaze. "That's... I mean..." Nikki was at a loss for words. Finally her brain caught up with her and she cleared her throat. "You... You look absolutely adorable," she managed. "Thank you Mistress," Sarah whispered softly. She crawled closer until the leash dangling between her arms came close enough for Nikki to grab. Then she stopped, letting Nikki pull her closer. She ended up lying on her back across Nikki's lap, the chain forming a cold line from her neck to her armpit. Nikki had one hand under her back while the other rested on her diaper. "That's a big diaper you have there," Nikki said. Way to go genius. Sounding real smart there. "I made the Halloween diaper a little bigger." Nikki lifted Sarah up so her head rested on Nikki's upper arm. "Not just a little," she commented and gave the diaper a squeeze, making Sarah squirm a little. "Do you like it Ma'am?" Nikki smiled at Sarah. "It's perfect," she said. For the longest time they just sat there, Nikki slowly stroking Sarah's hair and Sarah playing with one of the buttons on Nikki's top. The only sounds were the sounds of the fire from the TV and the wind outside the window. Occasionally, Sarah would begin to fidget, but when she did, Nikki would slip her hand just inside the top of Sarah's giant diaper and slowly stroke her stomach with her thumb. In short, it was a perfect moment. Too bad it won't last. "Ma'am? What's wrong?" Sarah looked up at her with a worried expression on her face. "Wha... Why do you ask sweetie?" "You just went all frowny and worried all of a sudden." Sarah reached up to stroke Nikki's cheek. Nikki turned her head and kissed her palm. "It's just... This is so wonderful. And I don't want it to end." "Don't be sad," Sarah said, sounding like she was consoling a child who just found out Santa wasn't real. Nikki sighed. "Three more days. Three more days and four more nights. Then it'll be Monday and our lives go back to the way they were a couple of hours ago." Sarah wriggled her way up to hug Nikki. She nuzzled the side of her neck, causing an involuntary shiver to run down Nikki's back. "It doesn't have to," she murmured. "What do you mean?" "I have something for you." Sarah crawled off Nikki and got to her feet. She extended a hand to Nikki to help her up. A little confused, Nikki took Sarah's hand. "Do you trust me?" Sarah asked. "I thought that was my line," Nikki answered with a sly smile. "I'm serious Nikki. Do you trust me?" Nikki looked at Sarah, her serious tone contrasting wildly with her appearance. Her mussed-up hair, giant diapers and slightly bow-legged stance made her look a little like an oversized baby. Why is she standing like that? She didn't do that before. Nikki cocked her head a little to one side. "Sweetie? Have you wet yourself?" "Yes, but that can wait," Sarah said airily. "Yes sweetie. Of course I trust you." "Close your eyes." Nikki could hear the excitement in Sarah's voice. When she did as Sarah asked, she felt Sarah take her hands and start to gently pull her along. "No peeking," Sarah said with a childish mock-seriousness. They left the living room and slowly walked down the hallway. At what was probably the end of it, Sarah slowly spun Nikki around a couple of times so when she opened a door, Nikki ha no idea which of the three rooms at the end of the hallway it led to. "Threshold," Sarah warned and Nikki took another careful step forwards. Sarah let go of Nikki's hands. "Now just give me a second." Nikki waited patiently while she heard several quiet clicks. "OK, you can look." Nikki opened her eyes. She was standing just inside the door to the bedroom which was lit by the golden glow of a dozen fake candles. Sarah knelt in front of her with her; her thighs spread wide apart by the diapers. She was looking expectantly up at Nikki, smiling like she was waiting for something. Nikki looked around. Something was different, but she couldn't quite put her finger on it. The bed looks the same as always; minus the pillows and duvet of course. The Narnia wardrobe, the dressers, the big chair with th- Hang on: Dressers? Where'd the second one come from? It took Nikki a couple more moments to recognise the dresser from the guest bedroom. "You've... redecorated?" Nikki asked, not quite sure what else she could say. Sarah didn't say anything. She only held out her hands to Nikki. In her open palms was a box that looked like an oversized version of the boxes jewellers put rings in. "Sarah, I thought we agreed on no expensive gifts." "Just open it Ma'am. Please." Sarah almost whispered the final word. Nikki took the box from Sarah's hands and flipped open the hinged lid. Inside the box was a flat square of brass with "Nicolette Ellis & Sarah Nilsen" in black letters. "What's this?" Nikki asked, turning the little piece of metal over. "It's for the mailbox," Sarah said. "Downstairs." Realisation dawned on Nikki. "Are you asking me to move in?" She looked down at Sarah kneeling in front of her. She almost seemed to be holding her breath. "If you want to," Sarah whispered, barely audibly. Nikki fell to her knees in front of Sarah and embraced her. "Of course I want to sweetie." Nikki's lips met Sarah's in a kiss so intense that Nikki halfway expected music to swell. It was hungry and urgent, but at the same time soft. It almost felt like she was melting as Sarah held her. Eventually, their lips parted and they helped each other up. For a few more moments they just stood there, slow-dancing to music nobody could hear. When Sarah's hands slid down to cup Nikki's leather-clad buttocks, Nikki answered by giving Sarah's diapered butt a squeeze. "Soooo," Nikki said with a grin as she pushed Sarah onto the bed, the plastic sheet crinkling softly when she landed. "What do you say we get you cleaned up and changed so we can start the new year with a bang?" Sarah giggled and lay back, spreading her legs as Nikki crawled onto the mattress between them. 2016 is going to be the best year ever.
  8. If this is your first Nikki & Sarah story, you might want to read the previous ones first. Here's a list: Nikki & Sarah - Index thread ------------------------------------------------ Breaking the habit (Part 1) It was Saturday and Sarah was sitting in bed, grading tests. She hated having to work during the weekend, but she had been putting this off for too long and the tests had to be done by Monday. The bedroom was a little chilly, but Sarah's huge duvet formed a warm and cosy cocoon around her. On a tray on her lap was a small stack of papers and a couple of red pens. Educational guidelines be damned, test-grading called for red pens. If the pupils or parents couldn't handle that... well, tough. The radio was tuned to a station playing 80's hits and Sarah found herself humming along as she put a big smiley-face on a particularly good answer. Just five more to go. Twenty minutes later Sarah was done. She put a jumbo-sized paperclip on the stack of tests and leaned over the edge of the bed to put the tray on the floor. She gave it a quick push to slide it into a corner of the room. It was time for her own little experiment. She slid a hand down her tummy to make sure that her diaper was still properly in place and that none of the tapes had come loose. Sarah gathered the pillows behind her and leaned back, stretching her legs. She reached up to absentmindedly fiddle with the collar around her neck. Sarah remembered how nervous she had been when she and Nikki had gone to the pet store to buy it. And how embarrassed, but at the same time excited, she had been when Nikki had revealed to the sales girl that the collar wasn't really for a dog, but for her. Even when Nikki wasn't there, Sarah felt that the collar was now part of her not being in control of things. In fact, that had been one of the 'standing orders' they had agreed on. Whenever she wore her diapers, she would also wear the collar. She put a finger through the metal D-ring and tugged it gently, smiling at the tingling sensation it generated in her tummy. While she had been grading the tests, Sarah had managed to finish off a rather large bottle of water and it was beginning to make its presence known. She lay back, took a deep breath and tried to relax. Sarah had a clear goal: She was going to wet herself. After the first time with Nikki, she had tried several times on her own, but somehow she had always stayed disappointingly dry. Toilet training was a hard habit to break. Especially when her body had had over twenty-five years of practice. But this time she was going to succeed. She had a full tank and nowhere she had to be. No stress. Just relax. Relax and let go. Sarah imagined Nikki's arms around her, her voice whispering soothingly in her ear and her warmth against her back, but it still wasn't enough. She groaned with frustration as the pressure on her bladder increased. Then, before she even knew what she was doing, Sarah had thrown the duvet aside and was running towards the bathroom. She tore the diaper off, letting it just fall to the floor and barely had time to sit down on the toilet before the floodgates opened. "Damnit!" Sarah said out loud. "Why is this so hard?" She rested her elbows on her knees and ran her fingers through her hair. Sarah wiped, flushed and washed her hands. Then she picked up the ruined, but still dry, diaper, rolled it up and threw it in the trash. With a resigned sigh, Sarah unbuckled the collar while she walked back to the bedroom. She put it back in its place on the night stand before getting dressed. Thoughts of her failed attempt at wetting herself swirled around Sarah's mind and she couldn't help smiling a little at the contrast of the kinkiness of her thoughts and the everyday, wholesome appearance of her clothes. Sarah made the bed and picked up the tests she had graded, putting them in her backpack so she wouldn't forget them the following Monday. As she picked up the backpack, one of the straps on it was caught on something, almost yanking it out of Sarah's hands. That gave her an idea. She picked up her phone and called Nikki. It didn't take long for her to answer. "Hi Sarah." Nikki sounded a little preoccupied. "if this isn't terribly important, would you mind calling back in half an hour or so? We're having a bit of a meltdown here." "Oh, you're at work." Nikki suddenly felt a little guilty. "I was just wondering if you wanted to come over tonight." "No, you dumbass, over there," Nikki yelled at someone on her end. "Sorry, what did you say?" "I was just wondering if maybe you'd like to come over tonight," Sarah repeated. "I may have a little surprise for you." "Oh." Sarah could almost hear Nikki's brain shifting gears and when she spoke again, Sarah just knew that she was grinning. "Have you been a good little girl?" Sarah felt a shiver go down her spine at Nikki's tone of voice. "I've tried," she said. "Really hard." "Good. I have to finish here and run some errands so I'll see you around five-ish?" "I'll be ready," Sarah said, "Ma'am." Nikki chuckled. "Look sweetie, I have to run. Talk to you later?" "Yep. Bye bye." Sarah hung up and looked at her watch. She still had several hours before Nikki would be there. More than enough time to make a shopping trip for some supplies. ~~~ Sarah pushed the door closed behind her with her foot before putting down the plastic bags she was carrying. She locked the door and pulled off her wet boots, putting them on the shoe rack to dry. Next she peeled off her soggy and cold socks, just leaving them by the door for the moment. Not bothering to remove her coat, Sarah moved as quickly as her cold-numbed feet let her to the bedroom where she pulled on a pair of thick wool socks and her big, fluffy bunny slippers. She just sat there for a while, feeling the warmth slowly return to her feet before returning to the hallway to hang her coat. After putting away the food, Sarah grabbed the remaining plastic bag and headed for the bedroom. She turned up the heat and piled the pillows up in a heap at the head of the bed before undressing. She folded her clothes neatly and put them on the chair in the corner before opening the bottom drawer of her dresser and pulling out a diaper. There weren't that many left so Sarah made a mental note that she would have to buy a new pack. She remembered when she had bought them. How she had driven for almost an hour to get to a store where she felt sure nobody would recognise her, how she had done almost a week's worth of shopping to cover the diapers in her trolley and how sweaty her palms had felt and how hard her heart had been beating as she approached the check-out counter. That first pack had lasted all this time and she really didn't look forward to having to get a new one. Sarah unfolded the diaper, put it on the bed and sat down on it. Lying back, she pulled the diaper up between her legs, marvelling for a moment at the dry, almost tissue paper-like sensation against her skin. That'll change soon enough. She slid off the bed and squatted down next to it. The diapers crinkled softly and Sarah smiled a little at the sound. She slowly made her way around the bed, tying nylon straps to each corner. Reaching into the bag Sarah pulled out a plastic sheet which she put on the bed. Just in case. Sarah grabbed a couple of old t-shirts from the back of her closet before sitting down on the middle of the bed. A delicious shiver ran up her back as the cool plastic touched the backs of her thighs. She slipped off the socks and slippers and tied the two straps at the foot of the bed to her ankles, using the t-shirts as padding. Testing the straps, Sarah found that she could move her legs a little bit, so she scooted up the bed to tighten them. Next she picked up her phone and found a playlist with music that was nice and relaxed without being too new-agey. She put the phone on the night stand, far enough away that she wouldn't be able to knock it down on the floor by accident. Leaning back into the pile of pillows behind her, Sarah wiggled around until she was comfortably half sitting, half lying before reaching for the remaining two straps. She fed the ends of the straps through the buckles and tied her wrists to them. Then, using her teeth, she pulled the straps tight. She was helpless. At first, Sarah tried to move, testing the bonds that held her, but she had done a good job. There was enough slack to give her a little wiggle-room, but not enough to be helpful. Sarah almost squealed at the sensation. Looking at the old alarm clock next to her phone, she saw that she had at three or four hours before Nikki would show up. She took a deep breath, lay back and tried to relax, but there was a swarm of butterflies in her stomach. What would Nikki say when she found her? What would she do? The questions and expectations floating around Sarah's mind didn't exactly help her relax. Sarah took another breath and closed her eyes. Other than the music, the bedroom was quiet. God, the songs on that playlist all sounded the same. Sarah opened her eyes and looked at the clock again. It had only been ten minutes and she was already regretting not bringing her laptop and a movie. She closed her eyes again. She had a nagging feeling that she had forgotten something. Lock the door? Check. Put away the groceries? Take out the garbage? Check and check. Clean up all the arts supplies on the kitchen table? Yep. Water the plants? Of course. The only thing left to do is to lie back and count sheep. One sheep, another sheep. And another... Hang on, did I remember to paint the unicorn and braid the spaghetti? Definitely. Back to the flying turtles. Four, five, six... Sarah awoke feeling the familiar pressure of a full bladder and sat up, or rather tried to sit up. It took her a panicked little moment to remember the straps that held her in place. She took a deep breath and felt her heart rate slow to normal. And so the struggle began again: Willpower against years of toilet training. It hadn't been easy the last time and somehow, it was even harder now that she was lying on her back. Damnit! I can do this. Sarah began to squirm, involuntarily trying to cross her legs, but the she had done a good job with the straps. The pressure was almost painful now. She gritted her teeth, closed her eyes and exhaled slowly, trying to cast her mind back to the last time. Trying to imagine Nikki sitting behind her, holding her and whispering soothingly to her. Waterfalls, rivers, dripping faucets, rain running down a window... The sneeze just came out of nowhere. It was so powerful that Sarah was convinced that it would have bounced her off the bed if she hadn't been tied down. And before she could draw a proper breath, she had two more quick ones. Somehow her entire body had clenched up with the first sneeze, but the follow-ups let out a tiny spurt of pee. It was almost immediately absorbed by the diaper, but it was enough. It was the first little crack in the dam in Sarah's mind. As the seconds ticked by, she could almost feel the mental mortar crumbling. It was almost as if that tiny, damp spot in her diaper, too small for her to really feel, drew it out of her. Every heartbeat reverberated down to her bladder. It was almost like somebody was tapping the front of her diaper. Oh come on, the diaper is wet already. Just let go. At first it was just a feeling of relief from the pressure, but that soon turned to an almost giddy exhilaration as a warm, wet sensation gushed down between Sarah's spread legs to her butt. She tensed her muscles, trying to slow the torrent and gradually it subsided. Sarah couldn't help herself; she giggled. She had done it. As she marveled at the sensation of the diaper swelling and becoming a little tighter, it struck her that this was a very odd thing to feel proud of. Sarah looked up at the ceiling and relaxed her muscles, letting out a new trickle. A small analytical voice in the back of her mind wondered why it was so much easier now, but she honestly didn't care. She just closed her eyes and enjoyed the way it felt. Completely lost in this state of warm and wet tranquility, Sarah drifted off to her newly discovered, personal nirvana. She awoke a while later and the first thing she noticed was that her diaper felt cooler than before. By no means uncomfortably cold, but still... Maybe I should something about that. Sarah let out a tiny trickle and was genuinely surprised at how easy it was becoming and how quickly she had accepted wetting herself as a normal thing to do. She sighed contentedly and smiled. "Ahem." Sarah's eyes flew open as she looked towards the sound. Standing, leaned against the door frame with crossed arms and an epically raised eyebrow was Nikki.
  9. So I have been working on this for some time now and am currently working on the sixth chapter at the time of posting this here. If y'all want more please lemme know and help hold me to it on finishing writing this...I don't wanna make yet another unfinished story so...Imma do my best when I have free time! ?? Many many many thanks to the folks that have been reading ahead and helping provide feedback so far, I hope to learn more from the rest of y'all as my first story so...Enjoy! This story is a fan-fiction of the Diaper Dimension universe, heavily inspired by the story "Done Adulting" by Alex Bridges. I wondered what the story might have been like, had the applicant been a married trans woman, rather than single, and if she had already her mind set on being a Little rather than being completely oblivious to what she was getting into. CONTENT WARNING: While this story is meant to be a sweet and sentimental story, it can be very raw and includes the themes of: Family trauma / Rejection Divorce / Separation Questioning Reality / Derealization Existential horror Chapter 1: The Confession "So, you are currently married, Kate, is that correct?" Ms Clarke leaned back into her office chair, tilting her head and putting on a professional smile as her client delayed responding. Now was time for the meat of the interview. Shifting uncomfortably, the meek woman attempted to hide in the squeaky chair across her desk. "Y--Yes. Yes I still am, as it says on the form." Kate kept her eyes glued to the colorful office carpet, despondent yet nervous. "So how has he taken it? I can see here that you are applying for adoption in Tulna alone?" Ms Clarke watched as she squeezed her arm nervously. This wasn't her first married client--as rare as they were--and she recognized that look of guilt and fear well enough. But, she had to ask. "You aren't in danger, are you Kate? That's not why you're here, is it?" "N-no!" Kate recoiled, like she'd ladled disgusting slop onto her lunch tray. "He'd never!" "No worries, dear, just had to ask. So, tell me about your husband. And most importantly, you." Kate let out a long breath and began, "So we love each other, I want to make that clear. Crystal clear...He's the best man I've ever known." She looked across the desk for approval before continuing. "We've been together since ... well, far before the portals opened. We met over the silliest things in college, really" she smiled gently, "Gosh we were so different then. I was so different then. So closed up... "College was an escape. My family, they...when they found out I was what was called an 'abdl' back then..." Her face darkened as her gaze wandered to the floor, "...they thought I was a p...a ped..."--her voice became sharp, angry--"...a freak. An addict. A criminal." "But all I wanted was to be treated like a kid again. Play, be loved. Held. It wasn't even a sexual feeling, it was just...But all they saw was a freak that needed to be cured, when what I most needed was their love and understanding. The brainwashing nearly destroyed me, or...well, I nearly did that to myself." Kate closed her eyes and exhaled. "So when I left for college, I had a chance to find that love and understanding I desperately needed. To heal. And I met him, Bryce." She sat up and smoothed out her skirt, her smile warm but eyes sad. "He accepted my 'little' side, helped me feel loved, helped me begin to heal and discover myself--I even transitioned! There was only so much we--I--could do, but with therapy and time, eventually I learned to recognize the abuse I grew up with and to find small ways to carve out a portion of this world for myself and heal. I learned how to keep all pieces of myself...happy!...And we began to build our lives together." "Mmhmm, mmhmm," Ms Clarke nodded and shuffled through the papers, "You wrote in here about getting your depression and anxiety under control for quite some time after all that...Got into calisthenics...Opened up more at home...Stopped medication, aside from hormones?" "Yeah! It was still challenging but the strategy was simple: dig as much into what I could do, and accept the rest was just fantasy. For example, there was no playground I could play on as an adult--but, I could exercise on gym monkeybars, climb things, run and skip. And sometimes we could go to water parks for the rest, like slides! And at home, we could enact private scenes together...and while there were some boundaries we couldn't cross, like diaper changes, I felt grateful he did so much despite not being into any of it himself." Ms Clarke leaned forward thoughtfully, curious and admittedly a bit surprised. Her married clients usually had clear issues, abuse, and the Little was already on their way out the door. But this couple...there were no obvious problems. "But I thought," Kate continued, "I thought I could tolerate, live, a life like this. And for a long time, I did. I even got off my meds! I was so proud of how far I'd come, how much I'd grown." "But then the portals appeared?" "Right..." She stared off into the distance, caught in a memory. "I didn't believe it. I thought it was some alternate reality art experiment...or prank...or...anything but real. I stuck my head in the sand and pretended, insisted, that it was all still fantasy. But...news websites reported on it, tourist flyers appeared in the mail... "I saw an interview, some Big's take on an attempted kidnapping in Itali. She dwarfed the Little in her arms, towered over the earth reporter, and...in the background there was...a playground, bustling with Littles and Bigs sharing their lives together and...It finally all crashed over me. "And suddenly, " Kate returned her gaze to Ms Clarke, "Suddenly I couldn't cope anymore. My life felt like fantasy! I was kidding myself, thinking that exercising on black monkeybars in a cold gray gym blasting 'bang me' music was anything like a playground when the real thing was actually right fucking there, in plain sight!" Ms. Clarke nodded solemnly, like a priest at confession. She hadn't lost touch with how difficult admitting these truths were to her clients. The bombshell was about to drop. Kate held her head in her arms, and took several breaths. "And worst of all...I began to feel like I was kidding myself thinking that what we had built together would really keep me happy. Why...why pretend when...? But...We'd worked so hard at this together, for so long. I tried to push through it, I denied things had changed, even as I saw the hesitation and fear in his eyes, even as I felt like a freak, even as I returned to meds. Again." Sitting up with watery eyes gazing to the ceiling, to the sky beyond it, Kate continued. "I've felt just so awful for so long now! I can't maintain this facade anymore. We have a life together, and I'm so so SO grateful for all of that! But I can't ... I can't pretend it's not killing me inside...! The moment I realized I could actually...live...that life," she gestured at the photographs adorning the office, "I couldn't picture my life here anymore...I couldn't picture our life together a-anymore." At that, Kate lost her composure and hiccups escaped her trembling lips. Ms Clarke pushed a box of tissues forward and sighed. On the walls behind her desk were photographs of scenery in Tulna. Cobblestone streets, shops, and parks all bustling with people from all walks of life--commuters on bikes, college students, retirees, parents. It would have been easy to mistake the scenery for any other European college town, were it not for the portraits of happy adoptees and their 13-foot-tall parents. "And here I am", she continued, wiping her eyes and sniffling, "and I don't even know if I even qualify for any of this. And you probably think I'm some freak for being here, some fetishist and entitled...bitch...for wanting to leave my...my...I mean, it's not perfect, but it's a lot better than most. I have a great job, we've loved each other for so long, we've been a team through thick and thin, and I've coped before so why not just soldier through and cope some more, right? I must look like the most untitled...most ungrateful...bitch...to leave this life behind and choose to live with ...with monsters ... all for some ...some fetishistic kick?" "Kate" shaking, she raised her bloodshot eyes, "do you really feel that way? That these people are monsters? That this is all just some fetish?" Kate sniffled and wiped her face on her sleeves. "N...No. I just...that's how it's got to look to everyone else, right? You SEE the kidnappings, you KNOW what the...what their kind have done in the non-Alliance countries. It's horrible. And then there's all these people that get their kicks wearing diapers here...and I...it's no fault to them, and I've been around that community enough to know they're all such ... such awesome and caring people...But...But even before the portals I knew that's not what most people saw. They saw fucking p--...fucking freaks. And here I am wanting to live that life, in that world, to leave all this behind. "So it doesn't matter if they're an Alliance country. It doesn't matter what good they do...It doesn't matter how I feel, it doesn't that it has always been more than just some fucking kick to me...I'm just...I'm just a monster to everyone else. I'm a greedy, selfish, undeserving monster." Ms Clarke let out a breath she didn't realize she'd been holding in, and Kate settled back into her chair, exhausted. Now she understood why maybe these clients were so rare; they had to take a leap of faith, at the cost of uprooting not just their lives but their families, at a time when living life as a Little was synonymous with slavery for many. But not all. It wasn't as black and white as Kate believed, especially not in places like Tulna. "Kate," she walked around her desk and knelt in front of her "You are very brave for coming here, okay?" She laid her hand gently on her shoulder "And you are not a monster. Can you believe that for me?" Kate nodded her head and brushed the hair out of her face. "Would you like a hug, Kate?" "Yes" And for a moment the two stood embracing. Gradually, the outside world slowly washed in as Kate's breathing returned to normal, filling their ears with muffled voices, ringing phones, shuffling papers and footsteps. Song birds outside the window, chirping their repetitive soothing songs, were joined by bike bells and pre-recorded messages on bus transit. Delicately, they separated and returned to their places at the desk. "So, have your husband and you stayed together? You haven't divorced yet, is that correct?" "Yes...We weren't sure what to do. We didn't want to separate in case I didn't qualify." "But it sounds to me like he is willing to let you go?" Kate nodded bitterly, "Yes." "Staying together for now was a smart and completely understandable decision, Kate. But, you are correct about the terms of adoption; eventually, you will need to separate--at least legally. Mind you, this is true regardless of him joining you in Tulna or not, say as an independent Little. Has he considered that possibility, or--?" "No. No, he...He has wanted only to visit at most; he couldn't move on if he knew I was around the corner like that." "Understandable. In that case, we won't need him to come in for a citizenship interview unless he changes his mind. For now, just know we'll evaluate your application under the assumption that you are each living independently; with him in possession of your home or renting alone. You should discuss this together, but as this would be a big change for the both of you, we do recommend waiting until the decision is made before you take those big steps together, okay?" Kate simply nodded, internally feeling equal amounts dread and relief. "But," she continued, leaning forwards, "if you are accepted please be aware it will be contingent on your separation. Staying together, legally-speaking, presents too many issues both here and in Tulna with the adoption process. We have a legal team that will help you draft the petition terms, however you will both need to agree to and enact them before this can proceed any further. No Adoption Preferences forms, no listing, no nothing until that is completed. Is that understood?" "Yes." The rest of the interview concluded question-answer style about mundane details such as housing, loans, etc. Kate had been relatively responsible (and admittedly lucky) financially; software paid well, and living together split living expenses; any debts she'd had had been paid off years ago. Before they wrapped up, Ms Clarke asked if she had any more questions. "Yeah...uhm...I wanted to know...I often hear lots of Littles end up becoming a bit more sedentary and such...with being carried around and all that...? While I started exercise here and have kept it up mostly, I...It'd feel good if I could take that with me. Continue at it? Will the Bigs allow that?" "I can't make any guarantees, Kate, the interpretation of your target age would be up to the adoptive Big or Bigs. But, I can make a special note for you in your file. There are certainly Bigs out there as active as you, and it's not unheard of to enroll in parent-child gymnastics classes together." "Thanks, I would love that." Kate stood up. "And...thank you. Sorry for the blubbering and all that I...Just, thank you for taking the time to meet with me and...listen to me." Ms Clarke extended her hand and Kate shook it, "The pleasure is mine, no need to feel sorry. This is an emotional time, and you're not the first to find their feelings bubbling to the surface in my office. You'll expect to hear from us in a few weeks, up to a month. Until then, take care, Kate." And with that, her client turned and left. After a breath and sip of coffee, she took notes on their meeting: Kate is a very physically active, smart, and highly-functioning but anxious girl in her 30s...history of depression, anxiety, and complex PTSD...controlled with medication and exercise...but likely lingering attachment issues and trauma from her upbringing...trans, could benefit from medical interventions...admits to already acting on Little feelings...adamantly not a fetishist...anticipate adapting quickly...must separate from her husband...will be difficult for them, but he supports her decision...would pair best with a supportive, active couple...learn to listen to her own needs...overall excellent candidate, will make their lucky Big(s) feel very happy and loved. =============== "Hellooo?" Kate called out, as she hung up her coat and removed her shoes. Silently, Bryce appeared in the doorway. "Hey" "Hey..." Like the moment before separating at a train station, they both stood there for what felt like an eternity. Finally, Kate spoke up. "I'm sorry, I--" He interrupted Kate with a hug. "I love you so much, Kate. I...I..." "M-Me too..!...B-B-Bry--" And together they embraced, crying in each other's arms. They were at the station now, waiting for the train to come. It didn't matter that this train could be cancelled, or delayed, there would always be another behind it. And for the first time, it felt like they could finally acknowledge it--for the first time, they could finally begin to say goodbye
  10. I'm taking a punt on this type of story, its going to be full of magic and vamipres, let me know if you like it and if you wish to roleplay with this theme or something similar. I've been told that I shouldn't put pictures in the story but I like too coz its better than a long list of what the character looks like. So this is Mattias Bourbon he is a thousand year old vampire. This is Matilda Rogers but she goes by Tilly. She is 18 years old. Chapter 1 - Sweet Girl We Meet Again Back and forth, back and forth. That's all I could do. It had been 8 hours, I could hear the church bells as the chimed on the hour. They called it a bedroom but if you have a lock on the outside of the door and bars on the window it's really a cell. I had been in this asylum for as long as I can remember. It was the only home I had ever known, not that it was much of a home. This really was a hell on earth. Lifting my dirty shift I had to wear day in and day out, I gently place my hands on my poor marked bottom. Sister Agatha had really done a number on it this morning. Stupid old nun. If she had let me speak at breakfast I would have told her I had to pee. I tried to get her attention but she had shushed me, It wasn't long before I felt the warm trickle of pee run down my legs and form a little puddle on the floor. I had tried to hide it as we left the dining hall but Sally the Snitch had to shout out "Tilly wet herself again!" Sister Agatha came up behind me and before I could do anything she had grabbed my ear twisting it so I was forced to bend over "YOU WICKED WICKED GIRL!" she shouts as she pulls me along the hallways to the punishment room. Pushing me down over the old exercise horse she used the straps that are attached to the bottom of it to secure my hands and feet. She then picked a switch, there was a bunch of them and the nuns liked to use them on us all the time. She roughly pulls my dress up and without warning she starts to whip me, I try to be brave but it isn't long before I break and beg for mercy "PLEASE SISTER!" I scream as the switch cuts into my poor bottom. "WICKED GIRL!" was all she said as she continue to whip me. My whole body was shaking when she finally finished. Unbuckling the straps I slide onto the floor. To weak and scared to move but Sister Agatha simply pulled me up and along by the arm. When we got to my cell she pushed me in and slammed the door. I crawled up onto my old army cot and sobbed. I could swear my bottom was bleeding but it was far too sore to touch. After I had finally calmed myself down I got up and I had been walking in straight lines since. There was nothing else to do, all that was in the room was an old army cot and a chamber pot. The sun had set about 2 hours ago, it was December so the nights came fast. It was so cold here, I had the blanket they gave to each of the girls, wrapped around my shoulders to try and keep me warm. I wanted heat and food, I didn't care which came first. Suddenly I can hear voices coming along the hall, it sounded like Sister Mary, the mother superior and a man. But that couldn't be right. No men were allowed in St Peter's Girls Asylum. They stop outside the locked door of my cell, fearing more punishment I quickly get into bed and pretend to be asleep. Keys jangle and the door opens. "Are you sure you want this one?" Sister Mary asks "Yes she is the one" the man answers and I feel him coming closer to the cot, he bends down, I guess to take a better look at me so I keep my eyes shut "Sweet girl, we meet again. I'll take her" Take me where? And what did he mean we meet again? I think. We weren't supposed to leave ever and I had definitely never met anyone apart from the nuns and other inmates. "Now?" Sister Mary sounds a little put out. She sighs before ripping the blanket away from me "Up girl" I open my eyes again and see Sister Mary standing over me with a man beside her. I had never seen a man before, not in real life anyways just in pictures and books when the nuns weren't looking. He looked like a giant. "Up up up!" Sister Mary repeats, clearly I wasn't moving fast enough for her, I sit up and move to get off the cot, my bottom touches the cot causing me to cry out "Ouch!" I jump up and rub my bottom. "She's been punished?" The man asks, his voice emotionless and cold. "Well Tilly here has a problem with wetting, we have tried many different methods to stop it but none have worked. So now she is whipped every time she wets" "I would like to inspect the damage" he says I think he is talking to me. I look at Sister Mary, unsure what to do but she simply nods. Hoping I am doing the right thing I slowly turn around and bend over a little before lifting my dress up to my waist. "Tsk tsk tsk" is all the man says as I feel a hand on my bottom, but it doesn't hurt like it should, it feels soothing. This is odd, I think. He removes his hand and I straighten up allowing my dress to fall back into place. Without saying anything else to Sister Mary the man turns to leave my cell "Come Matilda" he orders, not even looking back. Sister Mary grabs my arm as stay glued to the spot. "Go with him girl, do what he says or you shall be right back here" Without a second thought I walk as quickly as I can to catch up with the man. I dare not speak until we are out the front door of the asylum. "Where are we going?" I ask as he opens the passenger door of his large black car. He ignores me. "Get in young lady or sore bottom or not you will be punished" I quickly slide into the car as he gets into the other side. Reaching over me he pulls the seatbelt around me and clips it into place. He drives through the old gates and heads towards a dark and winding road. "Where are we going?" I dare to ask again. He gives a simple one word answer. "Home"
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