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  1. New story! THE DIAPER DATE 1. Mikey Mikey had a nervous fluttering in his stomach as he entered the restaurant. He was wearing baggy overalls and a bulky oversized hoody that extended down almost to his mid-thighs. Underneath it he was wearing a bright blue tight jumper that snapped under his crotch concealing an adult diaper and plastic pants. He was very conscious of his slight waddle and the crinkle the diaper made as he walked. Mikey was 22 with shaggy brown hair and very slight build – he barely weighed 125lbs. He looked much younger – in his late teens - and was quite “twink”-ish and effeminate, despite his experience being completely heterosexual up until this point in his life. He had a sheepish look now on is face as his eyes skirted around the restaurant scanning the patrons. He was here to meet “Mommy Olivia” – this was the only name she’d given. They had started chatting about a month and a half ago - 1st on a popular diaper fetish site – then through the kik app and video chat. Mikey had become interested in ABDL fetishes a few years ago – finding it fascinating in some “primal” way – something hitting a chord deep within him. He found the idea comforting – being fastened into a warm absorbent disposable diaper and being free to wet or mess in it when he felt. When he saw pictures of beautiful women on the internet wearing diapers and baby cloths, he began masturbating to ABDL and diaper messing porn (often behind the backs of the 2 girlfriends he’d had since high school). This was EXTREMELY exciting to him, and he felt very “naughty” for doing so. This type of porn had now completely replaced any other theme, and he only seem to want to watch diaper and “diaper adjacent” videos. He’d become more and more obsessed with it until he’d finally broken down and ordered himself a 10 pack of adult diapers and a pair of plastic pants. Since he lived in his parent’s basement, he was very nervous about being found out by them and had arranged a package pickup at a local courier outlet instead of having them shipped directly to his house. His routine had started by secretly wearing them at night (his crotch and bum area slathered with Vaseline and baby oil underneath) and peeing them while watching diaper porn. He masturbated after they were soaked by rubbing against a large round couch cushion in his diaper - his little 4” dick cumming in the soggy mess of pee and Vaseline inside it before falling asleep contented in his warm wet cummy diaper. He masturbated to girls messing their diapers as well. He had a very keen interest in trying this himself – but due to his living arrangement, hadn’t yet tried it. This went on for quite some time – him carefully hiding his wet diapers from his parents – while his sexuality became increasingly more tied to this fetish. He ended up breaking up with his last girlfriend 6 months ago and now his whole sex life was devoted this diaper fetish. He had recently started chatting with other ABDLs on fetish sites and this is where he met “Mommy Olivia”. 2. Chatting with Mommy It had been quite an evolution of kink chat and games that they had engaged in during their frequent chats. He had cum hard the 1st few times as she guided him through his regular wet peepee diaper masturbation in the message function. She started insisting he call her “Mommy” and started messaging him more often when he was at his crappy job at Starbucks. She started getting him to send her photos of himself in a diaper and take videos of himself changing them and taking baths. She convinced him to start completely shaving all the hair off his body(except his lovely “brown shaggy mop” as she called his hair) until he was used to being bald everywhere. Then they were doing several hours of video chats in the evenings, as she guided him through everything he did during them. He didn’t know exactly how old she was, he guessed about 38-40, but she was still very beautiful and had a toned athletic body. She dressed in back vinal tops but wore a wear “Mom” apron over it with pink flowers. She never got naked on their chats, but he knew she was using a vibrator under her underwear off camera. One time he had to go poo during one of their chats and he excused himself to go to the loo – but she stopped him and insisted he do his poopies in his diaper. He had been very curious about this for the last few months but had been too scared his parents would discover him from the smell. She eventually talked him into it, and he pushed a big stinky log into the back of his diaper as she watched on the video chat… encouraging him with “Oh, what a good little baby boy!”, and “That’s it sweety - push now…”. She made him sit down on it and squish it in as she asked him to describe how it feels. When she guided him through his pillow cummies after - he never came so hard! He passed out after and woke up in his stinky diaper an hour later, panicked that the basement now stank of poo. He stated covertly changing, washing and getting rid of the evidence before his parents woke up, burning several incense sticks around his room. Next, she had him buy a small dildo and a butt plug online and guided him how to use them. He squatted in front of his web cam over his open wet diaper the 1st time he pushed the dildo into his pink virgin rosebud. He hadn’t even had a finger up there before. She cooed words of encouragement as he lowered himself on it groaning and gasping in pain- saying, ”Ooooh…I can’t do it Mommy! Owies!” – but eventually getting it all in. She made him sit in his diaper and fasten it around himself, lock the dildo in place up his bum – then masturbate on his pillow, the dildo pushing in and out of his little freshly stretched pucker – until he came with it inside him. She taught him how to use the butt plug and made him wear it under his diaper for his entire shift at Starbucks – denying him his morning poo and making him drink several cups of coffee during the shift till he was sweating and ready to explode - texting him often asking how it felt. She made him turn on his video chat as soon as he got home and strip down to his diaper – making him struggle and force the plug out as she watched and pleasured herself, until it finally came out in his diapers. He let out a huge moaning sigh as it was immediately followed by his days poopies. As he lay there breathing heavy – he watched her come hard over the video chat. She guided him through several kinky escapades over the month. She collected several videos of him in messy diapers, with open diapers, in sexual poses in front of the cameral, making him say submissive sissy baby talk things as she recorded. She told him how proud she was that his little sissy bumhole was getting looser and he was starting to enjoy the dildo and make his good cummies with it in. She was also proud he was making his diaper poopies more frequently and enjoying sitting in them like a good stinky baby. He lived for these sessions and lost all interest in finding a new girlfriend. He would do anything that Mommy asked at this point. And hornily anticipated the next kinky thing she would make him do in front of the camera. So, when she told him that she would be coming to his city next Saturday – and that they should meet up in person – he could not believe his excitement.
  2. Hi everyone! This is my first time posting here so please let me know if I do something that violates community etiquette. This is the first of what will likely be several stories about this character. More writing is available on my patreon. All characters are adults. 18+ - Delilah woke up as the warm mush filled the seat of her diaper. She squirmed against the giant teddy bear that took up nearly half her bed, still too sleepy to understand the sensation. A hot rush of pee flooded her already soaked padding and she came fully awake. She opened her eyes. She was laying on her back between the legs of her teddy, with her head resting on his soft belly. Still feeling pressure in her tummy, Delilah opened her legs and pushed. She whimpered as the rest of a large, firm mess plopped into her diaper. Blushing, she reached down to gently feel the lump in her thick disposable. Her diaper warmed under her hand as her bladder finished emptying itself. She sat up with her back against her teddy’s tummy, drawing her knees up and trying not to squish her mess against her kitty. A faint but noticeable smell of poop wafted up as she flipped back her covers. Pushing back her pale pink hair, she put on her glasses and picked up her phone. Morning daddy, she typed. She held up her phone to take a selfie. After two years on estrogen, she was still both adjusting to and reveling in her own beauty. She loved her soft skin, her small firm breasts, the subtle new curves on her thin body. The low cut of her nightgown showed off her collarbones and a tiny hint of cleavage, the soft blue color of the fabric matching her eyes. Her most striking feature was her large pretty mouth, almost too big for her tiny face. Sticking out her butt and tugging up her nighty to make sure her diaper was visible, Delilah snapped her selfie. She swiped back to a message from “my daddy ❤️.” Morning baby ❤️, it read. She replied with her selfie. Turning slightly onto her side, she reached behind her and, shoving her teddy’s leg out of the way to get a better angle, took a picture of her messy diaper. The brown stain was slowly spreading up the back of the diaper after her last wetting. She sent it to her partner. my daddy ❤️: My pretty baby ❤️ my daddy ❤️: Are you poopy? Delilah smiled and leaned forward, supporting herself on her elbows as she typed. Her teddy’s fluff tickled her thighs as she jiggled her messy diaper against him. 🏳️‍🌈 LilahLemon (she/her)🍋🏳️‍⚧️: Big time hehe my daddy ❤️: Good girl 🏳️‍🌈 LilahLemon (she/her)🍋🏳️‍⚧️: Grumbles >//< A warm flush radiated from Delilah’s chest and she squeezed her legs together, causing her mess to squish between her thighs and her cheeks. She brushed her nipples with her hand and shivered. Her breasts were growing again and they were tender and sensitive. my daddy ❤️: Did you do it in your sleep? 🏳️‍🌈 LilahLemon (she/her)🍋🏳️‍⚧️: Some hehe 🏳️‍🌈 LilahLemon (she/her)🍋🏳️‍⚧️: Woke up and finished pushing my daddy ❤️: Such a good girl Delilah smiled and slipped her hand into the collar of her nightgown, rubbing her small conical nipples. She pinched her left one and gently rolled the tip between her fingers. Meeh 😛, she typed. my daddy ❤️: So glad my baby bed messes ❤️ You know I can’t help it, Delilah replied. She couldn’t. After being diapered for the last four years, her continence was nearly extinguished. She still had partial bowel control while she was awake, but she frequently woke up messing herself. Gently biting her lip, Delilah squeezed her breast. They were just large enough now to fill her small hands and she was desperate to have them touched. She wiggled her hips against her squishy padding, feeling her mess mush between her legs. Her kitty was flushed and sensitive. She dropped her hand from her breast and reached under the skirt of her nighty to cup the crotch of her diaper. Pressing it against her kitty, she kneaded the soaked filling through the plastic. Her clit was starting to drip into her diaper. May I get off daddy? She typed with her other hand. my daddy ❤️: We’ll see baby my daddy ❤️: Where's your paci sweetie? She felt over her chest, realizing her pacifier clip was missing. Around? She typed. Should be in your mouth, her partner responded. Delilah grumbled to herself and crawled over her teddy to search her bed, her plastic sheets crinkling under her. Pushing aside the covers to reveal a collection of sex toys, stuffies, snacks, and an assortment of items that absolutely should not have been in her bed, Delilah dug around under her pillows for her pacifier. Finding it between her wand and a bag of candy she’d stolen from work, Delilah popped in her mouth. She climbed on top of her teddy, straddling him, and sent a picture to her caregiver. Her pretty was face lit up in a smile behind the large pacifier shield. my daddy ❤️: There's my happy baby ❤️ Glowing with pleasure, she rocked herself against her teddy. Squeezing her teddy with her legs so she didn’t slip off, Delilah leaned over and started the video call through her webcam. “Can you see me daddy?” She said, shaking her messy butt at the camera. Her mess moved against her. “I can see you, baby.” Her caregiver’s voice crackled over her cheap speakers and Delilah smiled behind her pacifier. It was deeper than the pre-testosterone voice he had had when they first got together, but she no longer remembered any other. She pulled her nightgown off over her head and flipped her hair back as she turned around to face the camera. Shivering with excitement as the cool air hit her skin, she ran her hands over her chest. She cupped a breast in each palm and squeezed gently, more for her own enjoyment than for that of her partner watching through the webcam. She did hope that if she was sexy enough, he would let her cum. The poop in her diaper squished against her as she scooted her butt up to straddle her teddy’s head. Pressing her crotch down on his face, she rocked her kitty against his nose. She ran her hands down her smooth body to rub the front of her diaper, cupping the padding with both hands and lifting it to press against her clit. “Good girl. Baby loves her teddy, doesn't she?” “Mhmm,” Delilah bounced her butt against the bear’s head. “Does he make baby’s kitty feel nice?” “Mhmmm,” Delilah lisped around her pacifier. “My diapers berry slick daddy.” “And very full. Baby’s kitty must be so poopy.” Delilah whined and rocked herself impatiently against her bear. “I pretty sure she's still clean,” she mumbled, knowing very well she was messy all over under her diaper. “Maybe,” She heard a smile in her partner’s voice. “But you're a very good girl to rub your kitty in your mess.” A little moan slipped out of Delilah. “Just want to make stickies…” “I know you do. Where’s your toy, baby?” Delilah blushed. “Which one daddy?” “Your big one.” “Umm…” Delilah slid off her bear. Making sure to stick up her butt at the camera, she crawled over to her nest of sex toys and pulled out her large red dildo. “Dis one, dada?” She turned around, holding it up to the camera. “Yes, baby. Where’s your lube?” She shrugged. “I nono.” “Find it.” Grumbling, she dug around in her bed for her lube, finally finding it under her stuffed shark. She held it up in triumph. “Good girl. Can you say hello to your toy for me?” She took out her pacifier, licking up the length of the dildo before taking it into her mouth. She made eye contact with the camera as she took it as deep into her throat as she could, grinding her kitty into her diaper as she did. She slowly slid it out of her mouth, kissing the tip as it left her lips. Wiggling with excitement, she opened her lube bottle and dribbled it over her toy, sliding her hand up and down the shaft as she coated it. “Good baby.” Delilah popped her pacifier back in and smiled. “Can you pull your diaper aside for me?” Nodding, Delilah obediently got on all fours and pulled her diaper aside with one hand. She flushed with embarrassment to know her daddy could almost certainly see how messy she was. With her other hand, she angled her dildo under her diaper towards her asshole. She burned with humiliation as she felt her mess squishing under the toy. Pressing the tip to her hole, she pushed gently. Her body resisted at first, then, as she forced herself to relax, she felt her hole open and take in the head of the toy. She gave herself a few seconds to accept the toy and then slowly pushed the rest of the shaft into herself. She tugged her diaper back into place, trying not to get any mess on her fingers. Looking back over her shoulder, she shook her hips at the camera. “Good girl. Can you show me how you like to make your teddy feel good?” “Yesh dada.” Carefully climbing back on to her teddy, she straddled his hips and put her arms around his head. Nuzzling into his soft fur, she slowly eased down on her dildo. She whined quietly as her mess mushed under her and she humped her diaper against her teddy, her clit sliding against her soiled padding. “Does baby like that?” Delilah nodded into her teddy. “Uh…huh…” Her clit was hard now, and she shifted her full weight onto her butt, driving her dildo deeper into herself. She rolled her hips against him, riding the dildo in her diaper like it was her teddy’s cock. Leaning forward, she kissed his face through her pacifier, his fluff tickling her small breasts. She moaned into her pacifier. Kissing him made it more like real sex, but also made her feel more like a little girl “practicing” kissing on her stuffed toys. She felt pathetic. Her kitty throbbed. “Aww, is baby giving teddy kisses?” Delilah turned her head to look back at the camera. Her cheek was pressed against her bear's fur. “Just being nice to my fwiend.” “I know sweetie. Baby loves making her teddy happy, doesn't she?” She nodded. “Does he make baby’s kitty feel nice?” “Makes my kitty tinglies.” She squirmed in her diaper. “I know sweetie, your clitty is really hard isn't she? Delilah blushed. “Why’s my baby so excited?” “I nono.” She turned her face into her bear. “Is it because she knows she’s too little for big girl sex?” Delilah whined into her pacifier and rapidly humped her hard clit against her padding. Sweat rolled down her back. Her whole body felt tingly and the cold air was electric against her damp skin. She squeezed her legs around her bear, flexing her butt and thighs as she rode the toy in her ass. She moaned as the mess moved between her cheeks. “Does my baby want to cum in her dirty diaper?” “Yesh,” Her voice was high and breathy. “Yesh daddy.” “Yes what, baby?” “I wanna-” Delilah moaned into her teddy. “Wanna cum in my poopy diapy dada.” “Get your buzzy, baby.” Delilah whimpered and reached for her wand. The smell of her diaper and her own sweat hung in the air around her. She clicked it on and placed the buzzing head against the front of her diaper and sucked in her breath as her whole diaper vibrated against her kitty. Trapping the wand between herself and her bear she pushed into it hard into her crotch, mushing the silicon head into the plastic of her diaper. She pushed her hips forward, curling over herself to feel the depth of the toy in her ass. Her poopy diaper buzzed against her clit, enveloping her. She kissed her bear’s face and moaned loudly and involuntarily into her pacifier. “Is my baby close?” “Uhh…” Delilah’s mouth was open and slack around her pacifier. Her eyes were shut. She was squeezing her own breast in one hand. “Uhhuhhh…” “Is her teddy making her feel nice in her dirty diaper?” “Mhhmmm…” She nodded and moaned again. All Delilah could think about was her diaper. Her mess was buzzing against her; her own filthy, smelly reminder that she was a helpless baby. Too little for sex, too little to use the toilet. Only able to squish her soiled padding against herself until she came in her own waste. “Cum in your diaper for me, baby.” The wave of pleasure erupted from her kitty, rolling up over her hips and chest. Delilah gasped and moaned, her hand slipping from her breast to mash her wand against her diaper as she came. She whimpered against her bear’s face, rocking back on her dildo to milk out the rest of her orgasm. “Eeep,” Delilah pulled back from her wand as it suddenly became too much. Giggling, she fumbled to turn it off. She couldn’t tell if she had dribbled into her diaper or not, but her kitty was tingly and happy. Her wand clicked off. She was sleepy and warm. “All done sweetie?” She nodded as she snuggled into her bear. Her dildo felt larger in her ass now and she wiggled her butt to get comfortable. “Did you have fun?” “Duh.” Delilah was struggling to keep her eyes open. Her diaper mushed between thighs as she wrapped her legs around her teddy. God, she stunk. “Let’s get your diaper changed then.” “Uh uh.” Delilah pulled her covers up over herself. “Are you gonna fall asleep on me?” “No, dada.” Delilah felt herself peeing into her mess. She sighed happily as the damp heat spread throughout her diaper. “Are you sure?” “Mhmms.” “I love you baby.” “Wuv wu too dada.” Delilah suckled her pacifier. She closed her eyes.
  3. Hey all, work in progress, let me know your thoughts. Chapter 1: Mike was a 25 year old guy who had just graduated from a small college in Wyoming. Mike was planning his move out to Philadelphia to begin his new career in Law. Mike was just your normal college guy, he loved sports, video games, and hanging out with his friends. There was one thing that set Mike apart from others his age, he loved to wear and use diapers and act like a baby. He remembers back to when he was a child and always wanted to wear diapers. He just loved the warmth and security a warm wet diaper had. Throughout college Mike had to hide his love of diapers from his friends and roommates. He could only enjoy diapers in his room alone and had to be very discrete. He longed for after college when he'd be able to wear diapers any time he wanted and live the life he truly wanted. As Mike packed up his old room he thought back on the memories he made throughout college. His first party, his first time with a girl, his first time with a guy. He did not realize it after initially arriving on campus, but after several months he realized he was gay. He had his first gay sexual encounter his freshman year and realized his sexuality. He closed up the final box and the movers were wrapping up. He hopped in the car and looked back one final time at all of the memories from college, and drove away excited for the next chapter in his life. Mike had thought about this drive and planned to wear his diapers. He figured it would allow him to finally indulge freely in his fetish and prevent him from having to stop too often on his way to Philly. He was able to avoid any pit stops and made it to his hotel in Nebraska in a soaking wet diaper. Mike was slightly worried his diaper would leak while he was checking in but luckily made it to his room to take a shower and put on a fresh diaper. He put on a onesie and laid on the bed with his phone. He opened up Grindr and scrolled through the guys online. He was exhausted and scrolling out of boredom when he received a message from someone named DaddyLooking. The message read simply: "I see you're into diapers, are you padded like a good little boy?". Mike was surprised someone in Nebraska would even know what ABDL meant, and replied "I am, nice and warm". Mike messaged back and forth over Grindr and found out DaddyLooking's name was actually TJ. After chatting awhile they agreed to meet up. TJ had a home near Mike's hotel and offered to pick him up. As Mike got in the car with TJ he looked him over. TJ was a large dude, 6'3, 250 pounds and muscular. Mike felt eclipsed getting in the car, Mike was only 5'9 and 160 pounds. The ride to TJ's house was short and quiet. Mike was nervous randomly meeting up with a daddy from Grindr but was excited to hang out with someone who was also into diapers. When they arrived to TJ's house he silently moved his hand down to MIke's crotch and said "All dry right now baby boy". Mike didn't know what to say and laughed nervously. TJ ushered Mike out of the car and into the house. When Mike walked in he saw a normal midwestern house. TJ walked in behind him and closed the door. He guided Mike downstairs into the basement and to a door. Mike opened the door and was dumbfounded at what lay before him. In this normal house was a full sized nursery built for adults. The walls were pink and the carpet blue. There was a large adult sized crib and an adult changing table. There was a dresser and closet, a big mobile above the crib, and a large recliner chair in the corner. TJ ushered Mike into the room and asked "would you like something to drink Baby Mike?". Mike was thirsty and accepted, he expected TJ would come back with a glass of water but instead he returned with an adult sized bottle and motioned him over to the recliner. TJ sat down and pointed to his lap for Mike to sit in. Mike was hesitant but figured he was already in this deep. He sat on TJ's lap and took the teat of the bottle in his mouth. He began drinking and relaxed into TJ's lap. While Mike was drinking TJ said "Ok Baby Mike, I don't have a ton of rules, but when you are in this house you will only wear diapers and onesies. Adult clothes are not allowed unless you are out of the house. You will only refer to me as daddy and will not be allowed to use the bathroom". Mike was beginning to get nervous as he thought this would only be a hook up. He began to protest but suddenly found his mouth was not forming the words and only made gibberish. TJ looked down at Mike and said "Oh also, you were so tired from your drive I wanted to make sure you got a good night's rest. I put something in this bottle to help you take a little nap". Mike was terrified at this point but was physically unable to fight back or voice his displeasure. He struggled to keep his eyes open and everything went black. Mike awoke some time later, he could not tell how long it had been but he was no longer wearing his jeans or clothes but was instead in a pink onesie and a very wet diaper. He tried to move his hand down to his diaper to feel how wet it was but was startled to realize he was restrained to the crib. TJ opened the door at the sound of Mike stirring and said "Good morning Baby Mike, you slept all night without waking up!" Mike was alarmed to realize he stayed the entire night at TJ's. He spoke up "Why am I chained to this crib? I have to get going soon". TJ looked down at Mike with disappointment, "I told you, you only refer to me as daddy, its ok you'll learn after some punishment". TJ unrestrained Mike's arms and legs but Mike was shocked to realize he couldn't move his arms or legs. Mike asked, "What have you done to me? I can't move". TJ looked down again, "You need to start referring to me as daddy, I added a paralyzer to your bottle, it will wear off but you need to follow the rules before you're trusted". With that TJ picked Mike up off the crib and laid him on the changing table. First he placed a pacifier in Mike's mouth and secured it with a paci gag behind Mike's head. He undid the tabs on the front and pulled the soiled diaper off Mike and threw it in the trash. He quickly placed a fresh diaper under Mike's butt and powdered him up before taping up the new diaper. He picked Baby Mike up off the table and brought him back over to the crib. Instead of laying Mike down in the crib, he lowered one side and laid Mike facedown over the side of the mattress. TJ said, "Now this is because you couldn't follow the rules" He brought down a paddle on Mike's backside without warning. Mike cried out through the pacifier at the pain. TJ spanked Mike harshly for about 5 minutes. He said "Baby Mike I don't like making you hurt, I only want you to feel good, you must follow the rules". TJ sat down on the mattress with Mike and pulled him across his lap and cuddled with him. Baby Mike felt something hard in Daddy's pants and realized he was also turned on by the entire experience. The diapers really turned him on and he actually enjoyed the spanking without realizing it. Daddy reached down to Mike's crotch and felt wetness, "Looks like baby already wet his new diaper, and it also feels like Baby Mike might like being punished by daddy". Daddy unzipped his pants and stood up. He laid Mike over the side of the mattress and pulled down his diaper revealing his red cheeks. Daddy rubbed his cheeks and spread them to get a look a Baby Mike's hole. He put a cold liquid on Mike's hole and began rubbing. TJ worked one finger into Mike's hole and slowly fingered him. He continued fingering Mike until he had multiple fingers in and Mike was moaning instead of crying from his spanking. He told Mike it was time to take Daddy's cock. TJ put the tip against Mike's hole and slowly pushed. He applied light pressure and felt his head slip into Mike's hole. Once TJ's head was all the way inside Mike's hole he began moving back and forth. Mike was moaning as Daddy began fucking him. He was now burying the length of his 10 inch cock into Mike's tight hole. Mike was in ecstasy at this point and was really enjoying being pounded by his captor. Daddy started fucking Mike hard and fast and after about 10 minutes Daddy came into Mike. He deposited a hot thick load into Mike and let his cock shrink while still in Mike's hole. After a minute or two Daddy pulled his cock out of Mike's hole and pulled the diaper back up over Mike's butt. Daddy flipped Mike back over and laid him down in the crib. He reattached the restraints and pulled out a vibrator. Daddy said "well it wouldn't be fair if I was the only one to get off". He turned on the vibrator and put it against the front of Mike's diaper. Mike couldn't move very much but could still feel the sensations in his diaper. His mind was running a mile a minute, he was terrified at being help captive, worried about his future, still in pain from his spanking, dripping his captor's cum from his ass while fighting against an orgasm from Daddy's vibrator. Daddy said "You can't fight it, you need to cum baby boy". Mike couldn't fight it anymore and shot his load into his diaper. He felt humiliated and began quietly sobbing through his pacifier. Daddy was satisfied that his baby boy came in his diaper and turned off the lights. Mike didn't know how but he quickly drifted off the sleep, warm cum dripping from his ass and all. To be continued.
  4. Hello all! This is my very first original story! I hope you like it! Please feel free to leave comments/suggestions and what not! I'd love to hear what you have to say! As of Chapter 3 this story has 2 perspectives **** is shown to signify perspective switching. This is an experiment I'm doing to see if I can tell the story better this way. ====Chapter 1 "Just A Checkup"==== I was getting ready for a doctors appointment. It was 6am, but my doctors appointment wasn't until 1pm. Than why was I getting up so early, It's entirely due to the method of transportation I use. "Phone-A-Trip" a service that allows disabled people and seniors to go anywhere in the county for a mere $5 each way. I didn't have a car so this seemed like the most cost-effective option, especially when you consider ride-sharing apps like "Ryde" would cost at least triple that price. As the saying goes you get what you pay for, Phone-A-Trip would guarantee you get to your appointment on time or your money back. The way they did this however was by giving you a pickup time about 6 hours away from your actual appointment time, give or take. Today my ride was scheduled between 6:30am - 7:00am, this meant that I had to sit outside my front door for a half hour as Phone-A-Trip did not call you when the driver arrived, if you missed your ride you could be penalized and possibly lose access to the service entirely. Lucky for me I was ready and out the door by 6:15am. Once the Phone-A-Trip had arrived I paid the driver $5 and took my seat. There was only 1 other group of people on the bus so I assumed they would get me to my appointment early. I was wrong, I got to my appointment with less than 10 minutes to spare, the other group of people wanted to go to the complete opposite side of the county and Phone-A-Trip put them ahead of me on the queue because their appointment was earlier, even though my destination was on the way to where they wanted to go, I literally saw my drop off spot while we were driving and asked the driver if he could just drop me off. He replied with something along the lines of "I have to drop everyone off in the order they are assigned." I walked to the pediatrics clinic, which I had been going to for years and continued to go to. They already knew everything about my situation, it would've just been a pain to go to a different doctor who I didn't know. I barely trusted the doctors I had been seeing for years! No way I was just going to go somewhere else with people I didn't know at all and just trust them with handling my situation. The worst part about the pediatrics office was by far the Waiting Room. Nothing but kids running screaming and crying. There were some well behaved kids here and there, but the shear amount of misbehaving kids kinda outnumbered them, maybe not in size but definitely in noise level. I usually just brought a pair of headphones so I could listen to some Music on my phone while I waited. It didn't completely drown out the noise of loud children, but it helped significantly. When my name was called I received a little SMS alert on my phone saying "Daniel Kasar Berang the doctor will see you now please go to office #15 within the next 15 minutes." If you waited more than 15 minutes to report to the office you had to sign in again as they only had a few available rooms at any given time. I think a 15 minute wait is more than reasonable though, I know people who can't even be 2 minutes late after being called into see the doctor. I got up off my chair and started walking into the hallway where all the rooms were located I walked until I came across a restroom, at which point I stopped and paused to think if I needed to go number one or number two before my appointment. I sorta had an urge to do both, but these appointments weren't usually longer than 15 - 30 minutes. Ultimately I ended up deciding against it this time, besides I didn't want to be late and potentially be stuck in the waiting room for even longer and possibly never get seen for missing my original appointment time. I continued walking down the hall until I saw rooms number #12 #13 #14 and #15. I had never been to room #15 in my entire 21 years of going to this hospital, in fact I didn't know they had a room #15, they were recently doing a lot of renovations though, so it's entirely possible it's a new addition. I gave the door 3 good hard knocks just to make sure no one was already in there. I've accidentally walked into the wrong room before and it was very embarrassing to say the least, ever since then I've done this 3 knock routine and I haven't gotten the wrong room since! I slowly opened the door and walked into the examination room and I see a large hospital crib. The thick metal bars were not raised so the crib was more like a standard examination table. You could tell it was still a crib since the bars were still there touching the floor they just weren't raised. The room also had stuff like baby bottles, breast pumps, toys and other things scattered about the room. At first I thought I got the wrong room. I got my phone out my my pocket and went to go double check the text to make sure the room number was correct, sure enough it said right on the text "please go to office #15 within the next 15 minutes." As I stood there to ponder what could have possibly gone wrong I hear a knock on the door before it begins to open. "Hello Daniel My name is Emma I'll be your nurse this evening. Are you ready for your checkup?" She asked as she stepped further into the examination room. Emma was a tall woman with medium blonde hair, it went about down to her shoulders. She was wearing white nurses uniform which had 2 of the buttons undone, presumably to prevent her huge breasts from popping the buttons completely off the uniform entirely. She also had a baby's pacifier pinned to her shirt dangling right next to her nurses badge. "Yeah, I do have one question though. Am I in the right room? This seems like an examination room for infants not like the regular exam rooms." I questioned "I'm very sorry about that! all of our regular exam rooms are occupied, we're currently at full capacity. This room should work fine, but if you feel uncomfortable I can reschedule your appointment." She replied with a smile, obviously trying to make sure that I was as comfortable as possible "No no, I'm already here, I was honestly just curious is all." I said not even noticing I was staring at the pacifier clipped to her uniform. She looked at me and followed my gaze to the pacifier. "Oh this? Sometimes infants can get really fussy, this helps calm them down. I get a new one every time I get assigned this room with a new patient. I didn't actually know it was you until I was already wearing it." Emma explained as if she knew exactly why I was staring. "So shall we get started? Just come here and take a seat on the examination table." Emma said as she grabbed my hand and walked me over to the crib which I suppose doubled as an examination table. I sat down on the "exam table" and Emma began going through the usual steps. First she got out a stethoscope and pressed it against my back "Deep Breath Please." Emma asked politely. I Inhaled deeply and than gave a quick exhale, like anyone would after being told to give a "deep breath". "Careful now! You don't want to blow the roof off this place do you?" Emma teased with a cute giggle." After about 4 or 5 more deep breaths with the stethoscope she moved on to heartbeat. "Alright heart rate is normal, maybe a little fast but it's within the normal margin of error." She commented placing the stethoscope back in her uniform pocket. "There is one more thing I have to test before I can release you with a clean bill of health." Emma had a nervous tone to her voice as she said that. "It's nothing serious or anything, it's just a simple temperature. The issue is... we only have thermometers meant for babies, meaning.... it goes up your butt." "W-w-w-Wait! You must be able to get a thermometer from another room! That can't be the only option!!" I quickly stammered to try to think of any alternative. "Unfortunately it is the only option. The reason you got put in this room was because all the 'big kid' rooms were taken, so I'm afraid all the 'big kid' thermometers are currently being used for other patients." Emma replied matter of factly as she went over to get the thermometer and some lubricant. "I'll try to make it as painless as possible okay?" Emma said trying to comfort me. "Just get it over with. P-Please." I said, my whole body shaking slightly and my cheeks blushing bright red. I assumed the position on the crib, currently exam table. My asshole pointing upwards, overall just trying to make the whole thing get done as quickly as possible. Emma laughed "Maybe you do belong here after all." "That's not funny!" I growled. Emma got her fingers covered in the lubricant and set course for my butthole. "Here comes the plain! VRRRRRRRRRRRMMMMMMMMMM" She sounded out with her mouth, really drinking in the humiliation of the whole situation. I let out a yelp once the cold lubrication made contact with my butthole. Before I even had time to process what just happened I felt the thermometer enter through my back door without so much as knocking. "Eeep" I squealed. "You're really cute, you know that?" Emma started to count down from 30. "30, 29, 28, 27, 26." It felt like a literal eternity with this unwanted object just sitting there in my butt and if I didn't know any better I'd say Emma was enjoying every minute of it, judging by the huge grin she had on her face. "15, 14, 13, 12, 11, 10, 9, 8, 10, 9" 'Did she just fucking rewind a couple of seconds?' I thought to myself. 'SHE REALLY IS ENJOYING THIS ISN'T SHE!?!?!?!' "5, 4, 3, 2.....5, 4, 3,...4, 3 2 aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand 1." she made sure to make those last few seconds the longest. I swear those last 5 seconds were longer than every other number of the countdown combined. Emma slowly started to move the thermometer out of my asshole just when it was about halfway out, she decided to push it back in. Which caused me to let out a slight squeal. I would've called her out on her bullshit, but It'd be pretty stupid to anger her, especially when she literally had me defenseless. After about a minute or two of her playing around with the thermometer, pretending to remove it before putting it back in and letting it sit for a couple of seconds and repeating the process over multiple times. She finally decided to stop joking around and took the thermometer out of my asshole, for real this time. "See that wasn't so bad now was it?" I swear she had the biggest fucking smug ass look on her face, she was practically getting off to this. I quickly pulled my underwear and pants back up, not wanting to have them off any longer than absolutely necessary. "Sorry I had to keep re-inserting it like that. The thermometer kept giving me a bad reading." she attempted to excuse herself. That's the worst fucking excuse I've ever heard of! "Yes, it was exactly that bad." I sulked. "Aww come now, don't pout!" Emma went over and got a couple pills and a cup of water. "Here take this, you have some irregularities in your vitals, nothing serious but these should get them back to normal." Emma handed me the pills and the class of water. I reluctantly took the pills and washed them down with the cup of water. "Those pills will make you feel pretty tired so I recommend laying down for a few minutes, we'll sort everything out after the effects wear off." Emma gently pushed me down onto the exam table so I was laying instead of sitting. Instantly I started feeling the effects of the pills kick in. I didn't get much sleep last night anyway, so I decided to close my eyes take a quick snooze. ====End of Chapter 1==== I hope you guys enjoyed the first chapter of my very first public story of this type! Let me know if you enjoy it and want me to make more. I had a pretty fun time making it! Remember this is my very first public story, so go easy on me! Hope it was worth your time. Look forward to potentially writing more chapters. Feel free to Modify, Remix, Redistribute this story in any way you like. So long as it remains publicly available and free you have my official permission. Some credit in the modified, remixed, redistributed would be nice, even something as simple as "Original By Kasarberang" would be greatly appreciated, but that part doesn't matter that much to me. I think these terms are more than reasonable. Just A Checkup ~ A Kasarberang Story
  5. I got off of work and was headed home; thinking about how nice it would be if when I got home if my wife diapered me. However my wife stepped up the game tremendously. Not only did she diaper me, but she cleaned me and then fingered me while I jacked off before cleaning me up and taping me up in a diaper, and put me into my onesie before we went to get shopping and to get something to eat. I love my wife.
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