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  1. Switch to cloth at night, or wear cloth-lined plastic pants over your disposable. Regular plastic pants over a disposable won’t stop a leak. You need something in the plastic pants to catch the leak.
  2. Becky insisted he stay in the basement during the party.
  3. Never go to work for a company owned by a holding company that’s owned by a holding company.

    1. Shotgun Diplomat

      Shotgun Diplomat

      Sound wisdom that. 

  4. Chapter 4 Jamie sat in his playpen once more watching Becky rush around getting ready for company. Like always, she put him out of the way, though he figured he’d have been equally out of the way in his nursery. Still, he sat in playpen with a coloring book, content except for not having a pencil sharpener with him. Growing frustrated at the too thick lines messing up the design, he decided to watch the Becky Show, as he and Amanda secretly called it, her harried ritual when she was getting ready for a party. Adding to her franticness, since it was Manda’s graduation party, Becky kept insisting she not help, and Manda kept helping, and Becky kept shooing Manda away. “Maybe you should get in the playpen, and I’ll help,” Jamie said to Manda after Becky chased her out of the kitchen again. “You say that now, but you’d get all pouty when I finished your coloring book without you. Wanna go play outside?” “Won’t we get dirty?” “We’ll change if we need to. C’mon,” she said as she stooped down to lift him out of the playpen. She carried him through the breezeway and into the backyard. “Swingset or sandbox?” “Sandbox.” He had an unfinished castle to work on. She set him down on the warm sand and seated herself on the edge, and together they worked on sculpting the castle’s features. “Too bad we can’t hide this,” Jamie said as he worked. “Why,” Amanda asked, chuckling. Hide a sand castle? “Because Dozer is gonna destroy it, no doubt.” “Jamie, that’s kinda mean. He’s only three.” “I know. I don’t mean anything by it.” He’d never call his cousin Samuel his secret nickname for him in front of him or in front of Daniel or Lauren either. “He just has a tendency to break my stuff.” And he’s huge even for a big, Jamie thought but didn’t say. Being around him made Jamie nervous sometimes, especially when he was tired and acting like a crazy toddler. “We’ll keep the door to your room closed.” “Who all is coming over?” “The people you know, some friends of mine from school, and a bunch of mom’s old friends and coworkers. I think it’s as big an accomplishment for the parents as the graduates, and on the plus side, I’m gonna get more presents.” “Mel’s coming, right?” “Looking forward to seeing her?” Jamie hadn’t seen much of her since finals started. She wasn’t quite as natural a student as Manda, so she buckled down more to study. “I got a job for her,” Jamie said. “What?” “You’ll see.” Manda laughed. “Oh! What are you guys doing,” Becky said as she stood in the door of the breezeway. “You’re all sandy now. People are gonna be here soon.” “I think this is your grandma’s fault,” Jamie whispered. “Amazing how neurotic a parent can make a child about certain things.” “That’s okay, Mom,” Amanda said as she stood up. “He’s just a little boy. Everyone will think it’s just cute.” She winked at him. “Well, brush him off and come inside.” She heard the doorbell ring. “See!” “On our way! C’mon, sugar cookie,” Amanda said as she reached out a hand to help Jamie stand and then brushed the sand off his shorts and legs. “Hold on,” Jamie said when he was finished. He took off his right shoe and turned it over to let the sand out, then did the same with his left. Amanda brushed off her own butt. Jamie toddled after her and followed her to their entryway where Becky was greeting their first guest, a friend of hers he didn’t recognize. “Hi Mrs. Davison,” Amanda said. “Thanks for coming.” She leaned over to give her a hug. Jamie figured this must be one of Becky’s work friends. “I wouldn’t miss it! Congratulations.” “Come in,” Becky said, “You’re the first to arrive.” “That means I get alone time with this guy,” she said as she stooped to pick up Jamie. He exercised his self-control and didn’t push her hands away. “You must be the famous Jamie I hear so much about!” “Do you work with my Mom,” he asked. “I do,” she said as she patted his butt. He hid a grimace. “And I used to be Amanda’s teacher.” More people were coming up the front walk. Rather than put him down, she walked back toward the front door, and once Becky and Amanda had greeted their new guest, they turned their attention on him. “Is this Jamie,” Guest #2 asked. He ruffled his hair. “This must be Jamie,” Guest #3 said. “He’s adorable,” Guest #4, #5, and #7 said. “Can I hold him,” Guest #everyone asked. His butt was rarely so thoroughly patted. Out of respect for Manda’s party, he’d decided to be patient and go along with it, thinking maybe he’d even make a new friend. He wanted to go to Manda or Becky, but they were being the polite hostesses, as he knew they needed to be. Looking at the person holding him, Jamie remembered catching toads as a kid, and half the time they’d pee on themselves to make themelves less appetizing, but that didn’t work for Jamie. At last, he heard a familiar voice. “Excuse me,” he said to the big holding him, another of Becky’s colleagues. She kept on talking. “Excuse me … Hey!” Out of patience, Jamie wriggled and said, “Lemme go” as the man finally got the point and gently set Jamie on his feet, swatting his butt gently as he started to walk away. Once upon a time, Jamie would have rounded on the man and given him a piece of his mind, but these days it took a lot more to get a rise out of Jamie. He walked gingerly through the see of tall legs, watchful as always to avoid getting stepped on, and when he saw Mel he tugged on her pantleg to get her attention. “Jamie,” she exclaimed. She picked him up, and he put his legs around her waist and his arms around her neck. “Congratulations on your graduation,” he said. “Thank you! Are you having fun?” “I am now. Just do me a favor and don’t let anyone else pick me up.” “Point out them out to me! I’ll set ‘em straight.” “Those ones,” Jamie said as he swept the room behind him with his arm. “Oh. There’s too many. How about we go get a plate of food instead?” “Yes, please.” Mel walked into the dining room and shifted Jamie to her hip. He held the plate while she got the goodies. She knew what he liked and didn’t like. “Kinda crowded in here,” she said. “Wanna go sit outside?” “Sure.” A few people were outside at the folding tables Becky had set up. Mel sat at an empty one. “So,” Mel said as the two of them picked at the plate, “Excited for summer?” “Yeah. It’s my favorite. What are you doing this summer?” “Working and searching for a real job.” Jamie didn’t envy her one bit. He didn’t want to quash her enthusiasm, so he refrained from apologizing for her misfortune. “And hanging out with you and Ella.” “She’s looking forward to seeing you.” “I am, too.” “Have you got any leads on jobs?” “Not yet. I may need to settle for an internship for a while. But we’ll see.” “Hey, Mel,” a male voice said. Mel and Jamie turned to see a man her age approaching. “Hey, Todd,” Mel said in a friendly but not warm voice. “I didn’t know you to be here.” “I’m with Kyle. We’re hitting up a few graduation parties today.” Jamie liked Kyle. He was on the very short list of guys associated with Amanda that he didn’t want to chase off. “Is this Jamie?” “Yes,” Jamie said. “Nice to meet you.” Todd nodded at him, and said to Mel, “He seems like all the other littles to me. Don’t really see why Amanda puts him first all the time.” “Nice,” Mel said sarcastically. “Really.” “Sorry,” Todd said as he backed away. Jamie grimaced and watched him go over Mel’s shoulder. “I’ve never met a Todd who wasn’t a complete and total prick shit!” Jamie yelled. Todd stopped, paused, and then kept walking without turning around. Mel laughed out loud. “Who was that guy?” “Someone from school. Total bro. Don’t think I’ve ever heard someone say ‘prick shit’ before.” “Bonus of being a little. Getting to say what you feel.” “Better not let Becky hear you say things like that.” He didn’t need the reminder. He knew what soap tastes like. “Kyle is friends with him?” “Sort of. I don’t know. I think he’s too nice to not put up with his shit.” “I bet you a backrub they stop hanging out as soon as the summer’s over, if that long,” Jamie said. “Without school they’ll just drift apart.” “Hmm. Here’s hoping. You wanna go find Kyle?” “I’m sure he’ll come find us eventually. So you’ve decided against grad school then?” “For now. I wanna try working for a while. Tired of school.” “I get that.” “And besides, maybe I’ll find something I really like without a graduate degree. Most people do.” “Or they settle.” “What’s that mean?” “It means two weeks after you get your first real job, you’re gonna get the biggest paycheck you’ve ever gotten, and you’re gonna get used to making money real quick. That makes it hard to go back to school, prying yourself away from that.” “We’ll see. Anyway, for now I’m just intent on finding that job and enjoying my summer in the meantime. Are you full?” “Yeah.” “Maybe we should go see who else is here. Don’t wanna be rude.” “If you insist.” They went inside and dropped the plate off in the trash. While in the kitchen, Mel helped herself to one of the good beers from the fridge, this being her second home, and she made a sippy cup of milk for Jamie. “There he is!” Donna squealed. “You put me down, and I will never forgive you,” Jamie whispered to Mel. Donna rushed over. “Hi, Jamie! Is you having fun at the party? Is you? Is you-is you?” He responded by turning into Mel’s chest and hiding his face where her arm met her body. “How are you still so shy,” Donna asked. “I’m also here,” Mel said. The two of them had grown apart as college had gone on, and Jamie didn’t wonder if it had something to do with him. They were more cordial acquaintances and less friends now. “And once more you beat me to this little guy.” Jamie took a deep breath. Respect for Amanda is what kept him from telling Donna off years ago. Sure, Donna’s antics were sometimes funny, but more often she just drove him nuts. One time when he had acquiesced and let her hold him, he regretted so quickly he did his best to flood his diaper in the hope it would leak. “Hi, Donna,” he said without taking his head from the crook of Mel’s arm. “Hiyeee. So now that I’ve graduated, as soon as I get a job I’m gonna apply to adopt a little. Won’t that be awesome? A new friend for you to play with!” Jamie’s eyes crossed for a moment. “But I wanna a newborn, no offense.” Jamie breathed a sigh of relief. He could picture that working, and he moreover suspected she wouldn’t get approved for adoption until she was much more established in her career and had some real money tucked away. Jamie had seen the receipts Becky got from Little Hearth. “That’s … great,” he said. “That’ll be … uh-huh.” “We’d better keep circulating,” Mel said. “Lemme know if you get tired holding him,” Donna said hopefully. Jamie imagined if that were to happen he’d just hold on to her shirt the way a baby gorilla hangs from its mothers fur. As they made their way around the room, some people acknowledged him when they spoke to Mel and some didn’t. A few spoke to him, and then introduced themselves to her. The card table Becky had put up in the corner to collect presents and envelopes was looking pretty full. “I hope I clean up that well at my party next weekend,” Mel said. “You gonna draw me a card?” “Of course. Don’t I always?” “You do, and I always save them,” she said as she tapped the end his nose with the last three words. He liked it when she did it. “There’s your aunt.” “My other aunt,” Jamie said to her as they approached Lauren. He liked thinking of Mel as his aunt. “I figured he had to be with you,” she said. “Congratulations.” “Oh, he prefers to be with me all the time.” “Ha! I meant on your graduation.” “I know. Thank you.” “Can I at least have a hug?” “Yes,” Jamie said and held his arms out for her to take him. He got a hug and a kiss. “Thank you, Jamie Bear. Sammy is outside in the back with Danny if you wanna go say hello.” “We’ll work our way out there eventually,” Jamie said. “How are Sammy and Danny?” “Fine. Well, Sammy is fine. Danny is completely overwhelmed by potty training. Man can build server farms but get completely flustered by accidents.” “Maybe Sammy isn’t ready,” Mel suggested. “He’s ready. Trust me. Besides, I’m ready. I told Daniel, I said, ‘He’s not a little who’ll just be in diapers forever. He needs to be out of them before he can start preschool.’ We even explained to Sammy why you need diapers forever and he doesn’t,” she said to Jamie “I’d have liked to have heard that,” Jamie said. Not that he minded, most of the time, but he was still perplexed by their erroneous understanding of how human bodies work. He’d made his peace with it, but still. One thing Jamie still wanted to know, though, is when big children generally figured out littles were different and how much of what they came to understand littles to be was biological versus cultural. “I guess we will go say hello,” Jamie said. “Maybe I could get a summer job chauffeuring littles around on my hip,” Mel joked as they made their way back outside. “Sorry.” “I’m kidding,” she said, giving him a kiss on his forehead. Danny was talking with someone, and below him, seated in the ruins of Jamie’s recently grand castle, was Sammy. “Hi, Danny,” Jamie said, interrupting him. “Oh hey, Jamester. Liza,” he said to the woman he was talking with, “this is Jamie, of course, and Mel.” “We’ve met,” Liza said. “Nice to see you again,” Jamie replied. “We were catching up on old times.” “I knew your uncle when he was a total brat. Always trying to drive me and your mom nuts.” “I wasn’t that bad. What’s keeping you busy these days, Jamester?” “You know me,” he shrugged, “Corporate espionage, insider trading, staying one step ahead of the law.” Rebuilding sandcastles. “I love sarcastic littles,” Liza said, “Sorry, Jamie – I know you hate when people say stuff like that – but it’s true. You’re so much more fun than those perpetual infants.” “Isn’t he,” Mel said. “And congratulations to you, Mel,” Danny said. “Oh, did you just graduate, too,” Liza asked. “Yeah.” “I’m proud of her,” Jamie said. The three bigs looked at him expecting a punchline. “Really,” he said, “I am. It’s a big deal.” He smiled kindly at Mel, and she squeezed him a little. “I like him more, too,” Mel said. “There you are,” Becky said as she approached them from behind. “I was starting to worry where you’d gotten to. What have you been up to,” she asked. “Mingling,” Jamie and Mel said at the same time. “Jamie’s like me,” Daniel said, “just loves to party.” “That may be, but it’s his nap time,” Becky said as she held her arms out. Mel dutifully handed him over. “He needs changed,” she said. Jamie blushed. “I bet my Baby Bear does.” “Do I hafta take a nap,” Jamie whined. “I haven’t even seen Kyle yet.” “Sorry, but you missed him. He did say to tell you hi, though,” Becky informed him. “Oh.” “Night-night, Jamie,” Mel said. He wished it were her naptime, too. “Bye. I’ll see you this week?” “Definitely.” “Bye, Danny. Bye, Liza,” Jamie said. They returned his goodbyes. Sammy The Destroyer of Worlds and Toys seemed content to focus on his inferior whatever-he-was-making. “C’mon,” Becky said. “I’m not that tired,” Jamie said. “Uh-huh,” Becky replied. She’d heard that before. In his nursery, she laid him on his changing table and began to undress him. “Really,” he yawned. “Want your binky?” He sighed, knowing he hadn’t lost this contest because it had never been a contest. She found his pacifier in the crib and put in between his lips. “Did you have fun with Aunt Mel,” Becky asked as she traced a finger down his bare chest and tummy. “Mhmm.” “Well, now that it’s summer time again, you’ll get to see her a lot,” Becky said as she changed Jamie into a dry diaper. “And I’ll be done with work in another two weeks, and then we go on vacation.” By the time she sealed the last tape on his diaper, Jamie was asleep. “Hmm,” Becky chuckled, “Good thing you’re not sleepy,” she whispered as she laid him in his crib.
  5. I want to know, and I may want to know where to purchase some. Thanks
  6. My favorite are ones that begin with the spankee asking to be spanked or otherwise accepting it as a change from normal discipline, and then finding themselves getting spanked far more than they thought they would be. There’s an author on LushStories.com who goes by Peter242 (Peter Martin on Amazon) who writes about this a lot. I’m in the middle of writing three stories with different tea on this theme. What’s your favorite spanking fiction scenario?
  7. A diaper. Typical outfit for me this time of year, unless I'm at work, is an Abena diaper, a pair of Abena fixing pants, khaki shorts, a t-shirt and sandals. Sometimes I'll wear a polo shirt, in which case I'll also wear an undershirt. I've recently started wearing skirts at home (so much more comfortable in the summer), and I do sometimes wear diapers or a pull-up to work. Right now I'm on my back patio in a cotton skirt, t-shirt, Crinklz diaper and Abena fixing pants. I haven't yet gotten the hang of sitting or laying on a chaise lounge in a skirt without showing my bits to the world (and probably never will because my hips and thighs don't wanna close that way), but the magnolia bush and my laptop most likely obscured my neighbor's view. She was moving pots around on her patio about twenty feet from me. Sweet woman. I've decided not to go out of my way to hide what I wear from her but hope she doesn't find out as I have a relative that lives a few doors down and don't want to be the talk of the neighborhood. If I didn't know anyone in the neighborhood, I wouldn't care, but this relative has a big mouth and isn’t very tolerant of differences.
  8. Chapter 3 “Morning, Jamie,” Ella greeted him. Today was Jamie’s last day at daycare for the summer as Amanda would be done with her last final that afternoon. As they had the past several summers, Ella and Jamie would be spending the three days a week together at Jamie’s house under the watchful eye of Becky and Amanda, an arrangement that made the two of them happy and saved Stacy some money. “Morning,” Jamie said glumly as he fell into the chair next to Ella’s. “What’s wrong?” Ella knew Jamie’s moods as well as Becky and Amanda did. After all, they were lovers. “Manda finally told me she was moving out.” “I’m sorry,” she said, taking his hand. He put his head on the table. “Did she say when?” “When the summer is over. I guess before she starts grad school.” “What then?” “Mom and Manda haven’t said. I think I’ll live with her part time.” “So you’ll still see her most days?” “I don’t know.” Jamie sighed and closed his eyes. “I ...” “What?” “I was thinking, last night, I was thinking I wished Mom had never made her my guardian.” Jamie sniffed. Ella’s brow creased. “Because then this wouldn’t feel so much like a divorce. It wouldn’t seem ... I just want things to stay the way they are.” “I know,” Ella said as she ran her fingers through his hair. “So you didn’t talk about any of the details last night?” “I ...” Jamie felt ashamed and still traumatized, the entire episode a blight. How hurt he was, what he’d said. He hadn’t ever made Manda cry. “I stormed out of the room,” he told Ella. “I lost my temper.” “That’s okay sometimes,” Ella reminded him. Jamie was past the early phase of his littlehood, when he’d spent the first year veering between moods as he figured out who he really was and how to live in this world, but he still had a temper, and he still sometimes lost it, and he needed reminders not to get too hard on himself. When he did. “I ...” Jamie choked on a sob. April noticed from the moment Becky dropped him off that Jamie didn’t look like he usually did, and she noticed him sit down and immediately put his head in his arms on the table. With her other charges, April would already be at his side, but after Jamie and Ella had become a couple, she’d kept a greater distance, letting the two of them rely on each other except when she felt she was really needed. “What,” Ella prompted Jamie quietly. “You’ll feel better if you tell me.” “I told her ... I kicked Manda, and then I said I hated her. I didn’t mean to!” Ella was shocked but understood emotions run high sometimes. She put her arm around Jamie and rested her chin on his shoulder, shushing him. Other littles took notice. Jamie was popular at daycare. “She knows you didn’t mean it,” Ella whispered to him. “C’mon, lets go outside.” She guided him him to his feet and toward the door, then outside and across the playground to the grassy area in the back the other littles rarely went to, hidden from view by the small rise of the ground. Jamie had himself under control when they sat down on the grass, though his eyes were still red, mostly from last night. “What happened this morning,” Ella asked. “She left for her exam before I got up. Mom dropped me off today.” “What does your mom say?” “That everything will be alright.” “It will be.” “It’ll be different. I don’t want to live sometimes at Mom’s and sometimes at Manda’s. I wanna be with both of them everyday.” Ella Just listened. “And now I ... what if Amanda doesn’t even want me, after what I said? She’s ... she’s moving on in life, and what if she doesn’t want me anymore, or what if she gets a new little?” “Stop, Jamie,” Ella said, hoping to shut down Jamie’s catastrophizing. “Manda loves you more than anything in this world. She’ll always want you. She’s already forgiven you. More than likely, she blames herself.” “It’s not her fault,” Jamie said sullenly. “It’s not yours, either. People say things they don’t mean when they get upset.” “I meant she’s just growing up. It’s not her fault it’s time for her to move out.” “You should tell her that when you apologize.” “I’m not sure I can look her in the eye.” “Of course you can.” “She’s picking me up today, after her exam.” “Pretty early then, right?” “Yeah. I should say goodbye to April and Jenny and some others.” “You wanna sit a while longer?” “I wanna turn back the clock to this time yesterday.” “We’ll figure it out together, Jamie, the four of us. We have all summer.” “What about long term?” “What do you mean?” “One day she’ll get married, have kids. What then?” “One thing at a time.” Jamie decided to wait in the reception area for Manda to arrive. Denise had moved on two years ago, and the person who replaced her, Erin, wasn’t as pleased with Jamie being in the reception area, but she endured it. Jamie didn’t often hang out in there anymore. He didn’t need to. But on that day he wanted to greet Amanda right away, and he wanted to do it away from everyone else, so he said his goodbyes for the summer to everyone except Ella, packed his cubicle with April’s doting help, and waited in the reception area with Erin giving him the side eye. When Manda arrived, the tension between them was obvious, and the excitement at the first day of summer was missing. Manda held the door for Jamie, and the two of them walked to her car. “How was your morning,” Manda asked first. “Fine. How was your exam?” “I think it went fine,” Amanda said as she drove. “Congratulations. On being done with college.” “About last night,” Amanda started to say. “Wait. Me first. I’m sorry for what I said. I didn’t mean it. I ...” “It’s okay, Jamie Bear, I know you didn’t mean it. I’m sorry, too.” “Can we go somewhere?” “Let’s go to the park.” It wasn’t far, and when they arrived Amanda got the bag she kept for Jamie in her trunk, then got Jamie out of his car seat. She put him on his feet, and he responded by holding his arms up. She picked him up, and he put his arms around her neck. “I really am sorry,” he said as she carried him across the grass to a shade tree they had come to like as their own. “Tell you want, how about we both be done apologizing? I’m sorry I didn’t do a better job telling you, and we can just leave last night at that.” “Okay.” Amanda sat down in the grass with Jamie on her and leaned against the tree. “I love you very much, Jamie. You’ll always be my bear. You know that, right?” “Mhmm,” Jamie said. Her words brought on watery eyes, and Jamie pressed his face into her T-shirt and inhaled her smell. “And you and I are going to have a great summer together, you and me and Mom and Ella. We’ll make some plans together.” “Like what?” “We have our vacation planned. We’ll go to the zoo. We’ll see movies. We’ll sleep under the stars. Amy is going to be home this weekend, and I know she missed you. Rosie and Jane will be around. We’ll hang out with Aunt Mel. It’s gonna be a great summer.” They sat silently for a minute, “I love you, too, Manda. I really am sorry.” “Shh. It’s in the past.” She rubbed his back and he laid against her. She loved how he felt, small, firm yet so soft, and she focused on that. Their bodies felt familiar to each other. “Do you wanna go play?” “I wanna take a nap.” “Didn’t sleep well?” She certainly hadn’t. “I guess not.” She reached for the bag and unzipped it as best she could with her free arm, Jamie not moving at all to give her the use of her other hand, and she pulled the changing pad from the bag, flapping it open. “Here,” she said, peeling him away from her. “Arms up.” She pulled his shirt off and laid him face down on the mat, lying down next to him so she could run her fingers up and down his back the way he liked.
  9. Very true. I think that contributes to the power exchange of the dynamic. It’s arbitrary, and when you’re subject to arbitrary discipline, it reinforces who is and isn’t in charge. Particularly in an ageplay context, I think “do as I say, not as I do” is a very realistic element reflecting actual adult-not adult relationships.
  10. Depends on how big of a dick (ha!) the police/prosecutor want to be about it. You could be charged with indecent exposure, but I think that would be rare, and I can’t imagine a judge sentencing someone as a sex offender for it. An appeals court would throw it out as cruel and unusual when weighing the offense versus the consequences of labeling someone a sex offender. You're much more likely to get a ticket or summons for public urination or indecent exposure, depending on the nature and context of the latter.
  11. Fetlife is not a dating site, but it is good for finding local events to meet people at.
  12. Scene #3 The only thing worse than going to an office party is going to an office party at someone else’s office. That, and a few fatal diseases. That’s just medical science. I had zero desire to go to Mary’s office event – some anniversary something or other – Mary knew that, so when I told her I wasn’t feeling well and asked if I could stay home, she said yes knowing I felt just fine. Unless you count a case of the I-don’t-wannas as being sick, in which case I was on my deathbed. Or maybe that’s a little dramatic. Anyway, Mary’s response was typical. I was changing from my lazy-day-around-the-house clothes into my lazy-evening-around-the-house clothes as Mary got ready, and she stuck her head back out from the bathroom and said, “I know. Why don’t I call Sandy and see if she’ll come hang out with you. She was complaining earlier this week she didn’t have anything to do this weekend.” I don’t know what it is about watching a woman get dressed for an evening out, but I surmised I couldn’t both pretend to not feel well and get frisky with her. That was more on my mind than Sandy, but since Mary brought her up, it certainly redirected my attention. “I don’t need a babysitter,” I said, “I’ll just watch Netflix for a while and probably go to bed early.” Mary and I went to a monthly play party once upon a time, and we found Sandy. She was new to the scene at the time, but over her knee was a man a foot taller than her, twice her weight and twice her age, and she had him in tears. Not just tears – absolutely bawling, snot running down his face, begging her to stop. Naturally, she and Mary bonded while he was on display in a corner. We were shocked to learn Sandy was only 19. That was two years ago, and though Mary always, always denies it, she basically uses Sandy as a babysitter for me. Imagine a teenager who doesn’t think she needs a babysitter and a mom who doesn’t want to get into that fight, so she has an older teen “friend” come hang out while she’s gone. That’s basically the game Mary likes to play, and she told me that Sandy was officially on the list of surrogate disciplinarians for me. It’s not a long list, but the gist is if they think I’ve earned a spanking, I’d better take it or Mary will make my bottom wish it had. “Don’t be silly. She’s not a babysitter. She’s just a friend. Do you really wanna sit home alone all night?” “She’s bossy,” I whined. “Well, sometimes you need bossing around. Besides, I hate to think of you alone all evening and not feeling well. What if you need someone to take care of you?” The ear to ear grin Mary was wearing told me she knew damn well I felt fine, and now that I’d told that fib I was gonna have to live with it. Why hadn’t I just said I didn’t wanna go to her stupid office party? Even she didn’t wanna go. I pouted on the couch in my pajamas wishing Mary would stay home and keep that black dress on while I put my head under it for an hour and reminded her why I’m so much more fun than an office party. Barring that, I just wished she hadn’t called Sandy. I mean, I like her; I just like her more after she’s, well, it’s obvious where this is going, isn’t it? Anyway, Mary was closest to the door, so she answered it when the doorbell rang. “Hey,” she said, “so glad you could come over.” “Happily,” Sandy replied. “I was hoping something fun would turn up tonight.” “I gotta run, but you know the drill. We haven’t had dinner yet, and like I said on the phone, she says she’s not feeling very well.” “Aw. Poor thing,” Sandy said. They both knew I could hear them from the living room. “I’ll take good care of her.” I heard their footsteps coming down the hall. “I’m leaving, Daphne,” Mary said. “I’ll see you when I get home tonight if you’re still up.” “Have a good time,” I said. “Be safe.” “You, too.” Sandy interrupted with, “And don’t worry, Mary. The two of us have everything under control here.” Sandy winks about as subtly as an arctic icebreaker. She put her purse down and sat next to me on the sofa as the door closed behind Mary in the kitchen. “So what do you want to do tonight,” she asked me. “Order a pizza and watch a movie, if that’s alright with you,” I replied. “Are you sure you’re feeling up to that?” “Um, yeah.” “I don’t know. Maybe you should have some soup instead. Or maybe just some saltines and ginger ale.” “My stomach feels fine.” “It does? Well, still better safe than sorry. When a little girl doesn’t feel well, better to play it safe.” “I’m not a little girl! I’m almost ten years older than you!” “Don’t get upset. I’m just thinking about how to make you feel better.” She leveled her eyes with mine. “Unless you were fibbing about not feeling well so you didn’t have to go out this evening. You’re not fibbing, are you, Daphne?” If I’d been wearing a watch, I’d have checked it and registered the time from when Sandy came in to when she found a pretext to spank me at about 70 seconds. Maybe not even that; she probably figured it out one the phone with Mary. It was just after six, but I figured my best bet for my butt was to dig into the lie. “No,” I said, “In fact, I think I just wanna go to bed. I don’t need dinner tonight.” “Hmm,” Sandy said. “That’s pretty convincing. Alright. Why don’t you head up, and I’ll bring you a glass of water in a few minutes.” “Okay. Sorry to ruin your evening with, uh, me not being able to hang out.” “Oh, don’t worry about that, sweety pie.” I went up to our bedroom, and I was about half certain I had avoided trouble, but that’s the same as half uncertain. If I were more honest with myself, I’d just accept the fact that Mary and Sandy and a few other people are usually two steps ahead of me. I should’ve just put myself in the corner and bared my own bottom as soon as Mary said she was calling Sandy. I believe they call that accepting the things we cannot change. Anyway, I was in bed when Sandy came in with her purse and a glass of water. “Here you go,” she said. She sat down on the edge of the bed. “You need anything else?” “No.” “Hmmm.” “’Hmmm’ what?” “Oh, I was just thinking that there’s another girl I babysit for, and when she’s sick her mom has her wear these,” Sandy said as she took a pink pull-up from her purse. “First, you’re not my babysitter. Mary said,” I answered petulantly, “And second, I don’t need those.” “Of course you don’t! I was just musing. And I know I’m not your babysitter.” Her lips curled up to the left, following her eyes as she play-acted having an innocent thought. “But I still feel sorta responsible for you, and I think I should find out just how sick you are.” “I’m not sick. I just don’t feel well.” “Well, you could be coming down with something. So why don’t you just hop out of bed, and I’ll give you a quick once over. I am a nursing student, ya know.” Yeah, remind me how young you are. That’ll really make me feel better about this. “Fine,” I said, admitting defeat. I enjoy a game of kinky mental cat and mouse, but as the mouse, sometimes I get tired of running when I know the most likely outcome. All that work to get eaten anyway. I threw the covers back. “Whadduya wanna check?” “Your temperature.” “Okay.” “So stand up.” “Why?” “Because I can’t use the thermometer with you sitting down, silly.” Ever step on a rake and get whacked in the face? That’s what it felt like, something that stupidly obvious in retrospect. “No way!” “Yes way, little girl. Unless you want me to give Mary a bad report.” I knew what that would mean. “But …” “Nope. Just be a good girl, and it’ll be over soon.” She reached into a purse and came up with a ziploc bag whose contents I tried not to look at. “What do I do,” I said, the exasperation in my voice obvious. “Why don’t you just flip over onto your tummy for me? That’ll be more comfortable for you than bending over the bed.” I did. “Hips up,” she said as she took the waistband of my pajamas in her hands. She yanked them down to my knees when I lifted up. “You’ve done this before, right? I’m not your guinea pig,” I asked. “Of course I have.” “And you clean your toys?” “Of course. You’re sure you’re good with this?” “I’m naked, aren’t I.” I couldn’t see what she was doing. I just listened to the sound of a glove snapping. “The trick is to use plenty of lubricant, and to get make sure it gets where it needs to go.” I shuddered when her hand touched by bottom. She giggled. “See? You don’t hate this.” “Yet,” I said. “Just relax.” She narrated as she went. “I’m going to spread your bottom cheeks now.” I sighed. “And you’re going to feel some petroleum jelly on your button.” It was cold. “And then my finger inside of you. Just relax … don’t clench … there.” She slowly but firmly pressed her finger into me, and I could feel each knuckle pass my sphincter. “We want to make sure we get that everywhere the thermometer might go.” I bit my lip. “And a little further, just to be safe.” “Mmmmm,” I moaned. “What a good girl you can be when you want to.” She kept fingering me for another thirty seconds. “I’m taking my finger out now.” “Mmm.” “And now here comes the thermometer.” I felt the cold, thin glass slip gently in. “That needs to stay there for about two minutes. You comfortable?” “Yes,” I squeaked. “Good.” Her finger tips were massaging and tickling my bottom cheeks, and I couldn’t help but squirm under them. She twisted and flicked the thermometer every few seconds, or pushed it in a little further and drew it back out. “Ya know, there’s good news and bad news if you're temp is normal?” “What’s the bad news?” “I’ll have to spank you for fibbing.” “And the good news?” “I’ll get to spank you for fibbing, and we can order pizza.” She kept tickling my butt, letting her fingernails run gently down my thighs. Mary and I agreed I could get sensual with other women that she approved of, which – what a coincidence! – is a list that overlaps with my disciplinarian one, but I couldn’t cum with them, a rule they all respected. Sandy took that rule to mean she had license to make me writhe under her hands, which neither I nor Mary ever disabused her of. I think Mary actually likes to see me revved up by her, getting my body hypersensitive, because there’s nothing at all sensual about her Sandy’s hands once she’s ready to mete out discipline. “Out it comes,” she said as she withdrew the thermometer. I sighed. It was fun while it lasted. “Hmmm. Looks like some little girl is a fibber.” She put her things away and slapped my butt hard after. “Sit up.” I did, and there was no mirth in her face. Playtime was over. “I’m sorry,” I said. “You usually are, but that doesn’t mean you don’t get the spanking you deserve, does it?” I’ve always wondered what kind of household she grew up in, because even when she was 19, Sandy could lecture and scold like puritan. “No,” I said. “’No’ what?” “No, Miss.” “Am I boring you?” I guess I sounded less than rapt, maybe because I’d heard I don’t know how many variations on this lecture since I told Mary I wanted a full time domestic discipline relationship. “No, Miss,” I said in a more crisp voice. “You know better than to lie,” she told me. “Mary has taught you better than that.” “It was just a little lie.” It wasn’t even really a lie. Mary knew I didn’t mean it. “Daphne! There is no such thing as a little lie. We need to know when you’re telling the truth, and we can’t do that when you tell lies. How will we know when you’re really sick?” “I … sorry.” “We care about you, and we want to keep you healthy and safe.” “I know,” I said softly. “And Mary wanted to be with you tonight. She’s proud of you and wanted to show you off to her colleagues. Would that have been so hard for one evening when she does so much for you?” I’m pretty sure Mary didn’t care if I went or not; even she didn’t want to go. But I’m a soft touch, and Sandy has a way of eliciting guilt where there’s no reason for any. My response was to sniff. “You know you need to be punished, don’t you?” “Yes, Miss.” “And you know that punishment needs to be a spanking.” “Yes, Miss.” “Show me how you know.” Sandy positioned herself with her left leg on the bed and her right on the floor. With my pajamas still just above my knees, I got up and then laid myself across her left thigh. I took a pillow and put it under my head, knowing in a few minutes I’d be burying my face in it. “I don’t like having to spank your bottom,” Sandy lied like the world’s biggest liar, ironic under the circumstances, but she and I both love the little roleplay touches that bring us both into the right headspace. But then I wasn’t sure how much we were roleplaying or not. I had fibbed, and every time I get caught doing that, I get my butt spanked. So maybe this was reality+, or roleplay lite. Her hand brought my philosophical thoughts to an immediate end. I’ve been spanked by people much bigger than Sandy. I don’t know how she does it. She has the softest skin, but whatever is under it is like ironwood. It’s like whatever boxers do to toughen their knuckles, she does to her palm. Mary is a fast, ferocious spanker. Sandy is a steady, methodical spanker. There’s no clear line between her warm ups and the aching fire she really ignites when she gets going. I grunted and oomphed and ahhed and oofed with each spank, and each spank overlapped with the one before it as she worked her way up and down, sparing no flesh all the way down to halfway between my sit spots and knees. I passed from tears escaping shut-tight eyes to sobbing, and Sandy took that as her cue to begin to lay in her heavy spanks, now focusing on one spot for three four five spanks in a row before moving on, targeting my tender sit spots and thwacking the backs of my thighs with her fingers to make it really sting. I buried my face in my pillow but still heard her say, “And you think you’re a big girl,” as she assaulted my butt. I’d had enough. “Please! I learned my lesson! I learned my lesson!” “Now we’re getting somewhere,” Sandy replied as her hand bounced off me again and again. “But this naughty caboose of yours isn’t done yet.” “I’ll be good! Waahhh! I p-promise – ah! – I’ll be good! Ah! Waah-ahh!” Bawling. That’s the word for it. It’s like it sets a timer in Sandy’s head, because she never spanks long past bawling, not with me. I laid limp over her lap and bawled into my pillow. After so many hard swats, I didn’t even fully feel Sandy’s hand rubbing gentle circles across my butt. I color easily but don’t bruise easily. I’m sure I was close to purple in spots, but I knew when I was done crying, I’d bounce back quickly. But first I had to cry it out. I always do after a spanking like that. “Shhh. It’s all over, and it’s all forgiven,” Sandy cooed. She bent down to place a soft kiss on my hair. I’ve seen Sandy head to toe in leather lingerie laugh and push away bottoms when she was done, and I’ve seen her cry real tears when she accidentally broke skin without meaning to. With me, she’s always very gentle when she’s done. I think she likes the babysitter role. “Up we go,” she said as she helped me back to my feet. She bent down and pulled my pajamas back up for me and gave me a hug. “Why don’t you go wash your face, and I’ll order that pizza, and then we can have a nice evening together.” “Pepperoni,” I asked and sniffled again. She laughed. “Sure.” She sent me on my way with a soft swat that made me jump. After I washed my face, and cleaned the vaseline from between my cheeks, I decided to change my sob-stained top, too. When I got downstairs, she was leaning against the arm of the sofa. “C’mere,” she said. “Why,” I asked warily. “Just c’mere.” I shuffled over, each step reminding me what a good spanker she is as each step hurt. I could feel my skin growing taut as my cheeks swelled. Sandy held out her arms. “Come sit.” I dropped down to the sofa, that dull throb sending a wave of pleasure through me. I felt glowy, that wonderful whole-body sensation of peace that makes every bit of pain worth it. Endorphins are fucking awesome. “Just lie back.” Mary and I snuggle all the time, whether it’s aftercare or not. That was a first with Sandy. I laid back against her, and she stroked my hair. “Thank you,” she whispered in my ear. “My butt hurts,” I said with a giggle. “It’s reminding you good girls don’t fib.” She kissed my hair and my ear and my neck, and then crossed her arms over me. “You’re a good babysitter.” I dreaded her coming, but like always, I was glad she had. Way better evening than Netflix. “I’m not your babysitter,” she said lightheartedly. “I’m just a friend. That’s all.” We got back into that position after our pizza, and I dozed off. I woke up when Mary got home and pretended to still be asleep. “How was she,” Mary whispered. “Just like this after our little talk about fibbing.” Mary touched my hair. “Ooh. Did she cooperate?” “She always does.” “I wish you’d let me pay you for babysitting.” It dawned on me. We’d all been telling little white fibs all evening, and I was the only one who got her bare bottom spanked for it.