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  1. Hi all, really nice to find such an active and welcoming community for a topic that I've had (ok, still having) some trouble getting comfortable with. I have always been a kinkster, mostly bondage but always curious to try new things. Had never even thought about diapers until I found myself being put in one while with a bondage partner. I was completely shocked by how much it turned me on. I had never considered myself an AB, but lately, I find that just relaxing in a diaper, watching something comforting and reassuring on TV, and having a stuffed animal I've always loved with me helps a lot with stress and anxiety. I have a good sense of humor and try not to take myself too seriously, and I enjoy reading both real-life and fictional stories. I live in Texas, have had a lot of birthdays, but I'm getting comfortable with the idea that my physical age isn't the same as the age I feel some days, and it's okay to explore that. Thanks for being here
  2. Windrunner

    No running away from mommy

    Looks like you can get about as far as that corner... maybe that's where she wants you, after all?
  3. That is wonderfully devious. I'm copying this one to my notepad for my "things to do with a diaper bondage buddy" game list.