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  1. Hey Richie, I totally get where you're coming from. I want to add a point here, where it feels like being a Little makes dating and getting a relationship much harder. I just get the feeling that I will always be alone because of this.
  2. Tommy's mom, who wanted nothing more than her baby boy back, immediately took Tommy by the hand and led him to a room in the house that was always locked. She opened up the door, revealing a fully blown nursery. This nursery included a crib in Tommy's size, a rocking horse, and all the trimmings one would expect. She led Tommy to the changing table, and laid him on the table. "Lets get you into a more fitting attire, sweethart"
  3. Wet the bed of course! Would you rather be urinary incontinent, or never wear diapers again?
  4. I'm here in Orlando if anyone wants to meet up
  5. Bummer. Hopefully some of the areas near are more active
  6. Hi there! I've decided to move down to the Orlando area because I want to start a career with Disney World! I would love to meet other abdls in the area and maybe hang out occasionally. Is there any Munches happening after Mid-May? If so, I'd love to join! I'm always looking to meet new friends😁
  7. I'm from Dayton, and easy drive down😀
  8. Hi there, my name is Andrew and I am looking for any possible ABDL friends in Ohio. I live in Dayton and love to hang out, watch movies, ride roller coasters, perform in plays, go for walks, and of course, wear diapers! If anyone wants to talk, I'm open! Mommies are welcome too😁