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  1. I'm open to other historical roleplays too.
  2. Thanks for all your answers :)
  3. Its ok no need to be sorry.
  4. Thanks for everyone for answering my question. I was a little worried that I would offend people.
  5. Hi I am looking for a caregiver for a historical role play. It is set during the American Revolution. I will be playing Clara, who is 23 and is from New York. This is Clara - Clara is a lost soul. Her mother died during childbirth, her father died fighting for independence. She is a bit outspoken in her views for a woman at the time and feisty. Her mouth can get her into trouble sometimes. She is also, due to a head injury caused by a British canon when she was fleeing her home, incontinent. So she has to wear diapers. Please remember this will be a historical role play, so no modern tech, no plastic diapers or pants etc. I would like detail in the roleplay so if you want to play please either provide a picture or a good description of your character. Plus I would like more than one word answers, not asking for an essay just a few lines.
  6. Not sure where I should ask this but I guess this is as good a place as any. Do you ever feel like what we are into (ABDL) is wrong and strange? There is so much pressure in the media about what is socially acceptable. I find it very hard to accept what who I am sometimes. I can go for weeks or sometimes months trying to "get over" this fetish but never can. Does anyone else feel the same way?