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  1. I will reply to the pms I get. I am in Scotland where as most of the people on here seem to be in America so different time zones are making it difficult.
  2. Hello I am looking for a roleplay dom to play with. The age I play is normally between 5 and 25. I have a few ideas if you like them please feel free to PM me. Idea 1 - The Lost Girl You find Rosalie (Rose) a young girl aged 15 walking along side the road as you drive. Miles away from anywhere you feel concern for this young girl walking on her own, with no shoes on wearing a simple yellow sun dress and white cardigan, looking tired, dirty and lost. Idea 2 - The Big City I play Peggy, a young woman aged 25 moving in with her new husband/wife. Moving from a small town to a big city is daunting for me. Having spent my whole life in one place I find it difficult to settle and soon I have more problems than my occasional bedwetting problem. Not used to big city ways I tend to cause some trouble and tend to wander away without looking where I am going. Idea 3 - The Girl Is Strange No Question This is a sort of sci-fi horror one. A young student, Clara she looks around 13, turns up at a private all girls boarding school looking for the principle (you) holding a letter that explains that the girl must be protected no matter what, that she is "special". The letter is signed by your great grandfather. The girl doesn't say anything, isn't able to do the basic things like wash or use the potty and wants to keep to herself but who are the strange hooded figures that turn up in pairs at night and stare at the school from the edge of the forest. Idea 4 - Our Adventures Another sci-fi one. Alice (Ali) looks around 15 but was born in the year 1519. For every 1 human year of aging it takes Alice 30 years. She lives in an isolated house with her father/mother/other blood relative. Although she is smart and advanced in a lot of ways she is also slow in other ways for example she is an excellent reader and artist but she just can't figure out when to go potty or why she should use a fork or wear shoes. The house they live in is modern for you rebuild it every so often but always in the same spot for there is a portal in the basement that allows us to travel in time.
  3. Not really sure what to put here but I think its time to try something. I have been in and out of therapy for the past 4 years but in the past few months I have been really confused. Its not just about diapers and being a little. I think I have accepted that its going to always be part of me, although I haven't told anyone yet. Its everything. I left school at 15 to care for my dad who died 4 years ago. I've been locked in a house, sexually assaulted, abused both verbally and physically. I don't even know what a good relationship is supposed to be like, growing up my parents argued all the time and sometimes they got physical but both were too stubborn to leave, then every time I try I either pick an ass or I talk to them for a week or 2 then get bored and want to move on. Im not even sure I could be with someone in bed, sometimes I think about it and it makes me feel sick. I feel like I'm stuck. I know I need a fresh start somewhere new. Trouble is no one is willing to hire me because they see the 7 years I looked after my father 24/7 as "not real" work. I know I am rambling, I tend to do that. The only thing that makes me happy is my nephew. So on to why I am so confused. Do I leave and start somewhere new? I am thinking America and I know to go there is a big risk and that I probably wont be able to come home for a long long time, if ever. Or do I stay for the sake of a child that isn't mine?
  4. Thank you RegressioRevolution! 😁
  5. I am looking for a dom/caregiver to do a historical roleplay. I recently saw Hamilton and would like to do a roleplay about a father and his daughter set in that period. I like details in a roleplay but I am not looking for something too complicated. If interested please feel free to pm me. I am also open to different eras so if you like the idea of this but want to tweak it feel free.
  6. Hi I am looking for someone to role play with. I have a few ideas. PM if you are interested. New In Town Jenny Mackenzie is 26 years old but has never really lived. Following her fathers death, to whom she had been a career since leaving school at 13, she finds herself at a loss. Unable to move on and gifted with a very small inheritance left by her father she decides to leave her small village in Scotland and travel to America, the land of opportunities, for a fresh start. Soon she realises that the $1000 dollars she has won't get her far, so she hitchhikes to save money. That's when she meets a small time doctor in need of an assistant but apart from looking after her father Jenny has never had a "proper" job and needs a father figure in her life and a chance to have the childhood she missed out on. A Sick Thief 22 year old Alice Jones has been on her own since running away from the asylum she has lived her whole life, a year later she is on the streets and doing a poor job of looking after herself. Winters in New York are far worse than she ever thought. Suffering from the flu and in desperate need of a hot meal she goes against her beliefs and breaks into what looks like an empty house. Filling a bag with food a light suddenly turns on, dropping the bag she turns and tries to escape but the window she climbed in threw drops down on her, trapping her waist in the window. With her top half free and her bottom half still stuck inside a strangers kitchen how will she escape? Not Lonely Any More Rebecca Swan is a quiet girl, she is happy enough being alone with just her books. At only 19 she thinks she has the world sussed traveling from place to place. Picking up odd jobs when she can she survives by sleeping under the stars and stealing eggs, vegetables or fruit from farms. That is until she travels to Hacketts Town. This is a town unlike any she has seen before, a town specially built for the ABDL community. They have a school, day care, park everything a Little should need. She decides to camp on the edge of town exploring the town over a few days. Once she meets the towns inhabitants especially the towns mayor she realises how lonely she has been. But I'm A Grown Up! 26 years old and back at her fathers door. Lucy Mills hasn't seen her father in 3 years ever since she dropped out of law school, a month before graduating, to marry an alcoholic bum 10 years older than her. Daddy forbade her from doing anything so stupid but thinking she was too old for his rules and punishments she disobeyed him, climbed out of her bedroom window and ran away with Randy. Now she is back, divorced penniless, having used all savings to fund Randy's lifestyle and dreams of being a big rock star. Will Daddy welcome her back with open arms or will there be even more rules now she has broken his trust. And what will happen when she tries to hide the fact she still wets the bed?
  7. Hello. I am looking for someone to play the role of caregiver in a role play. This is my idea - Mr (Or Ms) Abernathy's Home For Peculiar Children. I play Oswin Doe. Oswin is 15 but is very immature for her age. She has no bladder control and tends to leap before looking causing her to get into trouble without meaning too. Oswin was found coverd in mud and dirt walking around town in a daze so the local authorities placed her in the special home/school. Although she is not a bad girl she has mental health issues and she believes that she has been alive for hundred of years and that her parents are still looking for her she just has to find them. She loves to read and draw. Finding tranquillity in nature she likes to spend as much time as she can outside. Oswin immediately has a bond with your character she doesn't know why though. As you can till I like details. I'm not looking for essays every time you answer but I would like the same amount of effort I put in. This is Oswin - This is the Home -
  8. Baby_Girl_J

    RP Partner

    I have an idea for a role play. I just need someone to play with me. I play Lucy she is 14 and is the daughter/niece/granddaughter of your character. Lucy loves the outdoors, she also loves to draw and paint as well as writing stories. She is very immature for her age and has a bad wetting problem which leads to her being marked as an outcast by the other people in the small town that she lives. Although not a bad girl she doesn't always think about things before she speaks or acts. This is Lucy - This is their apartment -