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  1. If I had a choice, I'd like to be a 9 mo baby girl who is still exclusively breastfed. I want to be kept in bulky cloth diapers and pretty pink plastic panties. Onsies, dressies, jump suits, etc.
  2. When I first injured my spine, I had absolutely no control over going pee pees or poopies. And my loving wife would change me. There were several times that I would go during the diaper change. We learned from raising our own children, that you always have a clean dydee under you before removing the soiled dydee. She was an angel. She just continued changing me as though nothing happened. I will never forget her love.
  3. I am diapered every night. If I go to sleep without one on, I will wake up in a wet bed. I do not like to do laundry when I do not have to.
  4. Sorry for your loss.

    1. alwayswet12345


      Thank you for your response. I do not check my messages very often.

  5. Angela, I am right there with you. I cannot sleep without dydee or I'll wake up in the middle of the night in soaked sheets and comforter. Not what I want.
  6. I raised my kiddos without them knowing anything. I kept the AB stuff locked up in my closet. Only my wife and I had keys. It was only opened up after the kids were asleep, or when they were at sleep overs, relatives, or camp. Do not scar your kids.
  7. I was likewise blessed by a wonderful wife/mommie until she passed. But it takes a special person to reach out in mercy to the infirm. Once, years before she passed, she was very sick and could not control herself. I was able to return her love to me by helping her. I remember cleaning her and changing the sheets multiple times. Luckily, because of my wetting issues, the bed always had a protector over it. But it was something I owed her. I pledged to love, honor, and cherish her, in sickness and in health until death did us part. I would take those days again; rather than not having her here.
  8. There is nothing better than having a sweet lady who diapers you, then nurses you to sleep.
  9. My wife used to keep me in diapers as much as we could. I made a device that hooks to one side of the bed and she used it to lift my legs up in the air while changing me. She would slide my jeans and plastic panties to my ankles and then left them up. All I could do was lie there helplessly while I had my diaper change. It made me feel like a helpless baby. I miss my wife (mommy) so very much.
  10. OK, so I have been asked if I had a pattern for the onsies I sewed. I did not. I took one of my late wife's long night t-shirts, the type with the 'tails'. And, it was the perfect length and the tails made it perfect to cover my diapers. So I laid that on the flannel I used and cut out the material allowing fabric to fold over and sew. This worked perfect. after I had the back and front sewn together, I put the edging around the neck and sleeves. Then I did the same with the leg area, but added elastic so it would snug up nicely. After it was sewn, I added the hook and loop closures by hand sewing. They worked great! My wife used to love how they fit around my diaper and plastic panties.
  11. How are you doing today?

  12. PUL, like any other product will eventually wear out. There used to be a material called Ultrex. I used to sew my own "plastic panties" out of this material. However, I cannot find it anymore. The PUL plastic panties I use are white and are made by Gary, a manufacture of actual baby plastic panties. I get them from Plastic-Pants.com They look the same as the real baby plastic panties. As for leaks, I check the PUL by holding it up to the light every few weeks. When it is worn out, you can actually see light through the fabric. Time to throw it away. And for the Ultrex, it would actually start to de-laminate from the fabric. I have never had any issue with the vapors effervescing and then condensating. I keep a waterproof sheet which zippers around the mattress on it all the time. On top of that, I keep a waterproof sheet that is fitted under the silk bed sheets. The fitted waterproof sheet is easier to wash in the rare event I leak. Oh, and by-the-way, both the zippered and fitted waterproof sheets are PUL purchased from Bed Bath and Beyond. Since I helplessly wet in my sleep, I do not want to ruin a very expensive mattress. I take no chances. Anyway, PUL plastic panties are great. I use them every night.