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  1. Customer shoots, kills diaper-theft

    Sorry, but you're wrong. Many states have what are called "stand your ground" laws and "castle doctrine" laws, which mean that if you feel your life is in immediate danger you are more than justified to use lethal force against a robber, attacker, etc. We had one major case a few years back where I live where someone broke into a guys store in the middle of the night and the store owner was inside at the time and wound up shooting/killing the suspect... aside from having to deal with a lot of paperwork, the shooting was entirely justified and legal under the letter of the law. So, bottom line... don't steal stuff and, if you do, don't be surprised if you wind up shot.
  2. Avoid leaks when wetting laying down?

    Again, it depends on what's in your urine. If your diapers aren't working it's because you aren't getting enough water/liquid. The saltier your pee, the less those magical "super absorbent polymers" will function. The LESS salty your pee, well, ever put a diaper in a bathtub before? They absorb GREAT... you just need to increase your fluid intake.
  3. Avoid leaks when wetting laying down?

    Drink more water. Basically the less salty your pee is, the better the diaper will absorb it. You might pee MORE but the diaper will still absorb it faster and hold it in place better... so just drink more water (or liquids in general).
  4. "can't afford to live on my own" Speaking from experience... that's actually a good thing. The biggest mistakes I've made in life were largely caused by me being in situations where I was living with others and then, usually due to getting some new job or something, I made the incredibly BAD decision to immediately move out on my own! Which, when younger, seemed like a really good idea. But the fact of the matter is I could have NOT done that, even for just six months and I would have been able to save up a HUGE amount of money, which would have been really nice for all sorts of reasons. So I guess what I'm saying here is.. living on your own is more than a bit overrated, in fact you should generally try and NOT do that if at all possible. Try and be like the Japanese! They do this whole synergistic/conglomerate family arrangement where multiple generations and even off the wall relatives all live under the same roof all for the sake of maximizing each others individual resources. The "American Way" of doing things, in reverse, is generally not a very smart and/or efficient way of living... at all. You can also always look for a new job, keep applying, keep networking, perseverance pays off. Also if you were shot you would miss out on season 3 of Rick and Morty! Which just started, by the by, first episode is AWESOME! On one last note, try and look for "little" things in life to make you happy/smile... ...they make a BIG difference! It can be something as simple as just putting stickers on things... Also COLOR helps, try and make everything as bright and cheery as possible, it'll make you feel better. Oh and glowsticks, they're also real good...
  5. Once upon a time, many years ago, I had one of the only overt babyish looking characters in the entire Maplestory game... ...and it was goooood! For me... specifically for my shop, as using said character caused an exponential increase in my sales/profits... we're talking billions upon billions in mesos. If there's anything I've learned in life it's that Cute = Money. Unfortunately though, in response, Nexon/Maplestory has suddenly gone "full adult baby", most of these items being churned out just in the past year alone... These items are some the highest in demand presently, many selling for 2+ billion mesos a pop... provided you can actually find someone selling that is. And now... now every other gawd damn player in the game has a "baby character" and my shop sales have dropped across the board in the past year. So if you're looking for a game to make a babyish character... look no further than Maplestory, it's pretty much the closest you can get to a commercial MMO with an endless assortment of baby related paraphernalia. As for myself... well, it was nice being unique while it lasted... and by unique I mean "filthy stinking rich beyond all measure".
  6. Paraolympian wets herself

    Discrimination requires intent. See that's why those fruitballs had to make a gay cake, because they actually specifically outlined their intent and reason for NOT making the cake, where as if they had just said, "No, we refuse to make you a cake." and didn't actually give ANY reason... they would have been perfectly justified under the law. You know, the whole "right to refuse service" bit. See rights are fun things because... EVERYBODY'S GOT EM! For example in most places you have the right NOT to be put out of business by over reaching government mandates that make unreasonable demands. Essentially you're saying the train company needs to scrap and/or modify every last one of their trains... a request which could quite easily put them out of business entirely and simply for the sake of catering to, likely, less than 1% of their passengers. So, in other words, if their reason, if their INTENT for NOT supplying the handicap bathroom is one of monetary incapability rather than one of discrimination... then they are likely perfectly justified on many levels. Also, it's more than likely that they DO have a handicap bathroom, but there's probably only like... ONE and it's probably in the first class compartment and you probably have to, you know... ASK THEM! You notice she leaves out that little bit, the part where she never even bothered to ask them, she just went on ahead and wet her pants and then immediately turned around, TOLD EVERYONE ON THE PLANET (so number 1 goes right on out the window) and then immediately started pining on about monetary compensation for experiencing one little pot hole in life that she could have easily avoided with even the slightest measure of critical thinking. I mean, it's sort of like... they got these river boat tours in a lot of places... most of them are like 2 hour rides... on a tiny boat full of people... and there's no bathrooms! No handicapped OR regular bathrooms! And you can't lean over the side and take a leak cause that's not environmentally kosher these days. So you see, even NON-disabled people gotta deal with this sorta thing... and whether that means making like the sensible folk in this community and donning a diaper or simply avoiding all liquids before/during the ride... YA DEAL WITH IT! If gawd damn adult babies can manage to make adult decisions every now and again then no one, and i mean NO ONE in their right mind has any excuse whatsoever. If we can do it... ALL OF THEM can do it!
  7. Paraolympian wets herself

    The part where she suddenly starts talking about courts and compensation leads me to believe this was all rather staged. And why did she cover her face/head with her hoodie instead of, you know, her wet pants. She could have easily taken off her hoodie, simply draped it over her front, wet and I doubt anyone would be the wiser. Not to mention the fact that, if you are disabled, you generally have enough sense to plan stuff out first, like calling the train BEFORE you're riding on it to find out what handicapped facilities are available. Just because you're physically disabled doesn't mean you're mentally disabled. I very much doubt the nature and motives behind her supposedly horrible experience.