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  1. Demon_God

    Customer shoots, kills diaper-theft

    Sorry, but you're wrong.
  2. Demon_God

    Avoid leaks when wetting laying down?

    Again, it depends on what's in your urine.
  3. Demon_God

    Avoid leaks when wetting laying down?

    Drink more water. Basically the less salty your pee is, the better the diaper will absorb it.
  4. "can't afford to live on my own" Speaking from experience... that's actually a good thing. The biggest mistakes I've made in life were largely caused by me being in situations where I was living with others and then, usually due to getting some new job or something, I made the incredibly BAD decision to immediately move out on my own! Which, when younger, seemed like a really good idea.
  5. Once upon a time, many years ago, I had one of the only overt babyish looking characters in the entire Maplestory game... ...and it was goooood!
  6. Demon_God

    Paraolympian wets herself

    Discrimination requires intent.
  7. Demon_God

    Paraolympian wets herself

    The part where she suddenly starts talking about courts and compensation leads me to believe this was all rather staged.