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  1. Have You Ever Been Peed On? Do You Want To Be?

    I rather like the idea of having someone just pee in my lap, and perhaps a little up my front, while I am just sitting and minding my own business on the train. I think it would be more fun in first class...
  2. I have never worn a diaper since I was an infant, so every deliberate bed wetting has been without. I don't wet the bed very often any more, but I did it quite a lot when I was younger. I used to like the feeling of being a bit damp when I wet myself a little sitting in my room, just letting a little spurt out to feel nice and damp but not enough to show. When I went to bed feeling very tired I tended to be a bit less inhibited and would snuggle down in bed and laying on my side just let a little out to feel it trickling over my thigh. When I had let a little out it felt nice, and a little while later I would want to do it again. "Just another spurt won't hurt" I thought to myself so I did. This of course continued until my bladder was empty and I could not do 'just another spurt' and I would go to sleep enjoying the warm wetness. Generally speaking I would not get that much pee in my bed - I usually peed before I went to bed, but on the odd occasion I had been tired, not wanted to pee before bed, and had been drinking a lot, my mattress got a good soaking. The occasional soaking was not a big problem, the mattress was not protected so my pee soaked away nicely and even if my bed was still damp in the morning it was usually dry by bed time. The only times I deliberately let out a lot of pee in bed was when I was wearing one of my big flouncy dresses with lots of petticoats and could not be bothered to undress for bed, and just got in bed fully dressed apart from my shoes. Knowing that my dress would soak up a lot of pee I would just relax and pee full blast rather than let out little spurts. This was really nice, feeling the warmth all around me as it soaked into my dress. Of course quite a lot of pee still ended up in the mattress and it would take all day to dry, but I would wash my dress O.K. in the morning and still think it was worth it. Eventually though it was not all roses. I started to notice holes appearing in my sheets. Eventually I found the cause, it was broken springs in the mattress. The springs had rusted through and broken so I needed to get a new mattress. The new mattress was not the end of me wetting the bed on purpose, I just did it a lot less and very rarely went to bed with a full bladder. I only do a big bed wetting now if I am staying in a hotel. PP
  3. Sometimes I just want to wet my pants

    You could always try wearing a tightish skirt that would be spoiled by wearing too much underneath, then you would have a good reason for wetting unprotected while you are out, perhaps graduate to wetting jeans later... PP
  4. Bedwetting Without A Diaper

    I don't wet the bed very often, but if I go to bed very tired I tend to be less inhibited and can't help letting a little but flow over my thighs and soak into the mattress. Of course once it is a bit wet a little more won't hurt and I keep doing a little bit until I am empty! PP
  5. Panty Wetting While Wearing Skirts Or Dresses

    I don't wear panties, but wearing a skirt does make peeing a lot easier. I like to just pee wherever I am, so if I am sitting I like to just let go and pee through my skirt, but sometimes I don't want to get my skirt wet and stand and let my pee run down my legs instead. PP
  6. Secret Public Wetting

    It looks like the original text of this post has disappeared, along with the text in the post it referenced.