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  1. littlegirl4

    Searching For Lifepartner

    Hi there I've been searching for what feels like forever for a Mommy. I've been through a few tough relationships which haven't worked out becuase of my need/desire to live an Ageplay lifestyle. I just wish i could meet someone with the same interests as myself- sureley there must be someone for me. Does anyone know of any other chat rooms? Reading through so mnay posts i can see this need in alot of other people. it makes me sad to think that so many people are feeling lonely. the rest of my life is great but the void left by not having a Mommy feels like it gets bigger everday If i could find the right person i wonder what life would be like. I've touched that life once or twice thanks for my gfs being adventurous and it was bliss. i wish i could find that. I'm not sure why i'm writting this- if anything maybe someone else like me will read it and know that they are a little less alone, a little less different, and a little less unloved All the best, hugs k
  2. littlegirl4

    Hello The Lesbians!

    Thanks for the wise words frillylilly, what you said has really spoken to me. Perhaps I am too keen to pigeon-hole myself and my desires because of a need to ‘fit it’ after a lifetime of isolation. I guess at the end of the day that originates from the need to be loved. This whole thing has been especially on my mind lately and i have decided to give up on looking 'proactively'. I’m going to get on with the other things in my life for now and accept that whatever comes shall come. i too believe in 'fate' What ever shall be shall be!
  3. littlegirl4

    Hi Everyone!

    thanks for the support it's so great to get some positive feedback and not feel isolated! as well as not feeling like i'm the only one in the UK who has these feelings! i've been trying to load chat but with no luck, not even with my techno-savy generational advantage (did that make sense?) hugs xxxxx
  4. littlegirl4

    Hello The Lesbians!

    lol, thanks for the replies (and a laugh bel!) tux - that sounds like a right tough cookie to find... lol that didn't quite work, i was trying to say something acknowlegding and humorous) it is really proving tough to find a mommy - sometimes i wish i was one becuase i could take my pick out of what feels like 100000 little girls to very 1 lesbian mommy! but as long as we are talking statistics then i guess it has to happen sooner or later right?! geepers, i think i ate too makny cookies (sugar rush)
  5. littlegirl4

    Hello The Lesbians!

    hey there Just thought i'd say hi and make a post about how hard i'm finding it to find a (lesbian) mum/mom i've always been looking for an 'older woman' but have been looking for a mummy/mommy seriously for about 2 years now and have only had the chance to talk with two actual mummies (as in on the phone, not on-line becuase you can never trust that) but nothing ever came of it i'm hoping someone might read this and at least be able to identify what i'm going through and not feel so alone - maybe a mum might read this and see something special too fanks vewy much!
  6. littlegirl4

    Breast Milk ?

    i would LOVE to be really breatsfed - it's such an intimate bond can't think of anything better!
  7. littlegirl4

    If Their Was A Cure, Would You Take It?

    i totally agree with most the comments here we are who we are and no one should take that away from us. society teaches us to hate ourselves enough without us needing to think that about ourselves!
  8. littlegirl4

    What Kind Of Ab Are You

    i'm a pre-schooler, love to be energetic and bounce around alot! that and diapers aren't for me : ) i thought it was interesting what 'thick_wet' said about baby food - i love the stuff!
  9. littlegirl4

    Looking For A Mommy

    Hey There! I'm looking for a mommy, maybe you could look at my profile? Well, Fanks!
  10. littlegirl4

    Hi Everyone!

    Hi Everyone! I just wanted to say hi and introduce myself. I'm realy happy to have found this community- so releaving to find out i'm not alone! Fanks for reading this : )
  11. littlegirl4

    Newbie To This Great Site

    Hi ho Mommy Sabrina I'm new here too, thought i'd say. Maybe you could take a look at my profile *cheeky smile* Hope you find what you're looking for if I'm not your type Fanks!