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  1. Do the diapers make my butt look big

    It's all in your head, you're right. Strangers and people in public are too focused on their own lives to worry about what you're doing. When's the last time you noticed even the color of a stranger's shirt? Go out and live life the way you want to live it. Give yourself permission to be happy.
  2. Hi DD staff, I was wondering if it would be possible to discuss suppressing threads from the Roleplay forums from showing up in the "posts" sidebar on the right. Due to the constant and extreme activity in that forum, those posts tend to wash out posts from other areas of the forum. Due to the nature of the majority of the threads, they are often "private" roleplay threads which may not spur discussion from other forum members, so seeing them in the sidebar isn't something I feel is productive or constructive. Thank you very much for considering.
  3. Trans guys?

    We're around. I'm mostly DL and not terribly social. Just planting a stake in this thread to chime in.
  4. The Girl That God Gave Me

    It sounds like you found someone special and I'm very happy for you. I must admit, while reading through that story, I felt lots of ups and downs, but the part I'm optimistic about is that it sounds like you two are communicating through everything, and are growing together, which is what I feel is most important in a relationship. Congratulations.
  5. My experience with stents

    Congrats, that looks great and I bet it stays snug with all those ridges. Which softness/bore size did you get? Also, after you cut off the sections at the end, did you try to smooth out the remaining tip? Was it rough at all?
  6. My experience with stents

    I'd considered something similar and the closest I have come in the past is the "holey foley" often mentioned (a few holes in the part of the catheter which would be inside the urethra) I often look through the catalog at siliconenozzles.com and all of their products seem a bit too long except for this one here which is still long, but perhaps the base end could be shortened - http://siliconenozzles.com/SSND-CNTRD25-6-8mm-18-24Fr-Uniquely-Contoured-Silicone-Sound-SSND-CNTRD25.htm Thank you for starting the discussion so I could delurk. I wonder how many other folk in our situation are here. Anyway, the challenges for a female urethra would seem to be these: - Stent would have to be very small; 1.5"-2" would be all you'd need. - How would we get it to stay in on its own? - Since the female urethra does not have any externally protruding parts, the stent could only retreat a tiny bit inside the hole. I would be very afraid to expect to retrieve anything that didn't have a protruding anchor, and leaving bits on the outside is very distracting. - Much much higher risk of infection due to the narrower path. A thought I had would be to pierce the end of the stent and thread a very short length of fishing line, etc, with a soft anchor at the end to avoid losing the stent. Having dealt with one UTI from normal catheter play, I'm squeamish about being a pioneer with experimentation but I am hoping the discussion continues and we have someone chime in with at least one account of a successful female stent.