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  1. I consider myself not perfect or not disabled. My heart accepts all people, as equals. I feel comfortable with myself, being a diaper wearer and enjoy a wet diaper. It's me.
  2. I'm happy for your success, hope the best. I'm anxious to make one,too.
  3. O k, I in, I will and make a stent. I enjoy my diaps, it would be great being incontinent.
  4. I am jealous
  5. Hi Chris, I sometimes wake and I find myself getting cold, only to find myself in a big self made puddle.So I resigned my boxers and I sleep in Albenas L4. I wake a little, most of the time to make sure I dont have a big mess later to wash in  the morning. I wear diapers 24/7 now I don't use a toilet for#1. I am comfortable to be home in diapers only , I have 3 others that see me, they accept me with what I am.

  6. I would like a stent also. I been in diapers 24/7, about 2 years , now. Very curious how to make a stent. I put in a cath for free flow , but it hurts after an hours, and I take it out and hurts for days.
  7. Stent is for me it looks like I got a lot to learn