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  1. baby_G_diaperlover

    How To Get Rid Of The Smell

    wash your hands with toothpaste, it will cover the smell, and its much nicer to walk around with a hand that smells like toothpaste then one that smells like poo.
  2. baby_G_diaperlover

    Xp Medical

    i haven't seen come close to filling one of these X-Plus's but so far i haven't had issues with pinhole leaks.
  3. baby_G_diaperlover

    Xp Medical

    ok, so i guess its my turn. i ordered from xp medical recently and i gotta say im pretty impressed. i placed my order on Wednesday about lunch time and it got shipped out that same day, and i was about to get them my Friday night. that was a pretty quick turn around i thought at the very least they wouldn't be shipped till the next day, and then wouldn't be here till Monday or later, but im happy. as for my order, i ordered Abri-Form X-Plus X-Large, and i really love these diapers, the only bad thing is im a pretty big person and i found the size of the largest Abri-Form X-Plus's where about the same size as the largest Walgreen store brand, so i had to resort to some tape to make them fit correctly, (there was a thread somewhere about sizing, so i figured this information was important). i haven't really had enough time to wet, or use this product to its fullest yet, but so far i like it, just wish it wasn't soo hot out since its plastic, its really sweaty, but that's normal for this time of year i guess. i would definitely order from xp medical again.
  4. baby_G_diaperlover

    Free World Of Warcraft Account

    i could use, but it looks like i was a little late.
  5. baby_G_diaperlover

    Another Offender...

    honestly would there of been any other way to explain that stuff in his "apartment"? if you where a sex offender who was accused of doing things to victims of the age that he had stuff for. i think any normal cop or anyone checking in on him would immediately go to "oh shit hes doing it again" this way seeing him dressed up, and using said items, they where forced to believe that are in fact his, doing so probably kept him out of jail. since the article never states if they took him in for violating the registration laws or not, we have no way of knowing. my guess is because they never mentioned it, they left him alone after the spot check. basically they decided to run with a story because the guy had a fetish and that's all their is too it. you would never see the story if it went as follows. "The Man wore a crazy hat when answering the door, he is the owner of the worlds largest collection of bizarre hats" if you really think about it, he was just dressed up, he didn't give the officers any shit, in fact he passed the spot check (that he was where he was suppose to be) the article never said "he exposed himself to kids" or was walking around in public, if anything it was a show for the police, because other wise the only reasonable explanation for that stuff to be in their was if there was a child on the premises. this way they where forced to believe.
  6. baby_G_diaperlover

    Diapered In New Mexico

    since ive failed to find anyone that lives in my town, i was wondering if anyone knew of any chain stores or anything else that might carry diapers. im a BIG person and i used to go to wal-greens and pickup the biggest store-brand and they would work, but have since stopped carrying that size, and changed to the cruddy cloth cover stuff. depends are the same way, they never have the size i need. anyway just wanted to ask and see, hopefully they will have a location in las cruces. since ordering online is a risk i dont really wanna take. anyway, hope your all doing ok. thanks, chelsea
  7. baby_G_diaperlover

    Diapered In New Mexico

    marry x-mass, and new year to you too.
  8. baby_G_diaperlover

    I Survived A Japenese Game Show

    you can catch it on hulu, if you want to catch up, the show is actually pretty good.
  9. baby_G_diaperlover

    Getting Found Out At Pc Repair

    personal when i fix peoples computers, i consider any personal information much like doctors do, but unfortunately not a lot of people care enough about their job, their clients to have that kind of privacy.
  10. baby_G_diaperlover


    i live in las cruces, its only like an hour or 2 drive if i remember, but i haven't been out there in some time.
  11. baby_G_diaperlover

    Diaper With A Large Penis?

    yea, i dont mean to sound mean, but if that's your biggest problem, you have wayyy to much time on your hands. if your "appendage" keeps falling out, it might be the diaper is not tight enough on you, or is too small. rember it diaper should have a almost water tight seal around the leg gathers so it dosent leak.
  12. baby_G_diaperlover

    Need Help

    i would bet because she didnt ask publicly its something a bit more delicate, but i sent you a pm, and almost all of us have aim, yahoo or msn. so please just PM us, i work most of the day, but ill get back to you asap. thanks chelsea
  13. baby_G_diaperlover


    i still feel this way alot, but its just hard for me, because no matter how hard i try to be me, everyone hate it, and when i act like everyone else, then im liked then ignored. i dont know who i am, the only thing that dosnt change is that i know im a girl. i have a feeling im have Borderline Personality disorder, and i dont know what to do about it. if there is anyone out there that just wants to be my friend, please instant message me i dont know how i will be feeling, but i will try my best to ok. Thank you, Chelsea ps: encase anyone is wondering heres the results of the depression test Over the last 2 weeks, how often have you been bothered by any of the following problems? Q. Little interest or pleasure in doing things A. More than half the days Q. Feeling down or depressed or hopeless A. Nearly every day Q. Trouble falling or staying asleep or sleeping too much A. Nearly every day Q. Feeling tired or having little energy A. More than half the days Q. Poor appetite or overeating A. Nearly every day Q. Feeling bad about yourself—or that you are a failure or have let yourself or your family down A. Nearly every day Q. Trouble concentrating on things such as reading the newspaper or watching television A. More than half the days Q. Moving or speaking so slowly that other people could have noticed. Or the opposite—being so fidgety or restless that you have been moving around a lot more than usual A. Several days Q. Thoughts that you would be better off dead or of hurting yourself in some way A. Nearly every day Q. If you checked off any problems how difficult have these problems made it for you to do your work take care of things at home or get along with other people? A. Nearly every day Q. If you checked off any problems how difficult have these problems made it for you to do your work take care of things at home or get along with other people? A. Extremely difficult
  14. baby_G_diaperlover


    i am writing this because i have no one else left. i have been insanely depressed for the past 3 months, i feel worthless, unloved, uncared for, stupid and most of all lonely. these feelings have gotten worse since my mama, dada, and 3 sisters are not around, i worry about them because i love them, i would kill myself if they needed me to. i hate my life, i hate how I'm not and am never going to be the girl i am. over the last few months i have tried drinking and drugs to get rid of my problems, i was looking for anything to drown out the pain i feel. i hate my life. i wish that someone would take me from my life and make me their slave, so i would finally be use full as some ones fuck hole, and punching bag. i hate my life. srry, chelsea
  15. baby_G_diaperlover

    New Potty-training Trend

    i agree 100%