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  1. Dimension

    anyone else play pokemon go

    I'm assuming majority of people who play on here are from North America and i was just curious as to if you have managed to catch your region specific Pokemon? i think its Tauros? Ours is Khangaskhan here in Australia
  2. Dimension

    Mamia Baby Diapers

    Yeah they are exclusive Aldi brand diapers, probably good for a "booster" but nothing more i wouldn't think.
  3. Dimension

    anyone else play pokemon go

    I'm level 23 nearly 24 strongest is a 1800 arcanine! Mystic FTW!!
  4. Dimension

    Abdl's in Melbourne

    I'm up for a beer and a chat sometime
  5. Dimension

    Melbourne - Looking for company?

    I'm From Melbourne also if anyone is ever keen for a beer and a chat
  6. Dimension

    Australian Diapers

    I know I'm a bit late on this one but the Crinklz and Safari diapers from Littles Down Under are awesome. You can even get a sample of 2 to test them out before committing to buying a whole package!