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  1. RP_Baby_Mikey


    how many diapers is that?? or just one super soaked one
  2. My absolute favorite game is Night in the Woods. A beautiful written and drawn game with dialogue that makes you laugh, cry, smile, and think. The music is phenomenal and i listen to the soundtracks almost every day. It is a game that i highly recommend to gamers and non gamers alike as it is an amazingly wonderful experience. Before that my number one was the Bioshock 1 & 2 (yes i did not include infinite). It had a beautiful atmosphere, a compelling story, and the gameplay was fun. Lastly, i am from the U.S. :3
  3. As the title says my name is Mikey (i know super original but my real name is michael and i made my baby self when i was a kid so sue me haha) and i am a babyfurry. However, thats not all I am! i am an avid board and video gamer. A percussionist in a symphony and a very very veeeeeeeery amateur base guitar player. I practice bass guitar with rocksmith and it is super fun but i am progressing slowly. what else? I also am picking up knitting and that is loads of fun. still on my very first project (a scarf) and turns out knitting a full scarf takes a long time. What games do i play you ask? oh many a game such as League of Legends, Fortnite, Overwatch, Darkest Dungeon, Night in the Woods, Nier Automata, Nier, Spyro and many more. I don't read books but i listen to audio books on my phone which i think is better and i retain more reliably! Oh you want more diaper stuff? Ok well i am a baby/daddy/sissy/whatever. Thats the fun thing about roleplaying you can be annnnnnnnnnnything. I'm a lurker in the chat not usually sure how to interject myself into the main chat but i speak up everynow and again and make friends in PMs. Now im on the forums cause i thought it would be fun to try and meet even more people. My favorite diapers are cushies from abuniverse. Probably because it was the first diaper i bought on my own but the design is so cute and i love the colors! second favorite is probably safari cause my friends like the way it looks on me! Lastly, my fursona is the lil guy in my avatar. A fox body with dalmatian fur usually wearing pink! I think thats about all i can think of. Have a question ask me anything!!