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  1. I'm sad after all that practice that I woke up dry this morning. I'd been doing so well with waking during the night to wet. Dry diapers are sad!!! I'm a sad little girl.
  2. Although it's kinda kinky to think you might get stuck as a Bedwetter forever!
  3. Interesting read! Are you also trying to wet at night? Or the full 24/7 more so? I'd be interested in sharing notes as we go along!
  4. Why do people think adult bedwetting would be so much harder to stop than when we where young. I don't think it would be any different. Still a lot of work, but who knows. Maybe I'll be stuck as a adult bedwetter forever. But at least it's my choice. Things could be worse.
  5. I hope for the same. I'm looking forward to wetting the bed again. But who know maybe I would like 24/7 once I settled into it. Any one else that has night accidents during this test, please tell me how you did it.
  6. A weekish in and I'm starting to remember things that happened last time I did 24/7 that I had forgot about. I had gotten good at not clenching at all after peeing. The weeks before going 24/7 I was practicing to. I remember once I stopped that it was harder to clench at the end, and didn't get everything out. Which lead to me leaking right as I stood up to pull up my panties. Which lead to some kinda big spots on my panties. Then some times once I had my pants on it would squirt a little into my underwear and some times spotted my pants s bit. I still have to clench consciously now a couple times. But the first weeks where interesting. Im not sure that I'd like 24/7 diapers. But I'm trying to get the ball rolling with night wetting. Does any one know of any one that started bed wetting after going 24/7?
  7. Some people love bed wetting and others find out they don't. It's like anything else in life. Except there is a longer term commitment.
  8. Off and on means some times I cheat and don't wear on vacations yet. I do and have worn at friends houses. But I'm still getting use to my bedwetting training. I'm willing to train 24/7 for a while if it continues to help me achieve my goal. After years of training off and on I can wet lying down easily and also when driving. I'd love to start training with others and compare experiences.
  9. I've been on and off after my last attempt at going 24/7 to initiate bed wetting. I like the idea of a group of people all on the same track. Would help me out any way. When I stopped last time I noticed I had to get up quite a few times at night. Because I had gone 24/7 I remember needing to pee a lot more often and also felt that any liquid in my bladder was annoying, and I was aware I needed to go with only little amounts. I did get better at peeing laying down which is my favorite, so relaxing. But one I was also excited about was being able to pee while driving with out pushing. I think I've made some good changes and have started the process, but haven't been able to get reliable bed wetting. I know it's just sticking with it, but it's a long process. It's nice to hear others experiences!