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  1. Myka_Noelle

    Need help explaining

    I want to tell this lady who is like my second mother
  2. Myka_Noelle

    hi (giggles)

    Hi, my name Myka and I three. I love hugs, coloring, drawing, my stuff monkey, Sofia the first, chocolate milk and chocolate chip cookies. My real age is 20 and I'm new to this whole thing and could use some pointers.
  3. Myka_Noelle

    Hi, I'm new

    Hi, I'm Myka and I three. I looking for a mommy and daddy to take care of me. I'm sweet but can be naughty at times. Mommy and daddy must be firm but loving, kind, patient, and must love cuddles!!! I live near Cape Coral and fort Myers area. If that's you please message me.