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  1. I will take you in as a slave if your still looking
  2. We are still looking for a daddy, we are looking forward meeting you
  3. My brother and a I are still looking for a daddy, and are looking forward to meeting you, you can message me on yahoo through [email protected] We really look forward to netting you.
  4. Hi Sean in reed we are both around the same baby age
  5. I don't think it is Hi, I'm Eric and I wear diapers.
  6. I I don't fully leave my baby state of mind but that brings me back down is my boyfriend or when relax it happens
  7. Looking for a friend that goes to OCC to possibly hang out, see movies ect
  8. Thanks much I try to remember where to post next time
  9. Hi my name is baby reed ,I live in the states. I am 20 real age and 1-3 baby age, I am a newborn babyfur panda I like anime, cuddle time, my paci, baba and plush doggy,and I am a online daddy to two adorable baby boys. I weally would wike to make some fwiends.
  10. Two baby boys looking for a daddy to keep them happy and safe. Baby Reed is 1-2 and is a newborn babyfur from the US needs love and reassurance is known to have accidents, baby Claye is 4-5 and is from Australia, he is mischievous but sweet, our daddy needs to have lots of time to devote to us. He needs to be firm yet loving. He needs to make sure that both reed and Claye are diapered (Claye needs to be forced as he thinks he is a big boy but continues to wet the bed and his pants) Please email baby reed at [email protected] and reply directly to this post as well if you are interested or have any questions. Thank you