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  1. What do you mean about a call detail? Who woudl I be calling that would get listed on a mobile phone bill? Im going to set up a separate paypal on a separate email for it since I have the prepaid card which I bought with cash.
  2. What exactly do you mean by potent? I don't want anybody to come in my room or something and smell baby diapers haha but if it was a faint scent that wouldn't be so bad.
  3. Whats a good somethin to put in it to make it absorb the right amount? Im new to this stuff.....also plus what's that pampers smell thing they talk about...is that worth it or just kinda the ssame thing? And it wont make my room smell like diapers willit?
  4. So if I gotta pee can I go all the way really fast without leaking?
  5. I know they aren't as absorbant as Bambinos apparently, but to me they look like kid diapers while Bambinos...they don't look like adult diapers but they don't look like diapers as I remember them looking when I was little.
  6. So people don't automatically get postal records or something sent to them? I know my Mom handles all my bills so if that was a thing she would get it. I just wanna make sure its not. There's no regular way unless I choose to search for it for some reason? How long do they keep records for...forever?
  7. Im about to buy a pack of diapers which I've never done before...I think Im buying from ABUniverse cause I liked the way their ABU Cushies looked...
  8. Ohhhh I thought you meant TV SHOWS....duh Finding Nemo, The Lion King, Toy Story, Monsters Inc, Aladdin, Mulan, Up, ANY DISNEY MOVIE ANY PIXAR MOVIE
  10. Spiderman for sure. Dunno why...he's just cool
  11. On the one hand...parta me wants to try. I bedwet a lot as a kid and think it'd be well kinda cool to see what it's like again. To kinda re-experience my childhood. On the other hand I have wet dreams all the time and that's kind of like grown-up bedwetting and isn't even a LITTLE bit fun and so maybe it's a bad idea.
  12. Im also 20, I just realized my post talking about when I turned 16 might have been slightly misleading as if I was still that age. That was four years ago.
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