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  1. Here is an older clip I found of an adult baby girl on Jerry Springer. Whether this is fake or not, she still looks good in a diaper. I don't know if I could ever have the courage to appear on television in front of so many people like this. I know other adult babies have stepped up on other shows such as Tyra Bnaks and My Strange Addiction. Thoughts?


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  2. Turn up the tunes and pull up the diapers! Heres one for all of you, how many music videos do you know that feature adults in diapers? Post in the comments below. Until then, enjoy.



  3. Fun and games are over! No, wait, actually they just began in this next video I'm sharing. I don't know about you, but I'd like to play a round of  this Baby Go Boom, Boom game. Diapers and crawling around through obstacles with other diapered individuals, where do I sign up? Except I don't really like the idea of a crowd of people laughing at me, but maybe that's your thing too ;) . Either way, enjoy this clip. I know the hard part for me wouldn't be keeping my diaper on during the game, but having to take it off afterwards.



  4. Found an interesting episode of Super Mario Brothers Super Show in which Princess ToadStool falls into the fountain of youth and regresses into a baby. Figured I'd share it here. If only I could have a land of giant building blocks and ride-able rocking storks like King Koopa dose in this episode...sigh...maybe one day. Until that time, I'll just enjoy the show.