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  1. Dante'S Infanzia

    I loved this story and argee with the others that it should be added to the main story page.
  2. Dante'S Infanzia

    Very good.
  3. Day In The Life Of A High School Student

    Please Continue
  4. Dante'S Infanzia

    Great story. I truly believed this was the ending when Dante would fall into the sleep before he finished the lyrics to the song. I loved the use of white space to make the reader franticly scroll down to see the rest of the dramatic scene and how Dante found his anchors at the last moment possible. Please continue this and give it the incredible ending it deserves.
  5. Dante'S Infanzia

    Great story!!! Keep it going!
  6. Day In The Life Of A High School Student

    I agree, if your going to publish it, do so on kindle. You do have small market though as only ABDL's will be intrested in this kind of book.
  7. Day In The Life Of A High School Student

    Keep Going!
  8. Day In The Life Of A High School Student

    Good story, keep it going!
  9. The Disposable Diaper Myth

    I think most of us will go through more than 10 times that amount over our lifetimes.
  10. She Was Acting Like A Baby

    I'll take what you said into consideration about the child abuse thing for the next chapter. other wise i'm glad you guys liked it.
  11. She Was Acting Like A Baby

    **Spoiler Alert** The next day Anna's friends are going to attack her on her way to be changed again. Only this time she will be ready and is going to get revenge on them. I can't think of her she will get revenge though. Do any of you have any ideas? please post them. Also for it to fit into the story she has to get cought and suspended again. thank you. **Spoiler Alert**
  12. She Was Acting Like A Baby

    Sorry I took so long to wright this chapter and that I missed the Christmas deadline I gave you. Also i used a lot of foul language in this chapter. Without further ado, here it is: Chapter 4 When we got home my mom and dad started putting my play pin together, leaving me to sit and watch in boredom. It was a long wait until my mom finally picked me up and placed me in the play pin. “Now Baby Anny this is your new place in the house during the day. When you are not at school or eating in your high chair, you are to be in this play pin playing with your toys or watching cartoons. You will not leave it for any reason until ether your father or I come to take you to your crib or high chair, Do you understand†Said my mom, handing me my new dolls, rattles, pacifiers, building blocks, and plastic keys. “Yes I do†I said. My parents left the room and I just did as they asked playing with the toys until my mom returned about an hour later with a bottle of baby formula. She opened the gate to the play pin and told me to come out so she could feed me, so I started to stand but she said “No, no, no. Baby Anna, babies can’t walk, they have to crawl.†“No this is stupid. I’m not a fucking 2 year old!!!†I exclaimed in rage. “That’s it you’re getting 2 more packs for that, one for disobeying me and another for using that kind of language. Now get on all fours.†She yelled back. I did and she left the room, returning with a bar of soap from the kitchen. “Mom what are you doing with the soap?†I asked in fear “I’m washing your mouth out Anna because that’s what you do when little children use that kind of language. Now crawl to me.†She said I started crawling while she directed me towards the couch and into her lap. Then she took the soap, rubbed it on a washcloth and then scrubbed my mouth with it, it tasted terrible. When she was done with that she stuck the nipple of my bottle in my mouth and fed me my dinner of formula which also tasted bad. When she was done feeding me she put me back in the play pin and turned on Dora the Explorer for me to watch for what felt like an eternity, but must have been only an hour and a half, because I only watched 3 episodes. At first it was very boring, so boring that after a while I started actually liking Dora the Explorer. When the third episode was over my mom came in, opened the play pin and made me crawl to my “nursery†as she was now calling my bedroom. When we got there she lifted me on the changing table, checked my diaper which was still dry and locked me in my crib for the night. “Goodnight Anna†she said turning around and starting to leave. “But mom, It’s only 5:00, I’m not tried.†I complained “Yes but you’re going back to school tomorrow and babies need to get a lot of sleep†she said closing the door and leaving. I laid there wondering if she would let me out of diapers for school tomorrow, I seem to remember her saying something about the school wouldn’t enforce a punishment like this or something like that. But she also said I wouldn’t like what she had planned for me. I guess I’ll soon find out what she has in store for me. I fell asleep rather quickly after that, I guess it was a long day, embarrassing day. I woke up when my mom opened the door to my room. Feeling my cold diaper pressing up against my skin I realized it was wet. I don’t remember waking up and peeing, did I wet the bed? “Hello Baby Anna†said my mom opening my crib. “Are we wet or dry?†she said while pulling down my pants. “Wet I see. That’s a good girl, wetting her diaper just like a baby.†She instructed me to crawl to the changing table and then picked me up and put me on it. She took of my wet diaper and then pulled out another one. “Mom, what are you doing?†I asked “Changing your diaper, of course baby†She said “But I thought you said that the school wouldn’t enforce a punishment like this.†“No I said they wouldn’t treat you like a baby. You’re going to be wearing a diaper under your normal clothes.†She said. That was a relief, now I can just take my diaper off when I get there and put it back on before I get home, or so I thought. My mom pulled out a knife and cut slits in the back of my arena diaper. Then she put it on me, with a second diaper beneath it. She then put me in a pink transparent pair of plastic panties and I heard a small metallic click as she pulled them over my diaper. “Mom, what was that?†I asked “That’s the lock sweety.†“What lock?!?†I asked “The one that’s keeping you form just taking off your diapers.†She said. She went into my closet and then selected my clothes. She instructed me to stand up and walk to her, I did with a huge waddle. She dressed me in my shortest skirt and a shirt that was supposed to show off my belly my now showed off the top of my diaper. Both the top and bottom of my diaper were visible to anyone who looks at me!†“MOM!! I can’t go to school dressed like this!†I exclaimed “What’s wrong with it? You’re always buying those slutty clothes that you know I hate, well here’s your chance to wear them all you want.†She said wickedly. “Now time to go to school.†She walked to the living room with me waddling behind her and them I asked “Mom, where are my keys?†“Right here sweety†She said, taking my plastic keys out of my play pin. “That’s not funny, how am I supposed to get to school?†I asked “Oh, I’m driving you. I have to explain to the school nurse your new, “conditionâ€.†I was then dragged into my mother’s car and drove to school. My mom forced me to waddle threw the school into the nurses office with everyone in the lobby noticing my diaper and chuckling to each other. All the while, my mom was holding an unopened pack of Arena X-Plus for all to see. We entered the nurse’s office and hearing the door slam behind me she looked up from her paperwork, and noticing the girl clearly diapered standing in her office she asked “How can I be of assistance?†To which my mother responded, “My daughter seems to be having some control issues and needs to wear diapers now. I was wondering if you could change her while she’s as school?†“Sure, it’s part of my job. Is she bowel or urinary incontinent?†asked the nurse. “Both†said my mom. “I see. I can handle it.†Said the nurse “You’ll be needing this.†said my mom handing over the diapers and the key. “What’s this too?†asked the nurse, holding up the key. “That’s goes to my daughter’s plastic pants. You see, she’s in denial about her problem and has been taking her diapers off, only to have accidents in her pants. So I decided to lock the diapers on her. You’ll need the key to take them off.†said my mom calmly. “Ok. I understand. I treated another girl a few years ago who did the same thing.†said the nurse. “Thank you.†said my mom, “Also, do you know how to double up disposables, I don’t want her to miss any of her classes so she is only to come down here during lunch or after school to have her diaper changed. But I know one diaper won’t last her that long so we have to double up. “Yes off course I’ve dubbed up diapers before. Anna you are not to come down here until lunch to have your diaper changed. If you come down here before then I won’t change you, I don’t care how wet you are.†Said the nurse “Ok†I said. This is shaping up to be the worse day ever and it’s only just begun. With that, my mother left and I waddled to my locker with all the immature students laughing at me all the way. I got my books and closed my locker just as the bell rang. Great I thought, I’m going to be late and of course it had to be Mrs. Smith’s class, the bitch that sent me down to the principal, Mr. Tuckers office causing this whole situation. I sucked it up knowing that if I skipped class I would get in even more trouble and headed up the stairs, through the vacant halls to Mrs. Smith’s classroom with only the sound of my feet and the subtle crinkle of my diaper under my skirt to break the silence. I took a deep breath and opened the door to Mrs. Smith’s room. “Anna your five minutes late.†She screamed “But I guess we have to give babies more time to get to class, after all they have to have their diapers changed.†said Mrs. Smith causing the class of sophomores to laugh hysterically. My jaw dropped when I heard this. “How do you know?†I asked. “Your mother called me to apologize and told me your punishment about an hour after you bitched me out on Monday. I told all my classes about it, by now the entire school probably knows about you new, oh what should we call it… lifestyle. And besides, your diaper is showing clearly.†I felt the blood rush to my face, causing me to blush. “How could she tell everyone and get away with it. That kind of information is supposed to be private, isn’t it? She shouldn’t get away with this, but she probably will. the administration here is so incompetent.†With all that stuff going through my head I thought about knocking her out cold right there, but I knew if I did I would probably get expelled with a record like mine. I don’t even want to know what my mom would do to me if I got expelled, so I took my seat without even saying a word. I listened to Mrs. Smith’s lecture about proper punctuation and sentence structure, the whole thing going in one ear and out the other. While to tuned out Mrs. Smith, I started to fantasize about setting a trap to make her get fired, or at least to embarrass her as much as she has and will embarrass me for my next few diapered months. That is until I started to feel the first cramps telling me I have to poop, my mom must have stuck some laxatives in my breakfast! I tried to hold it for the remainder of the 15 minutes I had left in Mrs. Smith’s class. I knew it wouldn’t make it to lunch when I could have my diaper changed right away. I could at least make it to Mr. Flood, my Algebra teacher’s class; he’s a nice guy who will have some sympathy for me. But my body though otherwise as I sat there helplessly messing my diaper, just like a real baby. “So the pronoun can only by used after the noun is introduced.†said Mrs. Smith walking towards my desk. When she got there she smelt the air, “Uck†she groaned “Class, I think our little baby have made a poopy.†The class all laughed at me, this is the worst day ever. I endured constant ridicule for the rest of the day. I made it to lunch; I can finally get changed out of this nasty wet and messy diaper. I started to walk down the now empty halls to the nurse’s office I almost made it there when from behind me someone covered my mouth and pulled me back. I screamed for help until I was dragged into the supply closet and my hands were tied behind my back to a pole. My assailed removed her hand form my mouth and replaced it with duct tape. Then they came out from behind me. It was my friends Kelly, Jen, and Sarah. “What the fuck!! Why did you do that?†is what I tried to say but instead all that came out threw the tape was mumbles. “You see, just like a real baby†said Jen “She can’t even talk.†“Anna, we’ve decided that babies shouldn’t be allowed to ask for a diaper change or feed themselves so now were going to lock you up in here so you can’t.†said Kelly. The three girls turned off the light, left the room closing and locking the door behind them. I was forced to sit there, trapped in the dark and hungry. To make matters worse I soon felt the need to pee. I was hopeless I just let it out in my diaper. After what felt like hours sitting in the dark the girls came back and let me out. They paraded my around the school announcing to everyone that I was diapered. It was completely humiliating and to make matters worse it wasn’t even close to go home yet. I only missed lunch and have to endure another 3 hours of this humiliation in my discussing diaper. The second half of the day wasn’t nearly as bad as the first. Of course I was ridiculed in all my classes but none as bad as Mrs. Smith’s. I also wet myself several times but managed to avoid any pooping accidents. When the day was finally over I walked down to the nurse’s office and this time made it. “Oh, hi Anna.†said the nurse with a wicked grin. “Hi†I said “I need my diaper changed.†“No you don’t, you’ll be home any minute and your mom will change you once you get home.†Said the nurse “But you can’t do that you’re supposed to change me.†I augured “Yes and had you came down here at lunch like you were supposed to I would have.†“That’s not fair, I’m telling my mom you refused to change my diaper!†I yelled “Go ahead, be a little tattle tale. Who do you think your mother will believe, a little baby tattle tailing, or me.†She said evilly “See you tomorrow at lunch. Get the hell out of my office.†I walked out of the school and of course it was raining hard. I was planning on walking home, but I can’t in an overly full diaper while it’s raining this hard. So I was forced to take the bus. The bus was full of little kids because it goes to the junior high before going to the high school. I sat down in the back and of course the little jocks smelt my diaper immediately but they were too stupid to realize it and blamed it in each other, although they did have me worried when one asked “Who shit there pants?†to no one in particular. It felt like a long time before the bus finally stopped to drop me off. I walked from the bus stop home threw the rain. By the time I got home I was sure I must have gotten a diaper rash. I opened the door and walked in. Immediately my mother smelt me and knew I needed a change. “Anna why didn’t you have the school nurse change you before you left.†She said. “I went down and asked her to change me but she wouldn’t because I didn’t come down for a change before lunch. I didn’t get changed at lunch because my friends locked me in the supply closet!†I screamed “Anna, Anna, Anna. Do not take that tone with me. There you go blaming everyone else except yourself for everything. Your friends aren’t that bad and the nurse wouldn’t refuse to see you. She could lose her job if she did.†said my mom condescendingly. “I’m going to have to add another pack to your punishment and I think I’m going to make you wear that disgusting diaper for a little while longer.†“You bitch!!!†I screamed “Why won’t you listen to me? I’m telling the truth.†“Do you know, in the original the Boy Cries Wolf, before it became a children’s story, the boy was ate by the wolf. I you lie so many times people won’t believe you when you’re telling the truth. Even if you just told me the truth I don’t believe you and you deserve anything they may do to you. And as for calling me a bitch you will be punished by an additional pack and a spanking. Bend over.†I knew it was useless so I bent over and dealt with the worst my mom could do, which wasn’t all that bad with all of the padding down there. When she was done beating me she decided it was time for dinner. At least I would finally get some food in me. She came back from the kitchen with a bottle of formula and fed me. It tasted terrible but I was so hunger it didn’t really mind. When I was done drinking she decided it was time for me to go to bed because “Babies need their sleep, especially when they wake up early for school.†She took me to my room and laid me on the changing table, unlocked the panties and untapped the diapers. I could tell by the look on her face that it was terrible. At least she gets to suffer a little from my shitty day (pun intended). When she was done changing me she put me in the crib and locked the side rails. After she left I looked at the clock, it was only four o’ clock and I was locked in for the night. I tossed and turned for a long time but I guess I eventually boarded myself to sleep. The last time I looked at the clock it read 7:34pm. To be continued...
  13. She Was Acting Like A Baby

    I'm glad you all liked my story enough to revive this threat twice. Due to a lot of stress this semester I abandoned the ABDL life style for a few months but am now pleased to say that work on this story has resumed. The next chapter should be up by Christmas at the latest.
  14. Any Dl Experience With New Airport Patdowns

    I understand that all this security is for our own protection, but does the TSA have to be this rude and unprofessional?
  15. Stressed Out

    I started a little over a month ago when i first started to get stressed out. I've been having a lot of school work to do and have been very busy. Lately I'm constantly feeling blank, tried, and have a lot of aking. I've been easily irritated lately and more anti-social than usual. I have a speech class this semester that's been causing a lot of anxieties too. Although I’m always tired I’ve been having a hard time sleeping. How can i fight depression?