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  1. GeekSquad_in_Diapers

    Dante'S Infanzia

    I loved this story and argee with the others that it should be added to the main story page.
  2. GeekSquad_in_Diapers

    Dante'S Infanzia

    Very good.
  3. GeekSquad_in_Diapers

    Day In The Life Of A High School Student

    Please Continue
  4. GeekSquad_in_Diapers

    Dante'S Infanzia

    Great story. I truly believed this was the ending when Dante would fall into the sleep before he finished the lyrics to the song. I loved the use of white space to make the reader franticly scroll down to see the rest of the dramatic scene and how Dante found his anchors at the last moment possible. Please continue this and give it the incredible ending it deserves.
  5. GeekSquad_in_Diapers

    Dante'S Infanzia

    Great story!!! Keep it going!
  6. GeekSquad_in_Diapers

    Day In The Life Of A High School Student

    I agree, if your going to publish it, do so on kindle. You do have small market though as only ABDL's will be intrested in this kind of book.
  7. GeekSquad_in_Diapers

    Day In The Life Of A High School Student

    Keep Going!
  8. GeekSquad_in_Diapers

    Day In The Life Of A High School Student

    Good story, keep it going!
  9. GeekSquad_in_Diapers

    The Disposable Diaper Myth

    I think most of us will go through more than 10 times that amount over our lifetimes.
  10. GeekSquad_in_Diapers

    Any Dl Experience With New Airport Patdowns

    I understand that all this security is for our own protection, but does the TSA have to be this rude and unprofessional?
  11. GeekSquad_in_Diapers

    Stressed Out

    I started a little over a month ago when i first started to get stressed out. I've been having a lot of school work to do and have been very busy. Lately I'm constantly feeling blank, tried, and have a lot of aking. I've been easily irritated lately and more anti-social than usual. I have a speech class this semester that's been causing a lot of anxieties too. Although I’m always tired I’ve been having a hard time sleeping. How can i fight depression?
  12. GeekSquad_in_Diapers


    "Here are the diapers mam, my grandma likes these. What I am not some grandma, I can still have kids if I want to." Life is unfair
  13. Exactly my point new generations can easily figure out the technology used by previous generations. We just don't really have a need to.
  14. GeekSquad_in_Diapers

    Alexandrea In Diapers

    I know this is kind of late, but I feel I was a little harsh with my first post. I'm sorry if I can across as mean or discouraged you from wrighting, it was not my intention.
  15. Well i feel offended. I may not know some of the skills my parents used when they were my age, but I can figure it out my way: (The Internet). By the way I don't see what's wrong with pull-ups, how else are you suppost to potty train a child? Just put them in regular underwear, let them crap themselves and then punish them?