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    Much elder in mature understanding than most in my age range.

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  1. I am on second life and I have to be honest I am still 50 50 on the idea but at least I get more interaction than any other attempted ways in the past so that is a good sign of progress  Fetlife is aptly named fake life due to how many liar and user and time wasters are on there Collarspace is no more and had the same said results.

    I will come back time to time however to check on messages just do not expect me to try very much i here and for good reason. It is the lack of going after what is really wanted and needed this is due to the fact that humanity has lost it's base instinct and nature of the art of communication as it is key and vital for any bdsm non vanilla relationship to work for all sides involved and not just one.

    If there is any one whom is reading this I am sure you will agree in silence and hidden away by computer code that all I have said so far has been absolute truth and fact.

    Humanity is failed which is why i no longer bother trying. Why try at an idea that you know will fail no matter the honesty and care you have for someone and the will to make it come true. This lifestyle and all other communities related to it is dead. Not for lack of trying on my end but for those others whom made it a standard way of the status quo.