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  1. Diaper Friends

    ummm.....yeah....haven't seen this up in a while. to be honest, I hate this story. I'm happy that people like it, but this was a really early story of mine. rushed, no clear plan of where I wanted to go with it, and meh characters. I highly doubt I will ever touch this embarrassment again. lol. sorry. thanks though. -Vampire4
  2. Daddy's Girl (Updated 5-21)

    Dark, yet it instantly caught my attention. I hope you continue, as i would love to read more. There was another story on here a long while back. Her Mistake, or The Mistake, something like that. anyway it had a similar premise, but was sadly left unfinished. Keep up the good work!
  3. Reincarnation (Finished!!! 8/23/2015)

    I am aware that the formatting got screwed up. for now, please read those affected parts as best your able. promise to do some editing soon.
  4. Summer Vacation

    Sam and Jess is on this site. I highly recommend it. Great story.
  5. Summer Vacation

    Hey man, not trying to criticise or anything, just an observation. This story seems a whole lot like your story Sam and Jess. Strong female with no regards to the guys privacy, who insists on dressing in private. No sex in a while. I think you're a great author, but you might consider changing it up a bit. Sort of seems like the same people with different names. Again, just an observation, no offense.
  6. Chapter 2: The Paid Babysitter and the Next Morning Once her client was nodding off in his crib, Nikki walked into her kitchen with a sigh. It was almost ten and she was due for a break. She poured herself a nice white wine and returned to her living room, briefly considering picking up the toys that were scattered on the ground, but decided against it. She melted into her couch and flipped on the television, profoundly happy she could afford HBO and any other channels she could ever want. The truth was, despite her profession, Nikki didn’t have a maternal bone in her body. She had pursued theater in college, and had been told she could have a bright future acting, but her father had smashed such silly notions. The best way to succeed, in his opinion, was to use her head and get into a business field. Her dad was pretty smart, the owner of a very successful bank, so she had relented. Yet she found the business world dreadfully boring, which was why she currently worked as a waitress, much to her father’s displeasure. That’s not to say that the business courses she had taken were a waste. After she graduated, she found herself riddled with debt, living paycheck to paycheck. It was merely by accident and chance that she had stumbled on her friend and her secret. She liked to wear and use diapers, suck on pacifiers, and be treated like a small child. Nikki found the whole thing fascinating. The more she researched the fetish, the more she realized what a great untapped market she had at her disposal. There seemed to be a great demand for “Mommies” and “Daddies” among this strange group. Nikki discovered that the people would even pay for such people to supply their services. The gears in her mind had started turning then. She could use her acting abilities, set aside a few days a week to babysit, and soon she would be rolling in dough. The worst part of the job would be changing really big diapers, but the money would far outweigh that unpleasant chore, even if she had to stock up on hand soap. Whoever had said that money couldn’t buy happiness had never been in her house. Nice hardwood floors, a giant plasma screen television, and a surround sound system that could blow the pictures right off her wall decorated her living room. Her kitchen had the newest and nicest appliances. The only thing she owned that wasn’t impressive was her car. Having a spiffy new car would have been a little too difficult to explain considering her low paying job. In short, Nikki was happy with her life. She didn’t have to worry about money, not with her rather large client list. Indeed, it was almost too much. She was starting to feel like she never had any time to herself, and considering she still had three more clients this week didn’t sooth her exhaustion. In a way, Nikki found it rather sad that so many people simply wanted to experience a part in their lives when they were carefree and happy, yet that wouldn’t keep her from making a nice profit from it. It was just business. ………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………. As the first bit of sunlight began to stream into the room, Eli groggily began to wake up. The first thing he noticed was the unfamiliar surroundings. He remembered his previous night as he crinkled in the oversized crib. The next thing he realized was that he was alone. That fact hit him hard, as it usually did, and he felt an almost crushing sense of despair. He wasn’t sure if he would ever get used to the feeling of waking up alone. For nearly five years he had been lucky enough to wake up beside the love of his life. Where had it all gone wrong? Eli couldn’t say for sure, but those days were long gone, and when she had left, it felt like she had taken some crucial part of him with her. His days seemed darker, food had seemed to lose its flavor, and it took more than a bit of alcohol to get to sleep at night. This was precisely what had mad his experience last night even more shocking. He had been able to forget all of the problems of his life, even for a short time, and even fell asleep sober. It was a refreshing feeling to not wake up with a pounding hangover. His head was clear, and as he soon realized, his bladder was full. Eli relaxed and sighed with relief as warm urine filled his diaper, expanding it to a much larger size. Eli tried to get comfortable again now that his diaper was nice and warm, maybe get a little more sleep, but reality had made too much of an intrusion on his thoughts. He didn’t have to wait long however, until Nikki came in to wake him. She was dressed just as beautifully as last night, her make-up and hair done to perfection. Eli had looked in vain to see what time it was, but there had been no clock in sight. Despite last night, he couldn’t help but feel embarrassed, and he found himself sucking on his pacifier as she came smiling into the nursery. “Good morning little Eli. How did my baby sleep last night?” She asked cheerfully. “Great. That was probably the best night’s sleep I’ve had in a long time.” Eli said, momentarily removing his pacifier. “That’s wonderful. I’m glad to hear it. Why don’t you hop up on the changing table, and I’ll get you all dressed in your big boy clothes. Then you’ll be on your way.” Eli felt a pang of sadness at the thought of leaving, but did as he was told. He felt so at peace here, he really didn’t want to leave. He sighed as he felt Nikki taking off his diaper, beginning the process of cleaning him up. “Somebody sure is wet this morning. At least you didn’t leave any other surprises for me.” Nikki cooed. Eli raised an eyebrow. “You mean…..people actually…..poop themselves?” That was something he had never done, or even thought about doing in his diapers. He figured he didn’t have a right to judge, considering that his own waste entered into his diaper play as well. Still, the idea was pretty far out there for him. “Sometimes. Clients really get into the babying aspect of all this, and a lot of them do everything in their diapers. I don’t mind, although it certainly isn’t my favorite part of the job.” Nikki answered as she slipped his boxers back on him. His jeans followed next, and before he knew it, he was ready to go. He finally saw the time, a little surprised that it was only eight in the morning. She clearly liked her babies up and out of her house as soon as possible. He headed to her door, unsure what he should feel, until she handed him his pacifier from last night. “A little parting gift. I always let clients take them home. That way they can bring it back if they decide they want another session.” Eli clutched the small rubber soother in his hand.” Thanks. I don’t know when or if I’ll ever have enough money to come back again, but it was really a great experience.” Nikki smiled and subtly led him out the door. “Well, I really hope you do someday. I had a lot of fun, and the first time is always the hardest for new clients. The next time will be a lot more fun. Take care now.” With that, Eli found the door shut to him, the beautiful girl who had changed his diapers out of his life, perhaps for good. “I guess it’s time to go home.” He thought glumly, as he got into his car and drove away. ……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………. Nikki sighed as she finally shut the door. Newbies always tried to overstay their welcome. Even worse, Nikki found the man fairly attractive, now that he was out of his diapers. He had short, yet surprisingly dark hair, and a decent body, although it was clear he didn’t work out regularly. He seemed like a really nice guy, maybe a little too shy for his own good. If the circumstances had been different, she might not have been opposed to getting to know him better. No, she shouldn’t think like that. Dating a client would have been a disaster, and she didn’t want to end up changing her boyfriend’s diapers all the time. No, it simply couldn’t be, despite the temptation. Nikki looked at the clock, as was exasperated when she realized her next client would be coming at three. That didn’t give her a lot of time to relax after she picked up the house. Not to mention, her next client wasn’t nearly as cute. The things she did for money. She thought again how she might benefit from a helping hand, someone to take a few clients off her already strained shoulders. Not that long ago, she would have railed against having competition, but she had to admit it might not be such a bad idea so long as she could control it. Luckily, she already had an idea of someone who might fit the bill. The girl in question was a former classmate from college, one who also spent a lot of time in theater. Nikki just hoped she would hear her out. This job was quite odd to an outsider’s perspective, after all. Still, Nikki knew she could probably use the money if she could stomach the work. Nikki took out her cell phone and scrolled down her contacts until she found her girl. After three rings she answered. “Hi Nikki. It’s been a long time.” A cheerful voice answered. “I know. Life’s been busy since college ended. So, have you found yourself a decent job yet?” The other girl hesitated for a moment. “Well…..no. It’s difficult to find acting jobs here. Maybe if I lived in L.A., but I don’t. I’m currently working at a day care.” Nikki was delighted. “Well, today is your lucky day. I happen to have a job you would be perfect for. You’ll need to be able to act, and it’s sorta like you’ll be at a daycare. And it pays well, very well.” “Okay. I’m listening.” The girl answered. “This isn’t something weird is it?” “Just give it a chance. Look, just get with me sometime, and I’ll have you come over and help me one night, as part of your training.” Nikki said, smiling that she had, in fact, found the right person for the job.
  7. Okay, so I had been wanting to write a more AB oriented story ever since I got close to the end of Reincarnation. This is only the first chapter, and will no doubt seem like a lot of other stories you have read before. I implore you to stick with me while I get the story where I want it to go. As usual, comments are greatly appreciated. I've read a lot of stories by other authors, and I've tried to improve my own writing style as well. Therapy for a Price Chapter 1: The New Client “So this is it.” Eli thought as he started his car on a sunny Friday afternoon. He was on his way to a “nursery” of sorts. Eli had been what was called an ABDL for as long as he could remember. Basically, he liked wearing diapers, and as he got older and more into the lifestyle, engaging in childish activities. Well, to be honest, he had never experimented all that much with the AB, or Adult Baby urges he had; Aside from secretly using a pacifier every once in a while, and the childish prints he preferred on his diapers. Now though, he really didn’t have much to lose by going all out, nor did he really care. His life had been torn apart during the last few months, and he determined to find comfort in whatever way he could. While Eli was a perfectly healthy twenty-five year old man, he felt as though the world was crumbling beneath him and nothing he had done, not the many drunken nights, nor the few one night stands had helped steady him. So he had searched around for the one thing he had always wanted to do, but lacked the courage. He had found someone only an hour away who, for a price would act as a “Mommy” for people like him. According to the profile, assuming it was legit, the girl’s name was Nikki, and she was a year younger than he was. The idea that he was going to a girl, planning to pay her to cater to his unique “needs”, made him feel ashamed and dirty for some reason, but he couldn’t bring himself to turn around. Nikki was one of the few Mommies in his state, and she also offered the best deal. Instead of an hourly price, she had a flat rate. A client would arrive at her home at three in the afternoon, and would stay for one night, enjoying her services all the while. The price for this was five hundred dollars, upfront and in cash. It was a steep price for someone like Eli, who made due working temp jobs, yet it still seemed like the best bang for his buck. Despite this, Eli couldn’t help but feel a nervous pit forming in his stomach. He could hardly believe he was actually going to do this. The idea that some woman he had never even met before would be cleaning him, feeding him, and changing his diapers, was a staggering idea. He drove in complete silence, thoughts churning around in his head, until he finally pulled up to a nice, yet modest home in a rather suburban neighborhood. He could practically feel his knees knocking as he made his way nervously to the door. He stood at the door, too afraid to knock, when suddenly it opened from the other side and revealed a stunningly beautiful blonde haired girl. She was dressed conservatively in a warm looking sweater and jeans, and had a very gentle smile. Then again, Eli had never had a lot of luck in judging women. “You must be Eli.” She said as she extended her hand. “I’m Nikki, and I’ll be watching over you for the night.” “Uh….yeah…..uh…” Eli stammered, not even moving to shake her hand, still surprised he was standing. Nikki gave him a sympathetic look and gently placed her hand around his shoulder. “I take it this is your first time doing something like this? That’s okay, there’s nothing to be ashamed of, and there’s certainly nothing to be afraid of. Let’s just get you inside, and we’ll discuss the rules and take care of the payment.” Eli allowed the girl, who he noticed was a fair bit taller than him; led him inside where she gently deposited him on the couch, and then took a seat in a chair adjacent to him. “Okay Eli, here’s the deal and I want to make sure this is perfectly clear. I have a paper for you to sign, sort of a waiver where I promise to take charge of your physical wellbeing, not abuse you or anything like that, and you agree to obey me in all things while you stay at my house.” Eli raised an eyebrow. “Uhhh…okay. I wasn’t planning on misbehaving.” “Just a simple formality. I’m a firm believer in clear and established boundaries. Unlike other places or Mommies you might go too, I’m not going to ask you what you do or don’t want me to do. If you’re here, I’m assuming you want to be babied, and babies don’t make their own decisions. As soon as you hand over that money, you become mine for the rest of the night. You will obey me and do what I say, or I will punish you. That could mean spankings, or other more inventive things. My word is law here. Now, if you’re the type of baby that likes to misbehave and be punished, I invite you to go for it. Just be prepared for the consequences.” “Okay. That sounds reasonable.” Eli said as he signed the surprisingly professional looking form. “You really take this seriously.” Nikki sat straight up in her chair, looking the very picture of a businesswoman. “I do. There have been…..incidents in the past. For example, I am not a prostitute, I am not a whore. If you get touchy in the wrong way, I will kick your butt out in just your diaper without a word said. Also, now would be a good time to mention that I have a no refund policy. But, just behave and do as I say, and we’ll have a great time.” Eli gulped, hardly able to believe that what he had always secretly wanted was so close. Taking a deep breath, Eli nodded. “Okay. I’m ready I guess.” Nikki cleared her throat. “The money please.” She asked with an almost anxious tone, her eyes taking on an almost hard glint as she held out her hand. Eli wordlessly handed her five hundred dollars in crisp fifty dollar bills. After a quick count, she disappeared with his money, only to return a minute later, her demeanor suddenly very different. “Okay little Eli. Come with me sweetie and we’ll get you in a nice comfy diapee.” She took his hand and led him down the hallway to what was obviously, the nursery. It was a plain white room, not blue or pink, no doubt so that it could accommodate either gender. Eli saw that the windows had frilly white curtains, and as he entered, the smell of baby powder assailed his nostrils, bringing a sense of peace that he had always felt when he wore diapers. There was a large changing table on one side of the room, as well as an adult size crib. It was a bit of sensory overload as he stood there, trying to wrap his mind around everything. Nikki smiled and gave him a minute to adjust before reaching for his pants. Eli jumped without meaning too, but she only smiled and removed his pants, then ushered him onto the changing table. Eli swallowed hard, his heart feeling like it was going to jump out of his chest, as his host opened a closet full of adult sized diapers. She looked at his pants in order to determine his size, and then reached into the closet and picked out what Eli recognized as a Teddy Bambino diaper. “Now then little Eli, I’m going to remove these silly big boy undies. Don’t be scared.” She said sweetly as she took off his boxers. His erection immediately became apparent despite how nervous he was, yet she didn’t seem to pay attention. “That’s right.” She cooed as she slid a diaper under him. “Little boys like you need their diapers. Yes they do. You might like to act like you’re a big boy, but we know different don’t we sweetie?” She gave his nose a little tap, and then began applying some baby powder, rubbing it in before taping up his diaper snug. “Hop down for Mommy, baby.” Eli did as he was told, still blushing profusely. He stood awkwardly in just a diaper and his black t-shirt, until he finally spoke when he saw her taking his pants and underwear away. “Wait, what about my pants? Am I supposed to just walk around like this?” “Well, yes pumpkin. I like your diapers visible. Plus it will make diaper checks easier. Now, forget about your big boy clothes, and let’s get you some toys to play with while I make you some din-din.” Nikki reached into a drawer and fumbled around for a bit until she turned back to him with a dark blue pacifier. “Here we go. Don’t worry it’s clean. I know that fussy, scared babies like you need their paci’s.” Eli followed numbly as he was led by the hand into the living room, the large pacifier actually comforting him, where he was placed in front of a television, cartoons blaring across the screen. Nikki returned a bit later with some Legos and toy cars. “Now you just play like a good boy and I’ll be back with a nice bottle of juice for you.” Eli wasn’t sure what he had expected, but it certainly wasn’t this. He felt like a moron, sitting here in just a shirt and a diaper, sucking on a giant pacifier while some girl played pretend that she was his mommy. How ridiculous all this was. Eli felt frustrated that the money he had spent had served not to bring him comfort, but humiliation. Nikki soon returned with a bottle of juice, which he drank down as he tried futilely to get into some semblance of littledom, an almost nirvana like state other AB's seemed to be able to do. So while his “mommy” cooked dinner, he ended up drinking his juice and driving some of the small cars around the floor, trying to remember how he used to play when he was a child. Surprisingly, this seemed to delight his host, who knelt down and ruffled his hair. “Is my shy little boy having fun at last?” She asked, even planting a kiss on his forehead. “What a cute baby you are.” She cooed before heading back to the kitchen. Eli found himself smiling despite himself. The fact was, it had been so long since he had gotten a kind word, or a warm smile. Real life was difficult, brutal, and apathetic. He had even felt a weird butterfly feeling in his stomach as Nikki had kissed him, and he found that he actually wanted to be good for her. He wanted her to smile at him. He wanted that love and affection, even if he had to pay for it. So he sat on the ground, moving his toy cars around as though they were racing, even making little engine sounds. It was his need to pee that eventually broke his concentration. With a short sigh, he allowed himself to flood his diaper, the thick Bambino absorbing everything he had to throw at it, which turned out to be quite a bit. When Eli finally finished, his whole diaper was enlarged and heavy, and he went back to playing as though nothing was amiss. “Okay sweetie, dinner is ready.” Nikki sang from the kitchen. Eli left his toys a bit reluctantly, and waddled his way into the kitchen. Nikki took one look at his soaked diaper and declared that he need a change before dinner. She took his hand and led him back to the nursery. This was it. He was actually going to have his diaper changed by this beautiful girl. His heart was pounding as she helped him up onto the changing table, and he knew he was probably as red as a tomato. “Okie dokie pumpkin. Let’s get you out of this dirty diapee and into a clean one. Then we’ll get you some nice nummy food.” Nikki said as she unfastened his diaper and began gently cleaning his privates with baby wipes. She was great at changing diapers. She was gentle, yet thorough, and she was also fairly quick about it, not leaving him vulnerable for too long. Eli could feel himself grinning like an idiot as he was put on a clean diaper, and had baby powder rubbed into his skin. When she had finished taping him up, Nikki proceeded to tickle his sides a bit, which made him giggle rather childishly. “Time for dinner sweetheart.” He was taken back to the kitchen and placed in a larger than life highchair, before Nikki returned with a bowl of spaghetti. “Open up for the airplane!” She said as she began to feed him. The food was delicious; although he had a feeling she was intentionally missing and getting it on his face. Every once in a while, she would bring a bottle of milk to his lips. Eventually, his meal was finished, and he was allowed to go back to playing for a little while. At about eight p.m. Nikki returned and checked his diaper, which was pretty wet from all the milk he had drank. “It looks like I have a baby who needs another clean diaper, but I think I’ll give you a bath before bedtime. Doesn’t that sound nice?” Nikki asked. “A bath? This should be interesting.” Eli thought as he was led to the bathroom. “Well I wanted the full experience, and now I’m going to get it." He waited Nikki filled up the tub with warm water and added some bubbles to the water. Once he was naked, he got into the tub, marveling at what a perfect temperature the water was. Nikki smiled at him as she tied her hair back into a ponytail. Eli relaxed, letting the warm water envelope him, as Nikki began to wash him with a soft loofah. She began to sing as she worked, and between her wonderful voice, and the warmth of the water, Eli soon found himself falling asleep. "Hey now, stay with me cutie pie. We need to get you out and in your jammies first." Nikki laughed. She quickly washed his hair, and pulled him groggily out of the bath. As she dried him off, Eli once again marveled at how gentle and sweet this girl was. Man, what he wouldn't give to be her baby for real. The idea gave him something to ponder. He had never experimented with the ageplay aspect before, but found it to be very relaxing, more than anything he had ever experienced before. He wasn't sure why it was so appealing. He didn't have long to think as Nikki ushered him into the nursery and put him into another diaper. He was then put in a comfortable, and crazy warm blue sleeper, before Nikki helped him into the crib. A part of him felt like he was being gypped, spending his time sleeping, but the whole experience had served to exhaust him. "Night night, Pumpkin. Sleep tight and I'll see you in the morning." Nikki said as she stroked his hair. With that the lights were turned off, except for a small night light, and Eli was speeding off to dreamland.
  8. Reincarnation (Finished!!! 8/23/2015)

    I'm very glad you enjoyed it. Dante was a fun addition simply to see peoples reactions. I got to smile as people guessed if he was good or bad. One person theorized that he was an allegory for the Devil, and Zeke was playing the part of Adam and Eve. Wow. Somebody clearly gives me too much credit, and thinks I'm more clever than I really am. Yeah though, Dante was an idea I had and wanted to bring by you guys to see what you thought, but I didn't want to give it away. Eventually I decided on my own. So is Dante a good guy? No. A bad guy? No. That's why he's so fun. I don't believe in black and white people. I'm glad it didn't feel rushed though. I was guilty of rushing through chapters of James, simply because I found him the most difficult to write about. A little too normal I guess. But If the characters seemed realistic, and made people empathize with them, fantastic. That's all I could have wanted. Zeke was the easiest for me to write about, as well as the most fun. Followed by Ashley and Erica. However, I certainly didn't expect such an overwhelming amount of favor for him. It made me feel a little bad later on that I maybe focused too much on Zeke at the cost of perhaps the development of James. Eh, it is what it is though. Also, the ending might have been a little confusing so allow me to explain. Erica was reborn as Tara's daughter, and found James, having been reborn as Michael. They reincarnated quickly as was their plan, and managed to find each other again. And yes, Zeke and Ashley were the twin babies, so they decided to wait a bit so they could be born to Erica and James. Also, I made mention of a child with a strange burn that should be obvious. Anyway, that's a wrap. I'm glad you liked it and thanks again!
  9. Reincarnation (Finished!!! 8/23/2015)

    Erica/Laura Blackburn 8 Months Later "There we are sweetie. All nice and ready for bed." Erica cooed as she taped up Zeke's nighttime diaper. His week in diapers was a thing of the past, but he still needed them for bed, something Erica was happy for. The boy looked adorable in his diapers, though he hated to hear it. She tucked him into bed for what would be the last time. Tomorrow was the day they had to move on. It had taken a lot of convincing to get Mirah to let them stay until their time was up, but she had finally relented. The last eight months were a dream, as Erica enjoyed every last second with her family. Dante had vanished without a trace, and Mirah and her organization were frantic trying to find him again. While his loss seemed to trouble Zeke, he had been relieved at least to know that his family was safe. "You nervous about tomorrow?" Erica asked. "Not really. We had a good run. It's time to move on." Zeke said as she stroked his hair. "Do you think you'll reincarnate right away?" "Oh I doubt it. I might check out the afterlife a bit first, if I get bored there, then maybe. You?" "Yes. James and I both agreed the sooner we do, the sooner we might be able to find each other again. I mean, we won't remember anything, but I believe in soul mates, so I know we'll see each other again." She reached down and planted a kiss on the boys head. "Sleep tight, Zeke." "Hmmm. Love you." Zeke said sleepily. "I love you." Erica said as she left the room. Zeke's new found affection always made her smile. She headed to Ashley's room next, and found James holding her in his arms, rocking her to sleep. The girl's onesie made her look like a small toddler, and of course her diaper was obvious due to the bulk. Erica smiled at her friend/daughter as she sucked her pacifier contentedly in her sleep. The empty baby bottle was proof that James had gone all out in caring for his baby girl. The lovers smiled at each other before Erica took Ashley into her arms and tucked her into bed. With that they headed downstairs to talk to Tara. Erica had thought for a long time about the nanny, and had concluded a suitable reward for her loyalty. Tara however, looked nervous as the Blackburn's walked down the stairs, no doubt wondering why they had asked her to stay later than usual, yet refused her help getting the kids ready for bed. She couldn't know that they needed this last night together, that it would be the last one they would have in this life. Erica smiled as she gestured for the nanny to sit. "Tara, I've been thinking a lot about you over the last months. How you're always working, how you've given up your dreams in order to take care of our family. I don't want you to miss out on your own life. So I'm letting someone else run the antique store, and I'm becoming a full time mom." Tara paled, and looked like she might pass out. "Are....are you firing me?" James stepped in. "No, no, no. Of course not. We just want you to have a life of you're own as well. We'd like you to limit the days you help out here and start going to college. You said you wanted to be a teacher right? There's no time like the present honey. Believe me, life is short. To that end, we have a little bonus for you." He slipped her the check he had written that morning. Tara took it reluctantly, still thinking she was being tricked. However, when she saw the amount, she really could have fallen out of her chair. "Oh my.....Oh.....this is too much. I can't accept this!" She protested. Erica gave her a firm look. "You can and you will. Go to a good school, nearby preferably. Start making some choices for you. Please, it's what we want." "I don't.....I....I don't know what to say.....thank you." Tara choked out. "Thank you is a good start." James joked as the girl broke down into tears. Tara left about an hour later, eager to find a a good college as soon as she could. Finally, it was just James and her. Erica wrapped her arms around him, giving him a long, deep kiss. "I have an idea for our last night alive. Want to hear it?" Erica said seductively. James smiled back at her as her let his hand travel down to her bottom. "I'm all ears." As far as last nights go, Erica couldn't have asked for more. Zeke/ Alexander Blackburn School was as boring as usual, but Zeke found himself relishing every minute of it. Every breath he took was a reminder that after tonight, he wouldn't be around anymore. It was a sobering and grim thought, but one that he was okay with. He wasn't afraid, oddly enough. He had already died once before after all. As he looked at the classroom, Ashley and her friends, Mrs. Mitchell, he felt a sigh of contentment escape him. It was simply time to move on. One thing that continued to bug him though was, for obvious reasons, Dante's disappearance. Unlike the others, Zeke had never bought into the idea that Dante would harm them. Sure, the guy had been around a long time. He might have done any number of things. Plus, he had been a soldier in a few different armies, so Zeke knew he had the ability and capacity for violence and murder. Still, Zeke couldn't believe what they said was true. They were just afraid of him. It was natural really. Zeke himself had been terrified of him at first. There was an unworldliness to Dante, something that felt right away.....unnatural. Still, when all was said and done, Zeke trusted Dante. Perhaps he was being manipulated after all, but after tonight it wouldn't matter. When lunch finally arrived, Zeke decided to go and pay an old friend a visit. He waited until everyone had been served their lunch before he approached her. Lydia responded as she usually did when she saw him, with a mixture of fear, disgust, and utter loathing. Sure, he had kinda driven her up a tree for a while, and the last eight months certainly didn't do anything to improve things, as he had taken to jumping out and scaring the poor woman for his own amusement. For some reason though, the look she gave him always caught him off guard. Was he really that bad? He determined to apologize and make nice before he passed on, make a more or less clean break from the world. "Hey there Lydia. How's it going?" Zeke asked with a nervous smile. Lydia looked at him distrustfully. "What now? What do you want now? Why won't you leave me be?" The whining tone of her voice wasn't meant to be funny, but Zeke still laughed. No wonder it had been so easy to pick on the old woman. "Look, I just wanted to apologize for.....everything that happened between us. I was rude to you the first time we met-" "You most certainly were!" Lydia huffed. Zeke gritted his teeth and pressed on. "Yeah I was rude. Despite your utterly ridiculous and stupid questions I should have been more....patient." "I don't have time for this." "Look you old troll, I'm trying to apologize here!" Zeke snapped. He slapped his forehead. This was getting nowhere. He needed to be calm and patient with the senile lady, and suddenly he thought about how he had won over Tara with false nice words. Maybe he could do the same here. "I'm very sorry Miss Lydia. I don't mean to be bad. Is there anyway you could possibly forgive me?" Zeke asked, although he had to strain to keep sarcasm from entering his voice. Lydia looked at him again with distrust, but it appeared that his words were enough to satisfy her a bit. "I may have gotten too heated in my.....distaste for you." She admitted. "But you're still the rudest child I've ever met in my life." "I'm trying to be better." Zeke said, acutely aware that he was reaching the edge of his patience. Lydia nodded at him slowly. "Okay. That’s a start. In that case, what do you want for lunch?" Zeke figured that was the best he could hope for and ordered his food. Heading back in the lunch room, he went ahead and sat near Ashley, who was surrounded by her gang of girls as always. Allison, the bullied girl she had saved so long ago, had blossomed under the twin’s protection, and was no longer the same nervous, shy girl she had been. Lydia's daughter Elizabeth wasted no time in moving next to him. Ashley figured her friend might have a small crush on him, much to Zeke and Lydia's mutual annoyance. Still, it was nice to be a part of a group, even if they were mostly irritating girly snot-goblins. When the day had finally ended, Zeke walked with Ashley and found Erica waiting for them, since Tara had taken the day off to enroll in college. The ride back home was surreal, as both the children told their mother how their day had gone. It was strange to think that this would be the last time they would talk like this. When they pulled into their home, Zeke noticed another car had pulled in after them, a car he recognized as Mrs. Mitchell's. Ashley was overjoyed to see her teacher, even thought it had scarcely been an hour since she had seen her last. “What are you doing here?” Zeke asked, not intending to sound rude, but apparently succeeding as Erica elbowed him. Mrs. Mitchell just smiled. “Erica invited me to come by for your last night. I heard something about pizza being delivered.” “Yay! Pizza!” Ashley squealed in delight. True enough, six p.m. brought dinner in the form of pizza and soda pop. Zeke smiled at the light conversation at the table. Mrs. Mitchell was chatting about former horror students, as Erica smirked and shook her head. Everyone was smiling and happy. It was surreal, and pleasant, and…..cathartic. As dinner began to wind down, Zeke took a moment to go up to his balcony, where he viewed his last sunset. When Ashley came up behind him and grabbed his hand, he smiled and put an arm around her. They stood there for some time in silence, enjoying the view and the gentle breeze. “This is really it, isn’t it?” She mumbled her eyes downcast and sad. “We won’t see another sunset.” Zeke gave her a half smile. “Sure we will. Dying isn’t the end after all. We’ll just be different people. We’ll get a fresh start.” “I’m glad we got some extra time. I had more fun these last few months than I’ve had in years.” Ashley said with a smile. “You’ve been a good brother Zeke. I want you to know that.” “Don’t get sappy on me Ash. I still think you’re a weird, diaper loving, twerp.” Zeke said before he cracked a small smile. “For what it’s worth-“ Zeke didn’t get to finish his sentence as they suddenly heard James’ voice downstairs. They weren’t sure what was going on, but he sounded angry. “What the hell are you doing here?! Get out of here!” James yelled right before the twins heard a loud thud. Zeke could hear Erica and Mrs. Mitchell screaming, and without hesitation began running downstairs, taking them two at a time until he reached the others. Erica and Mrs. Mitchell were huddled together, while James was on his back, looking helpless for all his strength. Dante stood over him, looking rather unconcerned about the ruckus he was causing. “Yeah, I wouldn’t suggest taking anymore swings at me, big guy. It’ll end badly for you every time.” Dante said as he offered a hand to help James up, an offer he refused. “Look, I get it. You don’t like me. That’s perfectly fine. I’d simply like a few words with Zeke, and then I’ll be on my way. This doesn’t need to be unpleasant.” Erica moved to shield him, but Zeke wasn’t about to run and hide. “It’s okay. I’ll talk to him. Just give me a few minutes.” “Zeke, stay away from him!” Mrs. Mitchell cried. “It’s fine. Trust me.” Zeke said as he moved forward. Dante gave him a smile as he approached, but there was anger behind it, though repressed. “It’s good to see you again. May we speak in private?” Dante asked, and then led him outside without waiting for a response. Zeke followed behind numbly, unsure of how this conversation would end. “So….where have you been all this time?” Zeke asked after a period of silence. “Well, I was concerned that the others had found out what we were up to and had forcibly taken you away. However, when your friend Mirah and her cronies found me, I knew the only way they would have known I was here was if you had told them.” Zeke felt a wave of guilt pass over him. “What did they do? I didn’t think they were a threat to you.” “Not much of a threat. “Dante admitted. “But they can make my life uncomfortable enough that I needed to leave town a bit.” “I didn’t mean for that to happen.” Finally, some of the anger Zeke had sensed in Dante revealed itself. “Why? Why did you betray me? I offered you everything I had. Everything! Do you know what you’ve cost me?! ” “I’m sorry! It’s just….I can’t be like you. I thought I could, but I can’t. You’re an amazing person, but look at the cost. It’s like you’re barely human anymore. I can’t be you, I can’t!” Dante was silent for a while, and Zeke was surprised once again to see in him a deep sadness, one that spoke of a thousand pains over an eternity. Finally, he spoke. “I see. So this is what you want then? Truly? There’s still time. I could take you from here. The others couldn’t stop me.” “Would you hurt them? Is that it?” Zeke asked. “Of course not, despite what you may have heard. Besides, why would I want an unwilling student? I just want to throw out the offer. It’s your choice Zeke. It always has been.” His words cemented Zeke’s belief that Dante truly meant them no harm. If he had, Zeke would never have followed him, and so it made little sense that he would. “No thanks. I’m ready to move on. It’s past time I think.” Zeke answered, feeling lighter after answering. “Dante nodded. “Very well. I’m disappointed but I understand.” He stuck out his hand. “You were a good student.” “Maybe I’ll see you again one day. Well, not me exactly.” Zeke said as he shook the hand. “It’s not likely. Still, I wish you happiness in your next life. Take care.” Dante said as he turned to leave. “Wait!” A small voice said. Ashley peeked out sheepishly. “You don’t…..don’t have to go yet….I mean, we have food if you’re hungry.” Dante smiled, but also glanced at James and Erica behind the small girl, and their gazes offered no warmth or hospitality. “That’s kind of you, but I’ll pass. I think I’ve overstayed my welcome. I’m sorry for frightening you by the way.” With that he was gone, and Zeke couldn’t find the strength to move for a few minutes. Dante’s departure only solidified what was going to occur later, another chapter closing. It was all coming to an end. Ashley/ Maria Blackburn There was a pervasive silence upon Zeke’s return, but oddly enough it didn’t last long. Maybe it was because Erica suggested they all watch a movie while they waited for Mirah. To Ashley’s surprise and disappointment, Mrs. Mitchell declined and said she had to head out. Despite having wet her diaper to the point of being reduced to waddling, she still ran up to her teacher for a final hug, which she returned happily. Zeke tried to get away with a handshake, but she pulled him into a hug as well. “I’ll miss you guys.” She said tearfully. “You’ve certainly made the year interesting.” “You were a good teacher. I’ll miss you.” Ashley said, surprised at the tears welling up in her eyes. It all seemed so unreal to her; this moment being one of her last. She held on tightly to the woman, eager for as much human contact as possible. It was a nice moment, but it couldn’t last, and Ashley finally allowed herself to be pryed away from the woman. “Take it easy lady. If I see you again you’ll probably be ancient.” Zeke quipped. “Ha. Thanks for that Zeke. I already feel ancient. Try not to cause any trouble, wherever you’re going.” “No promises.” Zeke replied. After she had left, Erica wasted little time in getting them ready for the night. Zeke was promptly diapered, with Erica coming to her room after. As her wet diaper was removed, Ashley felt a momentary bit of guilt that Maria would basically have to be re-potty trained. It was too late at this point though, and Ashley relaxed as she was placed in a clean diaper, a comfy and warm sleeper, and was given her pacifier. Zeke and James were settled in front of the television when they walked back down to the living room. To her surprise, Zeke had the stuffed bear she had made him, which Erica had kindly repaired for him. She wished she hadn’t forgotten hers upstairs. James apparently sensed her displeasure. “Forget yours upstairs princess? I’ll go get it for you okay?” She smiled at him as he rose from the couch, briefly stopping to kiss her on her forehead. Erica placed her on the couch while she went to get her a bottle. Finally, the family settled in for the movie, settling on the Avengers, which they all had wanted to see. Ashley cuddled into Erica’s arms as she drank her bottle, feeling Erica pat her diapered bottom every once in a while. At midnight Mirah finally appeared to herald them on their way. There was a somber mood, and Ashley couldn’t help but feel a little afraid of what was to come. “Ok guys. It’s time. Everyone ready to go?” Mirah asked. After receiving nods from everyone, she asked them to lie down together on the ground. “Okay guys. All you have to do is close your eyes and give in to that feeling you’ve had, like there’s somewhere you need to be. It’s that simple. When all of you are ready, you’ll head out at the same time.” Erica smiled. “Okay. That sounds pretty straight forward. Thanks for all the help. I appreciate it. We all do.” Mirah nodded. “No problem. It’s always nice to help people move on. You guys did a great job. Sincerely.” Ashley couldn’t keep it contained any longer. “I’m scared. I don’t know if I can do this.” Mirah looked a little dismayed but before she could speak Zeke reached over and grabbed her hand. He looked at her and smiled. “It’s alright. I’m right here with you. I meant to say it earlier but….you were a good sister. I’ll see you on the other side.” Feeling better at his words, Ashley took a deep breath and smiled. “Thanks Zeke. I’m ready Miss Mirah.” She closed her eyes, feeling her diaper grow warm one last time. She could still feel the calling. The pulling that told her she had somewhere to be. She let out a breath and willed herself to go there. And that was the last thing she felt. Dante Dante stood outside, just across the street from the Blackburn residence. He let out a sigh as he saw four souls depart the manor, and said a silent goodbye to his student and friend. Dante had said goodbye to many people in his long life, and it still hurt. He still felt the pain of their loss. The burn on his arm began to ache, serving to let him know of a spirit’s presence. He saw Mirah coming to him, and he couldn’t help but feel a little resentment to her. “So….I’m a murderer now am I?” Dante asked. Mirah looked at him steadily. “I said what I had to in order to keep that boy away from you. It seemed to work.” Dante shook his head. “It wasn’t your lies that kept him from me. It was his friends. His family. Don’t give yourself too much credit.” He sighed as he looked at the woman, gently brushing his hand across her cheek. “The flesh looks real yet it’s not. A champion of reincarnation, yet too afraid to jump back into life yourself. An eternal watcher. Whose existence is more pitiful I wonder?” “You’re wrong. I’m helping people. The people you prey upon.” Mirah said. “Don’t be so melodramatic. And how long exactly do you plan on standing before me in that guise? I’ll give you points for keeping in style I suppose. The punk rock looks suits you. But a new look and name can’t fool me Isabella.” “So you knew then?” Mirah asked as she began to glow. Her true appearance finally began to take shape and Dante soon saw a beautiful woman with long, dark hair, adorned in a simple yet elegant white dress. The sight of her sent a shiver into his spine. “Aahh, just as beautiful as ever Isabella.” Dante said with a smile. “Stop it.” Isabella ordered. Yet a dark thought had entered his mind. “I remember this dress. I remember how it looked on you as we danced together. I remember that you wore it as you finally took your last breath.” Dante sent out a thought, commanding the spirit to change, and slowly dark red splotches of blood appeared on her dress, and her skin took on a sickly appearance. “Stop it Dante.” “Tuberculosis. A terrible disease. I remember how you suffered, how I held your hand as you slowly slipped away. I wonder if you regret not taking my offer.” “Stop it. No more.” Isabella pleaded. “We could have been together forever, just like you had wanted. Yet you chose to wither away. To die.” Dante continued. “Stop Dante! Please!” She cried out, finally breaking him out of his thoughts. Dante felt flustered, ashamed that he had let his anger control him. He let the illusion drop and she was once again in her normal form. “I….I apologize. That was….wrong.” He admitted. He couldn’t have said how long they stood there, as the moon cast it’s pale light on them. “I should be going.” “You know it’s only a matter of time before we figure out how to remove you.” Isabella threatened, still looking shaken. Dante wasn’t concerned. He had heard it all before. “Not likely. Still…..It was good to see you again, despite the circumstances.” He began walking away only to be stopped before he got far. “Wait. Maybe….if you gave up….if I asked…..maybe the others would be lenient.” Isabella said with a hint of pleading. “I’ve never asked them for anything before.” It was a nice thought, but impossible. He had deified them for too long, broken too many rules, to ever be granted mercy. That was fine for him. It was the path he had chosen. “No, I don’t think that will work. It was nice of you to offer though.” He continued walking away, not wanting to look back and see her pleading eyes. Yet when he reached his car, he looked, only to find the street empty of life. “Goodbye, my love.” He whispered as he started his car and drove into the night. Epilogue 25 years later. Tara Tara groaned as she got out of her car, her back feeling stiff after a day of teaching. Her third grade class was well behaved, but the strain of grading papers was getting tougher. Her back wasn’t what it used to be. Still, today was a happy day. Her daughter, Alexis was probably already in the doctor’s office. She was as excited to be a mother as Tara was to be a grandmother. From a young age, she had seemed to have an innate maternal instinct, playing with baby dolls just a little longer than most girls. Tara entered the doctor’s office and told the nurse who she was and was led to the room. Her daughter was there, lying on the bed, her belly exposed. Her husband, Michael was beside her, clutching her hand with anticipation. Michael was the perfect boy for her daughter. They had met in high school, and the two just seemed…..perfect for each other. Soul mates. When news of their pregnancy surfaced, Tara had been thrilled. It was what Alexis had always wanted. Plus, while they were both rather young, in their early twenties, they were both smart kids, and Tara still had a good amount of money left over from investments she had made with the Blackburn’s gift. Tara smiled at the memory. She had long ago stopped being the nanny for the family, yet the children were still very dear to her. Alexander had gone on to become a doctor of all things, and Maria became involved in a long running soap opera, even though she took a while to take care of her potty issues. Edward and Laura seemed to have resolved all their issues, and were still happily married. The doctor finally came in, breaking her from her reverie. After some obligatory questions he started preparing for the main attraction. Ultrasounds had become much more detailed in the last few years, and it was now possible to see highly detailed 3D images of the baby. The doctor made idle chit chat while he prepared. “Are we excited to see the baby today?” “Yes. I can’t wait.” Alexis said with a grin. “Maybe we’ll break down and find out the sex.” “You made it sound like that was your idea.” Michael said with a laugh. “I pushed her on that doctor.” “Hmmmm. A little eager are we?” He laughed. “I don’t blame- oh. Oh ,my. We are in for a surprise today. It looks like you’re having twins.” Alexis looked like she might cry, but in a good way. “Twins? Oh my God. That’s…incredible. I can’t believe it.” Tara could hardly believe it herself. It was amazing. And terrifying. She was going to be a grandmother for twins. Oh, she hoped she had the energy. Still, she was overjoyed, and her daughter and son in-law were certainly excited. “Would you like to know the sex of the babies?” The doctor asked. When he received eager nods from all three, he brought the children up on the screen. “It looks like we have a boy and a girl. See the little girl there? It looks like she’s sucking her thumb already.” Tara marveled at the small and detailed images of her grandchildren. The girl did in fact look like she was sucking her thumb, while the boy was currently kicking away lie a little madman. “Oooh.” Alexis said with a laugh. “So that’s whose been kicking the crap out of me all the time.” “He’ll be a troublemaker I bet.” Michael quipped. “Well, that was certainly a surprise, but a good one I hope. Either way they both look very healthy. Congrats guys.” The doctor said as he ended the exam. “If you’ll excuse me, I do a little pediatric work as well, and a little boy just came in with the strangest burn on his arm. Unlike anything I’ve ever seen. Either way, I need to check it out. Congratulations again.” With tears of happiness flowing, the family prepared to go home. The End Wow. It's been a long journey. I'm so happy I finally managed to get this out there. The story took a lot of twists that I hadn't intended, mainly due to the inclusion of Dante, and while I do think I drug the story out a little too much, he was just too much fun not to include. If you enjoyed my work, I'm truly pleased. I was blown away by some of the support I received while working on this, and I'd just like to thank everyone for reading, and even more for comments. Often times a kind comment was just the encouragement I needed. Special thanks to Hifox, Fading Kitten, and Cute Kitten for always commenting and giving me support. I am currently working on my next story, which will be very AB oriented. I'm excited to get into it, but I wanted to make sure this story was brought to a satisfying conclusion. I hope that everyone enjoyed it, and was more or less pleased with the ending So I guess I'll just end by again saying thank you all so much, and I'll see you again soon.
  10. Reincarnation (Finished!!! 8/23/2015)

    Well, I know I said it before, but the end really is near. The next chapter will probably be the last. The story has drug on a bit longer than I had intended thanks to the inclusion of Dante. Either way, I'm very excited to wrap this story up. Could anyone tell me how I can put that the story is updated? Everyone else seems to do it but I don't know how. Anyway, I hope you enjoy this chapter and are as excited as I am to see the conclusion. James/ Edward Blackburn After an extremely long drive James finally reached the hotel. He looked back at Ashley, who was currently bouncing in her seat, eager to see her mommy again no doubt. It lifted his heart to see her in such good spirits despite the her run in with Dante. He dealt with the bags as she ran to the door of the hotel, momentarily pausing to look back and ask if he needed help. He chuckled. "No I got this. Go give Erica a big hug yeah?" "Okay!" Ashley exclaimed before running as fast as she could inside. He found her impatiently waiting at the elevators, kind enough to at least wait for him. He shared her excitement. He missed Erica terribly himself. There was something about her, she just seemed to be the glue that had brought everyone together, and kept them together. As soon as he saw her face opening the door, a huge dumb smile broke out on his face, the one she had told him she fell in love with. "Mommy!" Ashley yelled as she launched herself into his wife's arms. "I missed you! I missed you!" Erica giggled a bit as she squeezed the girl close. "I missed you sweetheart! Be quiet though okay? Zeke's sleeping." Still holding Ashley in her arms, James reached over to kiss his wife. "I missed you babe. How did everything go here?" Erica glowed. "Better than I could have hoped. I think Zeke and I are both ready to move on." James hadn't expected that. It was great news but also a little daunting. It meant that everything depended on him now, and Erica's ability to forgive. Plus, Dante was still out there, and he was a danger no one knew how to deal with. They moved into the room and were about to start talking about everything that had happened when Zeke woke with a start. "Erica!" The boy shouted as he woke violently. James watched as his wife moved to console the child, woken by yet another nightmare. James had figured he would have been through with them now that he was ready to pass on, but it seemed he was plagued still. Ashley curled up to him as they watched Zeke try to calm down. "What happened? Another nightmare? I thought you wouldn't have anymore." "This....this was different. I...was being chased.....by someone....or something. Sorry, it was just really vivid." He glanced over and saw Ashley and James for the first time. "Hey guys. Glad you could make it to the party." They ended up crowded around Zeke's bed, where Ashley finally told them about her encounter with Dante. Erica looked horrified and, much like he had, enraged. Zeke looked more conflicted. There was clearly a part of Zeke that was still under Dante's spell. James couldn't understand it, but then again, he had never met the man. "That doesn't make sense." Zeke insisted. "Dante wouldn't hurt any of us. That's not who he is. He just wanted me as a pupil....a student. He's not going to kill anyone." James shook his head. "Maybe you don't know this guy as well as you think. He's been manipulating you from the start." "My mistakes were my own. He was never anything but straight with me." Ashley spoke up. "He didn't really seem all that bad. A little scary. He just seemed.....I don't know....." "Lonely." Zeke finished. There was an awkward pause among the group, with each of them lost in their own thoughts. For his part, James just cared about making sure his family was safe. Erica was the only one who didn't seem all that concerned, and she quickly hopped back up and flashed a smile. Even after all theses years, she still surprised him. "Bah. Enough about scary old Dante. Let him try to get close to us again. I'll be more than happy to introduce my heel to his ass." Ashley let out a surprised laugh. "Erica. Jeez, what momma tiger you turned out to be." Erica smiled back. "Hell's yeah." She took a moment to ruffle Zeke's hair, as he was looking more and more unsettled. "Now then, I bet there are two kids that need clean diapers am I right?" Ashley looked over at a blushing Zeke. "Two? You mean you're putting another diaper on Zeke?" "Sure am. It's a sort of punishment for lying." Erica responded. Ashley hopped up and down a bit, clearly excited. "That's so cool! We'll be the diapered twins! Isn't that awesome?" Zeke just grumbled. "Yeah. I'm so excited I could puke." James smiled as his wife began gathering two new diapers, some wipes, and some baby powder. He left the room to grant them some privacy, knowing that when she finished he needed to make his confession. He could hear Ashley giggling on the other side of the door, Zeke ordering her to shut up, and Erica telling Zeke to be nice. The exchange made him chuckle, and he went ahead and sat down in the living area to await his wife. After only a few minutes, all three came walking out. Well, two of them were waddling really, but that wasn't the point. He stood up quickly and asked for a moment alone with Erica. The moment of truth had arrived. Ashley was more than willing to oblige, and she turned and grabbed Zeke by the hand. "Hey, let's go play while the grown-ups talk." "Play?!" Zeke asked, jaw dropped. "Yeah! We can play Simon Says or something. It'll be fun, I'll teach you." Zeke had the smallest of smiles as Ashley drug him away. "What the hell's happened to my life?!" "Play nice children!" Erica shouted as they left before turning to him. "So, what's up? What's wrong?" James stuttered, trying to figure out the best way to go about this. After some thought he figured that pain upfront honesty was the way to go. "I know what's been keeping me here i think. First, I was afraid that I wouldn't be a good father. I really just didn't think it was for me. I didn't believe I could handle the responsibility I guess." "You don't feel that way now?" Erica asked as she wrapped her arms around his waist. "No. This time with Ashley has made me realize that I am father material. I finally got that paternal instinct I guess. But this fear that I had led me to betray your trust and I can't pass on until I come clean. I just hope you don't hate me for it." James could feel his wife tense up as she prepared herself. "Well, better late than never. Go ahead." James took a deep breath. "The whole time we were trying to get pregnant.....I was praying that we wouldn't. And every time a test would come up negative, I....well I was happy about it. I prayed and prayed that it wouldn't happen and then when I found out you couldn't.....that we would never get a positive test....." His voice trailed off, unable to say anymore. James watched his wife's face, unable to figure out what she was thinking, when the most amazing thing happened. She started laughing. "Are you serious?! Is that all? James that's sweet but you don't have to feel bad about it." "I don't?" James asked, utterly confused. Erica held him closer. "I knew you were happy about it after my first negative test. James, that was a natural feeling. You said yourself you were afraid you wouldn't be a good father, so of course you would feel relieved. I knew how you felt, but I knew that if we ever did get pregnant, you would be a great father. Plus, when we did find out, you tried for weeks to convince me to adopt. That was you thinking about me instead of yourself." "So....you aren't mad?" "Honey, I have never doubted you, or your love and devotion to me. You are a great husband. and you always have been. Any guilt you have or are holding on too, let it go. I would never hold something like that against you." "Oh....well....that's awesome I guess." James chuckled. "A bit anticlimactic though." Erica leaned in and kissed him. "Feel better?" He did. He felt a lot better, lighter somehow. He wasn't sure if this was the same feeling that the others were feeling, but he suddenly felt like everything was going to be okay. He was surrounded by his loved ones, his wife loved him, and everything would be fine. Ashley's voice echoed from her room. "Haha! I didn't say Simon Says!" "Grrr. I hate this game!" Zeke complained.
  11. Reincarnation (Finished!!! 8/23/2015)

    Erica/ Laura Blackburn Erica watched patiently as Zeke spoke with his sister. She was leaning up against her car as he finally stood up and began to walk away. She couldn't tell what he was thinking as he slowly made his way back to her. It was a look of resignation and deep sadness. Erica's heart went out to him, but she still found it hard to forget what he had done, or planned to do. Yet she also felt that he had wanted to get caught, that he had wanted to be exposed, not to make them hate him, but so they could rally around and bring him back. Finally her reverie was broken as Zeke reached the car, pausing to glance one more time at his sister. Without thinking, Erica reached out to stroke his hair. "Have you forgiven her?" Zeke sighed. "No. i don't think I have it in me. That's just not who I am. Still, I think I can finally let go. I'm tired of being angry." "What now?" Erica asked. She really hadn't planned for anything after his meeting with his sister, she just hoped that it would somehow fix everything. Looking at him now, she wasn't sure she had solved anything. Zeke gave a weak smile. I'm a little tired. I know I shouldn't be thanks to your concoction, but I am. Think we could head back to the hotel?" Erica nodded her head and they were back in the car. With Ashley and Zeke's problems cleared up, the only people left were James and herself. Funny thing was, she didn't see herself as particularly damaged. She had wanted kids, that simple. She had to face the facts though. They only had nine months before Mirah intervened. There was no way she could get pregnant and have a child of her own. Besides, even if she did, she wouldn't want to give up living after she had gotten her wish. It was hopeless. "Uh....Erica?" Zeke spoke up from the back. "I never got to say it but....I was wrong. The whole Dante thing." "And?" Erica asked, wondering if his stating the obvious had a point. "And....I'm sorry. I know I don't have the right to ask but.....can you forgive me?" Such a simple question. Could she forgive him? Could she forgive him for betraying her, for putting her soul, and that of her husbands and her friend, in jeopardy? She almost chuckled at how easy her answer came to her. "Of course I forgive you. We care about you Zeke. I care about you. That's why it hurt so much when you turned on us." Zeke nodded. " I know. It won't happen again." No more was said as Erica continued to drive back to the hotel. They were a few blocks away when they got stuck in traffic. From what Erica could tell, there had been some kind of major accident up ahead, as she had seen two ambulances speed by. Out of habit, she made the sign of the Cross and said a small prayer for whoever was up ahead. Zeke however, was dealing with a different problem, one she watched with amusement from the rear-view mirror. The boy was fidgeting relentlessly and had begun to rapidly tap his foot. "Something wrong buddy?" Erica asked with a smirk. "Uh.....yeah a little. Do you think we could find a spot to pull over. I really need to pee." Zeke admitted. "Gee Zeke....I don't think we're going to be able to do that. It looks like there's a pretty bad accident up ahead." Now looking a bit panicked, she saw Zeke squeeze his legs together." But...what am I supposed to do?! I really need to pee!" Of course they both knew the obvious answer. He was wearing a diaper after all. She had deliberately not packed him underwear for this reason. She wanted him to spend a little bit of time depending on others for a change, literally in this sense. Something on his face told her he was going to try and hold out for as long as he could. "Well I don't know what to tell you Zeke. Hopefully you can hold it. If not though, you are wearing a comfy diaper." "If this is some kind of crazy plan to turn me into a diaper wearing moron for you to baby I think you'll be disappointed." Erica smiled more. "Okay then." She spent the next ten minutes passed as she watched Zeke squirm and curse. Finally he groaned. "Oh....I hope whoever is up there gets hit by a bus." "Zeke!" Erica chided. "I think they did get hit by a bus." "Good. That's taken care of then." When she kept glaring at him he rolled his eyes. "What?! I don't think you understand how uncomfortable I am right now." "Look. We're basically dead in the water here. You're clearly uncomfortable. Just use your diaper already and I'll change you. It will hardly be the first wet diaper you've had." Zeke shook his head. "Not while I was wide awake! Look, I am not going to piss myself okay? Just forget it!" Erica turned and gave him a stern look. "I told you before, I didn't even pack you underwear. You're going to be in diapers for a few days. I expect you to use them." Zeke looked at her with horror on his face. "What?! You can't mean-" "That's right. Now be quiet, use your diaper, and be a good little boy. And I'm putting you down for a nap when we get back to the hotel." Erica stated smugly. "See? I can baby you whenever I want." With her plan to keep him in diapers out in the open, Zeke only struggled for another few minutes before she heard him sigh in relief, then blush and try to stealthily check his diaper for leaks. He was so cute it was painful. "Did you have an accident in your diaper Zekey Poo?" She taunted. "Don't ever call me that again." Zeke said as he tried to get comfortable. "I hope you're happy. This is gross." "Such a cranky baby." Erica laughed. "Oh look, we're moving again." "Son of a bitch." Zeke muttered. It didn't take long for them to reach the hotel and Erica wasted no time in carrying Zeke back to the room and laying him on the bed. She got a new diaper and began unfolding it excitedly. Zeke remained quiet, perhaps pondering his new diaper punishment. "Time to get you all clean." Erica cooed, smiling as he blushed. She proceeded with the diaper change, only at a much slower pace. She wanted him to relax and let her help him. That's what he needed. By the time she had put on his new diaper, he was very nearly asleep. She let him crawl into the bed, his diaper crinkling loudly before she covered him up. They smiled at each other for a minute before Zeke spoke. "So....I guess I should start calling you Mom huh?" He said with a yawn. "Please. A diaper change doesn't make me your mother." Zeke looked at her seriously. "Maybe not, but everything else you've done does. You've always been there for Ash and I. You've forgiven me despite the horrible things I've done to you. Plus you....well....you take care of us, of me." Erica gave him a quizzical look. "What are you saying?" "I'm saying for all intents and purposes, you ARE my mom. I.....I love you. There. I said it. Sappy but true." Erica's could feel her eyes widening with surprise and her heart beating rapidly. Zeke's words hit her in the very deepest part of her core. She thought she had been playing mommy all this time, but she finally understood. Zeke and Ashley might never be her blood, but they were her kids. She had been a mom all along. As a solitary tear escaped her eye, and she felt a wave of happiness and peace wash over her, she reached down and kissed the boy on the forehead. "I love you too."
  12. Reincarnation (Finished!!! 8/23/2015)

    James/ Edward Blackburn "What the hell is taking them so long?" James wondered as he paced back and forth in the large home he had grown accustomed to. Tara had gone to pick up Ashley from school an hour and a half ago, and had yet to return. James had stayed to finish packing their bags for the drive down to Ohio, anxiously wanting to be by his wife's side again. He had been worried that Dante might follow after them, and wasn't comfortable leaving his wife undefended. Now though, as he continued to pace and look at his watch, he feared he had left the wrong person alone. "He wouldn't go after Ashley would he?" He had figured the little girl would be safe at school, surrounded by so many adults, and so he hadn't been concerned about not being with her. If something had happened to her, he would never forgive himself. Ashley was tough girl, but she was HIS little girl, and nobody messed with his little girl. He paused his pacing at the thought, intrigued at his fierce protectiveness. Maybe this was what being a parent was like. His protectiveness even extended to Zeke, despite his betrayal. The boy had been invaluable to the group, and James owned him a ton for all the help he had given him. When he had been at his lowest, Zeke had been there to kick him in the ass and get him back on his feet. James could only pray that Erica had it in her heart to forgive the boy for what he had done, and to bring him back to the fold. Erica had been noticeably upset about what Zeke had done, more wounded than himself or Ashley precisely because of how close Erica had become with Zeke. When he pushed everyone else away, Erica was the only one who had been able to break past his shell. "I hope you can fix things with him Erica." He thought. "And I hope you can forgive me for what I have to tell you when you get back." He had just begun pacing again, thinking about how he had lied to his wife about his desire for children, when the doors opened and Tara and Ashley walked in. Tara seemed a little out of it, but it was Ashley's face that concerned him. She carried a grave look that was totally unfamiliar for the happy carefree girl. He knew right then that something was very wrong. "Sorry Mr. Blackburn, I'm so so sorry. For some odd reason, I climbed in the back seat while waiting for Maria, and took a nap. it was the strangest thing. I don't remember feeling all that tired, and I really don't remember getting in the back seat. I'm sorry." Ashley ran up to him suddenly, burying herself against him as James returned the embrace just as fiercely. "She's safe. Thank God, she's safe." He thought to himself. He brought his attention back to Tara, who still looked extremely apologetic. "Don't worry about it Tara. You work yourself to death taking care of us. Take the few days we're gone and get some rest. You deserve it." Tara looked disappointed. " I will. I wish you didn't have to leave though. I'm gonna miss you guys. Plus, I think my cat prefers when I'm not home." "Yeah, I've never been a cat person myself. Either way, take a few days, relax, maybe get yourself a date. We'll be back before you know it." "Oh, alright. Well, I'm going to head home I guess. You guys have a nice trip." Tara said with a wave. Once she had left, Ashley melted in his arms, so James picked her up, feeling her wet diaper on his arm as he supported her. He took her into the living room where her bag was waiting. He reached in and pulled out a fresh diaper and her other supplies. As he laid her down, he noticed she was shaking faintly, so he reached back in her bag and fished around for her pacifier. As soon as she had it, she seemed to calm a bit, finally feeling safe. "Don't say anything yet sweetie. Just relax and let me clean you up okay? You can tell me what happened in a minute. Just relax." James said as he began the diaper change. Ashley obeyed, looking serenely at the ceiling while he went to work, occasionally sucking her pacifier. She let out a contented sigh as he finished, and clung to his neck when he helped stand her up. "What's going on?" James asked as he gently removed her pacifier. She told him all about Dante's surprise visit after school, with James getting more and more angry as she continued. This man had dared to try and pry information out of a little girl, and had made it clear he wasn't going to back off with Zeke. This guy was messing with his family, and he didn't like it. "I'm just glad you're okay. He didn't hurt you did he?" James asked. "No. I was just scared. He.....he said he wouldn't hurt me. He seemed upset that I thought he would." "Don't put anything past this guy. Mirah said he was a master manipulator, he'll say or do anything to get what he wants. Let's just head out. He doesn't know where Zeke is, so let's just get out of here where I know we'll be safe." "Do you think Tara will be okay? He wouldn't go after her right?" Ashley asked. James shook his head. "No. No, he's not interested in her. It's just us. But if he thinks he can mess with my family, he's got another thing coming." Zeke/ Alexander Blackburn Zeke felt like he someone was crushing his lungs, like he could hardly breath. Why in the world had Erica brought him here? To her? He stood like a statue as he continued to look at his sister's back. All those years ago, he had watched her back as she slowly vanished from his life. He knew that this was Erica's sick form of revenge against him. Krista had turned her back on him, he had turned his back on them. The irony was apparent. Further in the park, he saw his niece, Amanda, playing with some friends, and was shocked at how tall she was. Then again she was at least twelve or thirteen, older than he technically was now. She seemed like a fairly normal kid given her parents. After Krista had split from the family a second time, she had reached out to Zeke, letting him know he was more than welcome to visit Amanda anytime he wanted. He had refused. He thought it was kinder to stay away, rather than be an uncle who might be unable to be in her life one day. Stay away and keep your distance, don't get attached. It was the story of his life, his number one motto, and the cause of a lot of his current friction with his "family." "Go on Zeke." Erica prodded. "It's time to put the past behind you." "I don't know what you expected by bringing me here. I'm not going to talk to her. I don't want to talk to her." Zeke said angrily. "I think you do Zeke. Besides, I'm not asking. This is why I brought you here. So you could deal with this, and after everything you've done, you're lucky I'm even bothering." The scorn in her voice hurt, and left him feeling very much like a child being scolded, being told by a parent that he had disappointed them. Despite his attempts to keep his emotions in check, he wanted more than anything for Erica to speak gently to him, for her to make everything okay. Yet her eyes held little to no mercy or kindness, and left no room for further argument. "How am I even supposed to do this? I can't exactly walk up a reveal who I am." Zeke pointed out. "You don't need to tell her who you are. Just talk to her, see if you can get the subject on her brother, you, and take it from there." Zeke couldn't bring himself to move. "I can't do this." Surprisingly, he felt Erica's hand on his shoulder. "You have to Zeke. It's time to let go." With a quick pat to his diapered rear end, he found himself moving to his sister. He quietly made his approach and took a seat beside her. She glanced his way, but didn't react otherwise. Her face was damaged from drug use, appearing much older than the thirty-something years that she was, and her eyes spoke of an exhaustion not physical, but mental. Seeing her brought back memories of his childhood. Playing together in her room, climbing trees, skateboarding, even teaming up to ambush their mother with water balloons. Looking back on how hostile their relationship became, only one question came to mind. "How did things come to this?" After a minute of mental preparation, Zeke decided to start the conversation. "My sister is on her way soon," He began, thinking that it was a rather blunt statement a child might make. Krista just smiled, but didn't say anything else. Deciding to plunge forward, he prepared his next question. "Do you have any siblings?" "No." She answered quickly. "Well.....not anymore anyway." "Why not?" Zeke asked. Krista looked at him, no doubt wondering why this small boy had taken such an interest in her life. "He.....died not too long ago." "Oh. I'm sorry. You must be sad." Zeke pushed. "Yeah. He didn't like me very much though. I guess it doesn't matter anymore." Krista said, seemingly lost in reflection. "Why didn't he like you?" Zeke asked. "I hurt him a long time ago. He trusted me and I.....I let him down." She looked at him again and laughed. "I don't know why I'm telling you this. Forget about it." "Didn't you try to fix things with your brother?" Zeke asked, refusing to back down. "I wanted too. I almost tried before, a lot of times actually. I couldn't do it. I couldn't stand to see the hatred in him, to see how much damage I had caused. He probably would say it's because I was a coward. He'd be right I suppose." "You are a coward." Zeke thought bitterly. "I wanted things to go back to normal. I was angry, but I couldn't help it. I trusted you. I looked up to you. I hated what you had done, but I......I....I really just wanted my sister back." Krista sighed as she continued. "I was young and selfish. I went after anything I wanted regardless of the pain I caused to my family. By the time I wanted to change, the damage had already been done. My mother was too hurt to look at me, my brother hated me beyond all reason." Krista kept talking, years of guilt pouring loose. "I screwed up so bad and I didn't even know how to fix it. So I waited and waited, thinking I would fix things eventually." Zeke remained silent, thinking how he was in such a similar position. How could he ever hope to fix things if the others weren't willing to forgive him. "Now he's gone.....and I never got to tell him how sorry I am. My only brother died hating me." Krista paused and brushed away a solitary tear from her eye. "Sorry. I'm sorry. I don't know why I keep talking about this to you." And it was that single tear that finally broke Zeke's wall. The anger he had fed off of for so long suddenly gone, replaced only by an emptiness. "I think.....I think he wanted to forgive you. Maybe he just didn't know how. I bet if he was here now.......He would forgive you." Krista smiled. "That's a nice thought. I'd like to think that too." Zeke sighed, feeling a small sense of peace, like a great burden had been lifted. He looked over to his niece once again, seeing her laugh and smile, and he thought of the little girl he had saved at so great a cost to himself. "All this time, I thought my life had been stolen from me, but that's not true." Zeke thought, as he struggle with his emotions. "I see now. I gave it up. I gave it up willingly, so that she would be able live her life, grow up, be happy. And I would do it again." "I have to go now." Zeke told his sister. He left without another word, only pausing to glace a final time at his niece. "I'm sorry kiddo." He thought. "Maybe if things had been different. Maybe if I had been different, you would have known me, and I would have known you. I just hope you grow up to be better, better than your mother or me."
  13. Reincarnation (Finished!!! 8/23/2015)

    Zeke/ Alexander Blackburn Zeke slowly entered consciousness as he felt the sun's rays shine on his face. His body felt like it weighed a thousand pounds, and his head was foggy. He had to squint to see in the still darkened room, so he knew it must have been early in the morning. He could feel a sagging cold mass at his crotch, sighing as he realized it had to be a diaper. He squirmed in discomfort and tried to get up once more unsuccessfully. That's when he saw Erica sitting in a chair near his bed, staring at him with an impassive and cold stare. She made no move to help him, she didn't move at all, but kept him in her unflinching gaze. "Finally awake I see. Don't worry, the grogginess should fade after a bit." "Where are we?" Zeke asked, still squirming from his wet diaper, still feeling like an ice cube on his groin. He was incredibly tempted to ask Erica to change him, but something told him she was in no mood to offer any assistance. "We're in Ohio. Same hotel we stayed at last time actually." Zeke shook his head. "And why are we back in Ohio? What the hell did you give me?" Erica remained stone faced. "I think I'm the one who should be asking questions." Zeke sighed. "So the teacher lady called you after all. I thought she might. Well, you know about Dante then right?" Erica looked away and when she turned back to him, he could see tears in her eyes. "Why? What did we do that would make you do this? After everything.....I don't understand. Tell me why, make it make sense." Zeke managed a bitter smile. Why had he gone along with Dante so easily? Was it just the promise of learning his secrets? Or was it something more? Was it how he lived as he pleased, his solitary nature, the things he had witnessed? Zeke honestly wasn't sure why. "Answer the question Zeke!" "I don't really know. I guess I just wanted to take some control back. I saw an opportunity and I went for it." "Yes, and without any thought to what would happen to the rest of us!" Erica cried. "How could you be so selfish?!" "I got shot the last time I stuck my neck out for someone else. Everything I wanted, all my hopes and dreams, snuffed out because I helped someone, some nobody. I should have learned years ago, you live for yourself, and only yourself. Everyone else will just let you down." Erica brushed her tears away. "You can say that again. People really can let you down." She stood up and threw a diaper to him. "There's wipes and powder on the nightstand. Hurry up and get dressed. We have places to go." Zeke rolled his eyes. "What does that mean? And why would I change into another diaper?" "I didn't pack you any underwear, so just put on the damn diaper." Erica said harshly. Zeke barely felt like he could move, let alone figure out how to diaper himself. "I uh.....might need a little help here." "Tough. Figure it out." Erica said as she left the room. Zeke sighed as he dragged himself out of bed, promptly falling flat on his face as soon as he tried to stand. Cursing, he reached over and grabbed the wipes and powder, then laid down and tried to figure out the best way to go about this. He untapped his diaper, and began trying clean himself, but it wasn't long before he had to stop, feeling another wave of exhaustion. He wasn't sure how long he had laid there, when Erica suddenly walked back in the room, and after taking a look at him, she rolled her eyes and knelt down. She took over the diaper change with an impressive efficiency, wiping him down before lifting him up by the ankles and sliding a clean diaper under him. "So.....couldn't help yourself?" He asked as she sprinkled powder on him. "Shut up. We just don't have all day." She said as she finished taping his diaper on. She quickly dressed him in a pair of jeans and a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles t-shirt. Zeke didn't dare to comment, and to be honest, he figured she could have chosen much worse. Once he was dressed, she carried him out to the car, and surprisingly, Zeke found that he actually missed the old, happy Erica. He even found himself missing James and Ashley, and as they drove in silence, Zeke wondered if there was any way that things could go back to how they had been before, before Dante had arrived and tempted him with secret knowledge, before he had caused the others such pain. He glanced out his window, feeling a sense of nostalgia he never thought he would feel for this shithole of a town. He wondered how his parents were doing. Had they managed to move on after his passing? His mother was prone to depression as it was, so his death might have pushed her over the edge. He saw the old grocery store, where it had all began, or ended depending on your perspective. He glanced awkwardly up to Erica, who wore a sad contemplative look. "So, do you hate me?" Zeke asked. "I don't blame you if you do." Erica's grip on the wheel tightened, but she remained quiet. Zeke had almost given up on her answering when she spoke up with a question of her own. "Why did you tell your teacher about this?" "It doesn't matter." Zeke said flatly. "I've been thinking about it." Erica continued. "You must have known that she might call us, so why take the risk?" "I don't know." Zeke lied. "Yes you do. You don't do anything unless it's thought out. I'll ask again, why did you tell her?" Zeke sighed and explained his plan to make them hate him, thus allowing them to pass on without him. To his surprise, Erica began to pull over to the side of the road suddenly. "It's nice to know you cared about us a little at least. I can't say I understand why you sided with Dante to begin with, but I'm glad you're still you." Erica wiped a few tears gathering in her eyes. "Anyway. We're here." Zeke noticed she had pulled over near a small park, where he could already see some other kids playing tag on the playground, or basketball on the small court. Zeke didn't see the relevance in driving all the way back to Ohio to go to a park. "Why are we here?" Zeke asked nervously. "There's someone here you need to talk to." Erica said as she pointed over to a woman watching her kid playing. It took a minute for Zeke to recognize her, as she hadn't aged well, but finally he figured it out. It was his sister. It was Krista. Ashley/ Maria Blackburn "Where is Zeke?" Dante asked again. "I don't know who that is." Ashley answered, trying desperatley to be brave. She kept trying to nudge Tara awake, but it was no use. Nothing she did would wake her up. "Please stop lying to me. I know who you are Ashley. I know about James and Erica as well. So just answer honestly please." Ashley gulped. "He stayed home sick today." "Another lie." He stared at her for a second. "He told you about me didn't he? You clearly know who I am, although I don't know why you're shaking so much. So I'm guessing you know about my offer to Zeke." "We know. We know all about you." Ashley said, feeling an anger rising inside her. The nerve of this creature, to corrupt one of their own and then dare to ask where he was. "Zeke is out of your reach. You can't try to trick him." "I never tried to trick him. I'm a fan of his actually. I simply offered to teach him something useful." "It would have resulted in our destruction you ass. Forgive me if I don't like you very much." Ashley said, feeling more brave. "I can understand that. Like I said, all I did was offer a choice. It wasn't personal." Dante said with a shrug. "Don't you even care that Erica, James, and I would have been destroyed?" Ashley asked with exasperation. "Why should I?" Dante asked. "What?! Excuse me?!" "No offense young lady, but I don't know you or the others. What are you to me that I should care? Besides there was always a chance that you would pass on without him. Maybe you're angry that I didn't offer my help to all of you?" Ashley couldn't even begin to formulate a response, so she was silent for a while. Dante kept staring at her, and she suddenly felt a rush of warmth as she filled her diaper, her body still shaking with fear. She didn't know what he was going to do to her, and despite how angry she was, what Mirah had told them about Dante terrified her. Dante raised an eyebrow. "Why are you so afraid?" "Are you going to kill me?" Ashley nervously stuttered, afraid of what would happen if she died again. A strange look crossed over the man's face. Several times he looked about to speak, but the words wouldn't seem to come out. Ashley tried to open her door to escape, but found they had been child locked. "Kill you?! Why in the world would you think that?" "If you can't get Zeke away from us you'll kill us. Won't you?" Dante clenched his fist slightly. "And just who told you that?" "Mirah did." Ashley answered, for some reason feeling very compliant about answering questions. "Ah. I see. Of course she would say that. Another spirit who feels she has the right to judge me. I promise you I mean you no harm." "You're a monster. I don't believe you." Ashley said. A small smirk appeared on his face. "A monster am I? You know, another woman once called me that in nearly the same tone of voice. I'm guilty of not wanting to be destroyed, of not allowing the spirit authority to control me. That's all." "What bullshit! You go around and steal other people's bodies." Dante sighed "Let me show you something." He proceeded to roll up the sleeve of his right arm as far as he could, exposing burnt looking flesh from the elbow to the shoulder. "When I was near death the first time, so long ago, there was fire all around me. It had begun to burn me just as I died. After I died and took over my first body, the burnt flesh returned, and has done so in every body I've ever taken. It's a constant reminder of the path I've chosen, the path Zeke chose to walk. What should I do? If I give up, I will be destroyed. My only path is forward." With another sigh, Dante began to get out if the car. "I would never hurt you Ashley. Perhaps I am what you say, a monster, but you have nothing to fear from me." "Will you stay away from Zeke?" Ashley asked, still a little shocked from his story, and only barely realizing she was peeing yet again. "If he seeks my help, I will help him. That's all I can say. Give him my regards." With that he was gone, leaving Ashley speechless, shaking, and in a wet diaper. About a minute later Tara began to stir. "Mmmhm.....Maria? How did I get back here?"
  14. Reincarnation (Finished!!! 8/23/2015)

    Zeke/ Alexander Blackburn There was odd amount of disturbingly light chatter at dinner that Zeke found unsettling. Surely he hadn't miscalculated, surely he hadn't misjudged Mrs. Mitchell. She must have called Erica or James by now, told them everything he said. But they didn't seem to act like anything was amiss. It was mind boggling. Zeke had figured that his helpful teacher would have spilled the beans by now and he would be faced with angry cries of betrayal for his collusion with Dante. "Let them hate me." Zeke had thought. "Let them hate everything about me. If they think I'm a lost cause, maybe they'll be able to forget about me and move on by themselves." It had been a rather desperate plan, but he had been sure it would work. He knew he had to come up with something when Ashley had managed to succeed where he and the others had thus far failed. He couldn't allow her to get dragged down when she was nearly ready to move on. Yet somehow, his plan seemed to have failed. The whole business was simply exhausting, and he found it more difficult to stay upright during dinner. He needed to get moving, to study or maybe even take a walk. Tara had left early, so he knew he'd have to have an another awkward diapering session with Erica. "That's the next thing I need to master." Zeke thought. "Burn another bridge. Keep her out." Zeke looked down at his dinner, and gently pushed the plate away, feeling to tired to even chew. He stood up to leave, not planning on saying a word to anyone, but was quickly stopped by Erica. "Zeke, if you won't eat anything, at least finish drinking your milk." She begged. "Why? I'm not thirsty." He stated, wondering her angle. She sighed and shook her head. "Does everything have to be a fight? You're a growing boy, or in a growing boy's body. I just think you should try and keep his body a little healthy. Please?" Zeke glanced at his cup, shrugged, and drank what remained. If that was all that it took to calm her down, no big deal. Erica delayed him a few more minutes, asking inane questions about how he was doing, how he was sleeping, and other stuff that was none of her business. James and Ashley had fallen silent and now stared at him, a strange intensity in their eyes. Feeling even more unsettled, Zeke tried to break off the conversation, but he hadn't gotten more than a few feet before he began to feel dizzy. The room began to spin and he suddenly had to latch onto the table to keep himself upright. What the hell was happening to him?! Meanwhile, Erica and the others had risen from the table, although they didn't look overly concerned. They watched impassively as he staggered out of the room, heaving in air desperately. The three followed behind him in an almost predatory fashion, like wolves closing in for the kill. Whatever trap they had laid, Zeke knew he had fallen right into it. He had almost made it to the stairs when Erica stepped in front of him, blocking his way. "What.....what did you......do to me?!" Zeke rasped. "Calm down Zeke." Erica said. "It's just something to help you sleep. Don't fight it." Zeke backed away, bumping into James as the world continue to spin and darken. He felt his legs give out and Erica's soft arms reach out and catch him. "Stay away from me! " As his eyes closed, he could hear them talking to each other, but the voices grew more and more faint. "Bags are in the car." James said. "You going to be okay to drive?" "Yes. I'll meet you down there in a few days right?" Erica said as she lifted him up, and gently guided his head to her shoulder. " We'll be there. Just be careful on your own. We don't know what he'll do when he realizes....." The voices grew dim as Zeke drifted further and further into darkness. He wasn't concerned anymore about what was happening. He was far too comfortable to care, and he could hear the faint thumping of Erica's heart as he fell into a peaceful and dreamless sleep. Erica/ Laura Blackburn Erica laid Zeke down in the car, quickly removing his jeans and underwear, readying a thick diaper he would no doubt need during the long drive. She applied a liberal amount of baby powder and slid the diaper under him, quickly taping it up. She left his pants off and covered him up with a blanket before she got into the driver's seat. As she drove she thought back to Mirah's warnings about Dante, and the possible danger she was in. "Dante is ruthless and relentless." Mirah warned. "Everyday Zeke is near him, you and the others are in mortal peril." "Why?! What does he want?" "He wants a student. He wants someone he can influence, someone who will listen to him, follow his every word. He wants Zeke. And if he can't get him, if he feels that there's something holding him back, he'll take steps to remove that obstacle." Erica had paled at the thought. "Are you saying he would kill us? He would go that far?" "Without you, what's to stop Zeke from following him? You have something he wants, and Dante has never been shy about taking what he wants." Mirah explained, completely serious. Erica sighed as she focused on driving. The idea that Zeke had betrayed them had made her physically sick. She had thought that after everything they had been through together, they had built a connection, formed a bond. She couldn't understand what would have convinced him to turn his back on them. Part of her wanted to just pull over now and leave him on the side of the road, but she wanted him back. He had helped her by bringing James back, so she felt she was obliged to bring him back to his senses. The answer of how to do that was in their old town in Ohio. She drove for about another hour before she pulled over into a small gas station. She went to the back and looked at Zeke sleeping, his body no doubt grateful for the rest. She checked his diaper, feeling surprised at how saturated it was already. She grabbed another diaper and began cleaning him up. She slid a fresh diaper under him, but dropped the bottle of baby powder in her haste. Before she could move to pick it up, another woman grabbed it and brought it to her. "Thank you so much." Erica said. "Oh, it's no trouble. " Said the woman, who looked to be in her early forties or so. She glanced over at Zeke, who hadn't stirred even with the diaper not yet taped up. "He's a cutie. How old?" "Oh...umm.... seven." Erica replied. "The woman gave a small laugh. "Enjoy it now. Once he gets older he'll probably rebel. My teenagers certainly did." "How many kids do you have?" Erica asked to be polite. "I have four. Two boys and two girls. They certainly had their moments, but you just can't help but love you're kids right?" Erica nodded softly, her own mind slipping back into the past. She remembered when she was about nine or ten, she had run away from another foster family. They were nice enough people, but she had felt like too much of an outsider there, among their real children. Her foster mother Gloria had caught up to her quickly enough. She remembered how she had fled to a small park, and sat swinging as the moon cast a bright light in the sky. Her foster mother had sat down next to her, and just sat there for a while without saying a word. Finally, Erica had spoken. "How did you find me?" Gloria laughed. "You told me you loved swinging at the park remember? I listen. So where were you going?" "Back to the orphanage." "Why? Didn't you like it with us?" She asked. "I don't fit in there. I'm not your real daughter, and you're not my real mother." Erica had said sulkily. "Hmmm. Well, that's true. But when I took you home with me I promised to make you my daughter. I promised to be your mom." Erica stood up from the swing. "I don't want you!" She had yelled. "I want my real mom! I want my real family!" "Sweetie listen to me. Family isn't about blood. That's not what makes a family. A family is group of people that would do anything for you, that will love you no matter what. Even if you aren't my daughter by blood, I promise you, I would love you the same as if you were." "Erica wouldn't be persuaded. "I don't believe you. You have to love your real kids more." "Why? Who says that?" Gloria had asked. "Because you have to. How could you not? I would." Erica said sniffling. "Like I said, for me, family isn't just blood. It's who I care about." They had talked for another few hours, but Erica had still decided to return to the orphanage. She had kept in contact with Gloria over the years, but she had never been able to really believe what she had said about family. She wanted her own family, and she had swore that one day, she would have her own children, and she would be the mother that she had never had. "Miss? Are you okay?" The woman asked. Erica blinked as the memory dissipated. "Oh, I'm sorry. I just remembered something." She quickly finished taping up Zeke's diaper and covered him back up. She thanked the confused woman and headed back into the car, thinking as she drove about the true meaning of family. Ashley/ Maria Blackburn Ashley looked over at Zeke's desk, unable to shake how strange it felt for him not to be there. Despite everything he had done, or perhaps because of it, Ashley found herself missing his morose face more and more. As class inched ever slowly by, she noticed Mrs. Mitchell giving her a reassuring look. Now that the secret was out of the bag, no one had to play pretend anymore, and Ashley was glad for it. Plus, Mrs. Mitchell seemed like the perfect ally to help keep their secret. Tonight, her and James would head down to Ohio, now that Mrs. Mitchell knew what was happening and could excuse their absence. Ashley sighed contentedly as she allowed herself to release her bladder into her already damp pull-up. She relished the warmth as it spread and pooled into the waiting diaper. Since she had solved her issues, she found that she really didn't let little things bother her so much, that included her near constant diaper wearing. It made her happy, and that's all that really mattered to her. Even with everything going on, even with the possible danger involved, the possibility of a crazy, body stealing maniac on the loose couldn't frighten her. She was at peace, and there was nothing that could touch that sense of peace. The bell finally rang and after saying goodbye to her friends, she stayed behind to speak with her teacher. She filled her in on Erica's plan, the plan that would hopefully bring Zeke back to his senses, and put him at peace. It was risky, especially with his current state of mind, but it was the only thing left to do. Mrs. Mitchell shook her head, although whether from the plan, or from the fact that her world had been turned upside down in the last few days, Ashley couldn't tell. "Well, I hope it works, I really do. You're nice kids." Mrs. Mitchell said with a laugh. " I'm sorry. I know you're not really kids exactly, but still..... you're great people. I'll miss seeing you two in my class." "Sorry, but I don't think I'll miss being here. I hated school the first time, so having to come back was a curse." Ashley admitted with a chuckle. "But you're such a wonderful student though. So sweet and polite. Not to mention what a cute little girl you are." Ashley blushed at the compliment. "Thanks. It's been fun actually. I kind of missed being a little girl." "Did you miss wearing diapers too? I mean- is that why you wear them?" Mrs. Mitchell asked. "To be honest I hated the idea at first, but eventually I sort of came to like them. They make me feel warm and safe. Does that make sense?" "Sure. I get that. I still have a blanket my grandmother made for me when I was little. Sometimes I still wrap myself up in it when I feel sad or scared." Ashley stood up, feeling happy that she had made a sort of bond with the older woman. "Well, I should go. Tara probably waiting." "I would change out of that wet diaper first." The teacher said with a wry smile. "You're walking a little funny." Ashley smiled, not ashamed in the least. "I will. I'll see you tomorrow. Bye." With that, she headed out of the classroom and made a beeline for the bathroom. In only a few minutes, she was in a dry pull-up and headed outside where Tara's car was waiting. Ashley smiled as she hopped in the backseat. "Sorry I'm late Tara, I was just talking to the---" Ashley breath caught in her chest when she noticed Tara laying in the backseat beside her. Her heavy breathing showed that she was only asleep. Ashley tried to shake her awake, but she wouldn't budge. "Tara! Tara are you alright?! Please wake up." "Oh, That won't work I'm afraid. The poor lass was simply exhausted." A male voice said from the drivers seat. "You should let her rest." As he turned around, Ashley immediately recognized the man. She had seen him everyday that Zeke had been dropped off at his house. His blonde hair was loose and fell down to his shoulders. His eyes were hidden by his sunglasses, but Ashley could feel his eyes looking at her....through her. "It's you...." Was all she managed to spit out. Dante smiled. "I thought we might have a little chat. About the whereabouts of my young friend Zeke." Suddenly the peace Ashley had once felt vanished. Suddenly she was very, very afraid."
  15. Reincarnation (Finished!!! 8/23/2015)

    I want to clarify some things. Due to the traumatic nature of their deaths and the fact that they each were not ready to pass on, our four heros grouped together, sort of out of a sense of familiarity and jumped into suitable hosts. Ashley has solved her issues, laid aside her guilt concerning her father and has begun to feel a pull to move on. However, she is still connected and bound to the other three. Unless they all fix their issues and accept their fate, she probably won't be able to pass without them. It's an all or none situation. Hence the moral dilemma with Zeke. If he uses what Dante is teaching him, he might save himself, at the cost of the others, as well as being able to remain himself and not go through the process of reincarnation, in which he would technically be a new person.