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  1. Plastic center, cloth sides. They don't stay tight. They also have a tendency to leak around the cloth area.
  2. Also try Baby Pants Gerber Whites. They're made of Peva. I recieved mine about 3 weeks ago. So far they are great. Very thin but strong. Made almost like the Gerber baby pants made today except the elastics are a little bigger, but not covered. However the Peva seems to cling to your skin so to speak forming a very good seal. Had pooling in the pants and the elastics never became wet. BEWARE: very noisy, and sizing runs small. I normally wear a small or medium however the mediums fit snugly. I ordered the large and they fit fine. At $9.99 a pair it's a good deal. If you order 6 or more pair yo
  3. Perfect opportunity! When going to shoot pool, carry a travel size Johnson's Baby Powder in your cue stick case. I know lot's of guy's who use it when they shoot pool.
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