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    I would love to hear from others that had to wear diapers late into childhood similar to me. I was potty trained relatively late because my mom felt that keeping me in diapers fulltime was easier than cleaning accidents that I had during the few times she attempted to potty train me. Anyway, I remember having to stay in diapers well beyond the normal age of my peers and feeling very embarrassed about having to stay in diapers. I remember many instances where I was either in public in diapers or in my home with visitors that drew attention to the fact that I was still wearing diapers as an older child and this just added to the humiliation. I wore diapers day and night until I was 6 years old and at night until the age of 9. I finally grew to like wearing diapers and missed them once out of them. I was so thrilled to find this community and rekindle my AB/DL side.
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    Actually, if you look up what autism is, diapers and ageplay seem like a natural component to an autistic individual. This is not to say everyone with autism would enjoy ageplay and/or diapers, but a person with autism may find it more comforting to be in a position full of routines (naptime, mealtime, diaper changes, etc. ) wherein they are not expected to hold conversations about socially complex (i.e. adult) topics that may otherwise be expected of them in public, not to mention those with autism who hold strong fascination and enjoyment for baby or toddler things. For example, I have a friend, both ABDL and autistic, who is utterly obsessed with Barney the dinosaur. In a mature adult setting, that might seem odd or - at worst - laughable, but when you're in an environment that encourages enjoyment of things intended for very small children, that doesn't seem odd at all, and it makes sense he would prefer an environment that gives his identity a positive reception is much more enticing than one that would treat such an obsession negatively.
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    Absolutely disgusting. I hope whoever did it is reading this right now and realizes they need to stop and learn some basic human decency.
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    On 10/19/2017 at 5:28 PM, iluvmydiapers said: Yes, I took the time to see a therapist years ago about my desires to wear diapers and desire to wet them.
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    Here is the second part of "Out of Their Depth" which has been available on my Patreon for the last week. For $5 you can get early access to my stories and for $10 you can get access to exclusive stories. There are other rewards and tiers you can support me at as well and they can all be found on my Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/Elfy88 A big thank you to everyone who reads my stories and comments on them but an extra special big thank you to those who support me financially: DannyDazzler, Daniel O, Lena S, Jerry J, Kyle L, Kian R, Mario, Frank S, Charlie S, Alex B, P, James S, Orion F, John, Diapering Daddy, Eric C, Kevin H, Tom H, Sterling W, Ryan, Jens B, Zachary U, Thomas R S, Matthew S, Pierry L, Matthew, John D, Diapcapo, Butters11, Ben F, LB Iceland, Liv, Cyatommorrow, Emmanuel S, Henry C, Bob, Michelle G, Kent J, Scott S, James B --- Jack lead the way as usual as he and Ben followed Alan through a door to the side of the staff room and started walking down the hallway. Alan kept up a fast pace and Jack and Ben had to walk quickly just to keep up. Ben was feeling very nervous as he followed the park employee deeper and deeper into the building. He had no idea what was going on or where they were going. Wouldn’t VIP treatment just mean getting passes that allowed them to skip the queues? Eventually, after passing through a maze of doorways and corridors, Alan paused outside one door in particular. It was at the end of the corridor and there was also a door to the right. “You just need to go through here.” Alan said as he turned to the two boys, “Everything you need is just through there.” Jack immediately put his hand on the door to push it open but felt Ben’s hand on his other shoulder. He turned around and saw Ben’s nervous face. Jack sighed in slight annoyance, he loved Ben but sometimes he couldn’t stand Ben’s eternal timidity. “Don’t worry about it, Ben.” Jack said as he shrugged off Ben’s hand, “You were the one who wanted to come here so let’s do things in style.” Jack pushed open the door and walked through. Ben followed with some trepidation, he was worried of what might be coming but he was even more scared of being left alone. As Ben walked over the threshold he frowned in surprise. He looked around the room and couldn’t work out why he and Jack had been taken here. He was about to speak up and ask when he suddenly heard a slam behind him. Both he and Jack spun around to see the door they had just walked past get slammed closed and locked. The door fit in so well with the white walls around it that once it was closed it was almost impossible to tell there was a door there at all. “Hey!” Ben shouted. He quickly tried to pry the door open again but it was pointless, it was clearly locked and not designed to open from the inside. “Sorry…” Alan shouted from the other side. His voice was very muffled, “I have to do this.” “Do what!?” Jack shouted back. When there was no response he slammed his fist against the door in frustration. Ben stepped into the room a bit and started looking around at the strange place they were now trapped in. The room was square in shape but with a high curved ceiling almost like a dome. The walls curved into the ceiling with no discernible point where one became another. It was like a sphere that had been cut in half. The carpet was a dark grey colour and the walls/ceiling were white. The room was far from bland or empty though as there were a lot of colourful objects and things dotted all over the room. It was these objects that made Ben’s eyes fly wide. “Jack?” Ben asked hesitantly as he continued to look out into the room. “Not now.” Jack said back through gritted teeth before shouting, “Come back! Let us out!” Ben walked further into the room and frowned at everything he was seeing. There were small tables everywhere with activities on them. Colouring books, Lego, soft toys, an easy bake oven… The room was full of toys for people a lot younger than Ben and Jack. At the back of the room was what looked like a baby’s changing table and also a bunch of cribs and small fold out beds. They were all neatly made and ready for use. There was a kitchen area to the right that had everything you would expect in a modern kitchen and just in front of it were a collection of high chairs and small tables and chairs. It was all very colourful. “Whoa…” Ben gasped as his eyes fell on a strange clear tube next to the kitchen. There were clear glass tubes dotted against the walls all over the sides of the room and Ben walked slowly forward towards one now. “Let us out!” Jack screamed behind Ben, “For fuck’s sake, you can’t lock us in a room and leave us here!” Ben walked over to the nearest tube and stared open-mouthed at it. This was what had attracted Ben to the park in the first place, the super advanced robots that ran certain areas of the theme park. The young adult pressed his face to the glass and looked at the mechanical person in wonder. It was quite lifelike and yet unmistakably mechanical. There was more than a hint of uncanny valley about the way it looked, it gave Ben the creeps. “I’m sorry!” Alan yelled through the door, “I don’t have a choice…” Alan pulled away from the door and, with his head hanging low, he walked through another door into the room next to the main one. He could see the two unfortunate visitors on the security cameras and through the one-way mirror. He sighed as he walked over to the computer and logged into the system. He had to get this sorted before anyone else arrived, it became a lot more complicated with more people in the room. Whilst waiting for the computer to boot up, Alan watched the two unfortunate guys on the security cameras. Alan had no idea what those two had done to get Brick mad at them but this was just the worst thing Alan could imagine. His mind went back to when they did this to his mom’s boyfriend and he shuddered. “Two people detected.” The computer finally said as it finished the scan. This computer was one of the most advanced computers in the world. It could basically run the park on its own if it had to. Frankly, it was quite scary to Alan who used it on an almost daily basis. He worried about what this thing was truly capable of doing. “Detect age.” Alan said out loud into the microphone. “16-25.” The computer responded. It was designed to detect all sorts of different life signs to determine a rough age. It was rarely wrong. “Change age status of detected people.” Alan commanded producing a very brief loading screen from the computer. “Please enter new age.” The computer responded. “18… Months.” Alan said with hesitation. He closed his eyes as he said it, he knew what he had just done and he knew that reversing the process now would be very difficult. “Confirmed.” The computer responded. “Good luck…” Alan said quietly as he watched the two boys on the monitor. He turned away before seeing what came next he was fully aware of what the fully automated nursery would do and he didn’t want to watch. --- “Well this is great…” Jack said sarcastically as he turned to face the room, “What do we do now?” “I know where are.” Ben finally said as he looked away from the robot and glanced once again at all the other objects in the room. “Where are we then?” Jack asked impatiently. “The nursery.” Ben answered simply, “One of this park’s most famous features is it’s fully automated nurseries. Parents drop their little brats off in here and then go off and enjoy themselves.” “So how do we get out?” Jack asked as he looked at one of the imposing robots. “Well… I guess, the robots will come online and will see we aren’t babies.” Ben theorised, “Then they will let us our… Hopefully…” As if on cue there was suddenly some whirring noises coming from around the room and each of the tubes started showing signs of life. The tubes began opening with a whooshing noise similar to the sound of sliding doors in all those science fiction films. The robot in the tube nearest the boys opened its eyes and stepped out. It was remarkably lifelike, the only two things that gave away the fact that it wasn’t a person was the rather dead look in its face and the mechanical way in which it moved. It moved with precision, there was no human error, it knew exactly what it was doing and right now it was locking its sights on the two people in its room. “Hello. My name is Nanny Abigail.” The robot said. Its voice was remarkably human-like, “What are your names?” “Erm, I’m Ben.” Ben said as he looked into the rather creepy face, “And this is Jack. There’s been some kind of mistake, we aren’t suppo-” Ben was cut off as the robot took a step forwards and with no apparent difficulty it picked Ben and held him against her chest in the way a mother would hold a small child. At virtually the same time another robot did the same to Jack. All around the room more and more of these machines were coming to life. “What’s happening!?” Jack yelled as he was lifted up effortlessly by another very human-like robot. “Put me down!” Ben yelled as he tried to force his way out of the impossibly strong grip. “Calm down, children.” Nanny Abigail said, “You must be properly dressed.” The two boys were carried over to two of the changing tables and placed down on their flat but soft surface. Both Jack and Ben wriggled and struggled to free themselves. Every time they half crawled off of the table, the Nanny-bots picked them back up and laid them back down. They both shouted for help but none was forthcoming. “You are being unruly.” The Nanny-bots said simultaneously. A couple of the other robots walked over to the tables and assisted in holding the boys down. Their wrists were held above their heads with the same strong grip that the boys were unable to escape before. More Nanny-bots grabbed their ankles and held them splayed open. The Nanny-bots were clearly experienced with unruly children as they quite expertly undressed Jack and Ben. Firstly, their shoes and socks were pulled off, then their shirts were removed leaving them bare chested on the changing tables. The Nanny-bots were very careful to maintain a strong grip on the guys as they moved themselves to efficiently take their clothes off. “Stop!” Ben yelled as he continued to pull against the strong grip. “Brick!” Jack yelled as loudly as he could, “Let us out!” Ben’s eyes flew wide open as he now felt his pants and underwear pulled down and removed from his body. He gasped in shock at being suddenly naked and felt a deep red colour raising in his face. He glanced over to the other table and saw that Jack was now similarly naked and seemed to be in shock as well. “No!” Ben shouted. He started screaming incoherently until he suddenly felt his mouth filled by a strange rubbery feeling. Ben’s eyes had been closed and he now opened them to find one of the Nanny-bot’s placing a large baby blue pacifier in his mouth. The pacifier was attached to a strap that went around his head and Ben heard a small click as the pacifier suddenly got a little tighter, it didn’t take Ben long to realise that it had just been locked to his head to shut him up. He tried to shout but now found his voice was left much quieter by the rubber pacifier. Jack, who had been looking over at his friend saw the pacifier and quickly stopped making a noise when he saw the Nanny-bot’s looking at him in a similar way. His eyes were filled with tears but he willed himself to keep his composure. He didn’t want a pacifier strapped to him. The Nanny-bots at the feet of the changing tables reached down and brought up a couple of disposable diapers. They were moving almost in unison and when the diapers were held up the two boy’s hearts sank. After seeing everything else, it kind of made sense that the diapers were being brought out but it didn’t make it any easier to accept. Ben silently shook his head and felt tears fall down the sides of his face as the diaper was unfolded. Jack made sure to remain quiet but he gritted his teeth and tried to break the strong grip that kept him held against the table. The diapers were just like baby diapers in design. They were white and had happy little pictures of smiling fish and submarines on them, appropriate for where they were. The diapers had two tapes at either side and appeared to be covered in a thick outer plastic. “Upsy daisy!” The Nanny-bot’s said simultaneously. Jack whimpered as both his and Ben’s legs were picked up and lifted above the boy’s heads leaving them both very exposed. His cheeks blazed red as he looked to the side and saw Ben in the same position and looking back at him with tears in his eyes. The boys were lowered back down and could feel the softer padding placed directly under their butts. Before they were able to offer any protests the front of the disposable diapers was pulled up between their legs and taped closed. It was clear straight away that the diapers wouldn’t be easily ignored. They crinkled loudly with the slightest movement and although they weren’t too thick they certainly would be noticeable between their legs. “Take theth off!” Ben lisped around his pacifier gag as his face blushed a deep red. “This is ridiculous!” Jack added, “We are adults! Let us go!” “Stop resisting.” The Nanny-bots replied, “This is for your own good.” Ben and Jack continued trying to pull free with renewed vigour. They strained and twisted their bodies but it was all to no use. The only thing it seemed to do was make the Nanny-bots change their plans. They paused for a moment before moving again, a couple of them withdrew across the room and then returned carrying what looked like regular underwear. As the boys watched the robots return they actually felt a little surprised, had their protest worked after all? Were the robots going to put them back in regular underwear? “Restraints authorised.” The Nanny-bot holding Ben’s legs said. These new pairs of underwear were pulled up the boy’s legs over the diapers and it was only when they were up around their waists that the boys realised what was happening. What had looked like underwear at a distance were a lot more sinister when shown close up. They were covered in childish pictures of little sail boats. Just like the diapers they looked perfect for the place that they were. The main colour of both pairs was a baby blue and they were coated on the outside with what Ben recognised as the same water resistant material that swimming trunks were made of. Even more noticeable and worrying than all of that was the small chain that ran through the waistband. When the swimming trunks were pulled up, the chain was pulled tight and a small lock held them in place. Their main purpose became very clear; they were designed not to be taken off. They were designed to make sure the diaper underneath stayed on and did its job. When the boys were stood back on the floor they wobbled unsteadily and immediately tried ripping off the new underwear but it was to no avail. The material was very strong and the chain didn’t give way at all. “Thith ith bullthit.” Ben lisped around the pacifier. Just as Jack was about to respond there was a loud noise of a door opening and suddenly a whole bunch of high pitched voices could be heard. There was the sound of a door closing and then a door entering the nursery opened up and brought in a huge gaggle of children of different ages from babies in mechanical push chairs to older toddlers who came running into the room.
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    Brother, you need to offer up a lot more information and details about what is going on between you and your wife if you're looking for helpful answers here.
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    I wear dry 24/7s. I like the fact they are white plastic backed. the tapes work good. and they are extremely bulky
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    Diaper Of The Titans