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    • Laura sighed. "Alright, stop throwing a fit.  We'll take your diaper off for now, but you better not pee until we get home because you won't have a diaper on until we at least get back into the car." She then pulled down the little girl's skirt and started to undo the diaper.
    • Samantha called to their mother. "Mom!  I'm trying to help Misato.  She still doesn't get anything, you know.  Don't you think Rebecca can do it by herself this once?" Rebecca answered back.  "Hey!"   Mike started to help with setting the table as he heard the children starting to give their reasons for not wanting to. "Samantha, you can help us set the table.  Misato is fine in the living room by herself for a minute or two." Mike then looked at Kelly. "Do you think we should have Misato help them?"
    • Beautiful, just beautiful. I love seeing the interaction and humanity between Emmy/Emily and Mommy/Joyce. I wonder 2hat will happen when her parents show up?     I look forward to reading your story, and I'm glad you are still sharing your talented art with us here
    • Angela smiled. "We are going to read, now."   Brenda helped her put the papers in the right place and then got the hardest fifth grade book she could find.   Cindy smiled once all the marks were erased, and then she led Ruth to turn in her work and get a third grade book for her.
    • I may have used the wrong term, I meant more like a side story, or a split where another story could be blended into the main story if it were continued