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    • Judge: "Cole I am sentencing you to 6 months in the Baby Reform Program. Because of your good behavior, Michael, I am sentencing you to 3 months.   If either of you try to escape, I will add 1 month to your sentences, is that understood?"
    • Hailey took him out. " it's okay " she says and Cameron out to the car. She buckled him in his car seat.

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    • Cameron nodded. "Up mommy!"

      "Sorry hon." Steven began. "I sat him in his high chair."

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    • Hailey fed Kayla all the prunes getting it on her face. " look at you being such a good baby " she cooed.

      Finally she cleaned Kayla face then brought her upstairs to get ready for the day. She brushed Kayla hair in two pigtails with purple bows. Then a big pink tutu. And a short shirt that said I'm the baby that poops on it. It was the most embrassing outfit every.

      " look how cute you look" Hailey said. " go get you pacifer and teddy please "

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    • The baby cried knowing she wasn't getting out of it. "Pease mommy i's b's gwd I pwomise." She laid over her mommy lap ready for her spanking. "Owe!" she cried as the first of many smacks began. She cried and cried as her butt couldn't take much more after last night. Kayla sat in her high chair and she didn't dare disobey opening as her mommy fed her she made faces as the prunes were nasty but she ate without fussing.