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    • As some of you may know, IMDB recently removed there message board feature. I was horrified about this because I loved it and it was the best part. Joining tons of separate forums for specific movies and TV shows didn’t appeal to me I liked having it one place and being able to even just occasionally reply or post about a movie or TV show. Anyway I’ve found a website called http://www.moviechat.org/ It has lots of message boards for everything like IMDB had. I just wanted to let everyone know because I can’t be the only one who loved the IMDB message boards & is having a melt down without them.
    • Sean shrugged. "I don't really know.  Maybe we can see a movie later?" He walked into the kitchen dressed in his usual sleeping sweats and no shirt.  His hair was a mess. "Did you have something in mind?"
    • "What is going on, honey?  You said you weren't nervous or scared of me, so why did you wet your pants again?" He reached out and pulled her towards him. "You still need to go?" he asked her. But she didn't feel anything in her bladder, though she had not felt anything in her bladder when she wet on his lap either. "If you still need to go, I want you to finish in your pants right now because if you start going on the way to the toilet, you'll just make a much bigger mess than you already have, honey.  So try to pee the rest of the way."
    • "Well...she's still pretty sick. She probably won't be able to play with you for a while, but the doctors are helping her."
    • "Okay," Jackie stopped her undoing her own skirt.  "But honey, you wet your pants.  You don't touch your clothes when that happens.  You have to let me or Brooke do everything if you wet them, otherwise, you won't learn not to wet your panties, will you?  There has to be a consequence to you wetting yourself, and while I don't want to be mean about it, I think this is the natural consequence which isn't really mean since we are getting you cleaned up right away.  Don't you think so?" She then reached out to pull down the girl's skirt herself. "Anyway, I need to see if your skirt got wet and how bad so we can hide it from your parents unless you want them to know you peed your pants."   Sumie smiled.  She didn't understand what sweetheart meant, but she did notice that the girl was using an extra nice voice towards her, almost as if talking to a child, but she wasn't sure if she was doing that, or if she was just trying to talk slowly and gently so Sumie could follow what she was saying.  Eitherway, all she could do was smile with her face turning a light shade of pink.