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    • Chris layed out the towel on the couch setting the cream on the table next to the box.   - It's ok don't look so scared, it's going to be a little bit uncomfortable but you will feel better soon.  Come on take off your pants and lay down nicely.   Tee fought the urge to start hollowing but experience told him that begging and whining only makes things worse as it only tends to annoy the adult who already made the final decision he can't change anyway.   Tee slowly removed his pants and hesitantly layed down on the couch as Chris ripped the sides of his pull-up he bit his lower lip to stop tears from rolling down.  It seemed clear he was losing the sliver of independence he got.   Chris quickly examined the pull-up he just torn and yes unfortunately the nurse was right there were clear brown lines visible if you looked close enough.   - OK lift up - Chris slid the open diaper underneath tee as he started applying cream over his anus.  Tee flinched as he felt Chriss finger approaching his tight opening.   - Take deep breaths and try to relax,  I know it's not very comfortable but the more you relax the easier it will be.   Chris unwrapped a suppository and covered it with cream along with his finger.   Tee let out a slight whimper as he felt a finger push through his sphincter which he tried despretly to clench tightly,  of course laying in diaper changing position with his legs pulled to his chest and widely spread didn't enable him to clench sufficiently and he felt the finger slide up inside his back passage   
    • Lila started to rinse them off and looked at Tony. "Hey honey."
    • Max giggled and played with his sister. Tony watched from the door.
    • Skye played with Max and splashed him. Lila smiled as she bathed her little ones. "You two are so grimey!"
    • Max enjoyed the warm water again.