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  1. Interesting start. I love Mommy and son stories even if the Mommy is not really is real Mommy. Can't wait to read more.
  2. Good start so far please continue.
  3. I thought this was finished. What happened did they split up is he alone is she? Please finish this story. Eagle0769 aka Baby Jay
  4. LittleRascal ... I hope you are going to add another chapter to this very interesting story.
  5. Interesting that Uma would think of herself as "Mommy" but I guess that would be the norm if she thought of herself as Robin's guardian. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Eagle0769 aka Baby Jay
  6. What a great chapter. I agree with Nia this is going to be a good relationship maybe they can be playmates and Uma will have someone to talk to.
  7. Nice beginning. Would like to read more. Eagle0769 aka Baby Jay
  8. I like this story very much. Never read a story like this. I understand how John feels though. I'm happy you finished it it was a great ending brought tears to my eyes and made me do peepee in my diaper thank you for a great story Eagle aka Baby Jay
  9. I'm hoping Connor doesn't call and Daddy will be his Daddy forever. That was a great story.
  10. Thank you for clarifying that for me Littletacker. I thought it was a break down but wasn't sure. Eagle0769 aka Baby Jay
  11. I agree with CDfm. Your writing is very good and its easy to read. A little more on the people would be helpful too like what they look like besides his age and her hair color. Please continue I would like more I'm interested as to what kind of babysitter she is for a almost 14 year. Eagle0769 aka Baby Jay
  12. Great chapter as always. Maybe I missed something at the beginning. I'm taking that Robin has a medical problem that he is regressing back to babyhood and Uma is enjoying this? That is why all the papers were signed? Eagle0769 aka Baby Jay
  13. It's a great start but you need to proof read it a bit more. And speaking of more I would like to read more. :-)
  14. Mmmmm sounds like it's Steve who is being regressed. Peeping in his diaper without a care. I know the feeling about binkies (pacifier) I suck on one every night it relaxes me and makes me feel better after a hard day at work or just to relax me. Nice job on this Elfy. Eagle0769 aka Baby Jay
  15. WOW I don't think I ever read a story like this. Go on I'm interested. Eagle0769 aka Baby Jay