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A young girl named Abigail will have to deal with her stepmother for six months 

Chapter 01:

         Abigail was a beautiful, intelligent girl with bright blonde hair and a clever look in her eyes. She lived with her family, including her stepmother Lilian, who was a strong and dominant businesswoman. Lilian was about to marry Abigail's father, Mike, a man who traveled a lot for his work. Despite having an initially friendly relationship with Lilian and enjoying the moments they spent together, Abigail had a secret that worried her. Ever since her mother left when she was little, Abigail had suffered from the problem of wetting the bed at night. Her father reassured her that it was just a passing phase, and Lilian also tried to be understanding, but deep down she considered her immature and discreetly called her "baby" because she still didn't have proper bladder control.All of Lilian's cruel actions were hidden from Mike, always away from his eyes. Abigail felt helpless and feared what would happen when her father wasn't around to protect her.


              One evening, during a family dinner, Mike made an announcement that would change the course of everyone's lives. He revealed that his company would be opening a branch in another country and that he would need to move for six months to manage this new venture. Abigail sank into her chair at what her father said, but also felt a certain relief, as she knew that her stepmother wouldn't be staying at the house during this period. Before Abigail could get up and leave the table, her father asked her to stay and announced something that left her even more astonished. He said that, as the wedding between him and Lilian was approaching, and considering the closeness between Abigail and her stepmother, Lilian could look after her during his absence. Abigail lost consciousness for a moment, unable to process what was happening. Still half-stunned by the shock of her father's announcement, Abigail was still dizzy when Lilian broke the silence and said: 


"You wanted to go to bed at that time, didn't you, Abigail? I'll take you." Abigail wanted to refuse, but some part of her, perhaps the fear of confronting Lilian, made her agree. "Yes, let's go," she said, holding out her hand to Lilian, who promptly took it.


            The two went up the stairs together, arriving at Abigail's room. The room still bore traces of the girl's childhood, even though she had long since outgrown that phase. Toys scattered around the room, walls painted in pastel colors and a small closet full of children's clothes gave the place an atmosphere that no longer matched Abigail's age. Lílian selected an outfit for Abigail, chosen from among the pieces she had bought months ago, clothes that were more reminiscent of a child's style. She picked out a light blue sweater with floral prints. Abigail allowed Lilian to help her put it on, feeling uncomfortable.


         After covering Abigail with the blanket, Lilian approached and said, with a tone of veiled threat: 


"Little one, I have a deal for you. If you wake up dry tomorrow, I won't do anything to you. But if you wake up wet, there will be changes in this house." Abigail, aware that this was her only chance of avoiding trouble, decided to accept the deal. With a little hesitation, she murmured: "Yes.”

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What age is Abigail? Is she 5 or 10 or 15? It would make a difference in the level of response that would be normal versus what the stepmother is contemplating. Also I did not understand why she was put into regular clothes for bed instead of pajamas. I like the concept of the story, just need a little more explanation for it to make sense.

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1 hour ago, zzzz50 said:

What age is Abigail? Is she 5 or 10 or 15? It would make a difference in the level of response that would be normal versus what the stepmother is contemplating. Also I did not understand why she was put into regular clothes for bed instead of pajamas. I like the concept of the story, just need a little more explanation for it to make sense.

This chapter is more of an introductory one, and I'll move on from there, but many people sleep in nightgowns 

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In the first paragraph, Lilian is described as Abigail's stepmother, but she hasn't married Abigail's father yet. Later Abigail has a secret, but apparently Lillian already knows it. Lillian also calls Abigail "baby," but to whom since she is hiding her cruel behavior. 

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19 hours ago, lolabunny said:

She picked out a light blue sweater with floral prints


9 hours ago, lolabunny said:

This chapter is more of an introductory one, and I'll move on from there, but many people sleep in nightgowns 

The description was a light blue sweater, that is what confused me.

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3 hours ago, zzzz50 said:


The description was a light blue sweater, that is what confused me.

Hi, some of this confusion is mine, as English is not my mother language 

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 You can comment what you think if you would change something quick reminders, I don't have English as my first language and I'm learning if you give me feedback I'd appreciate it, and I love reading your comments so you can comment


      Abigail tossed and turned in bed, anxious and worried about the changes her stepmother had promised. At 17/18, she was a little smaller than expected for her age, which led her to buy clothes in the children's section. What's more, the problem of bed wetting still persisted in her life, making the choice of clothes a constant challenge.

             As she reflected on her situation, Abigail began to think about her father's personality. He was loving and special, but his tendency to get involved with various women over the years had left its mark on his family. Now, with Lilian, Abigail began to realize that her stepmother was different from all the others. She was a large-scale scam artist, and Abigail sensed that Lilian was willing to have fun with her out of sheer spite.Determined to avoid any chance of wetting the bed, Abigail made the decision to stay awake as long as possible. She didn't want to give Lilian the opportunity to carry out her threats and impose even more painful changes on her life.

           Meanwhile, Lilian was in another room, talking to someone on the phone. "How nice all those clothes you brought me. They'll fit her very well," said Lilian, with a tone of satisfaction. The bed was covered in scattered clothes, all of which looked extremely childish, including even baby clothes. 

The person on the other end of the line asked Lilian a question, who replied with a mischievous smile: "Six months with the piranha." The conversation continued, and when Lilian finally hung up the phone, she gave a grim smile. "It's going to be a long day tomorrow," she whispered to herself.

             Abigail fell asleep, unable to stay awake for long. The sun's rays invaded her room and illuminated her face, making her move in bed. As she woke up, she began to feel that familiar sensation she experienced every morning: the damp cold that indicated her bed was soaked. Abigail removed the covers, fully revealing the extent of the damage. Her light nightgown was now dark due to the amount of liquid, and the tension she had felt during the night had caused her to become even more wet. Before Abigail could fully process what was happening, her stepmother entered the room. Lilian looked at her and said:

"Wow, someone is really wet today. Get up so I can see the damage." Abigail, still in shock, didn't want to get up, but Lilian insisted: "Don't make me get you out of bed, get up, baby."

          Afraid of the consequences, Abigail got up and stood. The damage she had done was greater than she imagined. She was completely soaked, and Lilian ordered her to stay in the corner while her stepmother removed all the wet bedding. Abigail felt exposed and embarrassed, not knowing exactly what Lilian would do next. Lilian took the wet bedding to the laundry room, leaving Abigail alone with her thoughts. The girl tried to understand what her stepmother had in mind with all those actions. Why was she so determined to expose and humiliate Abigail in this way?

           Upon returning from the laundry, Lilian carried a plastic bag and began to remove all of Abigail's panties. The young woman tried to talk to her, desperate:

"What are you doing? Those are my panties!" Abigail expected Lilian to reconsider, but the stepmother replied with a cruel smile: "Do you remember there were going to be changes? This is just the beginning. Let's see if you understand your place." Abigail shakily replied, "Teenager." Lilian continued teasing: "Teenagers also get wet, just like you are now. But this will just be another chance." Abigail knew what Lilian wanted to hear and reluctantly said, "Baby." Lilian smiled satisfied and continued: "Correct. And what do babies use?" Abigail replied, her voice cracking, "Diapers." Lilian concluded the wicked game: "I don't see any diapers here, so let's make room for them." Abigail watched helplessly as her panty drawer became empty. She felt a mixture of fear, sadness and anger. She knew she was about to face a dire situation, but she wondered how she had gotten to this point.

At that moment, Abigail felt an urgency to go to the bathroom. She started to head towards the location, but Lilian intervened, blocking her path. With a threatening tone, Lilian asked,

"Young lady, where are you going?" Abigail replied, already knowing what Lilian expected to hear: "To the bathroom." Lilian continued: "And where is the babies' bathroom?" Abigail, her voice shaking, replied, "Diaper." Without offering alternatives, Lilian gave the final order: "So, since you're not wearing a diaper at the moment, do it in your clothes." Abigail felt like she was trapped in a nightmare. She realized the hell she had gotten herself into and that her stepmother's cruelty knew no bounds

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4 hours ago, WBDaddy said:

Pace is breakneck, and the plot is familiar, but by all means, let's see how you spin it!

The breakneck pace is bad or good

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3 hours ago, lolabunny said:

The breakneck pace is bad or good

Depends on your goal. If you want this to be a fairly short story, fast pace is good. If you wanted it to be longer, probably would have been good to stretch this sequence out a bit. 

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If you have any suggestions as to what the madastra can do, what rating does this villain deserve? Commen

Abigail remained motionless, thinking to herself: "Does this cow really think I'm going to pee myself or wear a diaper? I don't owe her any obedience." Determined to resist, Abigail decided to head for the bathroom. Lilian tried to follow her, but Abigail quickly closed the door behind her, believing that she had beaten her stepmother. While Abigail felt momentarily relieved, Lilian was certain that her plan was working. A few weeks earlier, she had talked to her friend Eveline about her ambitions. Eveline commented: 

"Friend, you've been lucky to find a partner who will give you all the money you want." Lilian replied: "I wasn't lucky. He has a daughter, a brat." Eveline asked in surprise: "Are you talking about that four-year-old I saw in the photo with him?" Lilian looked at Eveline and laughed mischievously: "Where did you get that she's 4 years old, she's 17 or 18? She's a teenager!” Eveline: "Holy shit, now you're screwed, if she turns 18 you'll have less money and most of it will always go to the kids, if she were still a child you'd have control of the money." Lilian took a moment to think about what Eveline had said and said: "Perfect, she's going to be a child, if you're wrong about her age, everyone won't know it" Eveline "you're wrong about this crazy plan" Lilian "I'm not you, she's going to be a baby with dirty diapers, no one will trust her with anything, she'll just be another child who wants to be an adult, forging documents is easy and dominating her silly father afterwards is easy, I'm done".

            Lilian couldn't wait for Abigail to open that door and put her in her rightful place: that of a baby. 

Abigail knew she had to find a way to contact someone for help. She had no relatives on her mother's side, having never met anyone from her maternal family. Her father had relatives, but they were on the other side of the country, and he had disappeared in a remote area where the telephone didn't work. Feeling helpless, Abigail realized that she only had to face Lilian.Desperate to get rid of her wet clothes, Abigail opened the bathroom door and saw no one. She thought Lilian had disappeared, but suddenly she heard the door close and lock. It was Lilian, who grabbed Abigail's arm and dragged her forcefully back into the room. Abigail was pressed against the wall while Lilian began to speak angrily: 

"I seem to speak another language! I told you to wear the clothes. You're a baby who doesn't understand simple directions. I hope you enjoyed using the bathroom, because you won't be using it for a long time.”

             Abigail saw Lilian picking up her clothes and putting them in bags, but only the pieces she considered more "teenage". The pink and colorful clothes with characters were left behind. Lilian teased: "Time to put your diapers away, baby. We'll buy you some." Abigail felt a mixture of fear and anger. She couldn't believe how far Lilian was willing to go to dominate and humiliate her.


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Guys, I want to ask you if you can answer a simple form so that I can get to know you better and how you like it


Lilian was determined to make it clear to everyone that Abigail was just a helpless baby in her care. She devised a cruel plan to reinforce this idea and control the situation even more. Secretly, Lilian prepared a bottle of water containing a potent laxative and handed it to Abigail, without her knowing what was inside. Abigail had no choice but to drink the bottle of water, inadvertently trusting her stepmother's perverse intention. Soon after, Abigail spoke to Lilian, worried about her wet sweater:

"But I'm wet, my sweater... I can't go out like this." Lilian picked up a pair of yoga pants and said with a manipulative smile: "Come on, get into them. Let's cooperate and put them on. Most people don't care if you're wearing wet clothes." Abigail was forced to put on the pants, which were extremely tight, making her uncomfortable and even more vulnerable

As Abigail headed for the car, about to enter through the front door, she was interrupted by Lilian, who told her to go to the back seat, where there was a pink car seat. Lilian said with a tone of superiority:

"Babies use car seats, I'll put you in yours." Abigail was trapped in the car seat, unable to free herself or resist her stepmother's control. As Abigail headed for the car, about to enter through the front door, she was interrupted by Lilian, who told her to go to the back seat, where there was a pink car seat. Lilian said with a tone of superiority: "Babies use car seats, I'll put you in yours." Abigail was trapped in the car seat, unable to free herself or resist her stepmother's control.

The journey from her house to a large pharmacy was torture for Abigail. A hellish cramp began to torment her, a sensation she had never experienced before. The urge to poop was unbearable, and Abigail didn't know how she would be able to bear it. She began to fart, one after the other, while Lilian smiled with satisfaction, enjoying every moment of her humiliation. Abigail fought desperately against the pain and shame, but she couldn't resist for long. The inevitable happened. She began to flood her pants with poop, a terribly humiliating sensation. The nauseating smell and dirt spread through Abigail's clothes, leaving her in a state of complete degradation.

Acting like a helpless baby, Abigail was sitting in her own poop, unable to get out of the car seat Lilian had put her in. Feelings of indignation, disgust and sadness mixed inside her, but Abigail knew she had to find the strength to resist her stepmother's tyranny and find a way out of this degrading situation.

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           Abigail was led out by her stepmother, her pants full of poop and her sweater wet, feeling completely like a helpless baby. Lilian took her to the diaper aisle in a large department store, where she began to examine the available options. Her eyes settled on the boxes of Pampers XXL, and she picked up three of them. The design of the diapers was colorful and had prints of children's characters, such as cute animals and cheerful drawings.
In addition to the diapers, Lilian also picked up two boxes of Pull-ups with Disney princess prints. She looked at Abigail, noticing the visible bulge in her dirty pants, and said with a sarcastic tone:

"You'd better get used to it, babies are always full." Abigail felt embarrassed and the smell emanating from her clothes made her even more uncomfortable.

          Lilian didn't stop there. She picked up some unconventional items, choosing items that infantilized Abigail and also served as forms of punishment. Among the items were giant pacifiers, bibs with childish prints and even a baby walker. Lilian's every choice was calculated to humiliate and control Abigail, making her feel more and more like a powerless baby in her hands.When they reached the cashier, the items were put up for payment with Abigail's father's money. As Lilian completed the transaction, a young woman behind them commented to her friend:

"I smell poop. I wonder if a baby has filled its diaper here." Abigail felt a wave of embarrassment and anger, but could do nothing but endure the situation.

Hi everyone, I'm sorry the chapter is shorter, but I've changed my cell phone and I'll try to recover some of the parts I've written.

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           Anyone who wants to take part and try to guess the next story that will be made has a little joke and there's also a prize, in this chapter tell us if you liked it what you expect until later today with another chapter of NCIS. 



The car parked in front of the house, and for Abigail, the last thing she wanted was for anyone to see her in that degraded state. The neighborhood was quiet, with most people working outside or without children, but there were a few school students nearby. Abigail always managed to go unnoticed, following her plan not to attract anyone's attention. She was excited about starting college in a few months, as her father had left generous funds for her studies. However, she had no idea that Lilian was eyeing the money and planning to use it for her own benefits. Lilian helped Abigail out of the car seat and took her into the house, directing her to the bathroom. With a manipulative tone, she said: 


"Let's have a bath first." 


In the bathroom, a bathtub was ready and waiting for Abigail. The sensation of having to take off her poop-stained pants was extremely humiliating for her. Abigail felt ashamed and tears began to well up in her eyes. Abigail got into the bath, feeling vulnerable and exposed. Lilian controlled every aspect of the situation, from the temperature of the water to the way she was washed. Every moment was a painful reminder of her powerlessness in the face of her stepmother's tyranny. The water ran down her body, taking the smell and dirt with it, but the feeling of being treated like a helpless baby remained.

Lilian didn't miss the opportunity to make the moment even more humiliating. She took some water from the bath and let it run down the drain, looking at Abigail with a wicked smile on her face:


"Bye teenager and welcome, baby Abigail," said Lilian with a sarcastic tone. 


           It was a cruel way of reinforcing the forced infantilization that Abigail was suffering. 


            After her bath, Abigail was led into the bedroom, wrapped in a towel. When she got there, she noticed that a changing table was already lying on the floor, indicating that the next phase of the infantilization ritual was about to begin. Lilian dried Abigail carefully, but every touch was a painful reminder of her humiliating condition. In the bedroom, next to the baby powder, Lilian opened the Pampers box and took out a diaper. The design with lions and a savannah landscape was repulsive to Abigail. She had never imagined that one day she would hate the smell and look of anything to do with babies so much. Before putting on the diaper, Lilian applied post-bath oil, flooding the room with the characteristic smell of babies. The sweet, childish scent filled Abigail's nostrils, intensifying her sense of regression. Abigail lay down on the changing table, and Lilian began the process of changing her diaper slowly and meticulously. Each step was prolonged to increase Abigail's humiliation by prolonging the contact to emphasize her control over the situation. Abigail felt helpless, lying on the changing table while Lilian took longer than necessary to complete the diaper change. Every second, the humiliation increased, and Abigail felt a mixture of anger and sadness. She wondered how she had reached this point in her life, returning to diapers after years of independence and autonomy.


The chapter ends with Abigail lying on the changing table, with a clean diaper held between her legs.



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Comments on the rules for Abigail to follow, you can comment on what you think 

Lilian made Abigail sit on the floor, feeling the soft layer of diapers. Abigail picked up an aqua green shirt with a smiling sun printed on it and the phrase "Happy Days" written on it. The shirt was a little baggy, but it stopped at Abigail's waist. Lilian left the package of diapers and pull-ups beside her and said to Abigail: 


"Now you're going to put your baby diapers away in the drawer. Let's go!"


Abigail picked up the diapers and began to put them away in the drawer, one by one. While she was doing this, Lilian decided to take a picture of her holding the diapers. Abigail continued putting the diapers away, without realizing that she was being photographed. It was a time of transition in her life, but she still didn't know what was to come. After finishing putting all the diapers away in the drawer, Abigail looked at Lilian, waiting for instructions. Lilian smiled and said:


"Let's go downstairs, darling. I want to explain our new rules for our well-being." Lilian took Abigail into the living room, where she spread a blanket on the floor and placed a pillow. Abigail was instructed to lie there. 


Lilian made a point of preparing a bottle of formula and brought it into the living room. She handed Abigail the bottle, but at first Abigail was reluctant to drink. Lilian said firmly: 


"Go on, start drinking while I explain your rules." Abigail, feeling pressured, put the bottle in her mouth and began to drink. Lilian gave her a satisfied smile.


Lilian began to explain the rules to Abigail while she drank from the bottle. She said: 


"My baby, the rules are simple. You must wear your diapers like a baby, eat only what I give you, wear what I want you to wear and talk like a baby." Abigail listened to Lilian's words, but still didn't fully understand what her destiny held.

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A few messages, first I want to thank everyone who's been following me during this first month and I'm trying to improve by reading your comments and thinking about new stories, second I managed to advance two more chapters of this story, third opinion of you watched the gacha about ABDL

Abigail still had the bottle in her mouth, sitting in a child seat, when she looked up into the sadistic face of her stepmother, Lilian. The sweet, artificial liquid dribbled down Abigail's throat, while she felt a mixture of disgust and helplessness. As soon as she had finished drinking, Lilian quickly replaced the bottle with a pacifier and warned Abigail: "Don't even think about taking it away."




The pacifier was uncomfortable in her mouth, but Abigail was afraid of the consequences if she disobeyed. She felt her cheeks flush with shame as she realized she was being treated like a helpless baby. With every movement, Abigail heard the sound of wrinkles in the plastic of the diaper she was wearing, which only reinforced her forced infantilization. Lilian set up a baby playpen in the middle of the living room and put Abigail in it. The space was full of colorful toys, building blocks and objects typical of children's worlds. Abigail knew that she was expected to play with these toys, even though indignation and frustration burned inside her. Knowing that she was being watched, she did what was expected and began to play, hiding her anger. While Abigail was distracted by the toys, she didn't realize that Lilian was recording everything. Lilian sent the video to her friend Eveline and received an enthusiastic response: 




"It looks so much like a baby! I could swear it's two years old!" Lilian, with a mischievous twinkle in her eye, replied: "I'm thinking of setting up a social network and monetizing it." Eveline suggested something to further intensify Abigail's infantilization. 




Eveline's idea was to dress Abigail in baby clothes, including bibs, tiaras and cute jumpsuits. She suggested that Abigail have a baby name and that Lilian refer to her as "mommy" during their time in public. Lilian loved the suggestion and responded enthusiastically: "Great idea! I'll do it." Abigail in the playpen, surrounded by children's toys, while Lilian plans a social network to monetize the humiliating situation which Abigail


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6 hours ago, Babytom948 said:

Isn't Abigail a minor?You can't monetize that,lol

It said she was 17/18 so depending on the jurisdiction. Would determine if she is a minor or not. 

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On 7/1/2024 at 1:50 PM, Babytom948 said:

Isn't Abigail a minor?You can't monetize that,lol

Many parents use their child to expose themselves on the internet in a tantrum or vulnerability in order to gain likes


On 7/1/2024 at 1:50 PM, Babytom948 said:



On 7/1/2024 at 8:12 PM, diaperedcoach said:
On 7/1/2024 at 1:50 PM, Babytom948 said:


It said she was 17/18 so depending on the jurisdiction. Would determine if she is a minor or not.

Generally, apps include terms of acceptance in their app settings 

kay guys I'm in a new endeavor making a video of gacha history ABDL for YouTube if you can like and first video 



Abigail lost track of time while playing in the playpen. Time seemed relative, but suddenly Lilian approached and said with a forced smile: 


"Let's have lunch, little one." Abigail was taken out of the playpen and placed on the floor, while Lilian encouraged her to crawl to the kitchen. Abigail was surprised, as she hadn't expected to have to crawl, but Lilian's impatient expression made it clear that there was no room for argument. She threatened in a serious tone: "Let's crawl in three seconds, otherwise you'll have a red bottom."


Without a second thought, Abigail began to crawl across the floor. Every movement was a mixture of embarrassment and surprise. The sound of the plastic diaper rubbing against the floor echoed in the room, adding to the sense of infantilization. Abigail felt vulnerable and exposed, but the threat of punishment pushed her to continue. When they reached the kitchen, Abigail came across a white high chair with pink accents. Lilian lifted her up and placed her in the high chair, holding her firmly to make sure she didn't slip out. Abigail was surprised to realize that she could still fit in that chair designed for small children. After securing Abigail, Lilian lowered the tray from the high chair and handed her a plate with sliced vegetables and something covered in sauce. Abigail expected to be given a fork to eat with, but to her surprise, Lilian tied a bib around her neck. Lilian said with an encouraging tone: 


"Let's eat, eat!"


Abigail began to eat the vegetables, but the task became complicated. She was clumsy and used to using cutlery, but now she had to adapt to a child's meal. Every handful of food was a battle to get it into her mouth without knocking it all over. The sauce dripped down her chin and stained her bib, and Abigail felt increasingly frustrated. When the meal was finished, Lilian took a damp cloth and wiped Abigail's face and hands. Her expression was one of disapproval as she said: 


"There was almost more food in you than you ate. Let's take a nap so you cangrow up."


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Author note 


Hi, this is Lola I've had a hard time with my story about Abigail and her stepmother I lost her with more than 30k on Wattpad and I'm going to have to respond and I got discouraged it was hard here it's business as usual but I've created a way to support myself Subscribe Star and Kofi 





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Good content on DeviantArt a photo story about un-potty training :


If this story is lost or deleted, consider backing me on Kofi 


Abigail was taken out of the high chair and placed on the floor, feeling exhausted after the meal and the game of infantilization imposed by Lilian. She accepted being led by the hand into the living room, where the playpen was set up. Abigail watched Lilian pick up and arrange a makeshift bed with blankets and a pillow inside the playpen. Reluctantly, Abigail lay down and waited while Lilian left the room. Lilian returned a few moments later, holding a full bottle. Abigail felt a mixture of discomfort and anxiety, knowing that she would have to swallow more liquid, even though she was completely full. Lilian gave no room for questions and made a point of making Abigail drink the bottle without pause, forcing the liquid into her mouth. Abigail felt increasingly full and uncomfortable, wishing she could refuse, but afraid of the consequences.


After finishing her bottle, Abigail was left alone in the dark room. Lying on the makeshift bed, she began to think about what was happening. Dressed only in a diaper and a shirt, she felt vulnerable and trapped in this surreal nightmare. Abigail longed to wake up and discover that it was all just a bad dream. She desperately wanted to escape this situation and take back control of her life. As she lay there, Abigail began to move around the makeshift bed, trying to find a comfortable position. The physical discomfort was accompanied by a deep mental restlessness. She knew she was being watched by Lilian, who was keeping an eye on her through a baby monitor. Abigail turned from side to side, trying to find some comfort and seeking answers to what was happening. As Lilian watched Abigail intently through the monitor, she searched her mind for a new strategy to further dominate the young woman. She searched the internet for various ways to increase her control over Abigail and put together a list of possible ideas. Lilian was determined to intensify her power over Abigail and keep her trapped in this perverse game As Abigail moved restlessly on the makeshift bed, she ended up touching her diaper, remembering its current condition. She knew she would soon have to wear it again. The damp, uncomfortable sensation made her feel even more humiliated and trapped.


Abigail felt fear and apprehension about wearing her diaper according to her stepmother's expectations. She sat down, looking at the animal-print diaper, and made a decision. Abigail decided to pretend to be asleep, in the hope that Lilian would believe that she had wet herself in her sleep, as was expected. However, Abigail was unaware that Lilian was watching her intently through the baby monitor. Lilian plunged into further research on how to make Abigail feel even more like a baby. She came across an article that described five steps to intensify a person's infantilization. Lilian was determined to apply these steps to make Abigail even more dependent and submissive.


1. Restricting independence: The first step was to limit the person's freedom of choice, restricting their decisions and making them completely dependent on their caregiver. Lilian made a mental note that she needed to control every aspect of Abigail's life in order to achieve total dependence.


2. Reinforcing infantile behaviors: The second step consisted of rewarding and reinforcing infantile behaviors, such as the use of baby clothes, pacifiers and bottles. Lilian had already been doing this, but now, based on the article, she planned to intensify these practices.


3. Establishing an infant routine: The third step highlighted the importance of creating a structured, baby-like routine for the person in question. Lilian considered the idea of establishing fixed times for feedings, naps and diaper changes, in order to reinforce the sense of infantilization in Abigail.


4. Use childish language: The fourth step mentioned the importance of using childish language when communicating with the person, reinforcing their status as a baby or young child. Lilian thought about how she could incorporate this technique and adapt it to her interaction with Abigail.


5. Use punishments and rewards: The last step mentioned the need to use punishments and rewards to shape the person's behavior and reinforce their submission. Lilian had already been applying subtle punishments, but now she was determined to explore this approach further.


While Lilian was doing her research, Abigail gave up holding on and resisting the need to wear a diaper. The pressure was unbearable and it became increasingly difficult to deny her body. Abigail allowed herself to relax completely, releasing an intense stream of urine into the diaper. The sensation of the warm liquid spreading through the diaper was overwhelming, and Abigail felt a mixture of relief and embarrassment. Abigail's diaper began to swell, increasing in size as it filled with pee. Lilian, watching the scene through the monitor, smiled with satisfaction. She said to herself: "The baby got wet, how cute." Lilian was increasingly convinced that she was in total control of the situation and that Abigail was becoming exactly what she wanted: an infantilized and submissive woman.

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