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Daddy from Slovakia

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Hi everyone, long time lurker here joining the fun. From Slovakia originally, but you'll find me all around Europe as my work involves a lot of travelling around :) 

I guess what describes me 110% is Daddy Dom, I've been into DDLG and ABDL for a very long time, there's just something special and magical about having someone to take care of in this way. 

Apart from that, I'm a huge nerd into anything aviation related! Also enjoy a bit of history and chess :D 

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Welcome, @FulcrumDaddy29 - there are a lot of great people here. I'm also a bit of an aviation nerd! It must be interesting working all over Europe. I live in the middle of North America, more or less. It's not entirely monocultural over here - we have Quebec ~ 5 hours away, and parts of the US have some notable cultural differences from where I am in South central Canada, but, the language and cultural differences you can traipse through within a few hours in Europe are incredible, whereas I could drive for 48 hour straight, and still be speaking the same language and using the same currency.  

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