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Hey guys, ifs been about 3 years since I wore diapers, but I recently got back into it and I ordered some patterned diapers I liked for now, but now after using one again I am looking into ordering a big box. Since I now have no rent going forward for a few years, I have more money to spend...elsewhere (hehe) so I was wondering what would you guys recommend? I'm looking for the best i can get for the fairest price for a bag, but I'm also open to suggestions of any kind.

I only wet, so that's my main priority. I want it to be comfortable and able to hold a lot (preferably without smelling). I don't mind wrinkles, often I enjoy them; but I'm not necessarily looking for that. Just mainly comfortable, leak proof, can hold a lot, and I'd prefer patterned ones of some kind. Though I'm okay with blank ones as i can always draw my own designs. 

Anyways I'm off to finish filling this tie-dye-per to the brim and head to bed :)

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There are so many good disposables on the market today. I love Trest for their absorbency, and the throwback white color. I have also done their other colors. I love my new Potty Monsters from Tykables. ABUs, REARZ, Bambinos, and from the medical side, North Shore MegaMax all work well. Try out a few and see how well they work.


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I also recommend trest. But please, please don't spend all of the extra money. Take advantage to save some of it for whatever life throws at you in the future.

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