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Larry's Find

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Larry was a young man just turning twenty-seven.  He had been out of town for a few years, but was now ready to put his degree to work for him.  He had been at the local shopping area, about a fifteen or twenty walk from his motel he was staying at for the moment while he was trying to get settled.  He had heard that he could substitute teach for the rest of this school year, it being around March, so he had been at the store getting some nice things to wear to present himself to the school district board on Monday.  It was Friday evening about six or seven, the sun having gone down enough that it was starting to feel like night.

The man dressed in a brown jacket, some jeans with a red T-shirt underneath the jacket was just coming out of the store, his brown hair mostly looking neat, but for the wild part that always stuck up in the back, looked around to figure out where the bus stop was.  He didn't want to carry the two bags of stuff he had just gotten all the way to the motel, when he saw someone sitting on some steps at a building not far from the Walmart he had come out of.  He had eyes that had different specks of color around the iris, so that nearly every time he put certain color shirts on, they would change color from brown to light blue to green.  His hair was on the lighter side of brown.

Larry walked towards the bank, he noticed as he got closer, and he frowned as he saw a lady sitting there, not really looking like she was just taking a break, but somehow, seemed upset.  She had a Windex spray bottle next to her.

There was a young woman, maybe about her early twenties.  She was a little short and maybe a little heavier than most men think is cute, but he thought she could be cute.  There was a little problem though.  Her dark brown hair wasn't matted but it looked shined in greasy limpness that revealed that she might not have bathed in a few days.  She had dark brown eyes that still had a shine in them with her smudgy face looking a little puffy from having been crying. Her hands didn't look particularly dirty, but her fingernails are bitten down to the nub.

Wearing some dingy dark grey sweatpants with enough discoloration that she had clearly been wearing them for a few days without a shower or washing them.  Her tattered t-shirt with Disney stitch on it was wrinkled from wear and it was poking out from the faded 90s style track jacket 2 sizes too big with a broken zipper. The old blue and white adidas running shoes with Disney completed her ensemble.

She had a bright blue drawstring bag that had her dying phone, a brush and comb, another shirt that was Lion King themed, A bottle of deodorant spray, a toothbrush tucked inside it.

To him, the girl looked like she was probably a runaway teen, maybe even a kid as young as twelve.  She certainly was short enough to be in junior high school, barely her head reaching about the top of his chest.  She looked kind of rough.  He sat down next to her and looked in one of his bags pulling out some orange soda he had purchased, and he pushed the can towards her.

"Hey," he said trying to gage the situation and no spook her too much.  He didn't want the kid running off and getting in trouble with some real dangerous people.  "You look like you can use a little drink."

Larry felt sorry that anyone could be out in the dark like this crying, and wondered where the child's parents were, or if she had been shopping with friends who had somehow had a fight with her and left her there to fend for herself, or if there was something worse.  He tried to think how he could word this without accusing her of being homeless, which he wasn't so sure she wasn't given her state of dress.  "Do you live around here?  Would you like someone to walk you home?" he asked her.  Since her phone was put away in her bag, he had no idea if she had a phone to contact anyone with or not.

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Sarah had been sitting on the stairs since 5pm where for the 3rd day in a row she was unable to get into the shelter. She had went to the bank hoping her parents had deposited something in her account but found they hadn't. It had been a tumultuous week for her, after dropping out of college in halfway through her 2nd attempt at junior year about a year ago.  She was still in her college town hundreds of miles from home trying to make it on her own. Unfortunately, her rent was raised 3 months ago to something she couldn't afford and was finally kicked out. Her parents who always deemed her to dependent and childish had cut her off a month later and she hadn't talked to them till she attempted to call earlier. She was sent to voicemail where she begged for enough to cover a hotel so she could finally shower again. Especially since in her dingy state she wasn't allowed in the walmart to use the bathroom and ended up wetting her pants and had been walking around wet and cold for hours.

She is startled when she is approached she is skittish flinching away when offered the drink, but looking into the blueness of her eyes she feels calmed as his demeanor seems to be one of peace. She reaches out and takes a big swig of the soda, before answering, 
"I have no home to go to," she says with her head down avoiding eyecontact again, her voice deeper than what you'd expect from a teenager but high enough for it to be clear its a women.

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"I'm sorry to hear that," Larry said with a sigh.  "I wish I could help you, but right now, I'm between jobs, too.  I will be trying to get into the substitution program with the district on Monday, which is why I was over there buying clothes," he told her.  "I do have a motel for the time being, but I'm sure that's not idea for sharing especially with someone you don't know?" he frowned.  He still thought she looked rather short, but maybe her deeper voice was an indication that she was older than fourteen?  She could be sixteen, maybe?  He wasn't sure.  It was rude to ask a young lady her age.

"I have to budget what I have until I can start working," he pleaded for her to understand.  "But I can't just leave you out here where anything could happen to you?  You barely look old enough to be out on your own, especially on the streets.  Can you tell me if you at least have a change of clothes?"

He thought about how much money he still had in his wallet.  He could maybe get her something to wear, if he knew her size.  She could maybe visit him long enough to at least get a shower, maybe?  He would be eating dinner soon, so he could take her to get something to eat, if she wanted.  That would be as much as he could help her for the day, unless somehow, they did decide she could stay the night.  He didn't like the idea of her being out on a cold day, and especially because the streets felt less and less safe to him.

"I'll tell you what," he looked down at her thinking.  "I have a few extra dollars.  How about I get you something clean to wear, if you are okay telling me what size you wear, and then we can at least get you cleaned up at my motel room so you can maybe have a chance to find someplace to stay without being kicked out, and I'll be eating dinner soon, too, so I can get you something and then we can plan on what to do after that?" he asked her.

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She was nervous, she's only had spent a few nights sleeping on the street but everything in her told her going with a stranger is a bad idea. But yet he seemed so genuine and kind. 

She shifted as the clamminess from her damp pants was making her increasingly uncomfortable. She listened as he made all these generous offers unsure why he felt so compelled to help as no one has seemed to want to help her at all the last few days. She looked down at her stitch shirt. does he think I'm a child, she wonders. But realizing it might help her at least this night she might can get some food maybe even a shower. She decides to not lie but won't bring it up unless directly asked. 

"Um I wear a large pants and a medium in shirts. But really it's okay you seem to have a lot on your plate too" she says wiping a tear from her eyes 


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He frowned to her.

"No, sweetheart, it's not okay," he told her.  "This is why there is so much crime.  Here, a young person is struggling, can't even take a bath or get something to eat, and no one helps you, and then what do most people in your situation do?  They steal, sweetheart.  I don't want you to go to jail just because you are stuck in a situation.  Even if you caused it, you don't deserve this, little lady."

He took her by the hands.

"I know it's scary to go with someone you don't know.  I do have a few dollars that I can do something like this.  Honey, it's embarrassing, but tell your panties size, too.  You need to wear clean stuff so you don't get sick."

He gave her a light hug.

"I promise, you will not regret getting a shower, some food, and some clean clothes on.  After that, I'm sure you will find it easier to get into a shelter or something, though it is getting late.  I don't know how early you have to be to claim a place at those places."

He frowned.  He didn't like the idea of sending a little child to a shelter either, but forcing her to stay the night with him would be kidnapping, and wouldn't do any favors for trying to get her to trust him enough for him to help her.  He would just have to see what she decided after he had her more comfortable.  He so wished he had the money to just get her her own motel room for a few nights, but he didn't.  He would have to get the cheapest things he could for her as it was, though at least they would be clean.

"Oh, you know what?" he told her as he finished getting her sizes.  "They have a small laundry room, and I need to wash my clothes, too, so we could wash some of your things while you are taking a bath and eating dinner."  She would have to wear her used bra.  He would have stopped short getting her panties, but those were for her cleanliness so she wouldn't get sick.  He didn't know she was wet, but still, he knew she needed to change those if she had been wearing the same ones for all the time she had not had a shower.  A bra, well, it might be dirty, but he didn't think it would make her sick to wear it.  If he could, he'd just take her in to get the stuff herself, but there was no way they'd let her shop there, with her as dirty as she was.  It was a wonder they hadn't called the police or social services on a dirty child.  He wasn't really sure if he should or not.  But he had a little time to decide on that.

He went in, and with her sizes, got her some pants, the cheapest ones he could find for her, A longer sleeve shirt, but the cheapest they had.  She needed to be warm.  He went to the children's area and got her some panties, and her first size, being for adults, was off and he could tell holding them up, that she wouldn't fit the size she told him, so he just winged it with checking how some bigger ones fit into the pants he was getting her, and finally, he was coming towards the front when he saw a stocking cap that could keep her ears warm.  He saw it wasn't much, and got that for the little girl, too.  He had actually looked at he size of panties and saw some packages of them nearby, the same size, and compared the price.  It wasn't too much, so he got her the pack of six pair, with the Pocahantas character on them.

Okay, he had things she could wear now.  He knew a girl probably needed other things, but he didn't have that kind of money right now.  He just hoped she wouldn't need anything more embarrassing until he had some money, hopefully by the end of the next week as he heard substitute teachers got paid weekly, and then shook his head.  No, she'd probably be long gone by the evening.  This was probably all he'd be able to help her, but hopefully, it was enough.

He came back out, and walked over where she was sitting by the bank.

"We need to take the bus," he told her as he collected his bags.  He didn't know why, but he had trusted the child to watch his things without just running off with them.  Perhaps, it was just as foolish he had trusted her with his stuff as she would be to go with him to his room, but the way he saw it, this was her only chance to get something to eat and some clean stuff to wear without stealing.

He put a hand on her shoulder as he directed her towards the bus stop, actually treating her sort of like a child since he thought she was one.  But even if he thought she was fifteen or sixteen, his touch was more like you'd expect someone to be protecting a child who was ten or younger, his hand on her shoulder, keeping her from walking into the street by accident or into a car that might be driving down an aisle in the parking lot that could hurt a kid not paying attention.   

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She waited anxiously for him to return. Wondering if this generous stranger was really going to do anything he said. It wasn't much but it was more than she could scrounge up in the last week. She shivered waiting for him to return. She crunches up her face buried in her knees when he returns. 

Startled by his hand on her shoulder she's happily surprised he reurne. As she stands to follow him she realizes that she needs to pee again. But with the hope of getting to the motel soon she figures she can hold it and not have another accident. 

She looks at the bag in his hand, "Thanks for this youre really nice" 

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"That's fine, sweetheart.  You'll be able to get a bath soon, get your clothes changed, and have a nice meal," he said smiling down at her.  "And maybe one day, you will take pity on someone you see in the cold that needs extra help."

They walked towards the bus stop that was a good couple of blocks away.

As they walked, he kept his hand on her shoulder, his other hand holding his own shopping bags, so she had to hold the things he had gotten her.

"Hey, honey, there's a cap in there.  Why don't you put that on to keep your ears warm?"

They walked on towards the bus stop, it taking about seven minutes from where he had picked her up.

The bus wasn't due for a few minutes to get to the stop, however.

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His kind words fuel hope in a world that she has felt had thrown her away. She follows the direction of his hands like she's lost, though she has been to every bus stop in a 2 mile radius. 

She puts on the hat and finally feels some warmth to counteract the cool from air hitting her still slightly damp pants. As they sit at the bench her legs bounces as she waits anxiously as occasionally she's reminded she needs to pee but still to nervous to say anything to the stranger. Eventually trying to cut the silence. 

"I'm sorry i didn't catch your name, I'm Sarah." She says. 

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Larry sat next to her and put his hand protectively around her so people wouldn't think she was by herself.  He knew that she had to be very nervous as it was, and the last thing he wanted, was for her to think he wouldn't protect her while she was in his care.  She was a child..., wasn't she?

He saw her legs bouncing and figured she was kind of scared.  He couldn't blame her.  They hardly knew each other.

"I'm your Uncle Larry," he eyed over at other passengers, hoping she got the hint to call him uncle so that no one would bother her.  "I know you feel weird right now, but I don't want anyone bad thinking you are alone, sweetheart.  You are a young girl, and an easy trap for bad people."

He rubbed her back a bit.

"We should catch up on other stuff in private so bad people don't get the idea that you don't know me, okay?" he whispered to her.  His tone, was as if he was talking down to a younger pre-teen, trying to protect her and let her know that her being out her alone like this was dangerous, however it came about that she was stuck like this.

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She nods, as her leg slowly stops bouncing. Cause while she still needed to pee she wasn't as nervous any more and she felt she could prolly hold her bladder till they got to his motel. young girl. He definitely thinks in some sort of minor she thinks to herself. If putting on her stitch shirt was all she needed to do to get some sympathy she wishes she had done it earlier. She starts to worry with him so close could be tell she reeks of pee. Or was the general odor enough to keep that terrible detail to her self. 

"Do you know how long for the bus," she ask trying to gauge if she could actually hold her bladder long enough. 

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"Don't worry about how long the bus takes, sweetheart," he told her not yet being able to tell she had wet her pants.  She still smelled from being on the streets for a while, and winter breeze was pushing some of her smell away, so he couldn't tell that she really smelled that badly anyway.  The light in the bus stop area wasn't really bright enough to give her away, and with the time she had been out there, there had been enough time that while crusty from being wet and still damp, it looked more like her pants were just dirty from being on the streets more than anything.  "I promise, I will not leave you on the bus.  I am responsible for you, now, at least until we figure out what your next move is."

He pulled her head to lay it on his shoulder.

"Just relax, sweetheart.  I don't want you to worry about anything until we can get you a bath so you can think a little more clearly, okay?"

It was going to be another ten minutes before the bus even showed up to the bus stop.

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"okay i can wait i guess" she says twiddling her thumbs before its only a couple minutes before for she starts to bite at her already bare finger nails. Keeping in mind his direction not to cause alarm she stops quickly but she realizes she quickly needs something to distract her. she thinks to her phone. which she put in her bag when it had reached 10% so that she'd have it in an emergency. 

"do you have a portable charger for your phone so i can play some games while we wait" 

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"I'm sorry, I don't even have a phone," Larry told her.  "I just use the motel one right now."

He sighed and pulled her gently closer to himself.

"I know you're nervous and scared.  You have every right to be, honey.  But I'm worried about you, and I really don't want to send you off before you can get a bath and some food at least."

He rubbed her back.

"If I had my way, a young girl your age wouldn't be on the streets, but I can't control what other people do."

He frowned and looked at her scrutinizing her for a minute.  She did start to smell a little bit, to him, but he wasn't sure.  She was old enough not to have wet her pants, so it couldn't be that.  It was just her dirty state from being on the streets.  Maybe she was out there longer than she let on.

"I think no matter how old you are, nine, fourteen, twenty, a man that is worth anything would protect you.  We are all the children of mankind, and men knew that the world is dangerous for young girls.  I'm surprised a motherly woman hadn't even offered you help.  This is really a part of me that makes me hate humans so much."

He caressed the smelly little girl's back a little bit as he spoke to her.

"Gorillas will sometimes take care of each other's babies, but what do humans do?  We take advantage of poor lost child.  Sometimes, I'm ashamed to be human."

He decided if he needed to distract her, then maybe talking to her might help.  He couldn't help but notice the longer they now sat in a less breezy area, that she did kind of smell....  He still didn't catch on that he was really smelling pee, though.

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she anxiously bites her lip, as tattered and dirty as she already was she still didn't want to embarrass herself by having another accident in front of "Uncle Larry" she reminds herself.

"yea i didn't think people were as mean as they were till i found myself out here by myself," she crosses her legs tightly shifting her waist ever so slightly back and for hoping that her fidgeting isn't noticible. "young girl"  she thinks to her self he definitely thinks i'm a kid confirming it for her. she hopes she can keep it up at least for the night 
"i used to think most people would look out for one another but this week i've learned they don't"

She keeps looking off to the direction the bus should come shifting her body as each car passes by. eventually shee uncrosses her legs and she puts her hands on the bench and grips it tightly leaning forward bit. each time she shifts a fresh wiff from her pants puffs into the air. its definetely pee. shes smelled it for so many hours that she doesn't even notice. she starts to count the seconds in her head.
"it really sucks when people abandon you" she mutters trying to keep the conversation going to distract her as her leg starts bounce again ever so slightly and nearly involuntarily as her bladder aches with each passing moment

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Larry suddenly realized when she moved a bit, that she definitely smelled like she was starting to pee her pants.  That's what he thought, because that smell became a bit pronounced over her dirty smell as she sat there, wiggling out of nervousness.  He didn't know why she was just peeing her pants, and it was dark enough under the cover there, that he had not see it happening, and he had no reason to believe it happened before now, especially since it just now became noticeable, but he didn't want to make things worse for her by drawing attention to her peeing her pants before they could do anything about it, so he chose to try to ignore it and let her just wet herself.

The poor baby girl couldn't be older than fourteen though.  He had never heard of a woman no matter what, over the age of high schooler, peeing herself, so she had to be a junior high school girl regardless of how deep he thought her voice was.

"Well, you know how people really are, not by the way they treat their equals, but by the way they treat the people they think they are over," he told her.  I'm not sure if your school has taught you that, when you last attended class, but it's as true today as it was 100 years ago," he couldn't ignore the fact that she had peed her pants.  She had to be a child for sure.  He couldn't remember the last time or grade he had been in when he last heard someone peed, but that was definitely something a high school student doesn't do.  She was probably a seventh or an eighth grader at best.  That made it worse that she was stranded out here.

"Baby, when we get you to the room, and after you are comfortable, we are going to have another talk that would not be appropriate right here, "he told her.  "Don't be scared, it's nothing about having you take your clothes off in front of me.  But I need to know who abandoned you out here at your age.  This isn't right."

He a finger on her lips.  "But we'll talk about that in the room, baby.  I don't want to draw attention to your age right now or that you are alone.  That could cause harm to your safety, sweetheart."

He moved his finger from her mouth.  "I mean it, baby.  I want to keep you safe at least while you are letting me take care of you."

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She notice he verbage switch from young girl to baby, and as she sorted through all her emotions  and thoughts she realized that during her last few shifts some pee had slipped out and it was by no means just a spotting or two but also not everything she had in her as she clamped up her bladder as soon as she realized. as he moved her hand from her mouth she could feels tears swelling in her eyes and wiped her eyes with her free hand. at the moment she didn't feel like an adult at all maybe she was just a baby who needed to be taken care of. it certainly be better than being on the street like she was. but she pushed those thoughts aside  as she took another glance toward the street the bus was finally pulling up. 
She popped up from her seat and steps forward hoping nothing was noticeable. as she stands within view of you thers a fresh dark triangle right on her butt. she starts fixing her hair hoping not to startle any passengers as she did this morning. but as the bus rolls to a stop sees the bus has no passengers. when the door opens as she steps she feels the pressure in her bladder returned and feels cemented to the spot she waits for Uncle Larry to make the next move

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Larry saw the girl stand up and then noticed the wetness on her bottom.  Yep, the little one was definitely peeing herself, and now, it seemed she was scared to move any further.  Maybe she was scared someone would notice and think bad of her, after all, even thirteen year old girls normally didn't wet on purpose, and would be very embarrassed by this.

He took her hand and made her walk onto the bus anyway.

"Kids, right?" smiled at the bus driver afraid she might be noticed anyway.  "She didn't have to go until we were halfway to the bus stop, so what are you going to do?"

He put the money in, and then led her back and sat her down in a seat next to him.

"Don't worry, sweetheart.  You're not the only little lady that has ever wet in public.  Accidents can happen sometimes."

He got her seated on the bus, and he hugged her once he was seated.

"Don't be scared, sweetie.  We both know you are too old to be doing this, but we also know you didn't have a lot of safe choices about where to go.  I'm sure the Walmart would not have let you go in the way you were, and I wouldn't want my teenage daughter pulling her pants down in the street, and not just because it's indecent, sweetheart."

He rubbed her shoulders.

"You're going to get a bath when we get home, but someone will be sitting in your seat, so try not to let any out until we get off the bus, if you can help it.  I can tell you still need to go, sweetheart."

He hugged her again.

When the bus finally pulled to the stop, he helped her stand up first felt her butt to see if she had gotten any wetter.

"It's not really healthy for you to hold it this long," he whispered to her.  "So when we get a few feet from the bus, I'm going to give you  permission to wet your pants.  We have some clean ones for you anyway, and I'll wash your clothes, okay?"

Then he picked her up and carried her, putting all the bags in her hands until he got her off the bus and a few feet into the darkness so no one else would see as he put her down.

"You can go ahead and relax, and pee yourself or not, you have permission to just wet if you can't wait, honey."

Then he started to walk her towards his door of the simple cheap motel.

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as she feels his hand on her shes timidly able to move forward. she walks pass the driver hoping he didn't say anything about her not paying. but as she walks to the seat she hears him conversing with the driver, and her heart drops the leak must be noticable. but with everything being soaked from earlier any little bit wouldve shown up vividly. as she sits on the seat and he starts to rub her shoulder she starts bite her lip trying not to cry. he'd never believe she wasn't a child now and she felt bad for deceiving him this long but now more than before she decided to just  go with it. but she mutters almost inaudibly " i can make it ot the bathroom i'm not a baby" when he tells her to wet herself fully

But As they get off the bus and walk toward the motel she forces each step. and as the bus rolls off into the distance she finally pauses in the middle of the parking lot involuntarily as she floods her already soiled pants. she starts to sob as the darkening streak flows all the way down her pants and into a growing puddle in the rocks. "I'm sorry i really tried to make it" 

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Larry nodded when she said she could make it, but she was already leaking on herself since the bus stop.  The bus ride had been several minutes with bumps and three stops, so he actually doubted the little one would wait.  He had actually been surprised when her butt didn't feel much wetter from what he saw when the got on the bus.

He didn't argue with her when she said she wasn't a baby, so she could wait though.  That probably would have been worse for her.

As they got into the parking lot of the motel, he heard her crying and turned to see her nearly squat down, the pee all over her legs and a little bit of a trail from where they walked would have been visible, he imagined, if it had been daylight out.  He bent down and as she sobbed out that she really tried to make it, he hugged her.

"Baby, what did I tell you on the bus," he tried to use the nicest and softest voice he could muster.  "It's not good for you to hold it as long as you did, baby.  I'm not mad and you are not in trouble and have nothing to be sorry for.  I'm glad you didn't pull your pants down in public, not because it's indecent, but because it would be easier for a bad person to do stuff to you.  I told you, baby.  You had permission to wet your pants, okay?"

He decided to pick her up, handing her all the bags again, and he carried her to the motel room and didn't put her down until he had to unlock it.

"We'll go inside, and the first thing you will do, sweetheart, is get those gross things off because peed in or not they are dirty from you being on the streets for far too long for a little girl.  Keep your panties up though.  Your a teenager, and leave your bra on.  You can take those off in the bathroom, which is  right over there.  Sit on the toilet to get anything left out, and then take a shower, sweetheart.  Everything you need for a shower is in the bathroom.  When you are done, call out to me, and I'll put your clean clothes by the bathroom door so you can grab them, but don't put them on the floor while you dress, because the floor might be wet, and you don't need to be wearing cold clothes if we are going down the block to get you some dinner, okay?"

He smiled at her after he had her calm enough and she understood what he wanted her to do.

"Okay, sweetheart.  Bath time.  Don't worry about the wet pants.  I'm not mad and you are not in trouble, baby."

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She sobs burying her face into his chest happy she doesnt have to walk the rest of the way she keeps trying her breath angry with herself for getting all her dirt and tears and now pee on his clothes. as she stripped down to her underwear she almost forgot she had on her Minnie Mouse themed undies. She had picked out all her disney items from her place to take with her from the storage unit she had her stuff locked up in mainly cause she hoped they would keep her happy for the rough days ahead. But now she realized it made her look childish. But she nods at his instructions and wipes a tear from her eyes. "thank you so much i'm so sorry" she says as she  picks up her drawstring bag and rushes in to the bathroom and closes the door stripping off the dingy white bra and panties. she turns on the shower and sits on the toilet as instructed. There wasn't a lot of pee left but she was finally able to release the number two that she had been holding all day. when the steam from the shower starts to increase she finally steps in the shower and takes a good 30minutes enjoying the warm water scrubbing every inch of her body. she finally steps out the bathroom and cracked open the door and found the clothes and quickly grabbed them closing the door again. 
she lifted each of them. She realized she didn't give him a bra size but she remembered she had a tank top in her bag that would suffice. so then picks up the pack of Pocahontas panties and chuckles. well not much different than what i was wearing shes acting like a child might as well dress like one too. she puts on the pants and long sleeve shirt. she takes out her toothbrush from the bag and begins to brush her teeth with the provided toothpaste. she finally emerges from the bathroom with a smile she goes to find him in the room 

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When the baby girl came out and greeted him, he smiled and motioned for her to come and sit in the main room for a few minutes so he could talk to her.

"Alright, baby, we need to talk.  What I'm doing right now is technically kidnapping if you ran away from home for some reason, or even if your parents kicked you out.  However, I'm going to do right by you.  So we need to talk about what is going on, baby."

He reached his arms towards her in gesture.  "Come and sit on my lap for a minute so you don't get scared while we talk, sweetheart."

"So, tell me how you found yourself on the streets for so long, and should I be sicking social services on someone that abandoned you here, baby?  Don't be scared.  You're not the one in trouble.  It's just really crappy for someone to throw a what, twelve?  thirteen?  however old a little girl you are on the street.  It's not safe, and it's not right."

He patted her little lap.

"Now, if you are scared of getting anyone in trouble, then we don't have to do that, sweetheart, but why didn't you go to the police?  They would have helped you get the right people to get you at least a safe home to be in instead of being on the street like you were."

Larry hugged her.

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She grinds her teeth trying to devise an answer that doesn't get her sent back to the streets, reasoning that the only reason he'd been so kind is because he thought she was a child. she timidly walks over and sits on his lap and looks in his eyes and notices they aren't blue any more they seem more like this welcoming brown in the light. she looks down she figured shed be honest but keep it vague. she looks down to her lap and bites her nails again. welcoming the hug she puts her hand down again.

She stutters over her sentences, "no theres no one to call. i was here for col.... school(she corrects herself) but i just couldn't keep up and had to leave. My parents can't help since i'm so far away. I tried to get help. but they didn't have anything for me except telling me to make sure i got in line for the shelter early if i wanted to get a bed. I was fine for the first few days. But i guess because it was colder these last 3 days people lined up earlier. and the beds were full before i could get in. so i've just been roaming for 3 days." tears swell up in her eyes again but shes unable to hold them back and they flow down her face like rain

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What she didn't know, was even if she was 23 and saying this, Larry wouldn't turn her out to the cold.  He would have had a harder time though figuring out where to put her to sleep, but since she was a child, he figured she could take the bed while he took the sofa, that was in the same room.  She had no privacy, but if she was a child, that wouldn't matter to her as much as being out in the cold.  That's what he reasoned.

"Well, baby, if your parents didn't abandon you, I don't know how it is the school could have sent you out on the street like that without at least making sure you had money to get the bus home.  I don't have bus money for you, baby, but I do have a warm bed.  I mean, if you are okay with that.  We'll have to share the room, but you can take the bed and I'll sleep on the sofa.  I'll just take the warmer blanket since the sofa will be cooler than the bed, and don't worry, we'll turn the heat up a little."

He saw the tear run down her face.

"Baby, they don't turn children out on the streets," he told her thinking that was a strange tell.  "Now, what happened?  Did you pee yourself at school and get scared and run away?" he asked her.  After all, she did wet herself out in public, and he could imagine a young girl being scared to ask during class, and then having an accident maybe getting scared because of it.  The thing is, though, he didn't know of any private boarding schools in town.  That was kind of strange, too.

"Here's the thing," he patted her lap as she sat in his.  "I cannot in good conscience, leave you out on the street, so the way I see my choices, is you need to agree to just call me Uncle for a while and stay with me, or I'll have to turn you over to social services because whatever reason your parents can't come and get you, the streets are not safe for you, baby."

He smiled into her teary eyes.

"You don't have to decide before we get you something to eat at least," Larry told her.  "I don't want you running away or deciding on an empty stomach.  That's not fair."

He lifted her under her arms and put her on her feet and then went to get her coat, but it smelled from her wearing dirty clothes for so long and having peed her pants, maybe more than once.  "This coat needs washed, too," he told her.  "So, I don't think we are going anywhere to eat.  The best thing we can do, is order delivery.  Do you have anything you'd like?"

He smiled.

"Once we place the order over the phone, we can gather your dirty things together, and then figure out what to do after that.  I also hope you don't decide to leave without your phone charged, so you can call for help at least if you need it.  If you can't stay with me until Friday, at least tomorrow, we can see about going to get something that we can charge your phone with."

Larry shook his head.  What could he do with a displaced 13 year old child that should be in school on Monday?  He didn't have anyone in town that he could leave her with yet.  But he was new to town.  Would the school district he was interviewing for believe she was his adopted daughter and let her attend school?  He'd have to think about that later on, but he was sure he'd have to ask by Tuesday because he couldn't leave a child home alone all day while he was at work.

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She wipes her eyes as tears fall until her eyes are both puffy and red. as he analyzed her story she realized there were cracks in her story that he wasn't going to just ignore. and she feels the knot in her throat she take a big gulp,
"i'm.. i'm not a child" she stutters. "please don't be mad i'm 23. i ..... i got kicked out of college for bad grades", with a pause she continues "and my parents said they're done supporting me till i grow up." she starts to cry again, "but please don't kick me out.... i'll sleep on the couch its just really cold tonight and i have no where to go. You don't even have to get me food i can scrounge something in the morning... i'm so sorry" 

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The truth sounded more like a lie to Larry than truth did and he pushed up from his lap and lightly swatted her butt.

"Enough lying.  The one that I don't tolerate, baby, is lying.  I don't care that your pants look like you peed in them two or three times or whatever.  I don't care if you ran away from home, and I don't care if you are scared of where you will end up and you need me to take care of you until you can find someone that will take care of you, but stop with the lies."

He then pulled her back into his lap.

"Twenty-three year old women don't just piss themselves without at least telling someone that is helping them that they need to find a toilet before it happens," he told her.  "Not even a high school student does that, but a little twelve, thirteen, may...be a fourteen year may, if she's scared."

He patted her on her lap again.

"Now, let's start over and no more lies, baby.  The lying is only going to get you a spanking from your Uncle Larry.  Now, you peed your pants, had no way to tell me how bad your situation was until I got you here, and now, you are being unreasonable about your needs, saying that I just need to give you the sofa to sleep, but no food after how many days on the street?  There is nothing in everything you've said that could have been invented by an adult.  Even an adult knows schools don't abandon kids, baby.  Even an adult knows that there is no way caring adults would have left you on the street, so please, stop lying."

He frowned at her.

"You don't need to steal my wallet tonight," he reached into his pocket and showed her all the money he had.  "Once pay to get your clothes and mine, clean, and I pay for dinner, I'll have just a little left.  This room is paid up for the next three weeks, and I have enough money to get us food during that time, but if you take my money, it won't last you long at all.  That's why I'm hoping to work by Tuesday, otherwise, I'll have to try something else for Tuesday to get some more money."

He then stood her up.

"If you tell another lie, I will spank.  I don't care if you are thirteen or not, I do not believe you let kids lie.  Now, do you have a home that you ran away from, or did you get abandoned?  You will tell me the truth, little lady."

He had a dead serious look in his eye.

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