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Is there anything to the idea of "Overdoing Kegels"?

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Quick thought- Kegels are obviously used to strengthen continence by increasing the strength of the pelvic floor including voluntary continence related muscles. They're designed to strengthen these muscles over time- but what if they're overworked? Do they fatigue? And would that reduce continence for at least until they recover? I found a study that involved 20 cycles of Kegels and the researchers measured a consistent reduction in voluntary contraction strength after 10 twenty second cycles. Something to this for those of us who might be interested in short term incontinence? Has anyone tried this?

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It kind of makes sense. If you exercise strenuously enough I've read that it can take muscles 48 to 72 hours to fully recover. So it seems like it could work for those muscles too theoretically.  

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It pretty much happened to me today... took a lot of focus to tense those muscles w/o tensing the stomach or holding breath. I definitely got to a point where for 15-20 mins things came out pretty naturally.

Either temp incontinent, or was so hard to stop it that I couldn't immediately with out great concentration, or didn't think about it until it started and then had to focus on stopping. Only reason I'm stopping short of saying it absolutely created full incontinence is that I was wearing a brief and wearing makes it easier to "go" so not sure how it would have shaken out in public with no brief. Might have been a problem though (not that I'd want to) Anyways, pretty effectively made for continence issues and after maybe 20 mins, back to normal.


Stating the obvious, but this could (would likely) strengthen those muscles over time. Good experience that I'll probably tinker with again sometime though

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