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Trans Girl new here and wants some friends of all genders to help me be me!

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Hi all and welcome to my introduction!


I am Izzy or Isabella or Bella, I am a /o MtF and I've just turned 40 this week.

I know your thinking just another abdl.... you'd be right i don't know if i'm unique and interesting, but I most definitely am weird I live in the UK and I work in a crazy environment which has a cornucopia of stories to tell. I am looking for friends who'll put up with me, ones I can encourage, and ones who dont mind me dipping in and out due to social exhaustion.


I write occasionally my own fantasy novels and try appallingly to write AB stories, I used to conform very much so to who I was supposed to be but have recently been trying to be the real me, I have regrets about living a lie for so long, if you want to talk please come and speak to me I don't bite and I am a good listener, my advice is often okay and some times crazy.



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Hi Lizzy, Isabella, or Bella, nice to meet you. Happy Birthday, by the way 🎂 You can be yourself here, or how it is you feel. There’s lots of likeminded people here too. Come in, and make yourself comfortable, grab a high chair! Writers are always a plus, any contributions are as such. Most of all, relax, have fun, and enjoy! 

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Hello, I am new here. I just found out that I will likely be incontinent for an extended time following surgery that hasn’t worked. I wonder about diapers Bs catheter. Catheter hurts but is safer. Diapers feel better but obviously have to be changed. I can’t control when I void , obviously.

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