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(Author's note: Please bear with me a bit on this one. This was initially a commission, with a story that was VERY dark, and VERY dirty. I've been trying to edit it from the initial version to follow the rules of different groups I post in while still maintaining some semblance of the original plot. Hopefully it will work out)


"I don't know man, it seems suspicious."

Ryan looked at his outfit up and down in the mirror. His best jeans, a black button up shirt, and hair combed neatly back. He turned to Jerald, his roommate, and looked at him with an eyebrow raised and moved his hands down his body as if displaying himself. "Why is that? You don't think she'd want someone like me? Am I not hot enough?" 

Jerald shrugged. "Well, you're alright, but she's a definite 10, and you're a..."

"A what?"

Jerald rolled his eyes. "What I mean is, you've been after this girl, Sawyer?"

Ryan nodded at the name.

"Yeah. Sawyer, who you've creeped on for months, and honestly it was kind of creepy to see. You creeped her facebook, talked to all her friends, and kept going into the coffee shop she owns. All that time, she didn't pay you any mind. Now, she suddenly invited you out of the blue to a new years eve party. Isn't that weird?"

"Maybe she noticed how dedicated I was and decided it was attractive."

"Maybe she noticed how creepy you were being and decided it was creepy."

Ryan shook his head dismissively. "Then why would she invite me to a fancy party with all her hot, female friends? Obviously they want me."

"You mean all the other girls you've creeped? Maybe they want revenge."

Ryan laughed. "What? Revenge for being interested? And what would they do? Give me a spanking?" He laughed. His phone buzzed, and he looked down at it. A message from Sawyer read "almost ready? Remember to come by my apartment early, I have a surprise for you ;)' "Anyway, I have to go. I'll see you tomorrow."

 "They want you to show up at noon for a new years eve party?"

"Yeah so?"

Jerald shook his head. "Alright man, have fun. Be careful!"

"I will!"

Ryan put his jacket on and left the apartment, feeling his best. He entered the elevator and pointed finger guns at his own reflection in the mirror.

"Ummm..." the elevator's other passenger, a tall blond woman, said.

Ryan blushed. "Oh, ah, hi, just, making sure my clothes are alright."

"Ok," she said, and covered her face to laugh.

Ryan tried to run out of the elevator as soon as the bell went off, slammed into the door, then made himself wait patiently and walked out. He tried to ignore the women's laughter behind him.

The walk to Sawyer's apartment was short but cold. He hurried along, eager to get to the apartment and promised party. Her texts called him forward, promising something he had longed after for months. Already, his stomach was turning over in excitement.

Her apartment complex was far larger, and, he couldn't help but notice, nicer then his. Black steal and glass rose in dual towers in front of him, hinting at a garden, or possibly a pool, between them. He imagined coming back there to meet her in the summer, going into the pool at night, getting into all sorts of...

He cleared his throat. He could daydream about that later. Right now, he had the real thing only minutes away. He found her bell number and rang it.

"Hello?" Sawyer's voice came through.

"Hi! It's Ryan! You told me to come early, right?'

"Yes! We're just upstairs waiting! Can't wait to show you what we have planned!" 

"Wait, we?" Ryan asked. He heard a giggling from the other side, then Sawyer shushing the source.

"Don't worry about it! Just get your butt upstairs!" 

The speaker clicked, and the door opened. Ryan walked it, and headed for the elevator.

So there was more then one woman in her apartment. Ryan didn't know if that should disappoint him or excite him. On the one hand, Sawyer hadn't intended them to be alone together, which shut down his initial hope. On the other, she may still have expected to do something "fun," and it just meant more women would be involved. Her final comment did sound flirty, so he told himself he still had a chance.

Her apartment was on the 20th floor. The elevator told him it was top, and he couldn't help but wonder what that said about the cost of where she lived. He had seen her working at a coffee shop, but he never knew what her role was there. From the looks of things, she was making a lot of money.

He got out of the elevator. The top floor had a hallway with only two doors- one at the far left, one at the far right. Alright, so she made a TON of money, enough to own half a floor. He walked to the left and knocked.

The door opened a crack, and Sawyer's long brown hair and hazelnut eyes popped out. She smiled at him. "Oh hey Ryan," she said in a voice he took as flirtatious. "Come on in! We are waiting!" She grabbed his hand and pulled him in.

"Hey thanks for... what?!" Ryan gasped.

The first thing he noticed was Sawyer's outfit. She was wearing a short, black dress, low cut and dotted with shining crystals. Beneath that, she wore lace tights and healed boots that rose almost to her knees. Ryan's mouth hung open for a second at the sight of her, and she giggled when she noticed.

The second thing he noticed was that she wasn't the only one in the room. Three other women, all dressed similar, and all familiar. 

He swallowed. It was Alyssa, Jordan, and Liz, three other women he had been, in his roommate's words, "creeping." Each wore clothes that made Ryan's hear beat faster and his face slush. They lounged on couches, sipping champaign and waving at him.

"I... I..." he stuttered. The women all giggled at him.

"What's going on?" he blurted out.

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He felt a hand on his shoulder and another on his arm. He shivered at the touch. "Oh husshh Ryan, its ok," Sawyer said, pulling him in close. She ran a hand down his chest. "We just all wanted to thank you."

"Th.. thank me?" Ryan felt butterflies forming in his stomach.

"Yes," Alyssa said. "We all noticed how much attention you pay to us, and felt flattered."

"Well I uhh..." Ryan blushed.

"Since it was such a big complement, and since we knew you were interested, we thought there would be a good way to pay you back by inviting you to our party tonight. There are going to be LOTS of women there all dying to meet you."

"There are?" he asked.

"Mhmmm," Sawyer responded. She ran her hand down Ryan's chest, and he shuddered again. "I think we are going to have fun. First, we should find a nice new outfit for you, don't you think? Want us to dress you?"

Her hand got lower and lower on his stomach. It moved toward his belt, then rested on the buckle. Ryan felt his face flush and forgot to breath. "Well? Undress then dress you?" she asked.

"Yes." He stammered out.

He couldn't believe his luck. Four of the most attractive women he knew, all dressed as provocatively as possible short of being naked, and all wanting him. He could feel himself getting aroused as he walked behind her, admiring her ass in her tight, thin panties. He knew he was in for a heck of a night.

"Good boy," Sawyer said. Her hand dropped down and smacked him hard on the behind, and he gasped. She took his hand and started dragging him toward the other women.

The comment and the smack, condescending as both seemed, just made him more excited. If these women wanted to try being a bit kinky... for four women he had long pinned after, he'd be more then willing to do it. He let himself be dragged by the hand toward the couches where the other women lounged.

"Now Ryan, we wanted to play some fun games with you, is that ok?" she asked, pursing her lips as she did. 

"Uh huh," Ryan said. He noticed behind her Jordan was setting up a camera, pointed at him. "What's that for?

She looked at the camera. "Oh, don't worry about that sweetie. We won't show anyone. We just want something to remember our game. Is that ok?"

In a normal mindset, he would have thought of that again. In a normal mindset, he would have left. However, his mind was filled with the swirling images of their bodies pressed against his, and instead he nodded. 

"Good boy," she leaned in and kissed his check. Ryan's heart fluttered, his head was swimming, and his excitement grew. The repeated condescending phrase, along with the soft, almost sickly sweet tone she said it in, only added to the feeling. He hadn't engaged in much kink before, but the thought of playing as submissive to four beautiful women at once instantly filled his mind. For that, she could call him anything she wanted. 

She reached a hand down to the front of his pants and lightly patted them. "Oh my my my. Someone's eager," she said. "Shall we get on with our game?"

"UH HUH!" he said again.

"Good boy." Ryan's heart jumped again and the phrase. He was overwhelmed with his own excitement. He tried to make words, but all that came out was incoherent noises as she lifted his shirt over his head, then unbuckled his belt and yanked his pants down to his knees. The three other girls giggled and stared him. "Good boy," she said again.

"Step out sweetie," She said in the same soft, cooing tone that made his face flush and his stomach turn. She held his hands as he stepped up and was left in just his underwear and socks.

"Aww," she said. She ran a hand over his short blue briefs, making him pant and gasp. The other three women each reached out, rubbing their hands over his underwear and body, making him even harder. "What cute little undies on such a cute little boy," she  opened the band of his boxers and snapped it, and he gasped. 

He blushed. As they moved back, giggling and smiling. They had barely even started, and he had almost precum just in anticipation. "Sorry, I, I, ahhh..." he was cut off as Sawyer once again grabbed his cock.

"Aww, did the cute little boy almost soil their undies before we even began?" she said. He was happy to see she didn't change from her sweet tone.

He stared at her with his mouth open, not sure how to respond.

"Its ok sweetie, we know how eager you are, and its cute that you can't control yourself. You do want to be cute for us, don't you?"

"Y..ye..yeah," he gasped out.

"Awww," she leaned in close and pursed her lips. "Mommy likes cute boys who can't control herself around her. You want to be a cute boy who can't control himself for mommy?"

"Yes!" he said.

"Yes what? What's my name? I want to hear you say it."

"Yes mommy," he said immediately. Never in his life had he even considered calling a woman that. However, with all of them around him and the desperate pressure in his loins, he would call her anything she wanted.

"Good boy. Now mommy is going to play some games with her little boy. Kink games, the kind with toys and ropes, and that means you have to obey mommy, ok?"

"Yes mommy!"

"Good boy," she began rubbing him again, moving her hand all over the silken cloth of his boxers. "Now, mommy is going to put her little boy in some special undies. Would you wear them for mommy? Wear the special undies? "

"Yes! Anything!" he shouted out loud.

"Good boy," she said, and smacked him hard on the behind. He yelped, and put a hand to his backside to rub it, but she brushed his hands said. "Ta ta, that's mommy's toy to play with how she wants, ok?"

"I understand mommy. I won't touch it," he said.

"Good boy. Then these come off," she pulled down his underwear, and while bent over, took off his socks. He stood naked in front of the four giggling, cooing women. 

"Oh my," Alyssa said.

"He's cute, isn't he?" Jordan asked, and the others nodded.

Ryan blushed. "Cute" wasn't his first choice of words for when he was completely naked. However, under the circumstances he was willing to ignore it. Sawyer rubbed her hands all over him, then squeezed his ass hard. He gasped, and reached to grab her as well, but she waved his hands away again, and gave his bottom a hard smack. "Ta ta," she said. "Mommy can touch her subby boy whenever she wants, but you'll keep your hands to yourself until I give you permission, ok?" 

He struggled to speak to agree, and instead just mumbled out "Mhmm." Despite himself, his unexpected position as submissive in this game, and the power it gave her over him, both added to his excitement. 

"Good boy," she said. She grabbed his arms and held them behind his back, and he felt her wrapping a rope around it. She held him tight as the other three women came up toward him. Liz was first up, and she cupped his cock and squeezed.

"Ahh ahhh ah..." he muttered, flushing as each girl took turns rubbing him and smacking his behind as the others held his hands behind his back, making him helpless to reply. Every part of him wanted to reach out to touch the barely dressed women in front of him, but they held him secure. However, the restriction only added to the excitement, until he was almost painfully hard.

"Good boy," Sawyer said at last. "Now, for your undies. Jordan, would you mind?"

"Of course," she said. She winked at Ryan, and walked behind the couch. She bent over. Ryan couldn't help but stare and savor the sight. She stood back up, holding a bag. She looked back, noticed his look, and winked at him again.

She walked back to the group, reached into the bag and took out a thick white rectangle. Ryan stared at it, and made out light pink teddy bears printed on it.

"What's that?" he asked Sawyer.

She shook a finger. "Ah ah ah, say my name or you'll get punished! You want to cum some time tonight, don't you?"

He groaned. He did want to cum, more then anything, and her teasing him about it only made the desire worse. "Sorry mommy, what's that mommy?"

She looked at the rectangle, then back at him. "You don't know?" She faked a surprised gasp. "Why its for you sweetie, its your new undies."

"Wh..what? It doesn't look like boxers"

"Mhmm," she said. "Good boy! You noticed. That's because its not. Its your diaper sweetie, and you're going to be our new years baby." 

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1 hour ago, mikejackson999 said:

Another great story from you.  Eagerly awaiting the next chapter

Thanks! The next one should be up by the end of the week :) Just need to edit for cleanliness!

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"What!? Diaper?" Jordan nodded, and let go of the back end, allowing the full thing to fall out into its hourglass shape in front of him. For the first time since he entered the apartment, Ryan was broken out of the stupor from his own desperation.

"Ahhh," he said as Sawyer reached to his cock again and gave it a squeeze. He instantly felt himself falling back into the same intoxicating spell. 

"Yes sweetie. Mommy said she was going to give you special undies, and you said you'd wear them. Those are special undies, aren't they?"

"Yes mommy," he gasped, once again left breathless from the hands of the women rubbing him.

"Good boy! And you said you wanted to be cute for us, didn't you?"

"Yes mommy," he groaned. Each time he heard that sweet, humiliating phrase, his heard fluttered and he longed to do anything to hear it again. He never imagined that such a simple phrase as "good boy," could have so much power over him.

"Good boy! You want to be a good little boy and obey mommy?"

"Yes mommy!"

"Good boy! So you'll let us diaper you and be a good little new years baby for mommy? If not we can always find someone else to play our game, but we'd love to do it with you."

"Yes mommy!" his voice was gasping, grating and out of breath, but even to his ears it was filled with desperation and excitement.

"Good boy! Then ask for it."

"Please diaper me mommy! Please let me be your new years baby!"

"Good boy. Help me lie him down," she said to the others.

"Whoah!" Ryan gasped as the four women grabbed him by the shoulders and feet, picked him right off the ground, and lay him down on his back. His still tied hands rested behind him, and he was left half lying down and half sitting. 

"There there, there's a good baby," Sawyer said. She rubbed his shoulders in a calming motion, and he lay back as low as he could. She moved around to his front, and sat between his legs, holding the diaper.

He flushed. In most scenarios, this same position would mean she was about to ride him. Instead, she just smiled down at him, then stretched out the diaper and fluffed it, and lay it on the ground.

"Lift up your bum for mommy sweetie," she said, and he obeyed. She pushed the diaper forward until it was centered beneath him, and he lowered himself onto the soft material. She giggled. "Good boy," she said. 

She reached into the diaper bag and took out a white bottle, which he recognized as talcum powder. "Lift your legs for mommy," she said. He pulled his knees toward his chest, and she grabbed his ankles and pushed him back further.

Ryan flushed. With his hands tied behind his back, shoulders held down by three women, and his legs pushed up with his knees toward his head, he had never felt so venerable. Instead of being frightening, he felt his excitement grow. He realized at that point that she could do effectively anything she wanted to him, and he would allow it. Instead of being humiliating, that thought only made him more eager, and he shook as she sprinkled powder on his bare bottom, then rubbed it in.

She settled his legs down. "My my my," she said, noticing his excitement, and spread powder over him again. He prayed she would begin rubbing the powder in, or in any way move forward with the one part of their "game" he had come for.

Instead, she lifted the diaper up between his legs. He watched with an odd mix of emotions- humiliation, excitement, eagerness, fear, all mixed with some of the strongest eagerness he had ever felt- as she taped it on snuggly.. She patted the padding of his diaper, and he moaned in eagerness. "It's ok baby, mommy will let you have fun, but we want to play a bit more first, ok?" she asked.

"Yes mommy," he said automatically. He felt any willingness to resist the humiliating game leave in favor of his desperation for the award at the end of it.

She smiled. "Good baby. Now we want you to play baby for us, ok?"

He looked at her. "Yes mommy," he said. 'Play baby?' He wondered what she could mean. Wasn't he already doing that by wearing a diaper? What more did they want?

As if in answer to his question, Liz reached into her bag again, this time taking out a pacifier, a bottle filled with milk, and pink bib with a teddy bear on it. 

Though each item was humiliating on its own, Ryan was eager to continue and get to the end of the game, and he decided that nothing was much further then the diaper he was already wearing. He lifted his hands and let Liz pull the bib down.

"Want the buh buh, little baby?" Sawyer asked.

"Yes mommy," he replied.

"Ask for it," she said.

"Please give the widdle diaper baby his buh buh, mommy" he said. Nothing had indicated that he should call himself that, but as his desperation grew he felt himself move further and further into their strange game. In his state, he wanted to please them anyway they wanted, no matter how humiliating for him. Even the thought that he was sitting in her lap, when he only ever had experienced the reverse, made him excited.

"Good baby," she said. She put the teat in his mouth, and he began suckling.

The warm milk came out slowly. It filled his mouth with sweetness, and an odd saltiness. He made a face, and looked up at Sawyer.

"Aww you noticed that takes, baby boy? Its ok, Mommy wouldn't hurt you. Do you want to know what it is?" she asked.

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10 hours ago, Eagle0769 said:

I'm happy I read this one ABAlex.

Very nice so far. 🙂

thanks! Glad you are enjoying. More should be up now :)


He nodded, and kept drinking.

"There's some things to make sure baby has more fun, and nasty thoughts of disobeying mommy are harder to make."

He nodded. He assumed she meant some kind of party drug, which he had expected.

"Good boy. There is something to make sure baby is horny and ready for mommy, though I'm not sure he needs the help." She looked down at the bulging material and straining tapes of his diaper. Jordan patted it, and he groaned.

"Then there is something to help baby fill his diapers."

He chocked. She was giving him LAXATIVES?

"Now now hush little baby, don't you cry. Its ok. We just want to have fun and play with the baby subby, and that's part of the game. You want to play our game, don't you?" Sawyer said. Jordan, her hand still on his diaper, gave him a squeeze.

He stared at her, considering. A huge part of him wanted to do anything at all to please her. Another part was terrified of what they intended.

His thought process was cut short as she noticed his indecision. "Jordan, spank him," Sawyer said. Ryan's eyes went wide as he saw her push up one of his legs, hold up a paddle, and spank him hard on the thigh. 

"OW!" he shouted.

She raised it again. "NO PLEASE NO!" He said, but she brought it down again. "OW OW OW!" he said, as each swat stung his thighs even more.

"There there," Sawyer said, brushing his hair as tears began to fill his eyes. She shoved the bottle deep into his mouth so he couldn't speak. "We just need to make sure baby is obedient, and this is a good way to do it. Since your such a small, pathetic little diaper boy for mommy, it should be fine for you to drink it."

He groaned at the word "pathetic." It described perfectly how he felt, but to hear it out loud made him blush. The smacks got harder, and he felt himself cry.

"Yes, pathetic sweetie, you're in a diaper and crying. But its ok, mommy still wants you to be her cute baby, ok?"

He nodded, desperate now from the pain in his thighs.

"Since you are so pathetic, I know deep down you want to obey the pretty girl holding you in her lap. I want you to keep drinking, and if you do, Jordan will stop spanking you. This isn't stopping otherwise."

The pain was getting unbearable. At the same time, the growing desperation in his cock was becoming unbearable, and he would do anything to get relieve for both. Even the thought of drinking the mixture in the bottle for her, as shamed as it made him to admit it, was itself exciting.  He closed his mouth and began sucking. "Good boy, there's a good boy," she said, and patted his head. Jordan stopped, and his legs dropped. 

"Good baby, there's a good baby. Its ok, mommies here," Sawyer said, brushing away his tears. 

He slurped up the rest of the bottle, then let her wipe his face and pat his back. 

His own emotions were in knots. He couldn't explain why at all, but every gesture she made added to his excitement. He knew being called "good boy" should at best make him laugh, if not angry, but each time she said it he felt his heart flutter. He craved more and more of it, and found himself willing to do anything to earn the small, humiliating, praise.

He looked up at Sawyer, his new "mommy," and smiled. She smiled back at him, and placed the pacifier in his mouth. "Good baby," she said, and his heart fluttered. "Do you want to keep being a good baby for mommy?"

He nodded eagerly.

"Mommy wants to see you crawl around our apartment like a baby. I want to see your widdle diapie bum wiggle behind you, ok?"

He nodded, and got on all fours. All four of the women giggled as he began crawling. He crawled passed them, and each took a turn to lean over and smack his diaper as he did. 

When he was past them, he stopped and looked back over his shoulder. They each waved, cooing "hi!" in soft voices. 

"Keep going sweetie, mommy is right here," Sawyer said. His heart jumped again, his cock strained again against the tapes of his diaper, and he crawled. 

He heard the four women come up behind him and follow him, giggling as he did. Liz walked around the front of him with the camera, and he looked up at it as he passed. If they wanted "cute" videos of him, he'd give it to them. He heard her follow behind him, filming his back side as he made a point of wiggling it behind him.

Her condo was even bigger then he expected. He crawled through wide, open spaced rooms, filled with leather furniture and printed art. It was surrounded by floor to ceiling windows that gave views of the downtown skyscrapers and wide lake and forests beyond. It was the kind of thing he knew he'd never be able to afford, and that just made him all the more willing to please them.

"Hey sweetie! Want the dolly?" Sawyer said.

He turned around to see her holding a small doll in a pink dress and pigtails in front of him. He nodded, and reached for it. 

She moved it back, making it "bounce" as if walking. "Good baby! Come get the dolly!"

He crawled after it, and she used it to lead him through the apartment. She took him back through the same rooms, then into another he hadn't seen before. He focused entirely on the doll, watching it move in front of him, doing his best impression of being desperate for the infantile toy as the girls giggled and filmed.

He noticed her holding open a door with some netting, but ignored that as he followed her in. He crossed the threshold and onto soft, padded material, and realized he was in a play pen.

He paused. They really were pushing the game far. However, he had already agreed to wear a diaper, drink a bottle, and crawl around, so this wasn't much further. More importantly, with his growing excitement, and each second of attention, condescension, and domination from the women making it stronger, he was eager to please. The thought of them being happy with humiliating himself was all the argument he needed to do so. He grabbed at the doll and hugged it.

Snap, snap. He heard a sound behind him. He looked back to see Jordan tying something to his thighs and ankles.

He reached back to grab the locks, but she swiped his hands away and spanked him hard. "HEY! Don't interfere, or I'll turn that butt red!"

He looked back at Sawyer, who smiled at him. "Its ok baby, we grown ups know what's best for you, ok? Just let her do it."

He nodded. A second later, he felt his feet jolt up into the air, and almost face planted before he caught himself. He looked back again, and she backed away from him, smiling at her work.

"There there diaper boy," Jordan said, patting his bottom as she did. "This is just to make sure you aren't naughty and think of escape while we get the next part ready."

"What is it?" he asked, dropping his pacifier as he did.

"HEY!" Jordan shouted. "You keep that pacifier in your mouth or your diapered ass will feel my belt!" 

"What? What did you do?" He began trying to wiggle his legs, but found there was nothing he could do to break the straps. He tried getting up, but the position of his feet, being pulled toward his bottom, kept him in the crawling position.

Sawyer bent over him. "Shhh shh there there little one, its ok. Mommy and her friends just want to make sure you are safe in the play pen as we get our next game for you ready, ok? These will make sure you can only crawl, so you can't get out."

"What? But, I..."

"Now now," she said, and put the pacifier in his mouth. "No whining or we really will spank you. Just suck your paci and play with your doll, and we'll get the rest ready. OK? Bye bye now!"

She walked out of the play pen, followed by her friends, and closed the door to it behind them. Ryan crawled toward it and pushed it, but it wouldn't budge. 

He looked around the playpen. The walls here high, far higher then any normal one, and would have been difficult to get out of even if he wasn't stuck on all fours. He looked back at the ropes. He couldn't tell the material, but they were strong and unyielding. He pulled at them, but they remained in place.

"Its ok sweetie! Just play with your doll for the camera so you make mommy happy!" Sawyer said.

Ryan looked up at the camera and blushed. While crawling, he had been stuck in the intensely obedient sub space brought on by his excitement. Now, he realized how silly it must look, a grown man in a diaper playing with a doll in a playpen.

Still, his gut was filled with excitement, and he wanted more then anything to be on their good side. If obeying them got that, he could do it. 

He looked back at the doll. It had long blond hair tied in pigtails, a pink dress with straps over the shoulder and a teddy bear on the chest, long socks, and platform shoes. It also had, he couldn't help but noticed, a pacifier in its mouth and diaper under its dress.

A thought hit his mind. He was afraid to find out if it was true, but he felt compelled to check. He lifted the doll's skirt, and gasped as he confirmed it.

Pink teddy bears. It wasn't just wearing any diaper, but one that looked exactly like the one he was wearing. What could it mean? Footsteps were returning into the room. He began bouncing the doll to make it "walk" the same way Sawyer did to taunt him. "La la la," he sang in a soft voice, making sure not to drop his pacifier again.

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2 hours ago, mikejackson999 said:

Boy Ryan sure crawled into his predicament.  I am loving this story

I wonder if he really understands what his predicament is? (Or if he secretly loves it) LOL

1 hour ago, Little Baby Becca said:


:P Hmmmmmm thinking hard there Baby Becca?

27 minutes ago, Eagle0769 said:

I think his new dolly will be looking just like him soon.

"Good Boy" is the same word anyone could use to make me do anything too. 🙂

Hmmm you may be right, will have to wait and see!

Yes its amazing how well it works. Like Magic!

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"He he, what a cute baby. Good boy," Sawyer said, and his heart jumped. He continued playing.

He heard something being dragged into the room. He looked back at it. It reminded him of things he had seen in hospitals, with a long metal poll going into the air, a full red bag at the top, and a hose coming from it.

"Uhhh," he said.

Jordan, who had been bringing it, looked at him. "Don't worry about it, you brat. Grown ups plan these things and little diaper boys like you just accept them, so go back to your widdle baby doll and you'll find out after. "

He blushed and looked back at the doll, and went back to his playing.

More footsteps. He looked up from his toy, and this time he gasped.

Joran had returned, this time taking carrying a short dress, socks, and shoes, and what looked like a blond wig. It looked familiar.

He stopped.

He looked back at the doll, then at the dress. He confirmed it was identical. 

"Wh?" He said, and had to catch his pacifier before it dropped.


"Now now, the little baby is just curious. Its ok sweetie, mommy promises the new game will be fun, ok?" Sawyer said.

"Mhmm," he nodded. Still, he looked again at the diaper on the doll, and at his own. It was identical, down to the number of teddy bears. He looked at the dolls dress, and at the one hanging. Also identical. The meaning of it terrified him. However, despite himself, he still felt the same excitement he had from the teasing earlier.

The women left, and returned again, dragging something behind themselves. He looked at it, and again, felt his heart flutter. 

They were dragging in what looked like bondage equipment. It reminded him of medieval stocks he had seen in movies, but lower to the ground. Frightening as it was, it was still a form of kink he was more familiar with, and he was more then willing to trade diapers for leather bondage.

Sawyer was holding a long chain with a hoop on the end of it. She looked at him, saw him watching, and smiled. She strutted over toward him. His heart jumped with each footstep, and he thought he may finish just from watching her approach. He stayed on all fours, doll in one hand, pacifier stuck in his mouth, and watched motionless as she opened the playpen door. She bent over and attached the hoop, which he now realized was a leather collar, to his neck.

"What a good boy," she said. "Playing like the cute little baby you are for mommy." Ryan blushed, and she cupped his cheek and forced his face up. She bent lower, and kissed his forehead. "But now, mommy wants something a bit different. Is that ok with you, baby?"

Ryan nodded. "Mhmm," he squeaked out, though he wasn't sure if it was loud enough for anyone but him to hear.

"Good boy," Sawyer said. She turned away, and lead him, crawling on his leash, toward the equipment they brought.

Liz lifted a portion of it. They pushed his head and hands into the holes, and his suspicions that it was a stock were confirmed as they closed it and locked it. He was sealed in, locked, in a crawling position with his knees on the ground, diapered bottom bent over, and head and hands pulled toward the ground.

Jordan took the pacifier out of his mouth. "Kiss my feet, diaper slave," she said.

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23 hours ago, Eagle0769 said:

Getting more interesting and exciting by each chapter. 🙂

thanks! glad you like it :)

17 hours ago, D503 said:

Very nice

thank you :D 

1 hour ago, mikejackson999 said:

He definitely is in it big time now.  The anticipation is brutal 

oh yeah. He screwed up big... or did perfectly, depending on your mind set

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If being called a baby had was a wave of emotions, being called a slave was a tsunami. He kissed her foot all over as she held it to him, then kissed the second one.
"Hmm. Good diaper slave." She said.

Sawyer bent over him, and he saw a strap coming toward his face. Another bud like the one before went into his mouth, and it got tied behind his head. It took him a moment to realize it was a pacifier shaped gag. It seemed that even as they were switching tones into more bdsm, they wouldn't drop the effort to humiliate him as a baby. His fluttering heart, and his rock hard cock, were all for it.

He felt them pulling down his diaper, and he moaned in excitement. One of them giggled and patted his now bare behind. He couldn't wait to see what was going to happen next.

What came next, however, shocked him. He felt something behind inserted into his behind. He tried to look over to see what it was, but couldn't turn his head enough.

Warm liquid began pouring into him. "MM MMMMM!" he said in shock as the strange feeling enveloped everything he felt before.

"Shh shh its ok baby, mommy is still here," Sawyer said. She knelt in front of him and began petting his head. She tilted his face up to look her in the eyes. "This is called an enema, and it will make sure your all clean, inside and out. Ok?"

He looked at her. His guts were being stuffed full, and already he was cramping. Still, he nodded.

The pressure from the liquid grew and grew. In a minute he was moaning, and a minute later he was gasping, aching for release. "Good boy, good baby, take it all for mommy," Sawyer gently encouraged as she petted him.  When it finally stopped, instead of release, he felt something being pushed into him.

He whimpered, and looked up at Sawyer. "That's a butt plug. We will let you release when its time. Does it feel comfy?"

"Mhmmm" he agreed from behind his pacifier.

"Good. Jordan, you're up."

Jordan walked in front of him, turning to smile at his fearful glance as she passed. She had been far harsher to him then the others. While Sawyer praised him and coddled him, Liz filmed, and Alyssa was mainly silent, she had constantly threatened punishments and shouted. He didn't want to know what she had in store.

His answer came as she returned, holding up a giant black paddle. He looked at it carefully. It was definitely more in line with the type of games he had played before, and spanking was something he would have expected. However, the sight of it, and Jordan's earlier threats, made him wonder. There was a difference between a playful, kinky spanking and punishment, and this could go either way. He whimpered, and Sawyer petted him again.

He felt the paddle rest on his bare bottom. It lifted, and...


His questions were answered as some of the worst pain he ever felt jolted through his body. From the feel of it, she had no intention of playing around at all, and had swung the massive paddle like a baseball bat. The result was a searing, burning sensation that instantly brought tears to his eyes.

"MMM MMM! MMM MM!" he moaned behind his pacifier. If he wasn't gagged, he'd have said "Too far."

Sawyer held up a hand to give a pause, then cupped his head again. "Aww, are you just noticing now this isn't actually meant to be fun for you?


(Short update I know but more will be up soon! I promise!)

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Oh dear, I wonder if his stalking was worse than we thought or they're just viscious! 

(Also, I wonder if you can be spanked so hard your buttplug pops out).

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19 hours ago, D503 said:

Oh dear, I wonder if his stalking was worse than we thought or they're just viscious! 

(Also, I wonder if you can be spanked so hard your buttplug pops out).

Hmmm maybe both?


I'm not sure. I imagine you could also get hurt from it, but choose to ignore that for these stories.

13 hours ago, mikejackson999 said:

Oh man.  I’m sure he somewhat regrets going, but also is glad he went.  This is so thrilling

LOL I bet a lot of people here would be excited for it at least

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"Shhh shh, its ok sweetie, look at me. Look at mommy."

"Yes, she is going to spank you. Also, she is going to spank you hard, this isn't just playful. Its a punishment. You are going to be left crying and balling, and there is nothing you can do about it, OK? Try your bonds, they aren't moving and you aren't going to get out of these stocks, so you're going to to get spanked, ok? We don't care if you whine and complain, that is the point. You have to accept it."  

He whined and looked at her. She said it in the same soft, cooing tones she had called him a baby in, and the odd mix made him still want to follow.

"Do you know why we are spanking you?"

He shook his head.

"We are spanking you because what you just experienced so far is nothing compared to what is coming next. Tonight is going to be one of the worst nights of your life. More women are coming in an hour or so, for a party with you as the entertainment. We are all women you've stalked and creeped on, and most aren't happy about it." 

He blushed, hearing it said so plainly. He knew what he had done before was wrong, but part of him had hopped they really were flattered by it.

She continued, still in the same soft voice. "So, tonight, you will feel the worst humiliation you've ever experienced. Our little game with you crawling around in a diaper will be nothing. We are going to make you do stuff you never thought you'd do, torment you, tease you, and keep it all on camera. If you are lucky, you may have fun too, but I promise you doing so will be the most humiliating part of all. Ok?"

He whimpered, still looking at her. It pained her to hear her describe it all in the same sickly sweet tone. Though he knew everything she said was awful and filled with anger over his actions, her voice still made him want to accept it just so he could please her.

"And while there is nothing you can do to stop that, we don't want you even trying. So, Jordan is going to spank you until you are red and sore, and every thought of rebellion will be out of your head. That way, when we ask you to do things no self respecting man would ever, ever do, all she has to do is raise the paddle, and you will obey and humiliate yourself so we can laugh at you, ok? Is that ok babykins? Is it ok that its to make sure you are obedient to mommy?"

He felt tears already pouring down his cheek. She wiped them off. "Awww poor baby, crying already? You are so pathetic. Its fine though. It doesn't matter if you're ok with it, its happening. When I give the word, Jordan will send you into a world of pain, and then we will spend the rest of the night making you feel as pathetic as we all already think you are. So just be a good baby for mommy and take your spanking. Its not like you have a choice. Jordan?"

He words shook him. What could be more humiliating then what they had already made him do? Worse, hearing the soft tone he had interpreted as affection be used to berate and threaten him change so much of what he had heard earlier. 

And somehow, in the one saving grace, and the one most embarrassing condemnation, he knew he still longed to experience it. It had gone past just the gorgeous women and their bodies pressed over him. The degradation, the control, the domination, all made him excited in ways he never thought...

SMACK! His train of thought, and the paddle, both crashed as he jolted into unimaginable pain. He felt it lift again, and come down again, then again, and again.

SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! Within seconds he was full on bawling and crying. The spanking, however, lasted more then seconds, as Jordan took months of rage out mercilessly on his behind.

Sawyer, for her part, remained where she was. She knelt in front of him, pushed his head between her legs, and petted him. She shushed him, muttering "Good baby, good baby, take it for mommy," over and over as the spanks fell.

SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! More blows came in rapid succession. He was sure at this point his bottom would be bleeding, or at least bruised red and blue. The pain was incredible, and he involuntarily struggled in his bonds, hoping for anything to end it.

When it finally did end, he was left as Sawyer had warned- broken and sobbing, and willing to do anything at all to avoid another punishment like that. Sawyer kept petting him. "Good boy," she cooed. "Good baby. Such a good baby taking your punishment for mommy. Mommy is so proud. Mommy loved watching you get spanked."

He sniffed and nodded. He knew she had, he could tell

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On 2/11/2024 at 12:04 PM, mikejackson999 said:

The women may have to be careful with Ryan now, as he really does seem to be enjoying the humiliation.  This story has been awesome

Thanks! And yes he does. Or at least enjoys it from a attractive women he's been longing after. 

More should be up now

She lifted his tear soaked face to her. "Now little baby, its time to start the real humiliation. Once again there is nothing you can do to stop it, so let it happen, ok?"

"You noticed yet that we have the same clothes here as your doll, or are you too dumb or even that?"

"Mhmm," he nodded.

"Good boy. That doll was made for you, and we are going to make you look like her. YOU are going to be our little toy dolly for the night. So, your diaper is going back on, along with that dress and those shoes, and a pretty wig with pigtails" she pointed at them. "Ok?"

He nodded. The idea was horrifying, but he knew he had no way out, and the spanking had beaten any resistance out of him.

"We are also going to do your nails and make up, and finally, we have this..."

He would have gasped if he wasn't gagged. She was holding a needle in front of him.

"Don't worry, it won't harm you. What it will do is give you proper tits and a nice, round bum for the night, so we can all have fun with you."

"Uhhh..." he said.

She smiled at him. "Aww there there. Once again sweetie, there is nothing you can do or say to change it. It is happening whether you like it or not. You annoyed too many women, and now you're going to be one for tonight as we punish you for it. You honestly couldn't cut it as a real man, so honestly I don't see why not." She shrugged. "And you couldn't cut it as a women either, you are far too pathetic for that, so you'll be dressed as a baby girl instead."

He moaned and whined as the girls surrounded him. Sawyer handed off the shot, and he felt one go into each side of his chest, then each side of his still aching butt. He then felt them cover his body with cream and run metal over it, and he realized they were shaving him.

Meanwhile, Sawyer knelt in front of him, brushing his make up on. She applied lipstick, nail polish, and creams he didn't recognize all over his face. She then pushed the wig onto his head, and unlocked the stocks.

They raised him onto his knees. Taking turns holding his limbs in place and untying or retying them, they put the diaper back on, a bra, the dress, then the socks and platform shoes.  Finally, they turned him to face a mirror so he could see their handywork.

He almost sobbed just at the sight. Long, blond pigtails fell down an effeminate face. A form fitting dress, with a teddy bear pushed forward by his now ample breasts and showing off his newfound curves. The skirt was short, short enough to expose not just his plump, hairless thighs but his teddy bear covered diaper as well.

They giggled at him, snapping pictures with their phones. "This is going to be so much fun," Liz said, and the others agreed.

"Now, come on baby girl, lets go into the next room and wait for our guests," Sawyer said. She bent over and attached the leash to him again, and led him into a large room with a carpeted pit.

And that is where he remained. With his feet tied to his thighs, his hands tied behind his back, and the leash attached to the floor, he could do nothing but watch and whine as the room filled with women he had known. Each one was someone he had stared at, gawked at, or looked up online, and each one was there to see him now, humiliated and broken. Like the women before, they were all dressed in similar sharp, revealing clothes that made him all the more eager to please them, and all the more desperate when he couldn't do a thing about it.

A worse desperation, however, was in his stomach. The mix of the enema they had given him, and the earlier laxatives, turned his guts over and over. The plug kept everything in place, but he knew he would need to empty it out soon, and the diaper they put him in didn't bode well for how they intended that to happen.

Once the room filled up, Sawyer stood in front of him and clanged a spoon to a champagne glass. "Ok ladies, time to start tonight's festivities!"

They all cheered and clapped.

"As you can see, in front of you is the pathetic little loser formerly known as "Ryan", but who we've decided is best known as "Diaper Girl." 

They laughed, and applauded again.

"And since he has harassed each and every one of you, we will now do the same. Don't worry, aside from dressing him in more appropriate clothes, we have a mountain of blackmail videos of him, and have spanked him hard enough to ensure all motivation to fight is gone. So, he won't be resisting. Will you, Diaper Girl?"

Ryan shook his head.

"Good. Then first up, dinner for the baby."

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On 2/14/2024 at 4:56 AM, mikejackson999 said:

Great addition.  Ryan is going to be very very sore soon.  Diaper rash and a spanked bottom do not go well together

LOL no I bet they don't. I assume you can tell from experience?  😛 

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