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Valeria's Future (private with Ishigreensa)


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"I'll talk with her and choose how to deal with the waters.  What I wanted, was an appointment to make sure it's not too serious and could kill her," I tell the doctor.  "I want her to know I'm on her side, and when she notices it is becoming a problem for her, then I'm sure she'll be a lot more on board with it than me just telling her to wear them without showing her the reason."

I was trying to show you that I was on your side, and that I wouldn't force you to do anything where I couldn't show you a good reason for it.  Even an eight year old child should be talked into things more often than just forced.  There are times to force it, but just your wet clothes or not, should be solved by you noticing if you are wet all the time or not, and with some heart filled communication.

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The doctor nods as he has the nurse go make copies of the reports while talking with you he says "Yes of course we can make an appointment right away to get her checked out with her wetting problems and it shouldn't be anything to alarming and she should hopefully grow out of it" 

I hardly would listen as i try to get out of your arms as i wanted to leave and find my way home then be here any longer listening to what is being said about me.

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I hold you a little tighter as I am afraid that you are just uncomfortable and might wander somewhere dangerous.

"We'll go in a little bit, baby," I whisper to you.  "There are some things you are going to have to understand, though sweetheart.  It is possible that someone that didn't want to take good are of you when you were younger, forged documents to make it look like you were old enough to start school when you weren't."

I frown thinking about the implication of that.

"You've been really neglected sweetheart and possibly forced to grow up faster, so we'll have a lot to talk about when we get home."

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I shook my head not wanting to listen to any of this as i cover my ears as i scream like a child having a big meltdown of a tantrum as i kept trying to get away as i even dared to hit and kick hoping you would let go all while the doctor watched how i was behaving. Tears ran down my cheeks as i say "let me go i want to leave this stupid place" i did not care what i said or how i acted as a nurse walked in to the room with the extra copies of reports.

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I sigh and just hold you a bit tighter and try to trap your arms and feet in the hug so you don't hurt yourself or anyone else while you are throwing a tantrum.  I pat your back and rub it some to try to sooth you as I see the nurse with the reports.

"I'm sorry, she's having a really hard day."

I whisper in your eat.

"And this is why no one thinks you are mature enough to graduate this year.  You don't even know how to disagree without throwing a fit, sweetheart."

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"Let me go! I..i wanna go home now!" I snap as i say this as i was not having a good day as i was upset and really struggled as tears roll down my cheeks as my eyes were a bit red and puffy still with all the crying ive been doing.

The nurse felt bad seeing me like this as your trying to settle me down as the doctor offers to give us alone time before continuing the appointment.

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 I pull you into a deeper hug, and rubbing your back, I whisper to her.

"You are such a big girl, trying so hard to live on your own and be responsible," I say.  "But no one has taught you how to survive on your own.  You just do the best you can, but you are making yourself sick sweetheart."

I pat your tummy.

"I want to help you.  You will get to go to college when we get you better on track, and you've have a better background for it when you are ready.  You'll be able to understand what you are doing and reading better if we take our time and put you in college the right way.  If we give you time to process everything naturally, and let you learn everything you should have in the years you've missed... you'll be better prepared for it.  If I have to pay for it, I will send you to college, baby."

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I cry as i felt like everything was crashing down as at that point i didn't know what to do as i felt more upset and shut down not wanting to talk at all as tears roll down my cheeks. I have a really hard time as i gave up trying to get out of your arms as it was no use as i wouldn't even know where to go let alone i was in a very big hospital as i just kept to myself.

The doctor and nurse return to the room to see if i was doing okay now to finish the appointment up.

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I pat your back quietly and when the doctor and nurse come back, I smile.  

"I think she's just tuckered out.  Maybe when I get her back home and let her take a nap, she'll be a little happier.  She's really having a hard day anyway."

I rock you.  

"Do you want to stop and get a donut or some ice cream on the way home before I put you down for a little nap, sweetheart?"

I look at the doctor and nurse.

"And do you have a way to contact the doctor so I can get her setup to look into her wetting her pants, and also into maybe some other social problems?" I asked.  "I will be putting her on my insurance, and until she is on it, I will just pay cash until they can confirm she's my dependent now, and then reimburse me."

When they asked what I was worried about, I told them that you were a little all over the place, late one in three days for work, and sometimes not paying attention at work, so I was wondering if it was just your age being younger than was thought, or if there was something else behind it, perhaps ADHD or something that needed to be accounted for.  I didn't want you to struggle this time around in high school, and I knew we needed some stuff in place if you have ADHD, dyslexia, or anything else that makes learning hard.

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I shook my head no not wanting to stop for ice cream or a donut as i rubbed my eyes.

Both the doctor and nurse were so helpful in getting you any information that you needed to get in contact with a doctor for me as they give you recommendations on specialists that could evaluate me for learning issues.

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