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Valeria's Future (private with Ishigreensa)


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Its just 6 months left of high school til i can finally graduate and then i can be off to my dream school. But that all won't exactly happen unless i pull my grades up and do the requirements that my college needs in order for me to be accepted in. I was already getting help with pulling my grades up with the help of my teachers and all i needed was to do service hours and get someone to be able to endorse me in order for me to make the deadline in time.

My names valeria soon to be graduate of riverdale high school and on a mission to get in to my dream college to study childhood education and minor in sign language.

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Jason was a twenty seven year old young man that was left in charge of a small group of kids.  He was a special needs art teacher for some services that was started a few years before, and he was asked to run a small group out of a small building.  They promised him a small staff eventually, but for now, he was alone with six kids.

Jason had gold yellow hair, blue eyes, and was almost six foot.  He had on a bright purple top and tan slacks with the logo: Kids Power in Control.  It was a motto to help these unfortunate "at risk" youth to find something to do with their time other than get mixed up in the wrong things.  They lived in the bad part of the city, so without his intervention, it would have been easy to get mixed up in bad things. All of his kids were ten to thirteen years of age.

"We have a volunteer for you," the head office had told him the day before, so he was looking forward to meeting someone that would help him take care of the six kids that were in his program.  Now he had her, he could also get four more "AT risk" youth, once they found some kids that qualified.

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My school guidance counselor Mrs. Allens had pulled me out of my last class of the day and wanted to have the usual meeting to see how i am with my classes. She then explains to me that i would be helping a teacher that works with kids in a art program, and that i must attend to that every day after school in order to get all my requirements submitted to the college i want to go to.

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It was nearing five, when the program starts, and I looked expectantly at the door waiting for my new volunteer to come.  A couple of students were already there, early.

"Hi, Michelle," I greeted the taller thirteen year old with darker hair and light freckles.  She just waved at me while she took a seat.

"Hey, Tom," I smiled at a boy who was twelve with lighter hair.

I was watching the door, but at the same time, I was making sure things were ready and in reach for the students.  I knew a few students had issues that were private and so I figured they were tested, but no one would tell me if they had learning disabilities because that was not really my business. So, I had to prepare for any eventuality, just in case.

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When the last bell rang for the day, i knew i had to get to my locker to get my stuff for homework. I then had to leave and get to the place i am volunteering at as i did not want issues of getting there late.

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The children were nearly all there, and I looked up at the clock.  My helper was cutting it pretty close.  Maybe she didn't realize I wanted to have a few words with her before she started her first shift.  Well, no matter.  I would just have to talk to her after the class then.

I greeted the other four students who were more than ten minutes early.  These six students actually looked forward to coming here.  They often skipped their classes at school, but they didn't look at this program as school or as a pain.  They wanted to be here.

I started early like I often did since they were all here.

"Today, boys and girls, we will learn about making silhouettes.  Do you know what a silhouette is?" I asked them.

As we started to get the class started, I wondered how close to the time she was going to cut it, or if my volunteer was going to be late.  I probably should have a long talk with her about being on time if she wanted me to sign off on what she needs.

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I knew i was gonna be cutting it very close as i had alittle trouble getting to the place. Once i arrive i go inside and find the room i am suppose to be in as i go to enter i try to be quiet and wait off to the side. I looked around as i am only 5ft. green eyes, dark brown hair, small body. I have on worn out jeans, faded tshirt, hoodie and old sneakers. I set my backpack down as its alittle heavy from my school books in it as i needed them for homework.

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I see a new girl walk in, one that I don't recognize.  I am expecting a high school girl,and this girl looks like she should be in middle school at best.  I walk over and kneel down.

"Did someone refer you to the program, sweetheart?  Usually a parent comes with a kid the first time.  Where is your mom or dad?" I ask mistaking her for a new kid.  Sometimes I did get unannounced new comers, but normally, a parent comes with them for the first time.

As I waited to see what she was going to say, I looked over to make sure Tommy wasn't giving the girls a hard time again.

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I looked at the teacher infront of me as i heard him ask me about my parents as i try not to roll my eyes about it. I sigh and then go to say "um hi im valeria your volunteer for the next few weeks"  I wait to see what he says while wondering if my school told him about me. I try not to fidget as i never liked when adults talk to me as if im a child as i try to hold back as i tend to give attitude and talk back.

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I frown and step back.

"Oh, I'm so sorry.  I wasn't expecting someone quite as short is all."

I nod and I point over at a table.

"They are making silhouette paintings.  What I need from you at the moment, is to just show your presence, and don't let the kids start annoying each other.  That's Tommy!  He's especially annoying to the girls."

Then I turn to the room.

"Boys, girls, gentle people?"  I waited for them to look at us.

"This is Valeria.  She will be helping me monitor classes for a while.  So, you will do as she says, or you will be asked not to come tomorrow."

Most of the kids would behave just because of that.  Many of them didn't have a good place to go when they couldn't come here, that is until later at night when their parents were finally home.

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I roll my eyes about being called short as i couldn't help it as i just let it go and just go over to the table and watch what all the kids were doing. I just sort of watched and walked around the table to see what each kid was working as i start to wonder a bit if this volunteer work is gonna be super easy to pass. As my mind wanders a bit as i tend to get distracted or over think things.

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I watched you a bit carefully, worrying about whether this Valeria really wanted to help these kids, or if she was a typical selfish teen that would do as little as she could and tried to get a glowing review for just showing up.  He would probably do that anyway given that her presence was a help, but he did hoped that she would help a bit more once she was trained a bit.

The program lasted 2.5 hours, and then he called her over when the last of the kids were picked up.

"So, you need an endorsement to finish school?  Can you tell me what you are expecting, and then we can work out what you need to do to get your review?"

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"Oh well yes i do need the endorsement in order to finish school so i can get in to my dream school. And well i just hope to do the best i can so that i can pass and meet the deadline to get the last of my papers to the college so they can hopefully accept me" I looked to you alittle as i hope i can leave and i still had homework to do. "Is there anything i should know about the class or what i would help do with the kids here?".

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"You need to try to arrive before the kids get here next time, at least by ten minutes if you can.  But mostly, I just need you to be attentive, and make sure they are not bothering each other."

I smiled.

"Wait, is that you?"

I sniffed at the air.

"It's not is it?"

Of course, I am trying to gaslight and sow doubt at the moment in her mind, if she smells for some reason.

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"huh what? no i don't smell anything at all and i will do my best to try and get her on time" 

I roll my eyes as i just really wanted to be cleared to leave so i can get home needing to get homework done as i worry a bit if all this would help me reach my goals of getting in to the college i want to attend or if this all ends up with me being rejected for failure to meet requirements. As i stood there i had zoned out not noticing if you were still talking to me or not.

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While you were zoned out, I had been talking about some of what I wanted while spilling some water behind your back on the floor.  As you seemed to be just standing here, not paying much attention, indicated by the fact that a couple of questions I asked seem to be missed, I got some on the back of your pants.

"Valeria!  Honey.  Didn't you hear me?  I said you can go now."

I put a hand on her shoulder.  "You seem really tired, so we can talk tomorrow.  Come half an hour early so I can go over what you need."

I didn't mention her being wet at al this time, wanting her to think about if she missed something.

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"huh? oh um okay i..im sorry is there anything elses you need from me? and i...i hope to get a good review as i really want to look good for my dream school" I say all this as i then go over to get my school when it tips over and some of my school stuff falls out, i try to get it all collected and back in to my bag when i move i felt like the back of me felt a bit cold and wet.

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I just let you get your things trying to pretend to not notice.  The water on teh floor though and the wet clothes, I'm hoping you suddenly realize you are wet and think you did smell... and gas light you.  But if I say something, I'm not sure if it would be suspicious since I did ask, and you acted like nothing was wrong.

I come over and try to help you gather your things.

"If you do well by me, I'll give you a favorable review.  I have simple expectations, but as you seem too tired to hear them out right now, we can talk about them tomorrow before the kids get here."

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"Huh sure right we can talk about it tomorrow but umm i...i should leave and get home" 

I go to get up as you could see my backpack was messy and unorganized as i look at a clock on the wall seeing the time and really needed to go. I get my backpack on me when i then felt that my pants bottoms felt wet and i didn't know how it happend.

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I let you leave without calling any attention to your wet pants yet.

The next day, I am in the classroom setting up, and I set up a chair for you to sit and talk to me.  The cushion seems comfortable and inviting, but inside the cushion, there is just enough warm water, that when you first sit, there will be nothing noticeable, but over the twenty minutes I plan to keep you seated, there, your pants would slowly get wet.

I have a contract for us to read together, and then I'll have you sign and then I will sign.  Going over it will take more than half an hour, so that by the time you are ready to stand up and the kids come in, your pants will be wet and have started to dry a little bit to get the effect that it looks like you're wet.

I then set up some stuff for the kids to do, so that there will not be any difficulty in being ready for the kids when we are done with going over the contract, and then I just wait for you.

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After school i head over to the place for my second day as after yesturday i couldn't understand why my pants were wet at all. I let it go for now as i show up to your class room as it was only just you there.

"Um hi i am here" i enter and go to place my backpack down as its a disorganized mess inside. 

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I smile and point out where I had a cup of tea for you where I wanted you to sit, and a stack of papers for you and me to go over, your contract.

The contract had the fine details of what I expected from you.  you needed to arrive at least half an hour early everyday, and while the kids were here, you needed to be available because fights can start quickly if not handled right away.  You would be placed in charge of three to four students everyday, and you'd be responsible for keep those kids on task and distracted from wanting to fight or bully each other....

There was no mention of any breaks, but the kids were only there for two hours, so I didn't think you needed a break at all.

The contract was so detailed though, that we took nearly forty minutes to go over it, and kids started to come in about ten minutes early, so that we were only on twenty minutes into the contract.  I kept you seated there, and came to talk to you when I could, so you ended up being there in your seat about fifty minutes before the contract was finally signed, and I started to let you stand up, by now, the back of your pants and our undies soaked.... 

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I was finally relieved that we had finished and signed the contract as i go to move and get up when i felt a bit uncomfortable and went to touch the back of my pants and felt they were wet again. I was so confused not understanding at all why this was happening at all to me as i am usually good at knowing when i needed the bathroom. I was embarrassed and needed to cover this up, so i took off my hoodie to tie it around my waist. 

I try to hope no one notices this at all as i wouldn't know how to explain myself.

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I let you cover it up for now, but after you are working with a small group of kids for a little while, I come by as if checking their work,and then I sniff at the kids, at first, to cover my tracks... not pointing right at you.

"Stand up, please," I asked a kid sitting right next to you.  "Are you okay?"

The kid nodded and I could see that the kid was dry.

I frowned and started to get closer and closer to you, as "I tried to figure it out," until there is no way you can hide that it could be you.

I frowned at you.

"Can you just stay right there for me after I let the kids go?" I whisper to you.  "I'll explain after the class."

By then, there was about thirty minutes of class left. 

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I really didn't want to stay as i needed to find a bathroom to go use it before i go home as i didn't get why you needed to see me for anything. As i waited i try to think if i was in trouble for somethnig or if there was something i didn't do right while with the group of kids. I glance at the clock as time felt like it slowed down as i didn't know what to do as i felt the urge to pee getting worse.

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