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Valeria's Future (private with Ishigreensa)


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The social worker tries to answer anything you had in mind to the best of her ability as she recomends that you have me get a proper medical exam done that could help give more understanding to what my health is and could get a better look at what age i should be. While your on the phone i was sound asleep the whole time as i held a grip on your shirt as my head rested on your chest. I slept as if i was ment to be in your arms as i looked so innocent as my walls i build up to be tough were falling down the more i was slowly opening up and not act out. 

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I nodded and took notes on advice they were giving me, and then I called a general pediatrician to help me sort you out healthwise.

"Hello?  I have this child that I'll be fostering, and there are a lot of questions in her background, but more importantly, we need to know how healthy she really is.  She seems rather skinny and I don't think she is drinking enough water either."

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The pediatrican answers everything you where telling them as they had concerns also and recommends that you bring me in to be looked at right away and that they would meet you in the pediatric wing of the hospital as they will have a nurse get a room ready for when we get there.

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You were asleep, so I moved you carefully trying not to disturb you, hoping to stop you waking up until we were there, so that you wouldn't have a chance to fight this.  I knew you needed it.

I got into the hospital, met the registration desk, and when it was time to put your age, I just put 14 to 17 with a question mark so the doctor would definitely ask about it.  I also added that I thought you wet your pants sometimes, though there was evidence on that other than what I tricked you with before.

We waited a while, and while we waited, eventually the noises and lights of the waiting room would be enough to wake most kids around your age....

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I stir a bit in my sleep as i get a bit fussy and faintly woke up as i rub my eyes not knowing where i was at all as i try to move around as i was still in your arms curled up. I cough a bit as i look up as you see i had woken up just as you hear a medical staff worker come over to us. I looked seeing its a nurse and i panic as i held a grip on your shirt scared of letting go as i didn't know what was going to happen.

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I hold you close, and explain to the doctors that you were found sort of homeless, staying in a motel completely on your own.  The records are unclear as to what your age really is, but you've been looking a little under fed and you seem to have little energy sometimes.  

"...And she seems very scared of getting any help at all," I continue to tell the doctor.  "And... the little one has accidentally wet herself a couple of times in the day time."

I rub your back trying not to scare you as I tell the doctor all that, knowing it could upset you a little bit more.

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The doctor understands and has you follow to a room so that it was more private to discuss this more and that a nurse will help with doing some tests on me and that everything will be okay. I fussed and got upset as i try to say "i want to go home" as i rub my eyes and try to get off your lap.

The doctor watched my behavior as he felt concerned as he has not seen too many cases like this before and hopes to get the answers you need.

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I hold you still on my lap and pat your leg in warning that I could swat you, but at the moment, I just wanted to comfort you while allowing you to know your place as well.

"Valeria, I'm sorry, but we need to do this.  I'm right here, and I'll be here the whole exam if you need me."

I decide to do a quick pants check on you.  I haven't really checked you this morning, and you might be wet since I didn't really see you go to the bathroom.

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I get upset more as i wanted to go home as tears slip down my cheeks. The doctor leads us to a room as a nurse was there waiting with a gown i would need to wear for the exam as i have trouble calming down as i held a tight grip on your shirt. I felt you check my pants as they were dry as you remember i did not have nothing on under my pants at all. 

The nurse offers to take me from you so she could get me changed in to the gown while your talking with the doctor.

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I look from the nurse to you to see if you would be okay with the nurse or if you needed the familiarity of someone you knew.  I wouldn't hand you off to someone that scares you if I felt you were too upset.

"I'm not sure," I tell the nurse.  "I know she's a big girl, but she's going through a lot and I don't want her to feel abandoned."

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The nurse nods as she offers to give you time alone with me and then pulls a curtain around so you could sit me down on the bed and change me if that helps to settle me down before the doctor starts as she goes to wait with the doctor and gets a file started on me while the doctor discusses with the nurse what tests he will be doing on me.

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I pat your leg and I whisper to you.

"I'll be here as much as you need, me, sweetheart, but we need to find out how healthy you are.  It is apparent that you are starving, for one thing, and there is also the wetting in your pants the last couple of days.  Social Services has asked this be done, and if not with me, then anyone else they'd put you with, but they need these tests to know if you should continue school as a senior or not."

I hug you.

"I know it's hard, sweetheart, but we are doing this because we care."

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I cry hearing all that and the possiblity of not being about to finish as a senior this year as it felt like everything i worked for and the walls i built up for crashing down as i felt like giving up as i let the tears fall down my cheeks as you manage to take this chance to get me changed not wanting to keep the doctor waiting.

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I get you settled, and peek my head out the door.

"She's got the gown on," I tell the first person I see.  "The doctor wanted her to put a gown on so he can do some tests."

I back over and keep you company trying not to let you get too worried.

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A nurse listens and goes to let the doctor know as i was being quiet and not talking at all as i curled up trying to hide myself as i did not like this place at all as tears slip down my cheeks. I hear a door open and then voices as the curtain gets pushed back as the doctor looks to you and then towards me.

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"She's a little scared," I probably stated the obvious to the doctor, but still felt I needed to tell him.  "I don't think she's seen a doctor in a few years."

I keep holding your hand.

"I told her I'd be here for her and stay by her side as much as I can during the tests.  I don't think she'd be a willing participant even if I am here, but I hope my presence will at least keep her more relaxed than her not having someone familiar with her."

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The doctor completely understands and was fine with you staying with me as he gets right in to getting the tests started as he even explains each test to you as i was not wanting to listen and would cry that i wanted to go home. The nurse helps the doctor with doing the tests as i nearly scream and panic when i see needles as i struggle to calm down which i end up having a full on panic attack.

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I calm you as much as a I can, keeping in physical contact with you when you start shaking, and trying to keep a light smooth tone as I talk.

"It's okay, sweetie.  The doctor is just helping us find out how best to take care of you.  You are okay.  He's not going to hurt you.  I'm watching everything, baby.  It's okay."

I look at the doctor apologetically.  

"I knew she'd be a little bit distressed.  She never agreed to come here.  I brought her here because Social Services wanted me to so we could assess her health, and because I was worried about her, but she did say she didn't want to come."

I keep trying to calm you.

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The doctor listening as the nurse watched while having to take notes on everything as i was having a hard time as i cry looking up at you as i say "i wanna go home please take me home" tears run down my cheeks as i felt so scared as the doctor lets you handle me while he keeps going with the tests as he tries to get close to me so he can check my vitals.

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I turn you when I can, away from the doctor and try to get you to concentrate on looking at me, or I try to snuggle you so you are looking into my chest.  I understand that needles scare some people, and even I don't like looking at them when they do he shots.

"It's okay, sweetheart, soon," I coo at you.  "Soon, after the tests are all over.  It's okay.  I'm right here."

When the doctor does need to see the front of you, like your eyes or ears, I just rub your back to let you know I'm still with you.

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I have a hard time as tears still slip down my cheeks as my head rests on your chest as i held a tight grip on your shirt as the nurse tries to help the best she could as the doctor does the tests as he then needed to draw some blood to send it to the lab to be tested. 

I held on to you as the doctor tries to praise me that i was doing so good and was going to almost be done with the tests as he has the nurse go get a special treat for me.

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Seeing the way you behave, I doubt even more that you are a high school kid, and might barely be mature enough to be considered a middle school kid.

I don't say it though.  I just hug and rock you.

When they say the first series of tests are done for the day, and you can redress, I take you to get your regular clothes on, and then take you to talk with the doctor a little bit while they also give you your little treat.

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I stay in your arms curled up as my head rested on your chest. The doctor discusses that i did good as he goes over the notes he took. He then looks to you and says "Well valeria is under weight and i do believe she needs to be in a different age group" I look to the doctor confused as he further explains "from these tests shows she is not 17 my guess maybe elementary or middle school"

I nearly freak out hearing that as i cry and threw the treat as i cover my ears and scream.

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I hug you tighter as I listen to the doctor and frown.  I know you can't be in elementary school because they do have records that show you are older than that.  I did know, though, that you were not mature enough to take care of yourself.  If you were, you wouldn't have let yourself get so thin without getting help.

"I'd like you to write a report to her case worker and I'd like a copy of it," I told the doctor.  "So, the little one and I will have a talk about her situation when she is a little calmer, but I assume she's going to need a lot more treatment since she's gone without seeing a doctor for a while.  How can I get her an appointment to make sure her wetting is just immaturity and not a physical problem that could be dangerous to her?"

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I was having a hard time calming down as i nearly make myself sick from all the crying. The doctor nods and says "we can schedule appointments right now if you would like? And the wetting i would recommend her wear something like pull ups and to see a specialist or gyno to check her".

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