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Valeria's Future (private with Ishigreensa)


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"The only other place you'll go to, if you try to run away from here, is another foster home, where they might not even care about you, and they could hurt you.  Some fosters are not kind at all."

I frown at you and swat your thigh.

"Stop.  Now, you brought this on yourself, little lady.  I gave you food, but you ignored it. I gave you the option to take a bath, but I was forced to carry you in.  You have shown that you cannot take care of yourself, and what you've done to yourself, someone would be in prison for, if they knew someone was not taking care of you."

I continue to wash you against your will.

"You smell bad, and you are not leaving my lap until I'm done washing you."

I smack your thigh again as you tried to get away from me.

"If you don't want a regular spanking, I suggest you stop and let me clean you up right."

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"oww stop hitting me i hate this i want to leave" i scream as i would not calm down as i struggle a bit. "No  i hate foster homes i would never go to one i will just keep running away if i have to" 

I try to get away again as i hit back after you hit me.

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"Valerie, you need to understand that you are a minor and you cannot be out there on your own.  The way you are acting, I'm not even sure you are 17 years of age.  How did you fake your age?"

I pulled you against me, getting your hands caught in the short distance of our chest, so even if you try to hit, you have less reach, less leverage, and so less power to do so.

"Now, if you keep this up, I will actually pull you out of high school and make you redo all three years!  You need to understand that someone that cares about your being is going to take care of you.  And I'm going to go through the court if I have to, and if you have no proof of ID, I could probably theoretically get them to agree that you are barely thirteen with your height and your behavior!"

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"WHAT! no no you can't do that and i....i am too 17 i know my age and i want to finish and graduate you can't do that to me and no one is gonna ruin my chances of getting in to college i worked too hard to get where i am" 

I get angry at hearing you say this to me as i wanted to get away from you as i try to hit and scream*

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"Okay, well, it seems to me, you are just proving my point, that you are not even seventeen.  I will have to have a word with social services later to see if they can confirm your age, otherwise, you might not be going to high school in a week or so."

I keep holding you, not letting you up until you tire enough that I don't think you can outrun me.

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"WHAT no no you can't do that you can't pull me out of high school i would lose everything that i worked hard for and if you do that then the college i am trying to get in to will void my application and i would never get another chance to get in" 

I get upset and nearly wanted to cry as i try to fight to get out of your arms as i scream "i hate you" as i fall in to a bit of a tantrum.

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I rock you for a while, and after some time, when you are a little quieter, I start to explain things to you.

"Honey, they can't accept a child in their programs without knowing you are a child.  And I'd only do this if it turns out you are not really seventeen.  There are ways for them to find out."

I sighed.

"And the college would have more reason to accept you if they found out you were even more clever.  Not only that, but those failing classes, or the ones you have lower scores in, you'd be able to pull those up making it even more likely for you to get in.  You might even get in an honor's program."

I rub your back.

"And I'll be there, if I'm your daddy, and I'd do everything I can to make sure you got in the program you wanted at either that school, or a better one if we could pull it off."

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"No why won't you believe me that i am 17 and i want to graduate and go to college and if i don't i would never forgive you or the school for ruining everything for me and that i was better off left alone back in that motel before you ever found about my well being i was fine doing what i can on my own since i was little" 

I shove away from you as i didn't want to be held as i wasn't a child as i wish everyone would stop treating me like one as i handled myself just fine with no parents.

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"Valeria, you are dangerously close to starving yourself.  That's not taking care of yourself."

I shake my head.

"Come and get some breakfast, and we'll talk about things.  If it comes back to me you are 17, then I'll treat you like a 17 year old, if you start acting your age and taking care of yourself.  You didn't bath that well, and didn't want to bathe when Iet you to by yourself at first.  You didn't eat your dinner, and you stayed on the floor in a ball instead of sleeping in a bed because you were pouty.  Those are not things that healthy adults do."

I guide you to a room.

"I'll let you get dressed on your own if you are dressed in five minutes.  You can try the windows if you want, but those windows haven't opened in years, and if you do get out, I'll have to call social services, and then I will have no more chances to help you.  You will be taken and you will lose your place in high school.  If you don't believe me, then go ahead and ruin your future."

With that, I close the door so you have some privacy, for once.

There are some jeans, a pull up diaper since I have no girls panties in my house for you, and an oversized top for you to put on.  All of your clothes were either thrown away, if it couldn't be saved, or are in my washing machine being washed.

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I shook my head as there was no way i would be caught wearing a pull up as i refuse to put that on as i eventually got dressed without the pull up on as i doubt you would do anything to me if you find out i did not put it on. I was mad as i at that moment didn't know what else to do as i then leave the room.

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I fully expected that you would not put it on, but act like I don't notice.

"Eat something," I order.  "I'll be checking your information in a while, and figure out what needs to be done with you."

I go to make some phone calls starting with your social security car.  Yes, somehow, your personal stuff was gone through, and I have some of your information, as the state needed it anyway since social services was sent there to decide how they were going to handle you.

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I sat there pouting and barely would touch the plate of food as i try to ignore anything that you say as i doubt anyone would find much information on me since its gone unnoticed for so long that not even my school had noticed much about my file and never really questioned about having parents.

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Since you were barely eating, I shook my head, and I tried to give you a chance to be a big girl, one last time.

"Look, honey, you need to eat.  Now, we can do that either one of two ways.  You can decide to just eat like a good girl, or I can feed you like a baby.  I'd rather you act your age and ate like a big girl, but I'm not going to let you go hungry because you are being pouty, either."

Meanwhile, I was put on hold about your information.  Apparently, you didn't even have a social security number, so the only information they had on you was from when you were eight or so, and even then, the records said "assumed to be eight, no official documentation:" written on them.  I didn't know that yet, though.

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I huff and roll my eyes as i ate only tiny bites of the food off my plate as i still was being pouty over the whole thing all while not knowing who you were on the phone with as i just hope it wasn't anything about me as i didn't think anything would or would not be found about. 

I only ended up eating almost half of the food but i pushed away the rest of it as i was starting to get bored as i lay my head down on the table as i sit curled up on the chair. My mind wanders around not really knowing what would happen next even though i did recall hearing that social worker and a staff member from my school saying something about an open investigation on my file.

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Waiting around for some news about what they were going to do about you, and if you really were old enough to be in high school, I come over and see you've barely eaten enough for a girl your age.

"Baby, aren't you hungry?" I ask you.  "You really should eat some more."

I sigh and shake my head.  Maybe I should find some way to get some nutrients in you that would not cause a fight over eating enough.  This was not good.

As I ponder how to get you to eat, the phone rings.

"Hello?  Jason speaking...."

They cannot find any records about your true age.  There are some mixed up files here and there.  Your guardians are not even clear who they are.


"So, she's clever, but there is no proof she should be in high school," they tell me.  "The best we can track her age, she shouldn't be much older than 13, so she's lost a few years even in her academic files.  No one has had any reason to question it until now because she's always somewhat kept up."

I sighed.  I was sure you were not going to like that news.

Hanging up, I walk over and sit at the table.

"So... how long were you in that motel all by yourself, sweetheart?"

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"Why does it matter how long i was in the motel for i liked it there it's what i was used to and i managed to get by" I huff and roll my eyes as i sit there at the table still as i pushed the plate away as i didn't want to understand why you were asking this to me.

"I am going back to school on monday right?"

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"I don't know what they are talking about now," I tell you honestly.  "They are concerned that your current records that they can find, places you at thirteen years of age, but you seem able to keep up with high school work, so they are unsure about your age."

He sighed.

"You are so skinny right now, and small, that I and social services worry that you are not healthy."

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"What do you mean by that? and i am too 17 and there is no way i would be thirteen and i....i only manage to keep up cause the teachers at school have been helping me well some of the teachers help not all of them do and what happens if they say i can't go back to high school" 

I was starting to freak out a bit over this as it might mean i would be pulled out of school and wouldn't be able to start til next year let alone what school i would attend.

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"I don't know enough to tell you one way or the other," I say truthfully.  "But I think they are trying to find more records."

I sighed.

"Look, the fact that you even admit you wouldn't have been able to keep up without extra help doesn't help your case that you say you are seventeen.  I don't know what to think."

I look at your lap.

"And honestly, eating so little, not bathing on your own when asked to, and what not?  I mean, I'd have expected a bit more from someone over the age of 15, myself."

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"Whatever you and the school know nothing and will never find anything and i don't care i know im 17 and in high school and i will graduate and go to college to get away from everyone that is trying to stop me from doing what i want" i rant and try to get away but when i moved off the chair i nearly almost fall down as i felt a bit dizzy.

I hold my head as it hurts a bit as i tryt to calm down to steady myself as i felt a bit defeated and tired as i rub my eyes a bit.

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I quickly grabbed you and helped you sit in my lap.

"Sweetheart, this is bad.  Something is really wrong."

I rub your back and try to get you to eat a little more by spooning it up for you and lifting it to your mouth.  I also try to get you to drink some orange juice.

"I'm going to take you to see a doctor as soon as we are done with getting you to eat as much as I can get you to eat, sweetie."

I wasn't trying to force it, because I don't want you to get sick, but I did want to encourage you to eat as much as you could.

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I just listen as i try to eat and drink alittle bit more while i just stay in your arms. I pace myself as i then didn't want anymore as i left half of it.

I rub my eyes as i felt tired and rest my head on your shoulder. A phone rings as its from social services getting back to you in reguards about me and what the options were on either me staying with you or having me put in the system.

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I am not really sure what is right.  You were a little dramatic, and I wasn't sure if you wanted to stay with me or not.  I do ask them:  "What is the conclusion on her age thing?  If she is just being a little immature because she is actually 14 or something, then I think it would be better if she stays with me so she can learn to grow up right, but if she is really a teenager, we should try to figure out a way to get her some adult rights, and she can stay with me short term until she gets emancipation rights." He told the social worker.  "I know some kids get emancipation rights before they are even seventeen if they prove they can take care of themselves.  Of course, I understand that she'd have to prove she could do that, and I am concerned about her eating right, but as far as having a motel in her name, and having fairly clean clothes on most of the time so the school system had missed any sign that she was alone might show that she is at least ready to learn the skills?  No?"

I didn't want to send you on your own if you were not ready for it, but I did understand your point, and wanted to make a case to at least maybe help you learn to take care of yourself so you can get emancipation sooner than later.

Of course, what I didn't know, was that while the school didn't suspect anything, they really didn't have you on their radar at all, and they should have.

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I stayed quiet in your arms curled up as i could hear everything that was being discussed about me. I tried to keep awake but struggled as i held on to you.

I close my eyes for a bit but ended up dosing off and sleeping for a bit in your arms as i looked worn out.

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I nodded into the phone, and it seemed they couldn't really pin down your age.  They said probably between 14-15, whether that was true or not, it was now in the system that you are 15, not 17, and that you should be a Freshman, not a Senior, somehow, holding you back a grade on top of stripping your high school credits from you.

I didn't know to what extent they were working at, but they did tell me that you were not 17, and they were still working things out.

I patted your side and let you sleep a little bit in my lap.

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