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Valeria's Future (private with Ishigreensa)


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"Okay, I don't like that you said you are usually alone.  I'm being trusted by your school to report problems and to take care of you.  I think I do have to report this.  Not that you peed your pants, but that you are not being taken care of properly, sweetie."

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"No no its fine really you don't need to report this to the school i..i am fine where i am and there is no need to worry about it" i say this as i hope you would listen but doubt you will. I sigh as i just grab myself ready to just get out of here and go home to relax.

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"Well, since you are not letting me handle it, I do have to talk to the school.  You can go."

He then went towards his office phone to pick up the landline to show her he was serious, and he was not going to let her go home to an empty place, especially at a motel that he thought was likely on the bad side of town, and the fact she's been having behavioral issues that you don't expect of high school girls, though those were brought on by his gaslighting, he wasn't going to say that part.

"I suspect your mom will be talking to authorities soon about your care and making sure you are getting everything you need," He told her.

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"Stop it don't call anyone! No one needs to know anything and i told you i am fine at home" i snap at you as my mind was felt frazzled as i took off to leave as at that moment i needed to get home.

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Letting you leave, I called the school as it was NOT a bluff.  I was really worried.

At around ten in the evening, a teacher, social services rep Kathy, and a police officer are at the door with the motel manager.

"Please open the door and come out, Mrs. Valencia.  If you are not in there, then we will be taking your daughter, so it is best you talk to us now, if you are there.  Valeria?  If you are in there alone, you need to open up.  We are coming in one way or another."

They wait a few minutes.

I sit in my office, at ten in the evening, not at home, but in my office, worried about you.

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I panic as i was gonna be in so much trouble once its all out there that ive been on my own as i hid and tried to keep quiet. I was a bit furious that you reported this.

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The motel manager had to give his key over, and they opened the door.

The motel manager told the social worker he has a lot of residents, and can't keep track of who comes and goes, but assured her that you often leave from school from here, so you will be back soon.

The police officer started to look around as did the social worker.  The manager just shook his head and walked out not wanting anything else to do with this.  He had told them that her mother had paid for it, whether that was true or not and they didn't pursue it.

The officer looked under the bed while the social worker looked in the closet.  They both looked in the bathroom.  Eventually, they had opened every feasible cubby or small room in the motel room to find you....

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I was tucked in a tight corner of a closet with clothes and blankets piled high covering me. I waited hoping the cop and caseworker would leave while not knowing they were going through stuff and only seeing stuff of mine and nothing that belongs to an adult.

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They were starting to go through things, though, and eventually lifted things off of you as they were trying to find any evidence at all that you were not here alone.

Eventually, the teacher puts her hand on your shoulder when you are uncovered.

"Valeria, you should have told the school your situation a long time ago."

The teacher sighs.  "I'm not sure what to do about this."

The social worker frowns and says:  "If she has no where to go, I'll have to put her in foster care, and that will likely mean she will change high schools and have to start this year all over again."

The teacher was a little uneasy about that.  "Honey, do you not know of anyone that could help you?"


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"No i am not going to some dumb foster home and there was nothing to tell the school i was doing fine on my own and i am not starting at a new high school thats gonna ruin everything with me going to college"

I get furious as this was not fair as i didn't like how this was turning out as now its gonna reveal that all my papers were falsified.

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"Well, you will have no say if there is no adult that can help you," the social worker told her.  "This is illegal as it is.  The motel cannot rent to you anymore since you are a minor."

The teacher sighed.  "Look, maybe she knows an adult."

The police officer grabbed you away from the arguing women and to the only other room in the motel unit the bathroom to give you a moment to think.

"Sweetie, if you don't have an adult that will take you in, I'll have no choice but let Social Services take you."

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"Thats not fair i was doing fine living here and i want to keep it that way" i say this even though i backed talk to a cop as i just wanted to be left alone.

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Unlike the police shown in recent media, this police officer understood about trying to de-esculate and at the same time doing their job.

He let you vent for a while, and tell him how unfair it was, and that you wanted to be left alone.

After awhile, he told you the matter:
"Well, even if I didn't do my job and let you stay on your own, the motel manager is no longer allowed to let you stay here.  You will be kicked out.  How are you even getting money for a motel room?  Are you getting all your basic needs met?  You can't be eating that well in a place like this."

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"I don't have to tell you anything at all what i do to stay here now i want all of you to get out and don't bother me again" i snap out of frustration as i knew none of this would happen if the teacher i volunteer for didn't report me. As i was still in the bathroom as the social worker and a teacher from my school were still there talking when the teacher brings up the voluteer program i am in and if the teacher i am working with had any other information.

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"Well, we can't leave you here," the police officer tells you.  "So, I guess you'll have to go with the social worker since you don't want to give us an alternative."

He pulled out his handcuffs.

"We can do this the easy way, and you just walk to the car, or I can arrest you and take you to the car.  Either way, you have to vacate this room."

"Hold on sir," the Social worker told the police officer.  Then looking at you, the social worker told you the problem.

"You are not of age.  It is illegal for the motel manager to willingly let you pay rent here.  No one wants you to go to the streets, so since you have nowhere else to go, it seems we have no choice but put you in foster care, honey."

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"NO! I am not going there i am staying here" I nearly wanted to scream as i push my way out of the bathroom as i pace around so mad everything i worked hard for is being ruined.

My mind racing as i talk to myself quietly as i try to figure what to do as i blame this mess on the teacher from the program.

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The police officer puts a hand up to the social worker.

"Okay, you've had your chance, and she needs to vacate the room now, so I'm taking her to a car."

The officer rushed you and picked you up with you failing around, but he is strong and wiry enough to keep  up with you so you don't find much purchase to fight him.

"You can calm down now, or go to jail overnight for resisting arrest and fighting a peace officer," the police officer told her.

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"No stop it let me go please stop it" i started to panic as i felt like i could not breathe as i have a hard time calming down. Tears ran down my cheeks as i struggle to slow down.

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The officer takes you to the social worker's car, while the social worker and your school teacher collect your things.

the officer holds you and rocks you like a little kid, while the others put your things in the car.

"You're sure no one you know will take you in a child?" the social worker asks.  "Because without anyone to help you, you will be starting the school year over, and you will have to be placed in a home."

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"No this is not fair i don't want to start the school year over then i won't be able to get in to my dream college and i worked to hard to not be able to finish this year!"

I try to get out of the officers arms as i say " this is all that teachers fault from the program i was fine here"

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"Honey, you were not fine.  This was a very dangerous place for you.  Do you know how many drug and rape, and killing calls I get from around this area? This is not safe at all, young lady."

He shook his head.

"Look, the teacher didn't know you had no other place to go to, did they?  But you didn't really talk to them, either did you?  Like all kids your age, you want to think you can handle things on your own, and then you end up dead one day, and no one knows they were on their own trying to be tough."

He tried to rock you.


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"So what i didn't tell anyone about this cause i knew exactly what would of happend if my school found out" 

I struggle to get out of the officers arms as i didn't want to be held anymore.

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"If you got through graduation, you'd be one lucky girl. More than likely, we'd find you dead long before that though."

The office let go of her.  She wasn't in the room.

"If you run, we know what you look like now, and we'll be looking for you.  Don't do that if you don't want more trouble," he cautioned as he let you go.

The teacher and social worker came down with her stuff.

"So?  Did she say another address, or are we taking her to get checked into the system?"

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"No i am not being put in some system!" I get mad as it wasn't fair that everything was gonna be ruined as i know i might have to pull out of school and have to start over next year.

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"Well, if you are not in a system, then you won't get to go to high school next year at all," the social worker told her.  "You'd have no guardians to register you."

The police officer sighed.

The teacher took her by the hands, and she looked in her eyes.
"I know someone that could take you, but you'd have to act like his foster daughter at the very least."

Of course, she was talking about Me, Jason Stone.  "But if you finished while at his house, then you might be able to finish high school this year."

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